小学英语五年级 Unit 2 测试卷
班级 姓名 成绩 听力部分 一、听录音,选出你所听到的选项。 (听两遍) (15 分) A B C ( )
  1、 happy hungry thirsty ( )
  2、 black white brown ( )
  3、 my book nine books nice book ( )
  4、 a new house three houses an old house ( )
  5、near her house near his house near your house 二、听录音,判断下列句子与所听内容是否相符,用“√”或 “ ”表示。 (听两遍)10 分 ( )
  1、There is a dog in the basket. ( )
  2、There are some trees between the buildings. ( )
  3、There aren’t any glasses on the table. ( )
  4、There is an umbrella on the window. ( )
  5、There is a rabbit under the box. 三、 听录音,完成下列句子 。 (读三遍)10 分 Yang Ling lives a new house now. It’s very . Thereare bedrooms, bathrooms, a, a kitchen , a dining room and a sitting-room. There a. In Yang Ling’s, there’s a bed, a on the and a telephone the map and the bed. 笔试部分 一、选择合适的字母组合补全单词(10 分) ( )
  1、 be m A: droo B: groo C: roo ( )
  2、 so A: fa B: ha C: ta ( )
  3、 be d A: hi B: si C:hin ( )
  4、 be e A: si B: sid C: hind ( )
  5、 te e A: leph B: lephe C:lephon 二、英汉短语互译。 (10 分)
  6、a map of the world
  7、in the cat’s mouth
  8、some eggs
  9、on my bed
  10、a large kitchen 三、选择正确答案。 (14 分) ( )
  1、There aren’t __chairs. Here are __chairs for you. A: any, some B: some, any C: some,s ome ( )
  2、I live a big house now. A: on B: at C: in ( )
  3、There’s a map the world the wall. A: of, in B: in ,between C: of, on ( )
  4、Are there pictures in your bedroom? A: some. B: any C: a ( )
  6、How manyare there in your house? There is only one. A: study B: studies C: studys ( )
  7、Do you like the new house?
A: Yes, we do. B: Yes, we are. C: Yes, we can. 四、根据所给中文,完成句子。 (20 分) a) 桌子上有什么?有一些书。 is the table? are books. b) 他们是谁?是我的学生们。 are they? my . c) 那个公园里有很多的树和花。 many trees and flowers in that park . d) 这些铅笔是给你的。 These pencils for. 五、在 B 栏中找出 A 栏相应的答句。 (10 分) A B ( )
  1、Is this your school bag? A、No, it’s small. ( )
  2、How many crayons can you see? B、Thank you. ( )
  3、Is there a garden? C、I can see three. ( )
  4、There isn’t a pencil . D、Here’s a pencil for you. ( )
  5、Here’s a doll for you. E、No ,there isn’t.
听力材料/Unit 2 一、 听录音,选出你所听到的选项。
  3、nine books
  4、 an old house
  5、 near her house
  6、 a map of China
  7、 beside the door
  8、Mr Rabbit
  9、 two bedrooms
  10、 Let’s go to the garden. 二、听录音,判断下列句子与所听内容是否相符,用“√”或 “ ”表示。 (听两遍)10 分
  1、There is a cat in the basket.
  2、There are some trees between the buildings.
  3、There aren’t any glasses on the desk.
  4、There is an umbrella near the window.
  5、There isn’t a rabbit under the box.
  6、 I can see some cars and buses in the street.
  7、 There are two bathrooms in my new house.
  8、 There is a football under the bed.
  9、 There are fifty students in my classroom.
  10、 There is a crayon on the desk. 三、 听录音,完成下列句子 。 (读三遍)10 分 Yang Ling lives in a new house now. It’s very big. There’re three bedrooms, two bathrooms, a study , a kitchen , a dining room and a large sitting-room. There isn’t a garden. In Yang Ling’s bedroom, there’s a bed, a map on the wall and a telephone between the map and the bed.


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