启帆教育小学英语毕业结业考试 启帆教育小学英语毕业结业考试 小学英语毕业结业
姓名 得分 老师评语 打开 寻找 在家里 下次 一瓶 ?????????????????? ???????????????????
一、用直线连接下列英文单词和对应的中文意思。10 分 busy cinema phone tomorrow music 电影院 电话 忙碌的 音乐 明天 a bottle of next time turn on at home look for
二、 将下列划横线的部分译成英文或中文。10 分
  1. He is going to the museum.
  3. I have a white flower. 中文:
  2. We will have a running match 下星期二. 英文: 中文:
  4. When do you make a 模型船? 英文:

  5. I’ll take a picture in the park. 中文: 三、 选择单词或词组(每个只能用一次),将其标号填在横线上。10 分 beside cold play chess in bed speak to

  1. The desk is the bed.
  2. Could I Peter, please?
  3. Don’t read . It’s bad for your eyes.
  4. Today is .
  5. I will with Tom this afternoon. 四、 根据情景选择句子,将答案的标号填入括号内。20 分 ( ( )
  1. 当你想知道钢笔放在哪儿时,问:A. Where is the eraser? B. Where is the pen? C. Where is it from? )
  2. 当你提醒小明不要关窗户时,说: A. Don’t read in bed, Xiao Ming! B. Don’t be late for school, Xiao Ming! C. Don’t close the windows, Xiao Ming! ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( )
  3. 当你想知道别人能看见几把尺子时,问:A. How many rulers can you see? B. How much is the ruler? C. I can see five rulers. )
  4. 当你最喜欢那辆红汽车时,说: A. I like the red car best. B. I have got a red car. C. I’m looking for a red car. )
  5. 当你想知道别人会不会骑自行车时,问:A. Can you make a bike?B. Can you ride a bike? C. Can you play cards? )
  6.当你想了解别人是否需要一杯茶时A.What are you looking forB.what do you like best?C.Would you like a glass of tea )
  7. 当你想了解物品的颜色时,问:A. What is this? B. What’s that? C. What colour is it? )
  8. 当你想知道别人是否有收音机时A. Have you got a dictionary?B. have you got a radio? C. May I use your recorder? )
  9. 当你要了解别人是否喜欢游泳时,问:A. Do you like swimming?B. Do you like running? C. Do you like pingpong? )
  10. 当你想知道这星期六的天气如何时,问:A. It’s Saturday today. B. What does the Saturday like?
C. what is the weather like this Saturday? 五、 选择填空,将答案的标号填入括号内。10 分 ( ( ( ( ( )
  1. I’v got a toothache. I’m going to the . A. nurse )
  2. ?May I your story book? ?No, I’m reading it. A. )
  3. ?Whose jacket is it? )
  4. ?Where are you going? ?It’s A. tom read B. dentist B. reading C. Tom’s B. doing B. What C. do C. Where C. teacher C. ride
B. Toms
?I’m to the park. A. going ?I’m going to play cards.A. When
  5. ? are you going to do?
六、 从B栏中找出适合A栏的答语,将其标号填入括号内。10 分
启帆教育小学英语毕业结业考试 启帆教育小学英语毕业结业考试 小学英语毕业结业
A ( ( ( ( ( )
  1. What does she do? )
  2. what does he do? )
  3. What is she like? )
  4. What is he like? )
  5. Where is she going B A. She is going to the library. B. He is old and fat. C. She is a doctor. D. He is a worker. E. She is young and tall.
七、 将下列对话补充完整。10 分 A: are you ? B: I’m from America. A: ’s your ? B: name is Tom.
八、 每小题A、B、C三个答句中,有一个与图义相符,把这个句子的标号填入括号内。10 分 ( TV. )
  1. ?What is she doing?A. She is drawing a picture. B. She is riding a bike. C. she is watching
( )
  2. ?What is he doing? football. ( )
  3. ?What is she doing?
A. He is swimming.B. He
is dancing. C. He is playing
A. She is drawing.B. She is dancing. C. She is singing. ( )
  4. ?What’s the weather like? A. It’s cold. B. It’s cool. C. It’s sunny.
九、 看图完成对话(数词用英文表示)。10 分
  1. ?How many books can you see? ?I can see .
  2. ?What day is it today? ?It’s . 1999 年 5 月 21 日 星期五
  3. ?What time is it ? ?It’s .

  4. ?How much is the toy car?
?It’s yuan.

  5. ?Where is the cat? ?It’s the desk.



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