10-2011 2 010-2011 学年度第二学期四年级英语下册第 4 单元 形成性质量调查
  1. Look, listen and number 看图, 听录音,标出朗读顺序 看图, 听录音, My Sunday 班级

  3. Look, listen and match 看图、听录音、连线 看图、听录音、 What do they usually do on weekends?
Li Yan
Gao Wei

  4. Look at the pictures and fill in the blanks 看图填空

  2. Look, listen and tick or cross 看图、听录音、判断 看图、听录音、
. 星期一
  1) I have a on .
  2) I usually and in English class on .
星期六 星期六 ( ) ( ) ( ) ( ) ( )

  3) and are my favourite days.

  5. Read and find 将与场景相符的词组的序号填入圆圈内 将与场景相符的词组的序号填入圆圈内

  4) Do you have a science class every day? , we .
  5) Do you like maths? , I .
  6) What’s your favourite subject? .
  7) What do you usually do on weekends? I usually .
  8) Do you go to school on Sundays? , I .
  8. Read and choose 单项选择 ( )
  1)How many are there in a week? A. day B. days C. classes )
  2) seven days in a week. A. There are B. They are C. There is
A. a park B. a music class C. watch TV D. play football E. go to school F. go swimming G. see my grandpa and grandma H. a student

  6. Read and write 按照正确的书写格式抄写下面的句子,注意大小写 按照正确的书写格式抄写下面的句子, how many days are there in a week there are seven
( ( ( ( (

  3) Do you have an English today? A. class B. classes C. books )
  4)Today is Sunday. What day is tomorrow? A. Saturday B. Monday C. Wednesday )
  5)Let’s a chain game. A. play B. do C. playing
do you like sports
yes i do (

  6)Today is Saturday . What day is the next day? A. Sunday B. Friday C. Monday )
  7) Monday is the day of the week in America. A. first B. second C. third )
  8) How many do you have in your pencil-box? A. classes B. subjects C. pencils
what do you usually do on weekends
i usually go to the park

  8. Read and choose 选出与所给句子相应答的语句,将其序号填入括号内。 选出与所给句子相应答的语句,将其序号填入括号内。
  7. Answer the questions 根据实际填空,回答下列问题 根据实际填空 填空,
  1) What day is today? Today is .
  2) How many days are there in a week? What are they? There are . They are , , , , , and .
  3) How many English classes do you have a week? When do you have them? We have . We have them on , and. ( ( ( ( ( ( ( )
  1) Glad to meet you. )
  2) Do you like sports? )
  3) When do you have PE classes? )
  4) What’s your favourite class? )
  5) Welcome to our school. )
  6) What do you usually do on weekends? )
  7) Do you have a PE class every day? A. On Mondays. B. Thank you. C. Art. D. Yes, very much. E. Glad to meet you, too. F. I usually go roller skating. G. No, every Tuesday.



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   单元检测 1 ◆试题内容:What are ? They are pineapples. A. this B. these C. it D That ◆试题分析:are 是复数,要用 these 连用,故选 B ◆试题答案:B 2 ◆试题内容:Where are my keys?They are on the 。 A.sofa B. shy C. sea D mountin ◆试题分析:根据常识不可能是在海里或者天上,所以选 A ◆试题答案: A 3 ◆试题内容:Are my books o ...

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   I have a very beautiful cat. Its colour is white or yellow .its name is Huahua .I think it is my favourite cat .she likes sleep playing with the bell .she love ratting meat ,Though it is a kind of animals ,I treat it as my friend .sometime I give h ...


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   用心记 大胆说 考研英语 80 分是这样得来的 2011 年的研究生考试中,我的英语考了 80 分。如今,虽然复试已经结束,我也即将进 入心仪的大学开始研究生生涯之, 但是那段复习英语的曲折又充满乐趣的生活至今仍记忆尤 新,我从心底想把自己的一些经验拿出来与准备 2011 年考研的学弟学妹们分享。 首先,必须申明,我认为学习任何东西包括语言都是没有捷径可寻的,如果说书山真的 有路的话,那只有“勤”,但这个“勤”还必须遵循学习的规律方能攀上书山见到一些风景 得到一些体会。“勤”的具体方式我就不 ...


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