I. I. Key words & phrases ability acquire affect compete decline function humble ignorant luxury portable slice swear better off compete with make a living by search for Additional Vocabulary scholarship this year’s graduate golden collar worker net capital academic credit system like water off duck’s back netter bullet train quality of population heuristic education teach through lively activities emeritus professor degrade oneself stamp the card WAP phone excessive consumption top student inter-disciplinary talent human capital intensive training class alleviate burdens on students online love affair magnet train accumulate adequate astonish complex faculty handful idle jam miracle scare suggestion upset break down in amazement run out of sum up
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流行字眼 基础教育 素质教育 (毕业论文)答辩 豆腐渣工程 AA 制 隐形飞机 宽带网
II. Vocabulary & Structure
  1. Last year, the crime rate in Chicago has sharply. A. declined B. lessened C. descended D. slipped
  2. The sight of physical suffering always me. A. upset B. upright C. ignore D. uneasy
  3.energy under the earth must be released in one form or another, for example, an earthquake. A. Accumulated B. Gathered C. Assembled D. Collected
  4.We are interested in the weather because it us directly?What we wear, what we do and even how we feel. A. benefits B. affects C. effects D. guides
  5.We’ve sugar. Ask Mr. Jones to lend us some. A. run away with B. run down C. run off D run out of
  6.Many of us thought she had a occupation because she had a low salary. A. handsome B. admirable C. humble D respectable
  7.My boss always carries a computer with him when he attends meetings. A. probable B. popular C. portage D. portable
  8.He lost the of sight after the car accident. A. capability B. capacity C. faculty D. facility
  9.Thank you for applying for a position with our firm. We don’t have any openings at this, but we shall keep your application on for two months. A. pile B. segment C. sequence D. file
  10.When he began speaking in English, the little girl looked at him amazement. A. at B. to C. in D. on
  11.It is through learning that the individual many habitual ways of reacting to situations.
A. retains B. gains C. achieves D. acquires
  12.One can even from one’s unpleasant experiences. A. obtain B. earn C. develop D. benefit
  13.Franklin’s ability to learn from observations and experiences to his success in public life. A. contributed B. owed C. attached D .related
  14.Over a third of the population was estimated to have no to the health service. A. access B. assignment C. exception D .adequate
  15.Science is still largely ignorant the causes of many kinds of cancer. A. about B. with C. of D. to
  16.Are you willing to in court that you saw him do it? A. promise B. determine C. swear D .consent
  17.Running out of money, William bought only a of bread and a pound of sausage at the supermarket. A. slice B. block C. cake D. loaf
  18.We can’t afford to have all this expensive machinery lying . A. useful B. wasteful C. idle D. lazy
  19.adequate preparation, you don’t have much chance of success. A. After B. Without C. With D. Before
  20.I have no money to spend, you have nothing to spend your money on. A. because B. though C. while D. since
  21. I'm quite of the latest development in science. A. ignorant B. unknown C. indifferent D. unaware
  22. He when he heard the news, and for a long time he couldn' t recover. A. broke up B. broke out C. broke off D. broke down
  23. Great development has been achieved in this area because of correct policy. A. economy B. economic C. economical D. economics
  24. When the interests of animals don't agree with those of humans, animal interests nothing at all. A. count for B. set in C. come across D. look to
  25. His brother him to a race. A. invited B. asked C. challenged D. required
  26. If you want to know the time schedule, please at the booking office. A. acquire B. inquire C. request D. require
  27. She is a very secretary: she never forgets anything or makes a mistake.
A. anxious B. effective C. adequate D. efficient
  28. The chairman me as if I had said nothing. A. was ignorant of B. neglected C. ignored D. shrugged off
  29. Their marriage when she found out her husband was having an affair with another woman. A. fell apart B. worn out C. knocked down D. broke down
  30. He feels lonely for he has few friends in his class. A. somehow B. somewhat C. somewhere D. little
  31. Her clothes were too for the occasion. A. relaxed B. casual C. leisure D. humble
  32. The temperature of a human body, no matter in what part of the world he lives, is about
  36.8C A. common B. normal C. average D. regular
  33. Such a change would not to the wishes of the great majority of people. A. confirm B. transform C. approve D. conform
  34. He was at not being invited. A. decline B. repress C. depress D. upset
  35. She has a(n) ability to inspire people at difficult times. A. individual B. refined C. intellectual D. unique
  36. as he was, he knew what was the right thing to do. A. The child B.A child C. Child D. Children
  37.To keep society in good order, it is necessary that everybody the laws. A. obey B. obeys C. obeyed D. obeying
  38. He is me two years. A. senior than; by B. senior to; by C. senior to; for D. senior above; by
  39.The country has not yet from the effects of the natural disasters. A. restored B. regained C. reassured D. recovered
  40.It was not until she arrived in class realized she had forgotten her book. A. and she B. when she C. she D. that she
  41.It's true that the old road is less direct and so a bit longer. We don't take the new one, , because we don't feel safe on it. A. unless B. though C therefore D. otherwise
  42.He was once an athlete. Perhaps why he runs so fast even when he's getting old now. A. it's B .this is C .that is D. which is
  43. The project has to be stopped if problems keep like this. A. rising B. raising C. arising D. arousing
  44.children's helplessness and defenselessness, adults are responsible for granting them special protection A. When it is given B. If it is given to C. Given D. Although it is given
  45. energy must be released in one form or another, for example, an earthquake. A. Gathered B. Collected C. Accumulated D. Assembled

  46. The mere fact most people believe nuclear war would be madness does not mean that it will not occur. A. what B. which C. that D. why
  47.It is essential that those application forms back as early as possible. A. must be sent B. will be sent C. are sent D. be sent
  48. He came all the way to China for promoting friendship for making money. A. other than B. rather than C. better than D. more than
  49. The time has come we can make extensive use of nuclear energy. A. when B. while C. as D. since
  50. John's leg got hurt the Purple Mountains. A. while he is climbing up B. while we were climbing up C. while we climbed up D. while he climbed up III. CET4 Vocabulary
  1. In this school, students are encouraged to develop and express their thought. A. independent B. correspondent C. distinguished D. peculiar
  2. He can't speak his own native language well, a foreign language. A. let out B. let off C. let down D. let alone
  3. She has caught a bad cold and it's not that she will recover before next Monday. A. unlike B. likely C. possibly D. probably
  4. Make sure you enough time for doing your homework. A. set about B. set up C. set aside D. set apart
  5. It took me a long time to the disappointment of losing the match. A. get through B. get off C. get over D. get down
  6. Get in the car. There is enough for you. A. place B. seat C. spot D. room
  7. I've had so little time recently--I think I've forgotten how to relax. A. empty B. spacious C. spare D. blank
  8.I wanted to make a bookcase, but I couldn't make of the instructions. A. understanding B. sense C. application D. sight
  9. He could see he was losing the argument, so he said, “I'd rather not the matter. " A. perform B. prefer C. proceed D. pursue
  10. The of living will only go up. It won't go down. A. price B. value C cost D. expense
  11. The fire department ordered that the elevator should . A. be turned off B. be turned down C .be turned up D. be turned out
  12. I've hardly been since Christmas. A. somewhere B. nowhere C. elsewhere D. anywhere
  13. Peter's latest book is so good that it is all praise. A. for B. on C. beyond D. over
  14. It is important that you reply without . A. delay B. rest C. pause D. stop

  15. There are several characteristics of this book special attention. A. worthy B. worthy of C. worth of D. worthless
  16. Neither rain nor snow can stop postmen from letters and parcels. A. spreading B. caring C .delivering D .transferring
  17. your request, we have already presented it to the committee for consideration. A In regard to B. In contrast to C. In case of D. In relation to
  18. His reaction to the doctor's was satisfactory. A. procedure B. treatment C. protection D. threat
  19. , we keep records on all the experiments so that we may have enough data. A. As a whole B. On the average C. As a rule D. By all mean
  20. Don't be so as to believe everything he says. A. intimate B. inclined C. intense D. innocent
  21. We are late. I expect the film by the time we get to the cinema. A. will already have started B. would already have started C. had already been started D. has already been started
  22. No sooner had we sat down we found it was time to go. A. than B. when C. as D. while
  23. tired after hard work, he went to sleep right away. A. Felt B. Feeling C. Being felt D. To feel
  24. But for his intelligence, we able to achieve it. A. would never have been B. were never C. had never been D. shall never be
  25. Only when you have obtained sufficient data, come to a sound conclusion. A. you will B. would you C. you can D. can you
  26. I’d the operation unless it is absolutely necessary A. not rather have B. rather not have C. rather not to have D. rather not having
  27. would happen if your father knew you failed? A. What you suppose B. What will you suppose C. What do you suppose D. What you would suppose
  28. This tape recorder is far that one both in quality and in design. A. more superior to B. superior than C. superior to D. more superior than
  29. I do it or not is none of your business. A. Whenever B. Whether C. No matter D. Either
  30. Unfortunately, when I arrived, she , so we only had time for a few words. A. just left B. has just left C. had just left D. was just leaving
  31. He has heavy a work load that it is difficult for him to find time to travel around. A. such B. too C. so D .much
  32. The piano weighs three hundred pounds, so it is too heavy . A. for me to move B. to move by me C. for me not move D .not to move by me
  33. Before leaving the country, the old couple sold their house 60,000 dollars.
A. at B. for C. on D. with
  34. Either the college professors or the college president responsible for setting the policy. A. is B .are C. has D. have
  35. The investigation, will soon be published, was made by Professor Smith. A. at which the results B. he results on which C. whose results D. of whose results
  36. It is because he is not proud of his achievements he is respected by his fellow students. A. what B. that C. which D. that is
  37. It' s no use him over. It' s too late now. A. to send B. sending C. by sending D. having sent
  38. I remember once somewhere. A. see him B. to see him C. have seen him D. seeing him
  39. "I wonder why they are late. " " They the train.” A. might miss B. may have missed C. could miss D. can have missed
  40. all necessary preparations for the meeting, it was cancelled. A. Having made B. Making C. After I have made D. When I had made IV. Reading Comprehension (
  1) The U.S. Department of Labor statistics ( 统计)indicates that there is an oversupply of college-trained workers and that this oversupply is increasing. Already there is an overabundance ( 过多 ) of teachers, engineers, physicists and other specialists. Yet colleges and graduate schools continue every year to turn out highly trained people to compete for jobs that aren' t there. The result is that graduates cannot enter the professions for which they were trained and must take temporary(临时的) jobs which do not require a college degree. These "temporary' jobs have a habit of becoming permanent(永久的). On the other hand, there is a tremendous need for skilled workers of all sorts: carpenters, electricians, mechanics, and TV r


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