Hello, Jessica.
Jessica: Good morning. Helen: I’d like to ask you some questions about your clothes. Jessica: OK, go on. Helen: What do you everyday clothes look like? Jessica: I usually wear jeans and T-shirt because they are the most comfortable. I seldom wear dresses, because I don’t look good in them. Helen: What does your favourite dress look like? Jessica: It’s really colourful and there are a lot of patterns on it. Helen: What colours do you like wearing? Jessica: You know… I hate black and white clothes. They’re so boring. Blue and green are the most beautiful to me. Helen: What do you wear in winter? Jessica: In winter, I usually wear my favourite fur coat because it’s really thick and warm. Helen: And in summer? Jessica: When it’s hot I like wearing T-shirts and shorts. Helen: So you think that clothes should be expensive? Jessica: No, I don’t. Expensive clothes aren’t always better than the chap ones, for example, I had a dress that cost 100 pounds and after the washing it, it became too small to wear it. Helen: Oh, that’s not nice. If not the price, than what is important about clothes? Jessica: The most important is to have your own style. It’s great if you look different from everyone else. It means that you have a character. Helen: Do you have your own style? Jessica: Of course, I do. Helen: Thank you for the talk.
Jessica: You’re welcome. 生词注释
  1. pattern
n. 花样;图案

  2. fur n. 毛皮;毛皮制品
  3. style
基础练习 根据短文,判断正(T)误(F) 。 ( T )
  1. Jessica likes wearing as much as jeans. ( T )
  2. Her favourite colours are black and white. ( T )
  3. She wears a fur coat in winter. ( F )
  4. Jessica has an unpleasant experience with expensive clothes. ( F )
  5. She thinks she wears differently from others. 拓展练习
写一段自我介绍,要求包括姓名、生日、爱好、喜欢的服装等信息。(不少于 5 句话) My name is Hexiaotian. I was born in the year of the Dragon . I enjoy reading. My favourite cloth is jeans. I like wearing as much as jean.
n. 风格
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京版六下知识框架图(完整版) 京版六下知识框架图(完整版)
Unit Theme Functio Less n One Possessi Talking ons about possessio ns 1 on
Sentence Pattern
Words and Phrases
--What are you lookingbackpack, glass, glasses, scissors, glue, for, Lingling? sun, fat, body
--I’m looking for mylook for, a golden sun, a fat dog, black glass. I can’t find it. spots, on the dog’s body, a pair of glasses, a pair of scissors, a glue
--I’m looking for mydiamond, oval, triangle, heart, mirror, pencil case. sticker, wide, pass
--I can help you. Whata Mickey Mouse, a diamond-shaped card, shape is it? an oval-shaped mirror, a triangle-shaped
-- It’s a rectangularstamp, a heart-shaped sticker, a pencil one. case
Family Describin 4 memberg s family
--What’s his hobby? --He’s interested
lawyer, strong, hobby, interested, collect, inniece, nephew, wife, husband, uncle, aunt, cousin be interested in, collect key rings, collect
collecting stamps.
stickers, collect fans, collect posters
your paint, cry a cute little girl, like doing sth. , paint
mother born?
--She was born on Nov.pictures, enjoy doing sth. 23rd, 19
  66. Three Environ Talking ment about how protect the environm ent to 7 --What can we do toearth, protect environment? save, planet, protect, energy,
thethrow, litter World Earth Day, save our planet, protect
--We shouldn’t throwthe environment, throw litter, litter on the ground. on the ground, save water, save energy, save paper, turn off the lights, leave the lights on, protect wild animals, kill wild animals, plant more trees, cut trees down
--What can we do tocut, waste, side, drop, recycle, river make our mother earthmake earth beautiful, plant grass, waste more beautiful? paper, on both side of paper, use cloth
--We can plant morebags, use plastic bags, keep the rivers trees and grass. Weclean, pour dirty things into the rivers, should stop cutting toostop doing sth. many trees.
Unit Theme Functio Less
Sentence Pattern
Words and Phrases 4
n Five WeatherTalking about weather on 12 --May I speak to Mike,Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, please? Friday, Saturday, Sunday
--Hold on, please. / Justvisit Beijing, hold on a second. Mike, it’s for you.
I can’t wait. I’ll packAnother, minute, pack, ready, January, and get ready for theFebruary, March, April, May, June, July, trip. August, September, October, November, December this weekend, four clear seasons, all year round, in winter, listen to CD, try on, get excited, snowballs make snowmen, play with
Middle Talking school about middle shcools
--What can we do forbefore, storybook, schoolmate, under, our school before weidea, leave? --We can do leave sth. to sb., grow flowers, pick up manylitter, pick the wallet, the sick dog, buy a tie for Father, the middle school
theUS, playground, most, activity, subject, interest, food
same subjects.
get back to the US, a big playground, ball games, activities after-class activities, sports
Seve Farewell Preparin 18 n g a
You taught us a lot.want, always, friendly You’re teacher. a wonderfulwrite down, learn sth. from sb, help sb a lot, our best friend, a wonderful teacher, a kind girl, a wonderful dog, a great scientist
thank-yo u card to the teacher 24 and
I’ll call you. Let’s keepinternational, street, possible, touch in touch. an international school, in the same school, be able to, play football, be across the street, call sb. up, be free, get together, keep in touch, write to sb. send sb emails, come and see sb. often
talking about the middle school



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   本文由哦挖空心思贡献 一、考生感觉六级阅读的难点及原因: 1、 生词较多 许多同学感觉六级阅读中生词较多,阅读时不得不花费大量的时间和精力去理解文章中出现的生词。确实,词汇量是任何英文阅读(特别是像六级这样的高级英文阅读)的基础。但我认为六级单词相对于4级仅多了1200个。如果考生能充分掌握4级词汇,文章中出现的所谓的生词是不应该成为我们阅读的拦路虎。我们知道任何文章段落与段落或句子与句子之间都会有逻辑联系。句子中词的作用(尤其是形容词、副词或连词)就在于体现某种逻辑关系。考生 ...



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