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Mark I
I was a novice teacher at Saint Mary’s school .Little Mark was a mischievous boy who likes to talk incessantly in class.One day,I asked the students to write down the ohter‘s nicest things.Mark died in Vietnam afterwards,but people found a piece of paper on him when he was killed,on which wrote other classmates’ praise to him.
The characteristics of Mark
Very neat in appearance The happy-to-be-alive-attitude Occasional mischievous Talk incessantly Sincere Polite
In the first third grade
All 34 of my students were dear to me, but Mark Eklund was one in a million [N] . Very neat in appearance, he had that happy-tobe-alive attitude [N] that made even his occasional mischievousness delightful. What impressed me so much, though, was his sincere response every time I had to correct him for misbehaving?"Thank you for correcting me, Sister [N] !" I looked at Mark and said, "If you say one more word, I am going to tape your mouth shut [N]!" It wasn't ten seconds later when Chuck blurted out, "Mark is talking again." [N] Without saying a word, I proceeded to Mark's desk, tore off two pieces of tape. [N]
In the ninth grade
He was more handsome than ever and just as polite [N]. Things just didn't feel right [N]. I had to change the mood of the class before it got out of hand.
Several years later
To this day [N] I can still point to the exact spot on I-494 where Dad told me about Mark. I would give all the masking tape in the world if only you could talk to me [N] .
The expression "one in a million" means a person or thing that is considered to be the best of his/its kind (百里挑一的人或 物). e.g. I) He's so generous. He's one in a million. II) He talked about her all weekend?he said she was the nicest girl he had ever met, one in a million.
那种乐天派的样子 是一个用连字符连接而成的 复合形容词 A novice-teacher’s mistake一个见习教师犯 mistake一个见习教师犯 得错误 An I-told-you-so air一种“我不是和你说过 一种“ 一种 吗”的神情 A by-now-familiar excuse 一个现在为大家 所熟悉的借口
the word "Sister" is a correct way of addressing a teacher who is a Catholic nun (= teaching sister). means "to fasten your mouth with a tape"(用胶带把你的嘴封住). Blurt out:something suddenly and rapaidly,even when one is expected to keep quiet 突然说出,脱口而出 Eg:The witness blurted out the name of the killer even though the judge told him to keep quiet to blurt out without thinking: 冲口而出 :
Go on in particular position (沿特定路 行进,(朝特定方向) ,(朝特定方向 线)行进,(朝特定方向)前进 Passengers for flight 406 to new york should proceed to gate 32 Go on to a further or the next stag;go on 进行,继续下去 The building work was proceeding according to schedule
Tear off:Pull violently off 撕掉
The child tore off the wrapping in his eagerness to see his birthday presents 急速脱掉;扯掉;切纸/撕纸 拉下来, 撕纸; 急速脱掉;扯掉;切纸/撕纸;拉下来,撕 掉 -tear-off calendar: 撕页日历 : 撕页日历-tear-off menu: 可移动选项单 撕页日历 : 可移动选项单
Here"and just as polite" means "and just as polite as he had been before". Feel:the word "feel" means "give a sensation or an impression of something or being something (给……感觉/印象)".此句意为:情况 使人感到有点不对头。
Even now 至今 I keep my promise,and to this day I have never told anyone her secret eventually we come to this day: : 这一天终于盼来了 Have made it to this day: 这天就 : 会实现
Here "give all the masking tape" is based on the older expression "give all the tea in China" or the modern one "give all the money in the world". This means: "I would give everything if that could make you alive." The teacher would give all the masking tape in the world, not anything else, because she was so sorry to have taped Mark's mouth shut with it.
This passage tells us the power of words.Uplifting Thank you words can encourage a guy wholelife Bye bye So let us be generous with our praise.


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