Story 11
I am black and white. I can give milk. Guess who I am. It’s me, the cow. I have a red comb. I can lay eggs. Guess who I am. It’s me, the hen. I eat hay. I can run very fast. Guess who I am. It’s me, the horse.
New words
guess cow lay hen fast comb egg hay horse [ges] 猜测 [kau] 母牛 奶牛 母牛;奶牛 [lei]下 蛋;产卵 下 产卵 [hen] 母鸡 [f? [f?:st] [f?st] 快的 [k?um] 鸡冠 梳子 鸡冠;梳子 [eg] 蛋;鸡蛋 鸡蛋 [hei] 饲料用的干草 [h?:s] 马 ?
I am black and white. I can give milk. Guess who I am. It’s me, the cow. It’s . It’s . It’s . It’s . I am a girl. I am ten years old. I’m a girl. I am tall. I am taller than you. I am the tallest of the three .
I am a girl. I am ten years old.
tallest tall taller
I’m tall. I’m taller than you. I’m the tallest . I’m the tallest of the three. I’m=I am
Who are you ? I am….
What is it ? It’s…. a book, a hen, a cow, a horse, a snowman, rainbow It’s great/a horse/a hen/a cow.
I have a red comb. I can lay eggs. Guess who I am. It’s me, the hen. I have a… I have …
hat/pencil/bag/dream/shirt/ spoon/skirt/sweater/coat/ scarf/mitten socks/clothes/pants/bones/worms/ carrots/nuts/fishes/flies/
He can …. play/swim/draw/ cook/ make the soup You can …. /read/sing/run/drive/fly/ guess. write dream/cry/fish/ pass something She can …. open the door /close the door. I can ….
I eat hay. I can run very fast. Guess who I am. It’s me, the horse.
hay. rice/potatoes/carrots I eat I can the soup/swim guess. drive/make Guess / who she is. who he is. It’s me, / a lovely girl. a good student Guess what it is. Guess who he is. Guess who she is. Guess where it it.
Guess I am bl__ and white. I can give ilk. Guess who I am. It’s me, the c__. I have a red com__. I can l__ eggs. Guess w__ I am. It’s me, the h__. I eat hay. I can r__ very fast. Guess who I __. It’s me, t__ horse.
On In Onto Into At
on a blue ball.
onto a blue ball. into a pink ball. on a horse.
at a pink ball. in a pink ball.
vision phone re 又、再 vision 看 be成为 成为 fore 前面
revision 复习 before
replay, retell, reread, react, recount foretell, foresee, foreword foreteller, forearm, foreleg forehead,
复习合成词 Revision
彩虹 雪人 男朋友 菠萝
足球 football 卧室 bedroom
snowman boyfriend 篮球 basketball 手球 handball
pineapple 眼球 eyeball 周末 weekend
黑板 碗柜 blackboard cupboard
工作日 阅览室 飞鱼 人行道 weekday reading-room flying-fish sidewalk 母狼 快餐 室内 梦游 fast-food sleep-walk she-wolf indoor 到里面 into 到上面 onto 室外 outdoor 门铃 doorbell
rainbow snowman boyfriend pineapple football basketball handball eyeball football basketball handball eyeball bedroom mailbox blackboard cupboard weekend weekday she-wolf fast-food indoor sleep-walk reading-room flying-fish outdoor doorbell into onto driveway sidewalk pencil box rooftop 合成词
er ful less ing worker useful workless working
teen ty self thirteen thirty herself
t s w r d h h c u c ful ful ful ful ful er er er er er s d d r c h h c u c ing ing ing ing ing less less less less less
I like you. me 我 You like_ .(我) s He like_ me. him (他 I like__ . (他) She like_ me. s I like__ . (她) her 她 s It like_ me. it 它 I like__ . (它)
单数 主格 宾格 复数 主格 宾格
你 you you 你们 you you
我 I me 我们 we us

He him
She her
它 It
they they they them them them
Revision 4

  1.I like the dog. You
  2. 你like the dog.
  3.He (喜欢 喜欢)the dog. likes 喜欢 She 她
  4. (她)likes the dog. They 她们
  5. (她们 她们)like the dog.
观察-模仿 练习 观察 模仿?练习 模仿

  1.The dog likes . 我 me
  2.The dog .你 你
  3.The dog.他 他
  4.The dog .她 她
  5.The dog 你 你
  6.The dogs.你们 你们
Revision 5
like me. (你) 你 You
You like me. (你们 你们) 你们 She likes him. (她) 她 He likes me . (他) 他 It likes me. (它) 它 They like me. (她们 她们) 她们 They like me. (他们 他们) 他们 They like me. (它们 它们) 它们
I like. (你) 你 I like. (你们 你们) 你们 He likes . (她) 她 I like . (他) 他 I like. (它) 它 I like . (她们 她们) 她们 I like . (他们 他们) 他们 I like . (它们 它们) 它们
观察模仿 总结 观察 模仿总结 模仿
Watch?imitate ?conclude We are making progress by making mistakes and correcting mistakes.
See you next week!


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