一. 根据对话内容判断正误: Lily:Where are you going this afternoon? Jack:I’m going to shoe store. Lily:What are you going to buy? Jack:I’m going to buy a pair of shoes. Lily:When are you going? Jack:I’m going at 2 o’clock. (
  1) Lily is going to the shoe store.( ) (
  2) Jack is going to the shoe tomorrow.( ) (
  3) He is going to buy a pair of shoes.( ) (
  4) He is going to buy some books,too.( ) (
  5) Jack is going at three o’clock this afternoon.( ) 二. 把下列单词组合成正确的句子:
  1. to,you,there,what,going,do,are.
  2. plants,need,some,I.
  3. science ,to,one,teacher,I,day,want,a,be.
  4. fun,walk,I,moon,think,the,it’s,to,on.
  5. to,expert,a,computer,I,be,want. 三. 按要求变化下列句型:
  1. I’m going to buy an English dictionary.(对画线部分提问) Are you going to ?
  2. I’m going there this afternoon. (对画线部分提问) are you going ?
  3.I have magazines.(变为一般疑问句) have magazines?
  4.当你去商店时,售货员通常首先会说: ?
  5. I’m going tothe pet shop tomorrow.(对画线部分提问) are you tomorrow?
  6. I’m going to clean my room tonight. (对画线部分提问) 四. 根据表格的内容补全短文: Activities When Play sports tomorrow afternoon Read a magazine this evening Watch TV on Saturday Go to the cinema next Saturday Buy a book tomorrow morning This evening,I’m going to . Tomorrow morning,I’m going to ,then in the afternoon,I’m going to with my friends.This Saturday,I’m going to .And next ,I’m with my parents.
五.选择正确答案: ( )
  1.Sarah:What are you going to do this afternoon/ Amy: . A.I’m going to buy a book. B.I’m a student. C.I go to school by bike. D.Are you a teacher? ( )
  2.Zhang:What are you going to buy an English book? John: . A. Do you have comic book? B.What are you going to buy? C.This afternoon. D.I’m going to plant trees. ( )
  3.Jim:Where are you going this afternoon? Tom: . A.I’m going to buy some comic books. B.I’m going to the bookstore. C. Can I help you? D.I’m going to visit my aunt. ( )
  4.Sarsh:Are you going to use any books? Mike: . A. I’m going to buy a magazine about plants. B. No,I am. C. Yes,I am. D.I’m going to the shoe store. ( )
  5.Jim:Excuse me,Where is the library? Tom: . A.Where’s the museum? B. Where’s the school? C.Where’s the hospital? D.It’s next to the post office. 六.填空.
  1.What’s he (do)now?
  2.What (be)they going to (do)soon?
  3.What (be) Tom (do)?
  4.?Can you sing?Yes,I (can).
  5.?Where (be)she going next mouth? She is going to (go) to Japan.



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