A Story
Listen to a short story and complete the following sentences:

  1. The story took place at the time of one cold evening . during the holiday season
  2. The relationship between the woman and the little boy is . strangers
  3. The woman led the little boy into the store because . she knew he needed something in the store
  4. The woman bought the boy some new shoes and warm . clothes
  5. “Are you God…” here means . kind-hearted
One cold evening outside into They came back during the holiday season, a little boy said to the the street and the woman about six orchild, “Now you can go home of a seven was standing out in front and store window. The littleholiday.” The have a very happy child had no shoes and his clothes were her and little boy looked up at old torn. A young you God, Ma’am?” saw asked, “Are woman passing by She the little down and him andread the smiled boy at could replied, longing in his pale blue eyes. She took “No, son, I’m just one of his the child by the hand and led himsaid, children.” The little boy then into the store. Therehad to be a relative of “I knew you she bought him some new shoes and warm clothes. God.”
Talking in Pairs

  1.What is your viewpoint of the interpersonal relationships nowadays?

  2. If you were the woman, what would you do? Try to explain it.
Appreciation and Group Discussion
Discussion Questions

  1. Various kinds of relationships exist in daily life as in the pictures. Discuss in groups the different personal relationships we deal with in real life.

  2. In our life, some people are open while some others are reserved. Which type do you prefer? Why?
Video Clip
Watch the video and discuss the following questions

  1. Do you like the movie? Why?
  2. When you and your friend are both in danger, will you lay down your life for him/her?
Video Clip
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Proverbs and Sayings
A life without a friend is a life without a sun. 人生没有朋友,犹如生活没有了太阳。 人生没有朋友,犹如生活没有了太阳。 In prosperity our friends know us; in adversity we know our friends. ?? John Churton Collins 在顺境中,朋友结识了我们; 在顺境中,朋友结识了我们;在逆境中我们了解 了朋友。 ?? 约翰 丘顿 柯林斯 约翰丘顿 丘顿柯林斯 了朋友。 Youth gives love and roses, age still leaves us friends and wine. ?? Thomas Moore 青春赋予我们爱情和玫瑰, 青春赋予我们爱情和玫瑰,岁月带给我们朋 友和美酒。 ?? 托马斯 摩尔 托马斯摩尔 友和美酒。

  1. Will you give your time, favorite books, money or blood to a friend?
I would be willing to give anything to my best friend. As to my casual friends, I would give my time and blood to them when they are really needed. But I would not give my money or favorite books to them. If they really need money or like my books I would lend some money or books to them. Anyway, I would readily give help to my friends when it is needed because “a friend in need is a friend indeed”.

  2. Who released the bombs which landed in the small orphanage? And who offered medical help to the wounded?
It was not exactly stated that which side released the bombs. But based on the fact that the intruder to Vietnam was American troops, we could fairly say they were American Air Force. The medical help was a young American Navy doctor and a Navy nurse. So it was quite ironic that both the destroying part and the protecting part came from America.

  3. Did Heng cry loudly as soon as the needle was inserted into his arms?
No. After the moment of the insertion, he let out a long sob. And after a few moments another sob escaped, but he was always trying to cover up his crying. Finally his occasional sob turned to a steady, silent crying. Heng’s sobbing and silent crying suggested that he was terrified and frightened by death, but at the same time he would rather lay down his life for his friend.
context (para.1~
when where who what in Vietnam War in a small village several children, including one young girl Bombs landed in the orphanage and some children were wounded.
In time order, what happened next? (para.3~

  1) Medical help arrived and they found the young girl needed blood. (Para.
  2) Only several children had the correct blood type. (Para.
  3) Because of language barrier, they had difficulties in asking the children for blood. (Para.
  4) Heng was willing to give blood but he was always sobbing and then crying silently during the operation. (Para.6 ~
  5) Under the help of the Vietnamese nurse, the Americans knew the reason. Heng thought that he would die, but he still did it because she was his friend. (Para.14 ~ Para.
meaning of the story (para.
There is no love greater than this, that a person lay down his/her life for a friend.

  1. Nobody knows what these bombs were supposed to hit during the terrible Vietnam War, but they landed in a small orphanage run by a missionary group. (Line
在可怕的越南战争期间,谁也不知道这 在可怕的越南战争期间, be supposed to do… 些炸弹要轰炸什么目标, 些炸弹要轰炸什么目标,而它们却落在 应该做,理应做 应该做 ,理应做 了一所由传教士办的小孤儿院内。 了一所由传教士办的小孤儿院内。
Every student is supposed to be in the classroom before 8 o’clock.
所有学生8点以前应该到教室。 情人节你不应该送她康乃馨,你该 送她玫瑰。
On Valentine’s Day, you are not supposed to send her carnations. You are supposed to send roses.

  2. … it was clear that without immediate action, she would die from loss of blood and shock. (Line
此句型中clear 常可被其他形容词替换 此句型中
it is clear +主语从句 主语从句… 如:it is obvious that, it is true that, 很显然,很清楚, 很显然,很清楚,显而易见
it is evident that等 等
显然你没有得到她的青睐,否则,她不会拒绝 你的邀请。
It is clear that you didn’t win her affection, otherwise she wouldn’t reject your invitation.
没有英语课,大学生活确实会轻松很多。但是不学英语,你显然 不能适应现代社会的需要。
It is true that without English course, college life may become much easier. But it is obvious that you can’t keep pace with the modern society if you don’t study English.

  2. It was clear that without immediate action, she would die from loss of blood and shock. (Line
如果不能立即采取行动,显然 如果不能立即采取行动, 她将因失血过多和休克而死亡。 她将因失血过多和休克而死亡。

  3. Using what little common language they could find, together with a lot of sign language, they tried to explain to the frightened children that unless they could give some blood to their little friend she would certainly die.

  1. Using + 宾语从句在句中作状语
  2. together with 相当于as well as,与前面短语一起作状语
  3. they tried to explain… 是句子的主语和谓语部分
  4. the frightened children 是句子的一个宾语(间接宾语)
  5. unless they could give… 既是句子的直接宾语又是后面

  3. Using what little common language they could find, together with a lot of sign language, they tried to explain to these frightened children that unless they could give some blood to their little friend she would certainly die.
医生和护士用少得可怜的一点共同语言, 医生和护士用少得可怜的一点共同语言,结 大量的手势语,努力向这些受惊吓的孩子 合大量的手势语,努力向这些受惊吓的孩子 解释说 除非他们能输一些血给自己的小 们解释说,除非他们能输一些血给自己的小 伙伴,否则她将必死无疑。 伙伴,否则她将必死无疑。

  4. Heng was quickly laid on a bed, his arm cleaned with alcohol, and the needle inserted into his arm.
此句中 his arm cleaned with alcohol 和 the needle inserted into his arm 独立主格结构。 是独立主格结构。
独立主格结构在句中作状语, 独立主格结构在句中作状语,有自己的逻辑 主语, 表示一种伴随的动作或情况。 主语 表示一种伴随的动作或情况。 独 立 主 格 结 构 副词
介词短语 形容词短语
主语 +
现在分词 过去分词 动词不定式
She lay on her back, . her hands crossed under the head
(伴随状语) 她脸朝天头枕着交叉的手躺着。
, she has to take care of the family. Mother being ill
妈妈病了,她得承担起照顾全家的责任。 (原因状语)
The clock having struck , we had to go to work.
钟已敲过,我们不得不去工作了。 (时间状语)
He has been working very hard, his first novel to be published soon .
他工作一直很努力,第一部小说即将发表。 (结果状语)
There are four factories in this region, each having 200 workers .
这个地区有四个工厂,每个有200名工人。 (同位语)
与句子相比,独立主格结构短小精干,常使句 与句子相比,独立主格结构短小精干, 子言简意赅, 子言简意赅,也使文章的句式丰富多彩
Heng was quickly laid on a bed, his arm cleaned with alcohol. Heng was quickly laid on a bed, and his arm was cleaned with alcohol.

  4. Heng was quickly laid on a bed, his arm cleaned with alcohol, and the needle inserted into his arm.
Heng 很快被抱到一张床上,手臂用酒精 很快被抱到一张床上, 消了毒,并且针插进了他的胳膊 针插进了他的胳膊。 消了毒,并且针插进了他的胳膊。

  5. The medical team now was very worried because the needle should not have been hurting their tiny patient. (Line
should + have + 过去分词 这一结构的肯 定形式表示本应该做却没有做; 定形式表示本应该做却没有做;其否定 形式表示某种行为不该发生却发生了。 形式表示某种行为不该发生却发生了。
She shouldn’t have left the hospital so soon, for she had not yet recovered.
You should have got Mark A in your final examination but your handwriting is too bad.
你本可以在期末考试中得A,但是你的字写 得太糟。

  5. The medical team now was very worried because the needle should not have been hurting their tiny patient. (Line
现在医疗小组非常担忧,因为针不该 现在医疗小组非常担忧,因为针不该 使他们的小病人一直感到疼痛。 使他们的小病人一直感到疼痛。

  1. suffer (Line
  5): feel or have pain, loss, etc.
  1) vt. 忍受,容忍,承受,耐住
If you break the law, you must be prepared to suffer the consequences.
That young man had to suffer the injuries caused by the chemical weapons left by Japanese troops in World War II.
那个年轻人不得不去承受日军在二战期间遗留的化学武 器给他造成的伤害。

  2) vi. 受痛苦,受苦难,患病
It is natural for many freshmen to suffer from homesickness now and then. Boxing legend Mohammed Ali suffers from the disease of Parkinson for a long time.
拳王阿里身患帕金森(氏)病已经有很 长一段时间了。

  2. wound (Line
  6); injure (Line
  9); hurt (Line
wound injure hurt
一般是指由枪械或者刀剑等尖锐物体 造成的身体上的伤害。 a)由于重物如棍棒或者炸弹爆炸所造 成的伤害;b)在事故中受到的伤害。 除表示受伤外,主要用于表示身体疼 痛及情感受伤害。
请用wound, hurt 或 injure 的适当形式填空 请用 hurt She was slightly when she fell off the ladder.
The bullet unfortunately wounded James Bond in the shoulder.
Hong Kong Phoenix TV news anchor Liu Hai-ruo was seriously in a British train accident in 20
  02. injured
香港凤凰卫视新闻主播刘海若在2002年发生在英国的一次列 车事故中身受重伤。

  3. supply (Line
  1) n. supplying, stock 补给,供给,[常作supplies] 供应品,补给品,(储备)物资
a good supply of fruit household (medical) supplies
水果的大量供应 家庭(医药) 家庭(医药)用品

  2) vt.make available to use 供给,供应,提供(所需物 品);(把)供应给(with);为提供
supplying food and camps The UN is urgently for the survivors in Bam, the quake-stricken ancient city in Iran. 联合国紧急向受地震侵袭的伊朗巴姆古城的幸存者提供 粮食和帐篷。
  4. request (Line
  21): vt. ask or being asked 请求,要求,恳求
request 请求,语气较强 require 委婉、客气,通常不用于口语 May I request you to leave?
We request the favor of a reply at your earlie



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