6A 综 合 练 习 (一) 一
一、写出下列动词的第三人称单数形式。 sit swim go make run write cry study watch wash say play 二、用 do does 填空
  1、 you ride a bike after school? Yes, I .
  2、 your sister like PE? No, she not.
  1、What the students have? They have some pens.
  2、How Linda go to school? She goes to school on foot.
  3、He not speak English. He speaks Chinese.
  4、 they watch TV on Sundays? Yes, they .
  5、My father and mother not read newspapers on Saturday. 三、用一般现在时填空。
  1、 What he (have)? He (have) a toy plane.
  2、 My mother not (like) English. She (like) Chinese.
  3、 you (go ) to school by bus? No, I (go) to school by car.
  4、 Miss Wang (swim ) every day.
  5、 I (like) English . Tom (not like ) English.
  6、 The moon (go) around the earth.
  7、 When you (go ) to school? I (go) to school at five every day. 四、写出下列动词的现在分词。 sit swim run jog read watch sing do ski stop write dance go come smoke make 五、用进行时填空。
  1. I (read ) English now. 2 . He (go) to the park now.
  3. We (have ) an English class.

  4. What they (do ) ? They (sit) in the park.
  5、 My mother (clean ) the room now. 六、写出下列动词的过去式 sit swim read make watch sing do has go watch clean are study stop is come wash jump get 七、用一般过去时填空
  1.I (go) to the cinema last Saturday.
  2.He (is ) ill yesterday.
  3.We only (have ) a lesson yesterday.
  4.What your uncle (do) yesterday morning? He (get ) some friuts.
  5. She (clean) our classroom yesterday afternoon. 八、用动词的适当形式填空。
  1、 My mother (wash) the plates in the kitchen every day.
  2、 Please (have) some oranges.
  3、 It’s seven o’clock. I (get) up now.
  4、 School is over. The students can (play) games.
  5、 you (go) to school every day?
  6、 Don’t (run) in the school now.
  7、 We (like) music. Now we (sing)
  8、 Let me (go) to the cinema.
  9、 “Mary, you (clean ) the table now?” Yes.
  10、 My hands are dirty. Let me (go) and (wash ) them.
  11、 Look, Miss White (have ) an English lesson. We (like) English.
  12、 The workers (want) some tea. They are thirsty.
  13、 Listen, who (speak) English in the park?
  14、 The old women (run) every morning.
  15、 I can (listen ) to the radio on Sunday.



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