选 ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( (

项。 B. shout B. these B. four B. those B. police B. English B. some B. teacher B. that B. worker
  2. 看
  10. 写 看 C. country C. they C. flower C. miss C. meat C. singing C. mother C. touch C. glad C. short
  7. 从 晚 D. count D. thing D. hour D. is D. great D. morning D. love D. Christmas D. map D. world )
  4. 给给
  8. 购
  1. A. trousers )
  2. A. clothes )
  3. A. our )
  4. A. please )
  5. A. sheep )
  6. A. thing )
  7. A. on )
  8. A. chick )
  9. A. about )
  10. A. word : 球 跑 4 求写单词 较级) 词) 义词) 词) 词) ) 词)

  1. good(
  4. deer(
  7. ugly(

  2. long(

  6. teach(
  9.go(过去 ) 词)
词) 词) ) ) 较级)

  8. tooth(复数)
  14. there(
  17. slow(
填 空,

  16. do(单
  19. drive( 给词 go

  18. heavy( 词)

  20. child(复数) 句 read 。 three real he man want open in our class. floor. the door politely. in the street. to the Northeast Garden with my mother. to have a toy car. at home last night. tall
适当 thin

  1. The girl in red is the
  2. My classroom is on the
  3. My family
  4. Mr. Wang is
  5. I can see some
  6. Last month, I
  7. Dongdong
  8. I
like chicken and sandwiches. . room to read books. .

  9. He is stronger, but I am
  10. We are going to the
  1. I’ve got a toothache. I’m going to see the
A. teacher B. farmer C. dentist D. cook ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( )
  2. May I A. fly )
  3. I’m A .seeing )
  4. What A. do )
  5. Are there )
  6. Peter A. / )
  7. A. / B. The B. The B. did B. ride your kite? Sure, here you are . C. drive D. take D. finding my dog. But I can’t find it. B. looking for C. looking after you do tomorrow? C. is D. will C. some shoes D. An D. an in the morning. hour to do our homework. C. the D. / lessons B. some, in B. calling C. call Jane? D. called C. much tall D. Which is there. C. mine, Hers 25 December. D. falls on D. fruit store to read books this evening. C. library
under the bed. D. some shoe wear the vest. It’s too short. C. A C. A Great Wall is in Beijing.
A. any shoes B. any shoe
  8. They often get up )
  9. It took us A. a B. an )
  10. We don’t have A. any, on A. calls A. very tall )
  13. --A. What )
  14. This book is A. mine, Her A. fall on A. hospital )
  17. I’m A. hungry A. down A. eat B. my, Her )
  15. Christmas Day )
  16. I’m going to the B. supermarket B. angry B. into B. to eat )
  11. Do you know a girl )
  12. This tree is
A. at six thirty B. at six-thirty C. in six thirty D. in six-thirty
Sundays. C. any , in D. some, on
than that one. B. much taller D. very taller are we going to meet? Lulu.
B. Where C. Who .
D. my, Hers
B. falls in C. falls with
. Let’s go to the restaurant. C. bored C. on C. eating D. happy. the bull and killed it. D. in ? D. eats
  18. The lion jumped )
  19. Could I have something
  20. The light is A. red, can 据汉 汉
, we B. green, can’t ?(
cross the street. C. yellow, can’t
么 ?)
D. red, can’t
A: Can I B: I want
.( ( ( ( )yuan. is. (给 给 ) .(谢 谢 ) (
个 个 狗)
A: Which one do you want, the bigger one or B: The A: B: A: B: Here A: B: You’re A: Goodbye.
) (给 给 )
钱 ) is it ?
客气 ) 。

( ( ( ( (
  1. He is black and blue all over now. A. 蓝 A. 墙 A. A.

C. 脏 C.墙

  2. Don’t say it loudly, walls have ears. B.隔墙 B.帮

D. 朵 D. D.
  3. The children give the woman a big hand. C.个 C. C. D. 鼓 )
  4. I’m on the go all day long. I’m very tired. B.跑 跑 跑 去 B. 绣 )
  5. The gardener is cleaning the flower-bed. A. 园

  1. She is 145 centimeters tall. (对划线部分提问)
  2. They go to work on their bikes.(主语改为 He)
  3. I’d like something to drink.(一般疑问句)
  4. I think Tom is in his classroom.(改为否定句)
  5. Are these your rulers?(同义句)



   选 ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( 选选 发 项。 B. shout B. these B. four B. those B. police B. English B. some B. teacher B. that B. worker 2. 看 6. 10. 写 看 C. country C. they C. flower C. miss C. meat C. singing C. mother C. touch C. glad C. short 3.脱( 7. 从 晚 D. co ...


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