四年级上册 Unit 1 my classroom This is my classroom. It’s big. 这是我的教室。它很大。 The door is green. The windows are yellow. 门是绿色的,窗户是黄色的。 Let’s go and have a look. 让我们去看看吧! We have 6 new lights. 我们有六盏新灯。 Where’s your seat? It’s near the door. 你的座位在哪里?在门附近。 Let’s/ let me clean the board. 让我们/让我擦黑板。 Open the door. 打开门。 Sweep the floor. 扫地。 Turn on the light.打开灯。 Put up the picture.挂图画。 Clean the board.擦黑板。 Clean the 擦窗户。 window board light picture door floor computer teacher’s desk wall fan
Unit 2 my schoolbag I have a new schoolbag. 我有一个新书包。 What colour is it? It’s black and white. 它是什么颜色的?它是黑白相间的。 My schoolbag is heavy. What’s in it? 我的书包很重。里面有什么? Put your notebook in your bag.
把你的笔记本放进书包。 How many English books do you have? I have
  6. 你有多少英语书?我有六本。 How many Chinese books can you see? I can see
  20. 你能看见多少本语文书?我能看见二十本。 Chinese book English book math book notebook story-book bag pencil pen ruler book pencil-case
Unit 3 my friends My friend is strong. He has short hair. He likes sports. 我的朋友很强壮,他有着短头发,他爱运动。 I like music. She likes painting. 我喜欢音乐,她喜欢绘画。 What’s his name? His name is Zhang Peng. 他叫什么名字?他叫张鹏。 ong hair short hair thin strong quiet music science sports painting computer game teacher student boy girl friend.
Unit 4 my home Welcome to my home 欢迎来我家。 This is my house. It’s big. 这是我的房子,它很大。 Where are the keys? They are in the door. 钥匙在哪里?在门上。 Are they near the table? Yes, they are. /No, they aren’t. 他们在桌子附近吗?是的/不是。
Is it on the shelf? Yes, it is. /No, it isn’t. 在架子上吗?是的/不在。 study kitchen bathroom bedroom living room home classroom phone bed sofa shelf fridge table
Unit 5 what would you like? What would you like for lunch? I’d like some beef. 你中餐想吃什么?我想吃些牛肉。 What’s for dinner? 晚餐吃什么? Can I help? Sure, pass me a plate. 我来帮忙,好吗?当然好啦,给我一个盘子。 Help yourself. 请自便。 I can use chopsticks. 我会用筷子。 rice fish noodle beef soup vegetable knife chopsticks spoon plate fork
Unit 6 meet my family This is my uncle. He’s a baseball player. He looks strong. 这是我叔叔。他是一个棒球运动员。他看上去很强壮。 How many people are there in your family? 你们家有几口人? Who are they?他们是谁? What’s your father? He is a driver. 你爸爸是干什么的?他是一个司机。 parents father mother uncle aunt baby brother sister grandpa grandma family teacher student baseball player doctor driver farmer nurse

  1. I have egg.
  2. She (have) a nice schoolbag .
  3. How many (pen) do you have ?
  4. My friend Tom (like )painting. 5 she ? she’s my sister.
  6. is Miss Li . She’s over there .
  7. is the pencil? It’s 3 yuan.
  8. is the walkman ? It’s yellow.

  9.Let (I) clean the teacher’s desk.
  10.This is (I) new computer. 四年级下册 Unit 1 Our school This is the teacher’s office. That is my classroom.这是老师办公室。那是我的教室。 Go to the library. Read a story-book..去图书馆。读故事书。 Is this the library? Yes, it is. 这是图书馆吗?是的。 Is that the art room? No, it isn’t. the art room is on the second floor. 那是美术室吗?不是,美术室在二楼。 Where is the canteen? It’s on the first floor. 食堂在哪里?在一楼。 playground garden library teacher’s office canteen art room computer room washroom music room gym TV room computer board fan light picture teacher’s desk wall floor your
Unit 2 What time is it? What time is it? 几点钟了? It’s nine o’clock.现在九点。 It’s time for English class.该上英语课了。 School is over. Let’s go to the playground. 放学了,让我们去操场吧! It’s time to go to school.该去学校了!
lunch English class music class breakfast dinner P.E class get up go to school go to bed go home one two three four five six seven eight nine ten it’s=it is math Chinese English P.E music class
Unit 3 Is this your skirt? I like the white sweater with the green skirt. 我喜欢白毛衣搭配绿裙子。 Whose is this? It’s my baby brother’s. 这是谁的?是我小弟弟的。 Is this your T-shirt? No, it’s not. 这是你的 T 恤衫吗?不是。 Where are my socks? 我的袜子在哪儿? What colour is it? It’s white. 它是什么颜色的?白色的。 sweater jeans pants socks shoes shorts jacket shirt skirt dress T-shirt red blue yellow green white colour
Unit 4 It’s warm today This is the weather report. 这是天气预报。 It’s cool in Lhasa. 拉萨天气凉爽。 What’s the weather like in Beijing? It’s rainy. 北京天气怎样?下雨。 Can I wear my shirt today? Yes, you can./ No, you can’t.我今天能穿衬衫吗?能/不能。 hot weather rainy windy cloudy warm cold cool today jeans pants socks shoes let’s=let us play football snowy sunny
Unit 5 How much is it? Look at that dress. It’s pretty。 看那条裙子,真漂亮!
Can I help you? 需要我为你做些什么吗? I want a pair of sneakers.我想要一双球鞋。 How much is it? It’s ninety-nine yuan. 多少钱?九十九元。 That’s expensive.好贵阿! A pair of sneakers for my son. 给我儿子买双球鞋。 What size? Size five. 几码?五码! Are they all right? 合适吗? We’ll take it.我们买下了! How much are they? They’re three yuan. 他们多少钱?三元。 colourful pretty cheap expensive sneakers slippers sandals boots big small long short apple banana pear orange watermelon
Unit 6 At a farm What are they? They are goats. 它们是什么?它们是山羊。 This farm is so big.这个农场好大阿! Are they ducks? No, they aren’t. 它们是鸭子吗?不是的。 Look at the cucumbers. They’re fresh. 看那些黄瓜,他们好新鲜! I like tomatoes. They are juicy. 我喜欢番茄,他们很多汁。 I don’t like onions. They’re smelly. 我不喜欢洋葱,他们有股味道。 How many horses are there? Twelve. 那儿有多少马?十二匹。
sheep hen lamb goat cow tomato cucumber potato onion carrot horse aren’t=are not cat rabbit pig duck dog eleven twelve thirteen fifteen twenty how many there

你如何向别人介绍今天天气很晴朗。 你买了一些橘子,如何问人家价格,人家又如何回答你一共三十元。 如何告诉别人 9 点了,该上数学课了。

  4、 你如何告诉人家这是你的计算机。 五年级上册 Unit 1 my new teachers We have a new English teacher. 我们有一个新英语老师。 Who’s your English teacher? 谁是你们的英语老师? Mr Carter. He’s from Canada. 卡特先生。他来自加拿大。 What’s he like? 他长得怎样? He’s tall and strong. He’s very funny. 他又高又强壮。他很滑稽。 Young funny tall strong kind old short thin strict active funny quiet
Unit 2 my days of the week What day is it today? It’s Monday. 今天星期几?今天星期一。 What do we have on Monday? 我们星期一有什么课? Let me see. 让我看看。 We have English, science, computer and P.E on Monday. 我们星期一有英语,科学,电脑和体育课。 What do you do on Saturday?
你星期六干什么? I often do my homework and watch TV. 我通常做作业和看电视。 What about you/ 你呢? I often do housework and read books. 我通常做家务活和看书。 Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday weekday weekend tomorrow today English moral education social study Chinese science maths do homework read books watch TV play computer games do housework
Unit 3 what’s your favouirite food? What do you have for lunch today/on Monday? 你今天/星期一中餐吃什么? We have tomatoes, tofu and fish. 我们吃番茄、豆腐和鱼。 What’s your favorite food? 你最喜欢的食物是什么? I like apples. They are sweet. 我喜欢苹果,他们很甜。 What would you like for dinner? 你晚餐想吃点什么? I’d like potatoes. 我想吃土豆。 cabbage pork mutton eggplant fish bean green
beans tofu potato tomato grape fruit tasty sweet sour fresh healthy salty
Unit 4 what can you do? What can you do? 你会干什么?
I can clean the bedroom. 我会打扫房间。 Can you cook the meals? 你会烧饭吗? Yes, I can./ no, I can’t. 会/不会。 I’m helpful. Are you helpful at home? 我是有帮助的。你在家里会干活吗? I’d like to have a try. 我想要试一试。 empty the trash cook the meals water the flowers sweep the floor the bedroom do housework wash the window clean make the bed
set the table do the dishes wash the clothes
use a computer play chess
put away the clothes
Unit 5 my new room Is this your bedroom? 这是你的房间吗? Where is the trash bin? 垃圾桶在哪里? It’s behind the door. 在门后。 What’s it like? 它什么样子? There is a big closet, a new air-conditioner and two end tables. 那儿有一个大衣柜、一个新空调和两张床头柜。 air-conditioner curtain trash bin closet mirror end table bedroom kitchen bathroom living room in on near under behind over in front of
Unit 6 in a nature park There is a forest in the nature park..
在自然公园里有一个森林。 There are many small houses in my village. 在我们村庄有许多小房子。 Is there a mountain? Yes, there is./ No, there isn’t. 有高山吗?有的/没有。 Are there any bridges over the river? Yes, there are./ No, there aren’t. 河上有桥吗?有的/没有。 sky cloud mountain river flower grass lake forest path park farm village city house bridge tree road building air

  1. It’s time
  2. We do
lunch. homework in the evening. (read) books?

  3. Do you like
is today?今天星期几? Sunday.

  5. Sarah usually plays chess
  7. we
  9. is the first day of a week.
(not have) English on Saturday. do you often do on Mondays? do you have English? cakes ?

  10.Would you like
五年级下册 Unit 1 This is my day When do you do morning exercises? 你几点钟做早操? I usually eat breakfast at 7:
  00. 我通常七点钟吃早饭。 What do you do on the weekend? 你周末干什么? I often visit my grandparents. 我常常去看望祖父母。
Sometimes I go hiking. 有时候我去远足。 do morning exercises eat breakfast get up have English class play sports eat dinner
climb mountains go shopping go hiking visit grandparents play the piano when evening noon weekend usually often sometimes
Unit 2 what’s your favourite season? What’s your favourite season? = Which season do you like best? 你最喜欢的季节是什么? My favourite season is summer.= I like summer best. 我最喜欢夏天。 Why do you like winter? 你为什么喜欢冬天? Because I can play with snow. 因为我可以在雪里玩。 What’s the weather like in spring? 春天的天气怎样? It’s windy and warm. 有风的,很暖和。 Summer is good, but fall is my favourite season. 夏天很好,但是秋天才使我最喜欢的季节。 Spring summer fall winter season which why because best swim sleep kites skate plant trees make a snowman fly
Unit 3 when is your birthday? When is your birthday?
你的生日在什么时候? My birthday is in May. 我的生日在五月。 Is your birthday in May, too? 你的生日也在五月吗? No, my birthday is in April. 不,我的生日在四月。 How many birthdays are there in January? 一月里有多少个人过生日? When is the National Day? 国庆节在什么时候? It’s October 1st. 十月一日。 What’s the date? 几号? January (Jan.) February (Feb.) March (Mar.) April May June July August(Aug.) September(Sept.) October(Oct.) November( Nov.) December(Dec.) birthday
Unit 4 what are you doing? What are you doing? 你在干什么? I’m doing the dishes. 我在洗碗碟。 Are you drawing pictures? 你在画画吗? What’s your father doing?你爸爸在干什么? He is writing an e-mail.他在写电子邮件。 Can I speak to Amy? 我能找 Amy 吗? Please hold on. 请稍等。 She’s doing homework in the study. 他正在书房做作业。
Draw pictures cook dinner read a book answer the phone listen to music write a letter clean the room write an e-mail
Unit 5 look at the ms Look at the tiger! 看老虎! It’s jumping!它在跳! The rabbit is running. 兔子在跑。 What is it doing? 她在干什么? It’s eating bananas.它正在吃香蕉。 What are the elephants doing? 大象在干什么? They are drinking. 它们在喝水。 Fly jump walk run swim kangaroo sleep climb fight swing drink water
Unit 6 a field trip What’s Sarah doing? Sarah 正在干什么? She’s doing an experiment. 她正在做实验。 Are they catching butterflies? Yes, they are. 她们正在捉蝴蝶吗?是的。 Are you eating lunch? No, we aren’t. 你们正在吃中饭吗?不。 Is he taking pictures? 他正在照相吗? No, he isn’t.



   小学英语知识点归纳 1、话题 、 (1) 字母 字母:(大小)辨认、书写顺序 : Aa Bb Cc Dd Ee Ff Gg Hh Ii Jj Kk Ll Mm N n Oo Pp Qq Rr Ss Tt Uu Vv Ww Xx Yy Zz. 元音字母:A a , Ee, Ii, Oo, Uu 半元音字母: Yy 书写容易错误的字母:E , F , G, M, N, d, i, p, q, x, y. (2) 数字 数字:基数词和序数词的运用,如计算、购物等. 基数词: One, two, t ...


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   六年级小学英语知识点归纳 六年级上册 Unit 1 how do you go to school? How do you go to school? 你怎么去上学? Usually I go to school on foot. 通常我走路去学校 Sometimes I go by bike. 有时我骑车去. How can I get to Zhongshan Park? 我怎么才能到中山公园? You can go by the No.15 bus. 你可以乘 15 路公交车. on ...


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