Unit 5 Romance
I. Key Words & Expressions
schedule sensible slim split straighten sustain thoughtful thrust be grateful to sb. for sth. go sb’s way in response to make one’s way more than a little take a chance on sth.
absorb broaden correspond delicate disgust fertile glow grateful grip hesitate overseas previous locate margin
Additional Vocabulary
live up to one’s expectation 不辜负某人的期望 A cadre should be ready to take a lower as well as a higher post. 干部要能上能下。 provocative smile 撩人的微笑 more than a little overweight 体重偏胖,体态臃肿 warm and kindly glow 热情善良的光芒 Ill news travels fast. 恶事传千里。 Every man has a fool in his sleeves. 人人都有糊涂的时候。
II. Vocabulary &Structure

  1. As you have seen, the value of a nation’s currency is a of its economy. A. reaction B. reflection C. response D. revelation
  2. During the process, great care has been taken to protect the silk from damage. A. sensitive B. tender C. delicate D. sensible
  3. She was so in her job that she didn't hear anybody knocking at the door, A. attracted B. absorbed C. drawn D. concentrated
  4. Although the weather was very bad, the buses still ran on . A. list B. plan C. arrangement D. schedule
  5. We haven' t reserved a table, but we will take a chance its not being full. A. at B. on C. about D. of

  6. The excursion will give you an even deeper into our language and culture A. inquiry B. investigation C. input D. insight
  7. Once he realizes that it is his mistake, Jim never hesitates it. A. to admit and correct B. to admit and correcting C. admitting and correcting D. admitting and to correct
  8. There were no women in the committee 1976, but now women are in a majority. A. prior B. previous to C. before to D. ago
  9. Louis was asked to _ the man who stole her purse. A. identify B. recognize C. claim D. confirm
  10. The explorer lost his way, so he climbed to the top of the hill to himself. A. spot B. locate C. place D. situate
  11. I can't what that object is. A. make up B. make out C. make over D. make for
  12. If you happened to my lost papers while you are looking for your book, please let me know at once by telephone. A. come across B. come up C. come to D. come over
  13. A large part of human activity, particularly in relation to the environment, is __ conditions or events. A. in response to B. in favor of C. in contrast to D. in excess of
  14. The branches could hardly the weight of the fruit. A. retain B. sustain C. maintain D. remain
  15. He wasn't on buying a car, but we talked him into it. A. delighted B. jealous C. sensitive D. keen Britain, it has been said, can one experience four seasons in the
  16. In no country _ course of a single day. A. other than B. more than C. better than D. rather than
  17. They have each other for a long time. A. corresponded on B. communicated with C. kept writing D. corresponded with
  18. It is of you to get rid of the bad friends. A. sensible B. sense C. sensitive D. sensed carefully in her hands.
  19. Maggie ran back to the kitchen, eggs
A. to be held B. held C. were held D. holding the report once again, and you' 11 probably find something interesting.
  20. A. If you read B. Since you have read C. Read D. Reading
  21. After for the job, you will be required to take a language test. A. being interviewed B. interviewed C. interviewing D. having interviewed
  22. some of the representatives still not there, the conference is put off until further notice. A. That B. With C. Have D. What
  23. They are going to have the serviceman an electric fan in the office tomorrow. A. install B. to install C. to be installed D. installed .
  24. We expect the building work to be completed ahead of A. program B. calendar C. list D. schedule
  25. At the far end of a kaleidoscope (万花筒) _, one made of clear glass and the other of ground glass. A. two plates are B. there are two plates C. are two plates D. two plates my finger with her tiny hand.
  26. The baby A. gripped B. seized C. attached D. clipped
  27. It's obvious that he take that job. A. not was to B. was to not C. was not to D. to not was
  28. Her eyes were with tears. A. glittering B. glimmering C. glistening D. glowing
  29. before we depart the day after tomorrow, we should have a wonderful dinner party. A. Had they arrived B. Would they arrive C. Were they arriving D. Were they to arrive
  30. I don't that funny at all! A. feel B. find C. guess D. suppose
  31. I was a book and didn't hear your call. A. absorbed in B. occupied in C. engaged by D. busy in
  32. In Greek mythology, Narcissus fell in love with his own in a pool of water. A. look B. vision C. shadow D. reflection
  33. Human civilizations first bloomed in lands along big rivers. China is a case in point. A. fertile B. barren C. producing D. sterile
  34. If I correct someone, I will do it with as much good humor and self-restraint as if I were the one . A. to correct B. correcting C. having corrected D. being corrected
  35. She's too sensible to when she's driving. A. take an opportunity B. take her fate
C. take a chance D. take a luck
  36. He resigned from the committee in at the corruption. A. disgust B. disregard C. disguise D. disrupt them all day except two cups of coffee.
  37. They had nothing to A. hold B. retain C. maintain D. sustain
  38. Many people are taking a(n) interest in the result of the vote. A. much B. keen C. deep D. acute its mother by her voice.
  39. Even the smallest baby can A. find B. identify C. realize D. accept
  40. The mother was grateful to the stranger saving her child. A. as B. with C. since D. for
  41. I was curious about the whole business. A. no more a little B. more than a little C. nothing but little D. no more than little
  42. The stock exchange (证券交易所) is to political disturbances. A. sensitive B. sensible C. senseless D. sensual we could have caught the last train.
  43. Five minutes earlier, A. or B. for C. and D. so
  44. Let's the cost of the meal. A. split B. divide C. separate D. part
  45. He has two daughters from a(n) marriage. A. earlier B. next C. previous D. later
  46. There are over 10 thousand Chinese now living in Britain. A. oversea B. overseas C. outsea D. outseas
  47. There are signs restaurants are becoming more popular with families. A. that B. which C. in which D. whose
  48. His expenses do not his income. A. in accordance to B. match to C. equal to D. correspond to
  49. Her sad looks the thoughts passing through her mind. A. reflected B. explained C. implied D. inferred
  50. AIDS's effects on the structure of societies and the productivity of their members undermine efforts to promote development among the globe. A. lasting B. ultimate C. sustainable D. distant
III.CET 4 Vocabulary

  1. When he woke up, he realized that the things he had dreamt about could not have happened. A. possibly B. certainly C. likely D. seemingly
  2. He drove fast and arrived an hour of time. A. in advance B. apart C. ahead D. in front
  3. Before you can start a business, you will have to raise the necessary. A. investment B. savings C. income D. capital the patient became quieter.
  4. As the drug took
A. force B. action C. influence D. effect
  5. We want him to retire, but he won't to it. A. admit B. accept C. agree D. allow years.
  6. I shall have a companion in the house after all these A. single B. unique C. alone D. lonely
  7. None of the servants were when Mr. Smith wanted to send a message. A. available B. approachable C. attainable D. applicable
  8. The newest satellites can a thousand telephone conversations and a color TV program at the same time. A. carry B. extend C. bring D. take
  9. Not long ago, a person whom I know very well was an accident. A. related to B. involved in C. included in D. referred to
  10. Young children soon words they hear their elders use. A. put forward B. look forward to C. turn up D. pick up
  11. If you suspect that the illness might be serious, you should not going to the doctor. A. pick out B. make out C. give off D. put off
  12. Color-blind people often find it difficult to between blue and green. A. separate B. distinguish C. compare D. contrast
  13. One of the committee members an interesting point. A. brought up B. brought on C. brought forward D. brought about
  14. Charles has not the least of giving up his research. A. desire B. idea C. intention D. contrast
  15. My brother likes eating very much but he isn't very about the food he eats. A. special B. particular C. peculiar D. unusual
  16. The workers' claim for a 10 per cent pay rise has been under of the government. A. application B. agreement C. consideration D. inquiry
  17. Don't forget to pump up the tyre before you start off on your trip. A. substitute B. reserve C. extra D. spare
  18. I must to you that my delay in answering your letter is due mainly to laziness. A. justify B. regret C. confess D. excuse
  19. You should take every to improve your English. A. thing B. case C. time D. chance
  20. Although the car had stopped, the old lady to step into the road in front of it. A. paused B. postponed C. delayed D. hesitated
  21. It was that we went camping in the mountains last weekend. A. too nice weather B. so nice a weather C. such nice weather D. nice weather so
  22. The director insisted on immediately. A. the design finished B. the design being finished C. the design to be finished D. being finished the design
  23. As far as he's concerned, one piece of music is very much like . A. another B, one another C. other D. the other it is quite suitable.
  24. The house is a bit small, but
A. instead B. nevertheless C. otherwise D. meanwhile
  25. is responsible for the road accident will be punished, A. Anyone B. Whatever C. Everyone D. Whoever the phone.
  26. Oh! It's you! Your voice sounds quite different A. from B. in C. by D. on
  27. He knows little of mathematics, of chemistry. A. and still more B. and still less C. as well as D. no less than the sinking ship was the captain.
  28. The last man A. left B. to leave C. leaves D. to be leaving
  29. , follow the directions on the bottle carefully. A. When taken drugs B. When taking drugs C. When one takes drugs D. When to take drugs
  30. Young babies can use hand equally well. A. every B. each C. both D. either
  31. from space, our earth, with water covering 70% of its surface, appears as a "Blue Planet". A. Seen B. Having seen C. Seeing D. To see
  32. All substances, solids, liquids or gases, are composed entirely of atoms. A. whether B. despite C. nevertheless D. whatever
  33. the workmen in the plant, Tom is the most skilled. A. In all B. From all C. To all D. Of all
  34. Why do you stand and watch the milk over? A. being boiled B. boiling C. boiled D. to boil
  35. Frightened, the policeman didn't report . A. what he was seen B. what did he see C. what had he seen D. what he had seen
  36. There hasn't been any rain . A. two months ago B. since two months C. in the past two months D. two months ago before
  37. It was announced that the goals of had been achieved. A. the five-years plan B. five years plan C. the five-year plan D. five-year plan
  38. The snowball hit me the nose. A. rightly on B. on rightly C. on right D. right on
  39. "What will you do during the coming winter vacation? I don't know, but it' s about time something. " A. I'm deciding B. I'll decide C. I decided D. I'd decided
  40. I lost your phone number; otherwise I you long before. A. would have called B. must have called C. would be calling D. had called
IV. Reading Comprehension (
Byrne turned the key in the heavy lock and put it calmly in his pocket. He did so much more
from caution(谨慎)than from any kind of fear. This was the only entrance to the house, and he did not mean to be caught unawares by any danger from outside. He wondered if Tom Corbin had been as careful the night before. Though Tom would be away for at least three days. Byrne had a strange feeling of his nearness. In the stillness he seemed to hear Tom' s voice. He looked round quickly, for the tricks of hearing are the most realistic of all. But there were only the women. It seemed impossible that Tom should not be there. The girl, carrying a smoky oil lamp, led Byrne upstairs. He threw open one after another the doors along the passage. At this, the girl stopped and raised the lamp in each doorway, staring at him meanwhile. Satisfied he was the only guest, Byrne came to the last door, which the girl threw open herself. “You sleep here, sir,” she said, giving him the lamp. “Your friend slept here too. It's our most comfortable bed. " Her lips moved in reply, but he did not catch the words. Her eyes never for a moment left his face. He stepped in, and as he turned to close the door she was still standing there motionless. He paused, and in the silence he thought he again heard the sound of Tom's voice. The sound terrified him now, not only because it seemed much nearer but also because he imagined a note of warning in it. He shut the door in the girl's face then, leaving her in the dark. He opened it again almost at once. She had disappeared without a sound. He closed and bolted the door. A deep mistrust suddenly took possession of him. Why had that girl stared at him so? Did she wish to remember him dearly? It was as if she knew that she was seeing his face for the last time.
  1. Why did Byrne take the key with him? . A. To let Tom in, when he rammed B. Because he was afraid of what was going to happen C. To stop any enemy being let into the house D. Because he did no


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