Unit 3
I. Key words & phrases accurate attitude background brief civilization concept contact element entertain evidence failure frustrate grasp initiative minority nuclear precise professional propose series sufficient tend yield suppress bring about do without in terms of in the form of make sense put the clock back wear down
Understanding Science
amount audience basis challenge competition conclusion convey ensure evaluate expert fiction gradual hence inquire moreover outcome process proportion rate steady technology weapon genetic at the moment cut off fit into lie in in two minds put across slow down
Additional Vocabulary
Great minds think alike 英雄所见略同 To get ahead you will have to work long hours and take short vacations. 要出头,就要多流汗, 少享受 Don’t bury your head in the sand. 不要逃避现实 Opportunity knocks at the door but once. 机不可失,时不再来 Set a thief to catch a thief. 以毒攻毒 To err is human, to forgive is divine. 犯错误是人之常情,宽恕是超凡脱俗
Tomorrow never comes. 明日复明日,明日何其多 If you insist. 恭敬不如从命 Genetic engineering 基因工程 Maternity and child care 妇幼保健 Attach importance to the problem of population aging 重视老龄化问题 Be geared to international standards; be brought in line with international practice 与国际接轨 A small proportion of the population 一小部分人
Ⅱ. Vocabulary & Structure

  1.When he failed to pay his bill, the company his electricity. A. cut off B. cut in C. cut out D. cut down
  2. We secured the contrast in the face of from several foreign films. A. composition B. competition C. comparison D. comprehension
  3. People’s towards the skyscrapers varies widely. A. feeling B. attitude C. opinion D. idea
  4. Education should not be considered to be a(n) in a modern society. A. dominion B. power C. authority D. privilege
  5. They whether he would care to take the position of teacher of physics in a high school. A. instructed B. inspired C. inquired D. inspected
  6. Personal and private enterprise has been more and more stressed. A. indication B. income C. initiative D. incline
  7. Coal miners get stomach cancer at a 40 percent higher than the general public. A. rate B. speed C. price D. amount
  8. These factors must be adjusted rapidly to high efficiency. A. ensure B. encourage C. endure D. engage
  9. He returned to the room and Mary of his decision. A. reported B. informed C. told D. said
  10. You must hold the gun when shooting. A. straight B. stiff C. sticky D. steady
  11.People are trying to the sun’s rays as a source of energy. A. control B. master C. take D. harness
  12. money they’re quite rich, but they are not happy in marriage. A. In terms of B. According to C. On the basis of D. In accordance
  13. He is always in what he says and does. A. accustomed B. accidental C. accurate D. actual
  14. The audience could not what he was trying to explain. A. gather B. grasp C. gaze D. generate
  15. They have with them equipment for a small laboratory. A. subsequent B. sufficient C. sophisticated D. stable
  16. If my letter the impression that I was indifferent, please forgive me. A. conveyed B. transported C. carried D. concluded
  17. He may be a very clever research worker, but he’s very poor at the stuff to a class. A. putting into B. putting down C. putting aside D. putting across
  18. I have had to take the whole for everything, to decide on every step. A. command B. order C. responsibility D. charge

  19.There I came into with some of the finest craftsman I have ever met. A. link B. communication C. contact D. connection
  20. His in life was to graduate from medical school and become a great surgeon. A. purse B. purpose C. proposal D. pupil
  21. The only thing is that you consult your lawyer about it. A. which can suggest B. that can suggest C. which I can suggest D. that I suggest
  22. For ten years he did not see her to her. A. nor having written B. nor write C. or write D. or to write
  23. she has got her own car she doesn’t get much exercise as she used to. A. For B. Now that C. While D. Just that
  24. He feels to be a sales manager in such a large enterprise. A. it challenged B. challenging C. that challenging D. it challenging
  25. Americans eat as they actually need everyday. A. twice protein as much B. twice as much protein C. protein as much twice D. protein as twice much
  26. Mother always encourages her whenever she has trouble something important to her. A. learning B. for learning C. having learnt D. to learn
  27. With a face __ a pudding she behaves she were a queen. A. like….as B. as… like C. like… as if D. as… as if
  28. Only by shouting at the top of her voice . A. she was able to make herself heard B .was she able to make herself heard C. was she able to make herself hear D .she was able to make herself hear
  29. He must have had something wrong, or he then. A. would have been here B. should be here C. had been here D. would be here
  30. , we’d better not disturb him. A. Tired as he is B. As is he tired C. Tired as is he D. As tired as he is
Ⅲ. CET 4 Vocabulary

  31. Don’t get into the bad of smoking or drinking. A. habit B. custom C. hobby D. profession
  32. I like your method of teaching and shall them in my teaching. A. absorb B. adopt C. acquire D. afford
  33. Feeling tired all the time is a that you may be sick. A. mark B. sight C. sign D. trace
  34. I take this medicine twice a day; it should my cold. A. care B. cure C. restore D. recover
  35. Music often us of events in the past. A. remembers B. memorizes C. reminds D. reflects
  36.It is well-known that retired workers in our country are free medical care. A. entitled to B. involved in C. associated with D. engaged in
  37. The two boys each other in that they both have reddish hair and a round face. A. like B. resemble C. similar to D. refer to

  38. There is not much time left, so I will tell you about it . A. in detail B. in brief C. in short D. in all
  39. Large passenger planes often carry weather instruments with which to storm. A. broadcast B. predict C. inform D. investigate
  40. How many radios will this factory this year? A. multiply B. measure C. manufacture D. publish
  41. Tom told me that he would have to her invitation to the party. A. avoid B. refuse C. deny D. ignore
  42. Many new will be opened up in the future for those with a university education. A. opportunities B. necessities C. realities D. probabilities
  43. The rain was heavy and the land was flooded. A. consequently B. continuously C. constantly D. conversely
  44. Children who are over protected by their parents may become . A. hurt B. damaged C. spoiled D. harmed
  45. The police are the road accident that occurred last night. A. looking up B. looking on C. looking out D. looking into
  46. Important people don’t often have much free time as their work almost all their time. A. takes away B. takes over C. takes up D. takes in
  47. Very few scientists with completely new answers to the world’s problems. A. come round B. come in C. come up D. come on
  48. The edition of the dictionary is far better than the previous ones. A. late B. last C. lasting D. latest
  49. I have been to try these pills for seasickness. A. advised B. admitted C. recalled D. suggested
  50. We did not send you an invitation, as we took it for you would be coming. A. granted B. sure C. positive D. known
  51. the 1500’s the first Europeans explored the coast of California. A. It was not until…. Then B. It is until… that C. It is not until … when D. It was not until … that
  52. The teacher was very strict and requested that we TV on weekdays. A. not to watch B. did not watch C. not watch D. must not watch
  53. I will not read that book who recommends it. A. no matter B. for C. as D. since
  54. No one lives in the room windows are broken. A. its B. which C. whose D. of those
  55. During our visit to the factory, we all the different ways of making whisky. A. showed B. were shown C. had shown D. had been shown
  56. Only about one in twelve of the young men and women of this country a college education. A. receives B. is received C. are received D. receive
  57. to speak when the audience interrupted him. A. Hardly had he begun B. No sooner had he begun C. Not until he began D. Scarcely did he begin
  58. Mr. Smith be in the bookstore because I saw him in his office a moment ago.
A. must not B. can not C. may not D. need not
  59. The scientist carried out a series of experiments and obtained results. A. satisfied B. satisfying C. satisfy D. satisfaction
  60. Keep in mind: The higher you rise, . A. the higher you fall B. the lower you fall C. you fall higher D. you fall lower
  61. His pay as a bus driver is much higher . A. in comparison with the pay of a teacher B. than a teacher C. than that of a teacher D. to compare with a teacher
  62. By the time she leaves the stage next month, she for sixty years. A. will have performed B. have performed C. will be performing D. will perform
  63. John Smith is not a good worker, for it is the fifth time he has been late for work, ? A. hasn’t has B. isn’t he C. isn’t it D. hasn’t it
  64. I appreciated the opportunity to study abroad two years ago. A. having been given B. having given C. to have been given D. to have given
  65. From the tears in Nedra’s eyes we realized that something sad . A. must have occurred B. would have occurred C. might be occurring D. should occur
  66. The children wondered why the teacher had them their books. A. to close B. closing C. closed D. close
  67. of the burden of ice, the balloon climbed up and flew south. A. To be freed B. Freeing C. To free D. Freed
  68. She never laughed, lose her temper. A. or she ever did B. nor did she ever C. or did she ever D. nor she ever did
  69. Mr. Brown is said for Italy last week. A. to have left B. to be leaving C. to leave D. to have been left
  70. When London number from abroad, you should dial 1, not
  01. A. are telephoning B. telephone C. telephoning D. to telephone
Ⅳ.Reading Comprehension (
Dalton did not know that his eyesight was somewhat peculiar until one day, in his boyhood when he was watching soldiers. One of the boys with him mentioned the brilliant colour of the red coats of the soldiers, but Dalton said that they looked the colour of grass. All the other boys laughed at him, and this made him think that his eyes differed from theirs. But he was not finally sure of this until he was twenty-six, when his attention was fixed on some flowers. Much later in life he gave this account of what he saw: "I accidentally observed the colour of the flower of the geranium by candle-fight in the autumn of 17
  92. The flower was pink, but it appeared to me almost an exact sky-blue by day. In the candlelight, however, it was astonishingly changed, not having then any blue in it, but being what I called red. I supposed that the change of colour would be equal for all, and I requested some of my friends to observe it. But I was surprised to find that they all agreed that the colour was not much different from what it was by daylight."
In another statement about his colour-blindness Dalton wrote: "Pink appears by daylight to he sky-blue, a little faded(褪色的);by candle-light it has an orange or yellowish appearance...Crimson(深红色)appears a muddy( 泥土般的)blue by day, and crimson wool is much the same as dark blue." The defect(缺陷) in Dalton' s eyesight led to an exchange of letters with one of his friends. Dalton had written: “I boldly state that pinks and roses are light blue by day, and a reddish yellow by night, and that crimson is bluish(带蓝色的)dark colour." His friend made fun of this: “I find by your accounts that you must have very imperfect ideas of the charms which causes beamy in the female. I mean that rosy blush(红润脸色)of the cheeks which you so admire for being light blue. "The letter then continued that if Dalton knew of a girl with such an exceptional complexion(肤色), she would be “A fitter object for show than for a wife".
  1. When Dalton was twenty-six, what was he sure of? A. The soldiers wore the bright red coats B. The red could change to green C. His eyesight was somewhat peculiar D. All other boys looked down upon him
  2. To Dalton, the real colour d the geranium flower was A. pink and red B. blue and red C. blue and yellow D. pink and orange
  3. Dalton seemed to A. be a very seriously near-sighted man B. be an almost blind man C. have a very serious illness in his brain D. have a defect of vision
  4. According to the passage, Dalton couldn't find the difference among A. red, black, green and brown B. red, green, blue and white C. red, yellow, orange and purple D. red, green, yellow and orange
  5. Which of the following is TRUE? A. Dalton could meet a girl with blue cheeks sometimes B. Dalton admires a girl with pink cheeks C. Dalton's friend could meet a girl with cheeks D. Dalton's wife could be a fitter object for show
Christmas was a quiet affair when I was growing up. There were just my pare


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