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Unit One Section A Can Harry Potter wave his magic wand 棒 and revive a dead language? Publishers of Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone, who plan to translate the adventures of the schoolboy wizard into Latin and ancient Greek, think it might help, the Daily Telegraph newspaper reported. Author J.K. Rowling and her publishers Bloomsbury hope the translations will help children overcome the dread of studying the two ancient languages, the newspaper said. "We aren't under any illusions that the Latin and Greek will be best-sellers but we think that it will mean much more fun lessons for anyone studying Latin and Greek," said Emma Matthewson, Rowling's editor at Bloomsbury. Peter Needham, who taught Latin and Greek at top boys' school Eton College, was translating the first of Rowling's books. "This is going to be a wonderful thing for children. It has got very witty dialogue..." he was quoted as saying. Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone is not the first children's book to be translated into Latin. Paddington Bear, Alice in Wonderland and Winnie the Pooh have all had the Latin treatment, the newspaper said. 哈里?波特的魔杖能让已死的语言起死回生吗?《哈里?波特与魔法石》的出版商 认为这有可能。据《每日电讯报》报道,他们打算把这个魔法学生的冒险故事译 成拉丁文和古希腊文。报纸说,该书作者 J.K.罗琳和她的出版商布卢姆斯伯里出 版社希望译本能帮助孩子们战胜对学习这两种古代语言的恐惧。 布卢姆斯伯里出 版社罗琳的编辑爱玛?马修森说:“我们不指望拉丁版和希腊文版能成为畅销书, 不过我们相信它们能让拉丁文和希腊文学习者学起来更有乐趣。”顶尖男校伊顿 公学的拉丁及希腊文教师彼得?尼德海姆正在翻译罗琳《哈里?波特》系列小说的 。报纸援引他的话说:“它将成 第一部(即《哈里?波特与魔法石》??编者注) 为孩子们的心爱之物,其中有非常诙谐机智的对白……。” 报纸还说, 《哈里?波 特与魔法石》并不是第一本被译成拉丁文的儿童书籍, 《帕丁顿熊》《爱丽丝漫 、 游奇境记》和《维尼小熊》都有拉丁文译本。
Section B 最令人怵目惊心的一件事,是看着钟表上的秒针一下一下的移动,每移动 一下就是表示我们的寿命已经缩短了一部分。 再看看墙上挂着的可以一张张撕下 的日历,每天撕下一张就是表示我们的寿命又缩短了一天。因为时间即生命。没 有人不爱惜他的生命, 但很少人珍视他的时间。 如果想在有生之年做一点什么事, 学一点什么学问,充实自己,帮助别人,使生命成为有意义,不虚度此生,那么 就不可浪费光阴。这道理人人都懂,可是很少人真能积极不懈的善于利用他的时 间。 ??节选自梁实秋《时间即生命》 It is most startling to hear a watch or clock clicking away the seconds, each click s indicating the shortening of one’ life by a little bit. Likewise, with each page torn off
the wall calender, one’s life is shortened by another day. Time, therefore, is life. Nevertheless, few people treasure their time as much as their life. Time must not be wasted if you want to do your bit in your remaining years or acquire some useful knowledge to improve yourself and help others, so that your life may turn out to be significant and fruitful. All that is self-evident, yet few people really strive to make the best use of their time. Unit Two Section A Sixty years ago Mao Zedong stood before a sea of people atop Tiananmen Gate proclaiming, in his high-pitched Hunan dialect, the founding of the People’s Republic of China and that the “Chinese people have stood up!” The moment was marked with pride and hope. The communists’ victory had vanquished the Nationalist regime, withstood the vicious onslaught of the Japanese invasion and overturned the century of foreign encroachment on China’s territory. Moreover, Mao and the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) came to power without significant external support?theirs was largely a homegrown revolution. Mao brought a vision for China that has resonated from the 19th century Qing dynasty reformers to this day: to regain China's fu qiang (wealth and power), dignity, international respect and territorial integrity. In this regard, Mao and the CCP positioned themselves squarely with a deep yearning among Chinese?thus earning their loyalty and the party's legitimacy. His successors have not wavered from this singular vision and mission. As the people’s Republic of China commemorates its 60th anniversary, it seemingly has much to celebrate. China is the world’s most populous and industrious nation, is the world’s third largest economy and trading nation, has become a global innovator in science and technology, and is building a world-class university system.
Section B
瑞典发明家、实业家艾尔弗雷德?诺贝尔(Alfred Nobel)是一个集多种对 立现象于一身的人。他是破产者的儿子,日后却成了百万富翁;他是科学家,却 爱好文学;他是个始终保持理想主义者本色的实业家。他发了大财,生活却很简 朴;与人相处时他笑逐颜开,独处时却常常郁郁寡欢。他热爱人类,却从未 享受过拥有妻室与子女的天伦之乐。他热爱祖国,却客死异国。
教参: 教参:第二课翻译答案 Section A
60 年前,毛泽东站在天安门城楼上,面对人山人海,用高亢的湖南方言宣布,中 华人民共和国成立了, “中国人民从此站起来了! ”这是一个充满自豪和希望的时刻。 这个时刻宣告了中国共产党人的胜利,他们与日本侵略者进行了艰苦卓绝的斗争,推 翻了国民党政权,结束了外国侵略者对中国领土长达一个世纪的占领。此外,毛泽东 和中国共产党是在没有重大外部支援的情况下夺得政权的, 他们进行的基本上是一场 本土革命。 毛泽东为中国带来了历代改革者(从 19 世纪的清朝到这一天)所期望的愿景: 恢复中国的富强、尊严,重新获得国际社会的尊重和领土的完整。在这方面,毛泽东 和中国共产党直接体现了中国人民内心深处的渴望, 从而赢得了他们的忠诚和党的合 法性。他的继任者们并没有动摇这一独特的理念和使命。 值此中华人民共和国成立 60 周年之际,似乎有许多值得庆祝。中国是世界 上人口最多、人民最勤劳的国家,是世界第三大经济体和贸易国,已成为全球科 技创新基地,正在建设世界一流大学系统等。
Section B Alfred Nobel, the great Swedish inventor and industrialist, was a man of many contrasts. He was the son of a bankrupt, but became a millionaire; a scientist with a love of literature, an industrialist who managed to remain an idealist. He made a fortune but lived a simple life, and although cheerful in company he was often sad in private. A lover of mankind, he never had a wife or family to love him; a patriotic son of his native land, he died alone on foreign soil.
VII. Translation A. Translate the following paragraph into Chinese.
我们大家一向彼此信任, 相信他人会做社会公德所倡导的事情, 这着实令人惊奇, 是不是?然而我们的确是这样做的。信任是我们固有的心理倾向。当我们对某人表示 不信任,或对某件事情持怀疑态度时,我们往往需要认真思考才能做出决定。这种不 信任感并不是自然而然地在我们脑海中产生的。 这的确是令人非常欣慰之事,因为我们的整个社会体系依赖于人们的相互信任, 而不是相互猜疑。如果我们在大部分时间里不能相互信任,那么,我们享有其利益的 整个社会体系就会崩溃。 环顾一下周围的人,并就他们对别人信任与否同其生活成功与否加以比较,是很 有趣的。那些容易上当受骗的人,那些总是以为别人都是和自己一样诚实可靠的人, 结果比那些对谁都不相信的人要幸福得多,尽管他们有时会受到欺骗。 B. Translate the following paragraph into English. I love watching the CCTV programme “ To speak the truth”. Among other things, it
has a very good name. What a difficult thing it is to apeak the truth! The opposite of truth is lie. One of the topics discussed in the programme was lies, the lies of children, to be exact. Lying is closely related to advantages and disadvantages, and the liar is always motivated by the need to gain advantages and avoid disadvantages. If there are no advantages or disadvantages, why bother lying? As for young children, they are naive and innocent, unaware of advantages and disadvantages. Naturally they need not lie. For the same reason, children are easily deceived, for they always take the words of adults very seriously. Those naive children, being not worldly-wise and unable to play clever tricks, really capable of lying?
VII. Translation Section A 几乎可以肯定,全球变暖将会导致人类患病和死亡的?加。不过它们会以什么形 式出现还很难说。我们可以确信,随着全球平均气温的升高,将会更频繁地出现持续 时间更长的热浪,就是这种热浪于 2003 年 8 月夺去了至少 2 万欧洲人的生命。其他预 测还不十分确定。早期显示的迹象却不容乐观。世界卫生组织认为,即使 20 世纪 70 年代以来平均气温不太大的上升就已经开始造成严重的后果。每年至少有 15 万人因气 候变化而死亡到 2030 年这个数字将会翻一翻,而这还是该组织保守的估计。公共 卫生问题如此之多,而过重的负担却似乎正落在穷人中最穷的那些人身上。然而,这 并不意味着那些对温室气体排放应负更大责任的较富裕的人就能逃脱危害。 Section B What is a lifestyle and how is that different from a life? A lifestyle is about brand names and buying identity or prestige. Lifestyle gives a false sense of peace and acceptability that comes from others recognizing what you’ve bought into (as well as bought). If your car, clothes, and home are expensive, you’re sophisticated and stylish. If you have the right kind of job or go to the right social gatherings, then you receive the superficial approval of others. This means that your self-esteem is always at the mercy of others, with no appreciation of you as an individual. A life, on the other hand, is very different. A life is what you lead when you know what matters most to you. It is very simple and comes from being connected to what you know is important and being willing to put that first, not matter what others may think. When you create a life vs. a lifestyle, your self-esteem comes from what’s inside you, not what others think about you.
VII. Translation Section A 我国与全世界共同庆祝我们在防治艾滋病病毒和艾滋病的战斗中所取得 的非凡业绩,并缅怀那些被艾滋病夺去生命的人。近 30 年来,勇敢的人们在 面对这种致命的疾病时,与令人难以忍受的歧视、羞辱、疑惑和暴力进行了 斗争。如果没有感染艾滋病病毒的患者、他们的亲人和家人、社区维权人士 和医护人员做出的奉献,很多人是活不到今天的。值此世界艾滋病日,我们 重申将致力于制订一项在国内优先防治这种肆意传播的疾病所必需的全国防 治艾滋病战略,同时在国外继续发挥我们的领导作用并履行我们的承诺。 虽然我们亲眼目睹了难以置信的进展,但我们防治艾滋病病毒/艾滋病的 斗争还远远没有结束。在美国,每隔 9 分半钟就有一人受到感染,估计患有 这种疾病的人数超过了 100 万人。在目前已感染的人群中,5 个人中就有一 个并不了解自己的感染状况,大多数新的感染是由那些并不知道自己病情的 人传播的。艾滋病病毒/艾滋病在社区与人群中肆意蔓延,任何性别、年龄、 民族、收入及性取向的人都有可能或者正在感染这种疾病。 Section B Globally, there are over 33 million people living with HIV. While millions have died from this disease, the death rate is slowly declining. However, HIV remains a leading cause of death worldwide. Women and children around the world are particularly vulnerable due to gender inequalities, gaps in access to services, and increases in sexual violence. While the statistics are distressing, new medications and scientific advancements give us reason for hope. Tackling this disease will take an aggressive, steadfast approach.



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