Unit 1 Personality Vocabulary (P
  1) self-conscious
  2) self-confidence
  3) self-esteem
  6) self-concept
  4) self-destructive
  5) self-worth

  7) Self-awareness
  8) self-assurance/self-confidence

  1) profound
  7) slim
  12) isolated
  2) jealousy
  3) numerous
  4) overweight
  5) overcome
  6) eventually

  8) compliments
  9) diminish
  10) reassurance
  11) detrimental
  13) self-esteem
  14) accented

  1) reflected
  2) concerned/worried
  3) profound effect/influence
  4) viewed/regarded
  6) respond/react
  9) concentrate on Translation (P
  1) You should spend a reasonable amount of time relaxing and exercising.
  2) In general children are healthier and better educated than ever before.
  3) When the right opportunity comes along, he’ll take it.
  4) Every day he sets aside some time to be with his family and enjoy life.
  5) I remember those dark streets and walking hand in hand with my father.
  6) He finally failed to live up to his parents’ expectations.
  7) In contrast, our use of oil has increased enormously.
  8) He succeeded in his efforts to overcome his fatal weakness. Part Four Writing and Translation (P
  2. Translation Practice
  1) It is believed that pessimism often leads to hopelessness, sickness and failure.
  2) Optimism, by contrast, can make you happy, healthy and successful.
  3) When you fail in something, profit from the failure as a learning experience.
  4) Think about your strengths and build up self-confidence in front of problems or difficulties.
  5) Don’t let negative thoughts hold you back.
  6) Everyone has experienced failures and disappointments, so don’t blame yourself too much.
  8)overcome my fear

  10) made no comment
Unit 2 Myths and Legends Vocabulary (P
  1) A. invitation B. invited C. inviting
  2) A. prepare B. prepared C. preparation D. preparatory/preparation

  3) A. discoveries B. discoverers C. discovered
  4) A. approval B. approve C. approved D. approving E. disapprove
  5) A. eloquent B. eloquence C. eloquently
  6) A. faithful B. unfaithful/faithless C. faith C. occasion d. faithfully

  7) A. occasional B. occasionally

  8) A. delivery B. delivering C. delivered
  9) A. troublesome B. troubled
  10) A. assurance B. assured C. troubled C. assure
  3) asking for trouble
  4) have … trouble
  5) trouble with D. troubling

  1) got/ran into trouble

  2) no trouble

  6) in serious/deep/big trouble
  1) with a pattern of roses
  3) promised faithfully

  7) get/getting … into trouble
  8) took the trouble
  2) prepared a wonderful/goof meal for us
  4) deliver this letter

  5) a selection of milk and plain chocolate
  6) keep out of mischief/behave themselves
  7) the sound of distant thunder
  8) received approval from the government

  9) in spite of the fact that he drank too much
  10) agree whether the drug is safe or not Part Three Further Development
  5. Complete the following Ancient Chinese story by translating the Chinese into English(P
  1) the true reason why there was no such animal in Guizhou
  2) they were of no use at all in this place
  3) when he saw the donkey all of a sudden, he thought it was a monster
  4) he hid himself in the trees while looking at the donkey
  5) what kind of animal is this and why does it look different from other animals that I’ve seen?
  6) But one day the donkey stretched its thin neck and cried
  7) the tiger discovered that the donkey didn’t have any other skills besides crying
  8) But he dared not rush to it and eat it just as he did to other animals
  9) This did irritate the donkey (made the donkey angry), who raised its hind leg and kicked the tiger
  10) This time he rushed to it without hesitation and bit its rhroat Part Four Writing and Translation
  2. Translation Practice(P
  96) 万物之初,天地还是一体,充满混沌。宇宙如同一个大黑蛋,盘古就在黑蛋里。一万八千年以后,盘 古长睡醒来,他感到窒息,于是他拿起一把斧子,用尽全身力量砸开黑蛋。轻的、透明的部分冉冉上升, 变成了天;而冷的、浑浊的物体依然在下面,变成了大地。盘古站在中间,顶天立地。天地开始以每天一 长的速度分开,盘古的身子也随着长高。一万八千年后,天更高,地更厚,盘古像一根九百万里高的柱子 伫立其间,田地永远也无法再合在一起。
Unit 3 Social Problems Vocabulary (P1
  1) constantly
  6) salaried
  2) impact
  3) burden
  4) Candidly
  5) fulfillment
  10) suppress
  5) advisable

  7) resentment

  1) successfully
  2) resentment

  4) necessity

  6) access/accessibility
  7) athletic
  8) maturity
  9) emotional
  10) effectively Translation (P1
  1) Because of an emergency, the doctor will not be available for several hours.
  2) How will taxes affect people with low income?
  3) My mother always told me that in the long run I would be glad I didn’t give up practicing the piano.
  4) These books range in price form $10 to $
  5) It seems to me that you don’t have much choice.
  6) Given their inexperience, they have done quite a good job.
  7) For such a big house the price is fairly cheap/low, but you’ve got to take into consideration the money you will spend on repairs.
  8) Can we begin with discussing questions/problems arising from the last meeting? Part Four Writing and Translation
  2. Translation Practice (P1
  1) 孩子最好远离毒品
一个电话报警者打来三个电话,报告毒品交易。他还对交易场所中小孩子的健康表示忧虑。有两个人被 发现因吸入过量毒品而深度中毒,现场还发现大量被使用过的注射器。屋内情况非常糟糕,孩子们立即得 到了保护。
  2) 在逃的武装抢劫犯落入法网 四名武装抢劫犯在逃离现场时,开枪打伤一名警察。警察抓住了两名罪犯,但是不能确认另两名逃走的 罪犯的身份。打进警察热线的一个电话准确、详细地描述了这起事件和其中一个逃走的罪犯。不久,一名 男子被抓获,他被指控企图谋杀及武装抢劫。
Unit 4 Career Planning Vocabulary (P1
  1) acceptable
  2) efficiency
  3) implications
  4) instability
  6) uation
  7) foreseeable
  8) invention
  9) hastily
  5) rationalize

  11) professional

  14) personality

  1) in case
  2) Every so often
  3) resort to
  4) talk over
  5) start over
  6) in reality
  7) at stake
  8) seized on
  9) leading to
  10) take stock of

  1) programs
  2) way
  3) technical
  4) both
  5) provided
  6) who
  7) such
  8) needed
  9) opportunities
  10) when
  17) up
  11) to
  12) Completion
  13) holding
  14) early
  18) educating

  15) hire
  16) promote Translation (P1

  1) He underwent a major heart surgery several years ago.
  2) We estimated that it would take a week to finish the work.
  3) I used to enjoy photography, but I now have no time to pursue any hobbies.
  4) You may love someone but not necessarily have to marry him.
  5) Terrorists resort to violence to achieve their political aims.
  6) He says he’ll stay in the office this afternoon in case you want to see him.
  7) Scientists have identified the gene that causes abnormal growth.
  8) These examples demonstrate how badly some students write their resumes. Part Four Writing and Translation
  2. Translation Practice (P1
  95) A = Applicant A I: A: I: A: I: A: I: Do you have a boyfriend? Yes. Is he here, in this city? No, he is in another city. Sorry, we will not employ you? Why not? You would not be keeping your mind on your work. What’s more, we do not want to see our telephone bill I = Interviewer
increase enormously because of you. B I: A: I: A: Do you have a girlfriend? No. Have you ever dated a girl? Yes, but she didn’t want to date me? Do you want to date girls after you have a job?
I: A: I: A: C I: A: I: A: I: A: I:
I will set my mind on work first. I will not consider my marriage now. Sorry, we will not employ you. Why not? You are lacking in the ability of dealing with interpersonal relationships. Also, you lack self-confidence.
Do you have a girlfriend? Yes. Is she pretty? Not quite. Sorry, we will not employ you. Can it be that a plain girlfriend will affect your company’s image? It’s not that. But our company engages in works of art. Your aesthetic judgment does not satisfy our
company’s need. D I: A: I: A: I: A: I: E I: A: I: A: I: F I: A: I: A: I: Do you have a boyfriend? Yes. Is he very rich? No. Sorry, we will not employ you, because your job is to work with money. I am afraid you cannot resist the Do you have a girlfriend? Yes. Is she your first love? No, I have a couple of girlfriends before. Sorry, we will not employ you, because you would soon job-hop. Do you have a girlfriend? Yes. Is she pretty? Very. Is she your first love? Yes. Sorry, we will not employ you, because you lack the initiative in pursuing the better unceasingly.
Unit 5 Language Vocabulary (P2
  1. Section A Section B
  1) A
  2) B
  3) A
  4) B
  5) C
  6) B
  7) C
  8) C
  9) A
  10) A
  1) renewed
  2) apply
  3) persist
  4) succeeded
  5) drop
  10) impressed

  6) revealed
  7) wonder
  8) keenly
  9) vainly
  1) unconsciously
  2) expectant
  3) eventful

  4) immeasurable

  5) imitation/imitating
  6) continually
  7) tenderness
  8) impatient Translation (P2
  1) Seeing all the people walking to and fro outside the office, I became more worried.

  2) In time he will see who is his true friend.
  3) That scientist’s experiment gave birth to a new drug.
  4) He had been shut in by illness during much of the winter.
  5) They would practice spoken English at the first opportunity.
  6) Everything she valued might be swept away overnight.
  7) Towards the close of the term, all the students are busy preparing for the finals.
  8) It is a very cold winter and we long for it to be over. Part Four Writing and Translation
  2. Translation Practice (P2
  1) 他钦佩布朗太太,这使我很惊奇。
  2) 暴风雨持续了一整天;就在这段时间里船破裂了。
  3) 虽然那个学生在做试验前已仔细阅读过实验说明,但由于他生搬硬套,未能得到满意的结果。
  4) 我知道萨拉会将那个好消息告诉她姐姐的,而她姐姐又很可能将它告诉她的同学。
  5) 史密斯先生很有教学经验,他将在春天和我们一起工作。
  6) 邮递员早晨 6 点 30 分来。这个时候我通常还在睡大觉呢。
Unit 6 Man and Animals Vocabulary (P2
  1) survive
  2) conflicts
  3) available
  4) likely
  5) injuring

  6) absorbed
  7) competition
  8) instinct
  9) hesitated
  10) similar
  1) ensure
  2) population
  3) characteristic
  4) exhibit
  5) defense
  6) familiar
  7) territory
  8) case Translation (P2
  1) She always behaves badly when her aunt comes to visit.
  2) If it hadn’t been for your help, we wouldn’t have been able to finish the task in time.
  3) I warned him off going to the east coast because it was full of tourists.
  4) The fact that something is cheap doesn’t necessarily mean it’s of low quality.
  5) Without anyone to turn to for help, making an appropriate choice can be difficult.
  7) Only if Peter goes to the evening party will she go.
  8) I can only compare the experience to a nightmare. Writing and Translation
  2. Translation practice (P2
  79) 主语从句
  1) 这种理论的核心是:我们的环境同我们的本能、性格特征和行为,即使有什么联系的话,也是微不足 道的。
  5)那位老太太解释说她在为一个女孩找一副手套。 宾语从句
  9) minute
  10) aggressive

  4)伽利略最光辉是业绩在于他在 1609 年第一个把新发明的望远镜对准天空,证实了行星围绕太阳而不是 围绕地球旋转。 Unit 7 They Joy of Travel Vocabulary (P2
  1) engagement
  2) separating
  3) influences
  4) arranged
  6) In case
  1) end
  7) trap
  13) sampled
  7) processed
  2) booked
  8) appeal
  14) process
  8) changes
  3) trapped
  9) samples
  15) valued
  5) chosen

  9) benefited
  10) go on
  4) book
  5) ended
  6) appeal
  12) structured

  10) structure
  11) value
  16) process

  1) A. emptied B. emptiness
  3) A. entertaining B. entertainment
  5) A. employed B. employment
  7) A. convinced B. convincing
  9) A. isolates B. isolation

  2) A. terrified B. terrifying
  4) A. introductory B. introduction
  6) A. transform
  8) A. approval B. transformation B. approve

  10.A. reinforcement B. reinforced
Translation (P2
  1) I didn’t realize putting on/staging a play involved so much work.
  2) The most important thing is not what you say but what you do.
  3) This is the best result that can be expected in such circumstances.
  4) It isn’t the first time that you’ve found yourself in such a situation.
  5) This difficulty challenges my mind to find an answer.
  6) The new threat on the horizon is unemployment.
  7) We have alternative ways of expressing the same idea.
  8) He slipped into the old habit of drinking. Writing and Translation
  2. Translation practice (P3
  20) A. From English to Chinese
  1) 悲观主义者的典型特征是他们往往认为坏事会持续很久,会损害他们



   Unit 1 课内阅读参考译文 享受幽默??什么东西令人开怀? 1 听了一个有趣的故事会发笑、很开心,古今中外都一样。这一现象或许同语言本身一 样悠久。那么,到底是什么东西会使一个故事或笑话让人感到滑稽可笑的呢? 2 我是第一次辨识出幽默便喜欢上它的人,因此我曾试图跟学生议论和探讨幽默。这些 学生文化差异很大,有来自拉丁美洲的,也有来自中国的。我还认真地思考过一些滑稽有 趣的故事。这么做完全是出于自己的喜好。 3 为什么听我讲完一个笑话后,班上有些学生会笑得前仰后合,而其他学生看上去就像 刚 ...


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   Unit 1 课内阅读参考译文 享受幽默??什么东西令人开怀? 1 听了一个有趣的故事会发笑、很开心,古今中外都一样。这一现象或许同语言本身一 样悠久。那么,到底是什么东西会使一个故事或笑话让人感到滑稽可笑的呢? 2 我是第一次辨识出幽默便喜欢上它的人,因此我曾试图跟学生议论和探讨幽默。这些 学生文化差异很大,有来自拉丁美洲的,也有来自中国的。我还认真地思考过一些滑稽有 趣的故事。这么做完全是出于自己的喜好。 3 为什么听我讲完一个笑话后,班上有些学生会笑得前仰后合,而其他学生看上去就像 刚 ...

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   Unit 1 Personality Vocabulary (P16) 1. 1) self-conscious 5) self-worth 2) self-confidence 3) self-esteem 4) self-destructive 6) self-concept 7) Self-awareness 8) self-assurance/self-confidence 2. 1)B 13)G 2)I 14)K 3)L 4)A 5)H 6)D 7)E 8)N 9)J 10)M 1 ...


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   第一单元:计算机与计算机科学 课文 A:计算机概览 一、引言 计算机是一种电子设备,它能接收一套指令或一个程序,然后通过对数字数据进行运算 或对其他形式的信息进行处理来执行该程序。 要不是由于计算机的发展,现代的高科技世界是不可能产生的。不同类型和大小的计算 机在整个社会被用于存储和处理各种数据,从保密政府文件、银行交易到私人家庭账目。计 算机通过自动化技术开辟了制造业的新纪元, 而且它们也增强了现代通信系统的性能。 在几 乎每一个研究和应用技术领域, 从构建宇宙模型到产生明天的气象报告, ...



   " 定语从句 定语从句:形容词性从句 " 在句子中起定语(形容词)的作用 " The book that I bought yesterday is lost. " 名词从句: 名词从句: " 在句子中起名词的作用. 主语 谓语 宾语 单个名词 单个名词 一组词构成从句(主语从句) 一组词构成从句(主语从句) 一组词构成从句(宾语从句) 一组词构成从句(宾语从句) 1主语从句;subject(谓语之前) 主语从句; 主语从句 (谓语之前) 2宾语从句;object(谓语之后) 宾语从句; ...


   阳光家教网整理 www.ygjj.com 苏州家教 天津家教 西安家教 青岛家教 郑州家教 最大找家教 家教平台 最大找家教 做家教平台 上海市中学化学课程标准 (征求意见稿) 上海市教委教学研究室 2002.5.30 1 目 录 一,导言 (一)学科定位 (二)课程理念 (三)设计思路 二,课程目标 (一)总目标 (二)阶段目标 三,内容与要求 (一)基础型课程 (二)拓展型课程 (三)研究型课程 四,实施意见 (一)教学工作 (二)教材编写 (三)保障措施 (四)课程评价 2 上海市中学 ...


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   上海市长宁区 2011 届高三一模英语试题 第 I 卷 (共 105 分) I. Listening Comprehension Section A: Short Conversations Directions: In Section A, you will hear ten short conversations between two speakers. At the end of each conversation, a question will be asked about wh ...


   登陆下载更多资料 www.lzcyy.net 量子场女生英语 高一英语语法突破讲义 高一英语语法突破讲义 英语语法突破 主讲: 主讲:徐昊 欢迎使用新东方在线电子教材 Unit 1 冠词 不定冠词(a/an 之间的区别 之间的区别) 第一部分 不定冠词 口诀:听其音,忘其形! 语法上定义的标准答案: 如果一个单词以元音发音开头,则使用“an”; 如果一个单词以辅音发音开头,则使用“a” ; 注意:在判断过程中,不能根据单词之前是元音或辅音开头,关键是看单词本身是元音或 辅音发音开头来判断。 ...