13. Tall and Short
short tall
hat big car eye sit top frog is in fly pot lap not pants am on red boy dog yes like my can new lot pig who blue bag run rat cry nut lay pink
记单词,看谁记得快又准! 记单词,看谁记得快又准!
记单词,看谁记得快又准! 记单词,看谁记得快又准!
short taller
hat is am my bag
b ig in on c an run
c ar fly r ed new rat
e ye pen boy lot c ry
sit lap dog p ig nut
t op n ot y es w ho l ay
f rog pants l ike blue p ink
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  13. Tall and Short
tall tallest taller taller Tallest short
My brother is tall. My mum is taller than my brother. My dad is taller than my mum. My mum is shorter than my father. My brother is shorter than my mum. I am shorter than my brother. I am the shortest in my family. My dad is the tallest in my family.
My mum is taller than my brother. My dad is taller than my mum. Questions:
  1.Who is taller than my brother?
My mum is taller than my brother.

  2.Who is taller than my mum?
My father is taller than my mum.

  3.Who is the tallest?
My father is tallest.

  1.Who is the tallest in your family?
My father

  2.Who is the shortest in your family?
I am the shortest in my family.

  3.Who is taller than your mum?
My father is taller than my mum.
Fast faster fastest
I can run . fast I can run than you. faster I can run in our class. fastest
Fast faster fastest
I can run . fast Who can run fast? faster I can run than you. Who can run faster than you? I can run in our class. fastest Who can run fastest in our class?
Who is the tallest?
The man is the tallest.
Who is the shortest?
The boy is the shortest.
What a stupid pig it is! What a strong dog it is!
am…I am
is….She/He /It is are …We/You/They are 语言学习的素养: 语言学习的素养:
观察模仿 总结 观察 模仿总结 模仿
Be动词练习 动词练习-1 动词练习
He is a student. Is he a student? He is not a student. He is a student, isn't he? He isn't a student, is he? Who is a student?
Be动词练习 动词练习-2 动词练习
is He a student. he a student? Is is He not a student. is He a student, isn't he? is He isn't a student, he? is Who a student?
Be动词练习 动词练习-3 动词练习
  1. I a boy. you a boy? Are am No, I not. is
  2. The girl Jack's sister. is
  3. The dog tall and fat.
  4. The man with big eyes a teacher. is Is
  5. your brother in the classroom? is
  6. Where your mother? She at home. is
  7. How your father? is
  8. Mike and Liu Tao at school. are
用am, is, are 填空
Be动词练习 动词练习-4 动词练习
  9. Whose dress this? are
  10. Whose socks they? is
  11. That my red skirt. am
  12. Who I ? are
  13.The jeans on the desk. is
  14.Here a scarf for you. are
  15. Here some sweaters for you. are
  16. The two cups of milk for me. is
  17. Some tea in the glass. is
  18. Gao shan's shirt over there.
用am, is, are 填空
  19. My sister's name Nancy. is
  20. This not Wang Fang's pencil. Are
  21. Mike and Helen from England? is
  22. There a girl in the room. are
  23. There some apples on the tree. Are
  24. there any kites in the classroom? Is
  25. there any apple juice in the bottle? is
  26. There some bread on the plate. is
  27. There a boy in the park. are
  28. You, he and I from China.
Be动词练习 动词练习-5 动词练习
用am, is, are 填空
tall tallest
Tall and Short
taller taller Tallest short
My brother is tall. My mum is t than my brother. My dad is taller th_n my mum. My mum is short__ than my father. My brother is shorter th_n my mum. I a__ shorter than my brother. I am the short in my family. My dad is the tallest i__ my family.


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