UNIT 1 Love (第二册) CABBD ABCDA BBACB BCCDD 1A magician's talk creates a(n) of attention so that people do not see how he does his tricks. A. interaction B. illusion C. diversion D. difference 2An individual bird can the call of its own species. A. identify B. name C. ease D. entitle 3I felt I couldn't cope with the situation and was in desperate need of some . A. remark B. reassurance C. assumption D. claim 4She great satisfaction from her coin collection. A. has B. derives C. devotes D. awaits 5 mistakes and weaknesses, it did a great deal of good work inside the trade union. A. No matter what B. Although C. In spite D. Despite 6 the journey, we must decide about that later. A. As to B. So as to C. On D. So long as 7He was of his brother because he could afford to give so much. A. generous B. envious C. content D. frustrated 8He in the children's games. A. enjoyed B. came C. engaged D. urged 9He at the boy in silence. A. glanced B. observed C. watched D. stared 10The poison was of causing death within a few minutes. A. capable B. able C. likely D. effective 11Their to their children is plain to see. A. strength B. devotion C. dependence D. function 12His rude manners him to frequent rebuffs (粗暴拒绝). A. make B. subject C. bother D. cling 13Only at that time . A. did I realize that I had made a mistake B. I realized that I had made a mistake C. realized I that I had made a mistake D. I realized that had I made a mistake 14I'd like to buy you a meal all your hospitality. A. to approve B. to demonstrate C. in return for D. in addition to 15A lot of these children have been of a normal home life. A. criticized B. deprived C. urged D. participated 16He spent years to the climate in China. A. coordinating B. adjusting C. balancing D. complaining 17The commander would have to see to it that . A. something is done about this situation B. something be done about this situation C. something was done about this situation D. something would be done about this situation
18They felt helpless, , and incapable of handling the job. A. confident B. envious C. insecure D. independent 19He was criticized for pursuing the present economic and foreign . A. regulations B. functions C. rituals D. policies 20This can lead to unnecessary over a child's quite normal behavior. A. emotion B. feeling C. pressure D. anxiety UNIT 3 Born to Win BBABA CDDAB CDBD 1An American diplomat was expelled from the country yesterday. A. trapped in B. forced to leave C. punished by D. kidnapped by 2It is quite remarkable that no one was hurt in the accident. A. unique B. unusual C. special D. successful 3She does odd jobs, such as painting rooms and fixing cars. A. not regular B. strange C. excellent D. badly paid 4I applied for a job as a secretary, but I was rejected. A. resented B. refused C. resisted D. retired 5This situation does not call for this kind of behavior. A. require B. take C. show D. channel 6These tests are beyond the capability of a 12-year-old child. A. security B. quality C. ability D. limitation 7She intends to carry on studying after the course has finished. A. begin B. avoid C. do D. continue 8I've been invited to the party but I haven't got anything appropriate to wear. A. excellent B. adequate C. federal D. suitable 9He refuses to let others speak and dominates every meeting. A. controls B. wins C. elects D. nominates 10The railways are about to embark on a major program of modernization. A. arrive at B. start C. put on D. expose 11He is reading some medical books because he will have to address a group of doctors. A. write to B. meet C. speak to D. teach 12We stayed in small hotels at night, hitting the road early every morning. A. building the road B. working C. waking up D. leaving 13I acknowledged Tom for all his help with the project. A. admitted B. thanked C. proved D. relied on 14The humble man was reluctant to accept the award. A. poor B. famous C. kind D. modest UNIT 4 Psychology in Our Daily Life DABAB CADBD DABBC ABD
1I breathed a sigh of when I heard my husband was safe. A. surprise B. delight C. annoyance D. relief 2He saw a(n) for the government in stimulating (刺激) industrial expansion. A. role B. influence C. effect D. instance 3I found comfort in his words, and reassurance I had made the right decision. A. which B. that C. what D. / 4There is a close link between a rising of unemployment and a rising suicide . A. rate... rate B. ratio... ratio C. speed... speed D. tendency... tendency 5As long as you have paid in advance, we won't you for delivery. A. depend B. charge C. accuse D. demand 6The claim the fact that every year more and more money is being spent on arms. A. backs down B. backs off C. backs up D. backs out 7Nowadays, there are more and more crimes to drug abuse. A. related B. associated C. linked D. connected 8I'd like to five hundred dollars to my current account. A. shift B. move C. change D. transfer 9Rain is expected to to all parts of the country by this evening. A. expand B. extend C. extent D. expend 10You need a very manager to increase the rate of production. A. adoring B. effective C. preferable D. dynamic 11He believed that , Timex would have to sit down, negotiate, and take the workers back. A. naturally B. actually C. extremely D. ultimately 12The survivors of the earthquake wandered about in a confused and state. A. irrational B. annoying C. unbearable D. soothing 13He is seriously to computer games. A. engaged B. addicted C. absorbed D. related 14A of this species is the blue stripe on its back. A. personality B. characteristic C. character D. specialty 15The similarity between them has always been on. A. reminisced B. recalled C. remarked D. referred 16The literature of a period its values and tastes. A. reflects B. indicates C. demonstrates D. describes 17Claude's work had a major on generations of musicians. A. impression B. influence C. aspect D. role 18She now has over the people she used to take orders from. A. justice B. fury C. management D. authority UNIT 5 Dreams BDACD BACDB ACDCB 1No one knew the man's age until he it by accident.
A. reviewed B. revealed C. recovered D. recalled 2This discovery marks a significant technological . A. process B. adventure C. project D. advance 3Tornadoes (龙卷风) when a warm weather front meets a body of very cold air. A. occur B. happen to C. result in D. predict 4She the opinion of several experts, but even the experts disagree. A. thought B. taught C. sought D. bought 5American cars are generally too large for the Japanese market, Japanese cars are popular in the US. A. which B. because C. therefore D. whereas 6It's a six-hour drive from Penarth to Norwich. I nearly fell at the wheel a couple of times. A. sleeping B. asleep C. sleepy D. sleep 7Experts are that unemployment will fall slowly next year. A. predicting B. preparing C. previewing D. preventing 8An airplane had into the mountain, killing all two hundred passengers. A. cracked B. crossed C. crashed D. crowded 9We've had to our visit to London because Jim is ill. A. disturb B. progress C. focus D. cancel 10I had to wait two hours for the train. It really put me in a bad . A. mode B. mood C. move D. motion 11I have been very much pleased by your of the situation. A. analysis B. impact C. volume D. focus 12We couldn't imagine what had happened to him but he wouldn't stop crying. A. awake B. spot C. upset D. spoil 13She must learn to herself to English life. A. arrange B. admire C. acquire D. adjust 14We must work the difficulties until we find an answer. A. off B. by C. through D. away 15That teacher is very popular her pupils. A. for B. with C. in D. at Unit7 DADBB BACBA DAACA
  1. He left the spot immediately, afraid of being in the car accident. A. connected B. taken C. seated D. involved
  2.As the dictionary says, "graciousness" means being polite, kind and generous. A. literally B. gracefully C. exactly D. constantly
  3. He insisted that she improve her oral English by doing a lot of practice. A. could B. would C. might D. should
  4. We don't believe that those special kinds of leaves are . A. actual B. edible C. ridiculous D. comprehensive
  5. at such a time, his work attracted much attention. A. Publishing B. Published C. Being published D. When published
  6.Silver is the best conductor (导体) of electricity, copper it closely. A. followed B. following C. to follow D. being followed

  7. He drove to the airport to Mr. Dixon who came to see him from Orillia. A. pick up B. set out C. call for D. tone down
  8. It is considerate you to do me a favor at this moment. A. to B. for C. of D. about
  9. "Please don't worry. We'll give you a delivery of your purchase." the shop assistant said. A. brief B. prompt C. nasty D. well-intentioned
  10. It is so heavy that it can only be lifted with our effort. A. joint B. equal C. apt D. courteous
  11. Many a young scientist engaged in the research work. A. have B. has C. have been D. has been
  12. She crying very helpful to express her sadness. A. considers B. confirms C. believes D. pretends
  13. The plan had been , which made him very angry. A. called off B. called up C. called in D. called on
  14. You cannot see the patient at the moment; he is now medical treatment. A. in B. on C. under D. at
  15. A robber broke when I was leaving for my office. A. in B. up C. out D. off Unit 8 ABDBC BCCDA CBBDC
  1. Mr. Verder never thought that he would become a member of the board of directors (董事会) because of his origin. A. humble B. Previous C. critical D. false
  2. he told us . A. Until; that we understood B. Not until; did we understand C. It was not until; that did we understand D. Not until; then we understood
  3. Now Thomson has obtained from his boss to extend the field of his investigation. A. purchase B. insurance C. determination D. permission
  4. I had calmed down, my brain was also beginning to work much better. A. For B. Now that C. Because D. permission
  5. My mother is anxious to hear any information the results of election. A. concerned B. being concerned C. concerning D. having concerned
  6. I spent the whole day repairing the car. The work was easy. A. nothing but B. anything but C. something except D. all except
  7. They are turned around in a huge machine to get them the forces they will experience in space flight. A. use B. used C. used to D. be used to
  8. Barbara in doing it again though she had failed more than a dozen times. A. consisted B. insisted C. persisted D. assisted
  9. Very few experts with completely new answers to the world's economic problems. A. come to B. come round C. come on D. come up
  10. Conservative (保守的) people tend to traditional ideas. A. stick to B. turn out C. set aside D. take over
  11. The development of industry the attitudes of men toward art and architecture. A. effected B. spun C. affected D. instructed
  12. My to this problem is quite different from his.
A. manner B. approach C. behavior D. means
  13. John the results of the election with amazing accuracy. A. examined B. predicted C. overlooked D. governed
  14. Disabled people should not be the chances to study in university. A. forbidden B. prevented C. rejected D. denied
  15. The Prime Minister refused to on the rumor that he had planned to give up his position. A. relate B. frown C. comment D. catch



   善良之心, 善良之心, 久久相依 1 当时我没有意识到,是爸爸帮我保持平衡 奥古斯塔斯 " J " 布洛克 随着我渐渐长大,当别人看见我和爸爸在一起,我会觉得很尴尬。他身材矮小,走起路来跛得很厉害。我们一起走时,他要把手 要协调我们的步伐并不容易,他(的步子)一瘸一拐的,我(走起来)则缺乏耐心。因此,我们走路的时候并不怎 我们通常在家和地铁之间来往,这是他上班的必由之路。不论生病 搭在我的肩上才能保持平衡,人们就会盯着我们看。对这种不必要的注意我觉得非常难堪。他也许曾注意到,或着觉得烦恼,但 ...


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   http://www.rrky.com 人人免费考研社区 数词的 对考研最有帮助的目前最全面的英汉翻译笔记 opqopqopqopq 第一部分: 译法 opqopq 一、 数字增减的译法: opqopq1。 句式特征: by+名词+比较级+thanopqopqThe wire is by three inches longer than that one。这根导线比那根长 3 英寸。opqopq2。句式特征:表示增减 意义的动词+to+n。译为:增加到。。 。。或减少到。。 。。opqopq ...


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   九年级英语总复习教案 B3U6 一、目标再现 在本单元中要求学生对在前面五单元中所学过的知识做一次全面的回顾和总结。 复习、 归纳 一般过去时态和现在完成时态,进一步学习动词不定式和宾语从句。能够区别 have been 与 have gone 的用法;重点学习课文\"Under the sea\",明白 How important is the sea to our life? 通过利用 computer 去寻找一些 information,进一步熟悉有关如何操作计算机 ...


   中国 MBA 教育网 www.mbaedu.cn 中国 MBA 备考网 www.mbaschool.com.cn 1 绝密★启用前 2010 年全国攻读工商管理硕士学位 研究生入学考试 英语试卷 本答案由北京社科赛斯(SUCCESS)MBA 培训中心友情提供 网址:www.mbaschool.com.cn 考生需知 1. 选择题的答案须用 2B 铅笔填涂在答题卡上,其他笔填涂的或做在试卷或其他类型答题 卡上的答案无效。 2. 其他题一律用蓝色或黑色钢笔或圆珠笔在答题纸上按规定要求作答,凡做在 ...


   大学生英语教育实习论文 为期一个月的实习很快就竣事了,宛如是昨天才写的实习筹划,克日就要做总结了。现在转头看 这一个月的实习生存,自己简直从中学到了许多。在人的生长历程中,理论知识虽然紧张,但是 把理论知识运用于实践来检测自己掌握知识的水平怎样, 这个历程是课本上学不到, 但又相当紧 张的履历。缺乏履历是今世大门生广泛的毛病,这也是造效果业率低的一个紧张因素,因此,作 为一名大学生,应只管即便让自己在大学三年里打仗社会,在实践中取得履历。大学是作育人才 的地方, 并不是说在大学里课本上学的知 ...