小学英语六年级时态练习 小学英语六年级时态练习 用所给词的正确形式填空
  1. -WhatSu Hailast Sunday? (do) -She(go) for a walk.
  2. -Did you go(swim) last Saturday? -No. We(watch) a film.
  3. -WhatWangBing usuallyafter school? (do) -He usually(go) home and(teach) his little brother.
  4. -(be) Miss Li in the teachers’ office now? -No. She’s(take) photos.
  5. -What’s the weather like? -It’s. It has a lot ofhere. (rain)
  6.some water in the glass.a lot of people in the garden.a teacher and some students in the classroom. (there be)
  7. Helen(like)(draw) horses. She is (draw) in the study now.
  8. Itwo pens. Youthree pens. Our teacher four, Ben and Liu Lutwelve. (have)

  9. I(make) a cake yesterday. She(fly) a kite last Sunday.
  10. My sisterto the supermarket every Sunday. Tomorrow she isto the supermarket with me. (go)
  11. Yesterday(be) my birthday, we(have) a birthday party in my home, I(get) many presents from my friends.
  12. Wehave any masks. Yang Linghave any, too. (not)
  13. My rubberin the desk just now, but itin my pocket now. (be)
  14. ?Do you jump(far) than my friend ? -No, I jumps as(far) as your friend.
  15. Thebutterfly flies. (beautiful)
  16. He(go)(jog) every day. I want to(go)(jog) with him in the playground.
  17. Sandy (have) lots of CDs. She(listen) to music every day.
  18. Sam (want)(buy) a lot of things.
  19. Look, my fatherbasketball with his friends. He is a
good basketball. (play)
  20. Let(I) have a look . Oh, it isn’t(I) ruler, I think this ruler is(he), give it to(he).
  21. Are you (twin)? Yes, we’re (twin) (brother).
  22. ?Hurry up. We’re late! -Don’t worry. We still have (a) (hour).
  23. Look, the boys (swim) in the river.
  24. There (be) some water on the table.
  25. He (live ) on the (two) floor.
  26. -What you (do) just now? -I (go) for a walk.
  27. My sister (be) a nurse next month.
  28.Mr Green often (have) a chat with his children after supper.
  29. Look, my bag is as (new) as yours.
  30. This is my skirt. (you) is there.



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