epairmen. These people have more work than they can handle and their annual(每年的) incomes are often higher than those of college graduates. The old difference that white -collar workers make a better living than blue-collar workers no longer holds true. The reason for this situation is the traditional myth(神话)that a college degree is a passport to bright future. Parents begin telling their children this myth before they are out of school. Under this pressure the kids fall in line. Whether they want to go to college or not doesn' t matter. Everybody should go to college. One result of this emphasis on a college education is that many people go to college who do not belong there. Of the 60 percent of high school graduates who enter college, half of them do not graduate with their class. Many of them drop out within the first year. Some struggle on for two or three years and then give up.
  1. What do the U.S. Department of Labor statistics show? . A. Many college graduates find it increasingly hard to get suitable jobs B.There is an oversupply of workers and this oversupply is recently increasing
C. Teachers, engineers, physicists and other specialists are extremely needed D. Colleges and graduate schools have become aware of the hard situation in the labour market
  2. By saying “These temporary jobs have a habit of becoming permanent.” The author means that . A. once college graduates take a temporary job, they soon get used to it B. college gradutes have the habit of taking temporary jobs C. many college graduates might never find jobs for which they were trained for D. college graduates are accustomed to taking permanent jobs
  3. The author implies in the passage that in the past. A. blue-collar workers worked harder than white-collar workers B. white-collar workers had little difficulty getting good jobs C. there were more white-collar workers than blue-collar workers D. colleges and graduate schools trained more skilled workers than now
  4. By saying that "many people go to college who do not belong there", the author means that. A. many people do not have money support to go to college B. many people are not fit for college education C. many college students drop out in the first year D. many college students are bored with their education
  5. It can be concluded that. A. every young man and woman should go to college if possible B. college education has become worse and worse in recent years C. people with a college education should receive a higher pay D. fewer students should go to college but more be trained for skilled jobs (
  2) Not too long ago, anyone seventy years old was considered to have lived to a ripe(高龄 的)old age. This is no longer true; the number of people in their seventies and eighties is steadily growing, and many of these people are still very active in society. Medical progress, coupled with a greater knowledge of personal care and hygiene( 卫 生) is a major reason for this change. But the longer life-span(寿命), despite its obvious value, has given a new problem to today's world. Many older people can take care of themselves, but many others can't. More importantly, their children cannot take care of them in their homes as once the common practice. Nursing homes have been opened to provide such care. A nursing home is a long-care organization for people too sick or weak to care for themselves. These establishments are not hospitals, but residents may need medical attention at any time. Today there are about 22,000 nursing homes in America housing
  1.2 million men and women. Eighty-five percent of the residents are more than 65 years old. They are fed and cared for, and limited activities are available for those who are able to move about. Except for reading and watching television, however, there is often little for residents to do. Visitors are the high point in their lives.
Those elderly folk are not in the nursing homes for a short time. Most of them are not going to"get better" and return home.
  1. A nursing home is a place for. A. people who are near their death B. people over seventy years old C. people who can’t takecare of themselves D. people who don’t have children
  2. Men and women are living longer because. A. there are many more nursing homes available B. doctors know more about illness and health care C. there is much more to do than there was 100 years ago D. people have a better knowledge of the world
  3. One of the most difficult tasks a nursing home faces is. A. providing tasty meals for so many people B. helping people get better, so they can return home C. planning interesting, meaningful activities for the residents D. the lack of money for daily costs
  4. It is no longer true that. A. people of seventy year old are considered long-lived people B. the number of people in their 70s or 80s is increasing C. many old people are still active in society D. the residents of the nursing home need medical care
  5. Most people in nursing homes are. A. lacking medical treatment B. over 65 years old C. too sick to be engaged in some kinds of physical activities D. not pleased to meet the visitors (
  3) Mr Enderby, the headmaster, stopped Anna one day at the school gate. "Now, "he said, "I want you to tell me the truth, my dear. ""Naturally, "said Anna shortly, fearing something terrible had happened. "I have had a most serious accusation(控告)made against you by Mrs Bond." "Mrs Bond?"said Anna, not understanding. Janet Bond was a quiet little mouse of a child. As far as Anna could remember, she had never had cause to speak an angry word to the girl. "Mrs Bond, "went on Mr Enderby, "tells me that you scolded her daughter yesterday afternoon." "Scolded?"cried Anna."I don't scold. At least not in school,'she added honestly. "Mrs Bond's story, is that Janet was a little late back to school in the afternoon. She said that the child had to spend some time in the bathroom, which meant she set out from home a little late." "Just a minute, " said Anna, beginning to understand. "She did come late, very late. I had marked her absent, of course. Then she wandered in, when we' d started our paper-cutting, and I believe I said she was a nuisance(令人讨厌的). She didn' t appear to hear, and was certainly quite cheerful." "Ah, a nuisance. "Mr Enderby jumped on the word. You’re sure you only said a nuisance?"
"I may not even have said that, "Anna replied. "It was no more than slight displeasure that I felt and I certainly didn't scold." “Mrs Bond said that you called her child a blasted(该死的)nuisance . Is that true?" “Indeed it isn't, "said Anna. “The child-or the mother--has made it up!" Mr Enderby was satisfied with Anna's explanation. “Just as I thought, my dear, but of course I had to make sure."
  1. When Mr Enderby stopped Anna at the school gate, he. A.made her feel worried at first B.thought she had done something wrong C.had made up his mind to scold her D.wanted to tell her a true story
  2. During this meeting, Anna . A.did not understand Mrs Bond B.heard Mrs Bond's story C.apologized for having scolded Mrs Bond's child D.said that she respected Mrs Bond
  3. Mr Enderby thought that. A.Janet had scolded Anna B.Anna had scolded Janet C.Mrs Bond had not told the truth D.Anna would not tell the truth
  4. To call a child a nuisance is. A.notconsideredseriousby the teacher B.considered a serious accusation C.obviously upsetting for the child D.a sign of great anger
  5.Mr Enderby considered Anna a teacher. A. careless B. cruel C. bad D. trusted (
  4) In a room where four men were seated at a large table. One of them rose and walked round to shake hands with me. He introduced his colleagues and then indicated a chair, in which I seated myself. After asking me briefly about my place of birth and my Royal Air Force experience, they began to question me carefully on telecommunications. Now I was confident, at ease with a familiar subject. They questioned me thoroughly, but 1 was relaxed now. The years of study and work began to pay off, and I knew I was doing well. I was even enjoying it. When it was over, Mr Symonds, the man who had welcomed me, leaned back in his chair and said : "Well, now, my colleagues and I are completely satisfied with your replies and we feel sure that, in terms of qualifications, ability, and experience, you are well suited to the post we have in mind. But we are faced with a certain difficulty. If we employ you, it means we must place you in a position of authority(权威)over a number of our English employees. Many of them have been with us for a long time, and we feel sure that your appointment would upset good relations within the firm. We could not offer you the post without the responsibility, and we would not ask you to accept one or two other positions of a different type. They exist, but they are not suitable for someone like you. So, I'm afraid, we will not be able to offer you the job." I felt suddenly weak, and I was quite unable to think. Yet somehow I managed to leave that office, realizing that I had either forgotten or completely ignored during the six exciting years of the warmy own black skin.
  1. From this passage we can see the author was. A.a man looking for a job B. a man at a scientific meeting
C.Mr Symonds' friend D.Mr Symonds' employee
  2. What happened when the author went into the interview room ?. A.Hewastold to move a chair close the lable B.He shook hands with everybody C. He sat down confidently D.He was told who the other people were
  3. How did the author feel when Mr Symonds interviewed him?. A. He felt that years of study and work had been wasted B. He felt sure that he could get the job C. He was not sure whether he could be qualified for the job D. He was afraid that he might not be offered the job
  4. Mr Symonds said he could not offer the author the post they had in mind. Which of the following was the excuse he gave? . A. They had enough English employees B. The author was not qualified for the job C. The offer would upset good relations within the firm D. The job would not satisfy the author
  5. The real reason why the author was not offered the job was probably that . A. Mr Symonds didn't really believe his words B. the relations between him and the other employees were not good C. Mr Symonds thought that he was not qualified for the job D. he was a black man V. Translation
  1. 学校的一个重要任务就是要帮助和促进儿童个性的形成。(personality)

  2. 我在周游世界的过程中经历了各种多姿多彩、精彩纷呈的场面。(dramatic)

  3. 她正忙于打扫那幢大房子。(be occupied with)

  4. 一般说来,病人应该听从医生的劝告,并照医生的意见做。(act upon)

  5. 他在房间里走来走去,等候他儿子的消息。(back and forth)

我们都有过灵机一动突然有了一个新想法的经历,而这在那些有创造性的天才人物 身上是最显而易见的。他们中的许多人对这种经历有着强烈的感受,并在回忆录和信函 中将其记录了下来。 一切真正创造性的活动似乎都在某种程度上依赖于潜意识中的这些信号;一个人的 洞察力越强,这些信号就越鲜明、越富有戏剧性。(experience, personality, write down, creative, dramatic)


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   虚拟世界的生活 迈亚?塞拉维茨 在网上呆了太久,听到电话铃声也会吓一大跳。显示屏上看多了我男朋友那些一目了然的文字,他的利物浦口音一下子变得难以听懂;而秘书的清脆快速的语调听上去比我想象的要生硬。时间本身变得捉摸不定??几小时变成几分钟,或几秒钟延伸为几天。周末原本是我一周的黄金时段,现在却不过是平平常常的两天。 在我不再当电视制片人的这三年间,我的大部分工作都是在家里使用计算机终端进行的。我通过电子邮件投稿和校订,利用互联网上的人名地址与同行交流。我男朋友住在英国,因此两人的关系 ...

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   第三单元 安全问题 课文A 许多年前,在美国,家家户户白天黑夜不锁门是司空见惯的。在本文中,格林叹惜人们不再相互信任,不得不凭借精密的安全设备来保护自己和财产。 锁之国 鲍勃?格林 小时候在家里,我们的前门总是夜不落锁。我不知道这是当地的一种说法还是大家都这么说的;“不落锁”的意思是掩上门,但不锁住。我们谁都不带钥匙;晚上最后一个回家的人把门关上,这就行了。 那样的日子已经一去不复返了。在乡下,在城里,?门不再关着不锁上,哪怕是傍晚一段时间也不例外。 在许多方面,郊区和农村甚至 ...


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   英语专业毕业论文基本规范要求 毕业论文是教学计划的重要组成部分, 是学生在校学习的最后阶段, 是学习深化和提高的重要过程; 是学生运用已学过知识的一次全面总结和综合训练, 对全面提高教学质量具有重要意义。 为加强毕业论 文工作的规范化管理,根据《青岛滨海学院毕业设计(论文)工作管理条例》的基本要求,结合我系实际 情况,将毕业论文基本规范要求表述如下: 1 基本规范要求的内容 1.1 毕业论文文本结构组成 . 毕业论文有 9 个部分组成:①毕业论文封面;②独创性声明;③中外文摘要及关键词;④目 ...


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   超级英语学习法 中国学生每天都要花很多的时间学习英语, 特别是对于大学生来说, 许多人几乎用一半以上 的时间学习英语。然而,不少人学了十多年英语还是听不懂,也不会说。 国人虽然为学英 语付出了极大的努力,但是大部分人却成了英语学习的牺牲品。 英语作为一种外语,是我们与世界沟通的一种重要工具,我们必须掌握这种工具。语言 作为一种文化现象,其最重要的规则就是约定俗成,所以,我们学习英语的最 重要的任务 就是去适应和熟悉这些既定的规则。然而,绝大部分中国人都对英语过于认真,以研究的态 度对待英语, ...