高三英语一轮知识点总复习教案 Book 1 Unit 1315 I. 重点词汇、短语及句型 重点词汇、
  1.give advice on 提意见/建议
  2.make suggestions 提建议
  3.make a list of 列出一张单子
  4.have a fever 发烧
  5.make up 编,创设
  6.all the time 一直
  7.be careful with 小心
  8.be all right 正常,康复
  9.in the future 将来
  10.lie down 躺下
  11.plenty of/a lot of 大量的
  12.a bar of chocolate 一块巧克力
  13.compare with 与比较
  14.learn about 了解
  15.spend on 在方面花费
  16.so that 以便
  17.the spirit of的精神
  18.commercial activities 商业活动
  19.have got to 必须
  20.instead of 替代
  21.get off 下车
  22.take off one’s hat 摘下帽子
  23.look into one’s eyes 直 视的眼睛
  24.shake hands with 与某人握手
  25.the living and the dead 生者和死者
  26.the cycle of life 生命轮回
  27.play tricks on 捉弄某人
  28.fall asleep 入睡
  29.a scary place 一个恐怖的地方
  30.create a short show 编一个短剧
  31.on one’s way to school 在某人上学的路上
  32.don’t look very well 看上去气色不好
  33.ten years of hard work 十年的辛劳
  34.continue to do 继续做
  35.after all 毕竟, 终究
  36.call on 拜访
  37.try on 试穿
  38.without luck 不幸运
  39.pay off 还清
  40.I’m sorry, but I don’t think I know you.
  41.Everybody else will be wearing jewellery.
  42.We must do as much as we can to make our community better and more beautiful.
  43.I think that may be the problem.
  44.What’s wrong with Mike?
  45.I cough all the time. I have a fever and a headache.

  46.You ought to be careful with fruit.
  47.Take this medicine three times a day. You’ll be all right soon. II. 知识点小结: 知识点小结:
  1.pain, ache, hurt (
  1) pain 是可数名词,可以指身体某部位的疼痛, 也可指心理上的痛苦。可以用复数形式,也可既不加冠词,也不用复 数。 作“辛苦, 努力”讲时, 用复数。 E.g.To my great relief the pain is gone. 令我十分轻松的是,疼痛消失了。She was crying bitterly, just because of the pain in her stomach.胃疼难奈,她失声痛哭。The old man suffers greatly from a pain/pains in the back.背疼使得那个老人很受折磨。 With great pains and much patience, I got the information at last.凭着巨大的 努力和耐心,我最终得到了那条消息。Thank you very much for taking pains to show me how to do it.十分感谢您不辞辛劳地教我怎么做那件 事。We are at pains to learn English well. 我们正在努力学好英语。We must share pains and pleasure in face of the enemy.大敌当前,我们必须 同甘共苦。*in pain 常坐表语 with pain 常作状语。E.g.Is your legs constantly in pain? 你的腿老疼吗?He cut his finger and was in great pain. 他切了手指, 疼的很。 boy was crying with pain, after he broke The his arm.摔伤了胳膊, 那个孩子疼得哭了起来。 was almost mad with He pain. 他疼得几乎要发狂。pain 还可用做动词,“使苦恼,痛苦”。E.g. It pains me to have to disobey you, but I must.违抗你我也不好受,但我 必须这么做。(
  2)ache 一般用作动词,主要指身体某部位的隐疼。用 作名词时, 出现在复合词中。 His head aches badly sometimes. (He E.g.
has a bad headache sometimes.) 有时他头疼的厉害。 stomach begins His to ache after drinking some alcohol.= He has a stomachache after drinking alcohol. 他一喝酒胃就疼。 hurt 只能用作动词, (
  3) 及物动词 意思是“使受伤害”, 可指身心受伤; 不及物动词相当于 ache。 E.g.What will you do if someone falls off a bicycle and hurts himself badly? 如果 有人从自行车上摔下来, 伤得很厉害, 你会怎么办?What he said hurt me, so I said, “Don’t judge a person by what he wears.”他的话使我受到 了 伤害, 因此我告 诉他: “别 以 貌取 人”。 Their misunderstanding criticisms have hurt me deeply.他们的误解令我非常伤心。My leg hurts and my arm hurts, too. 我腿疼,胳膊也疼。【考题链接】
  1. I wonder with my back. It . A. what's wrong; hurted C. what's the matter; hurts B. what's happening; hurt D. what the matter is; hurts

  2.ought to 用作情态动词, 没有人称、 时态和数的变化, 意思是“应该, 应当”,表示责任、义务、劝告、推测等,语气比 should 强,否定式 为 ought not to 或 oughtn’t to,疑问式为“ought+主语+to do”。(
  1)表示义 务或责任 E.g. We ought to carry out the task. 我们必须执行这项任务。 You ought to do your homework every day. 你每天都应该做作业。(
  2) 表示劝告或建议 E.g.Ought he to go? 他该去吗?Yes, he ought (to ). 该去。Such things ought to be handled with great care. 处理这种 事, 要非常小心。 (
  3)表示推测 E.g. It ought to be ten o’clock now. 现在 该是十点了吧。(
  4) ought to have done 表示该做但没做的事 ought not
to have done 表示做了不该做的事 E.g. You ought to have handed in your report yesterday. 你本该昨天把报告交上来。I ought to have helped them, but I wasn’t able to. 我本该帮助他们的,但我没能这样 做。You oughtn’t to have spoken to them in that way. 你不应该这样对 他们讲话。(
  5) ought to 变反意疑问句时,附加问句的谓语通常用 ought/oughtn’t, 有时可用 should/shouldn’t 替代。 Such things ought E.g. not to be done, ought they?这些事情不该做,不是吗?We ought to go, oughtn’t/shouldn’t we? 我们应该去,不是吗?【考题链接】
  2. There be any difficulty about passing the road test since you have practiced A. mustn’t needn’t
  3.I’ll tell Mary about her new job tomorrow. You her last week. A. ought to tell have told
  3.keep up, keep up with (
  1)keep up 用作不及物动词,意思是“支撑, 保持,维持”。E.g. Do you think the bad weather will keep up? 你认为 坏天气将持续下去吗?Those houses are so strongly built that they would keep up even in strong earthquakes.那些房子建造得很牢固, 能抵 御强烈的地震。Prices still keep up these days. 这些天物价仍不下跌。 John has to study harder to keep up. 为了使自己不掉队, 约翰不得不比
a lot in the driving school. B. shan’t C. shouldn’t D.
B. would have told
C. must tell
D. should
别人更用功。 (
  2)keep up 用作及物动词, 意思是“继续, 坚持”。 Keep E.g. up your courage and stick to your work, you can succeed in time.鼓起勇 气,坚持工作,迟早你会成功的。If you want to keep up the present living standards, you will have to earn/make more money.如果想保持现 在的生活水平, 你就得挣更多的钱。 This factory keeps up its good credit, so its products sell very well.这家工厂保持着良好的信誉,所以产品销 售很好。People in China still keep up the traditional custom of enjoying mooncakes on the mid-autumn festival. 中国人仍保持着中秋节吃月饼 的传统习俗。(
  3) keep up with 意思是“和并驾齐驱,和某人保持同 等地位,保持接触等”。E.g.Walk slower please. I’m afraid I won’t keep up with you. 请走慢点!我怕赶不上你。She’s paid much attention to keeping up with the latest fashion in clothes.她在赶时装潮流方面倾注 了大量的精力。Everyone should study now and then or they can’t keep up with the latest development in science.每个人都要不断学习,否则就 跟不上科技发展的步伐。Though he is busy, he tries to keep up with his old friends far away.虽然很忙,但他仍然设法与远方的老朋友保持着 联系。They don’t think they must keep up with their neighbors on that aspect.他们认为在那方面不必和邻居们攀比。【考题链接】
  4.You must double your efforts to others and can’t expect to take short-cuts in the learning of English. A. keep up with you up
B. keep up
C. catch up with
D. keep

  4.contain, include(
  1) contain 包含, 含有; 控制, (情感) 抑制 E.g.What does the medicine contain? 药里含有什么成分?The hall can contain five hundred people. 大厅可容纳 500 人。 could hardly contain laughter. I 我几乎控制不住自己大笑。(
  2) include vt. 包括,包含在内 E.g.The price includes the tax. 价格包含税金。He included a watch on the shopping list. 他在购物单上列上了一块手表。The team is made up of ten, including the captain/the captain included.包括队长在内,这个队由 10 人组成。(
  3)contain 后常常列出所包含的全部内容;include 后的 宾语常为其中的一部分。E.g. My collection contains 1,000 stamps, including those used ones.包括那些使用过的邮票在内,我的邮集中有 1000 张。The list includes my name. 名单上有我的名字。The atlas contains forty maps, including three of Great Britain.这本地图册包括 40 幅地图,其中有三副英国地图。The box contains a lot of gifts. 这个盒 子中装有很多礼物。【考题链接】
  5. Most oceans 35 parts of salt per thousand parts of water. A. hold B. drink C. contain D. include

  6. We all went to visit the museum,Tom. A.containing D.including
  5.examine, check, test(
  1)examine 可指对病人的检查、诊断,也可指 对机器的检查。 E.g. Now, let me examine your chest once more. 让我再 检查一下你的胸部。 During a four-month period, more than three million
B.to contain
people were examined.在四个月时间内, 百多万人受到了检查。 300 The workers examine their machines and equipment carefully before they start to work every day. 每天上班以前,工人们都要仔细检查机器设 备。(
  2) examine 作“调查,检查,研讨”讲 E.g. We have our suitcases examined at the airport. 我们的行李在机场都经过了检查。Did you examine it with your own eyes? 你亲自观察了吗?We’d better examine the details of the new theory. 我们最好查证一下这一新理论的详细情 形。 (
  3)examine 表示测验、 考试, test 正式。 The teacher examined 比 E.g. the students’ knowledge in/on the previous lessons.老师测试了学生前几 堂课的掌握情况。Our English teacher will examine our class in/on everything we have learned this year.我们英语老师要考一下我们一年 以来学过的所有知识。They were first examined in their knowledge of history.他们首先被考查的是历史知识。 (
  4)check 主要指对某物进行核 对,以免出错。E.g. Will you check your homework yourself first? 你能 自己先检查一下作业吗?The department store checks stock every day. 百货商店每天盘点。(
  5)check 也可相当于 examine 使用,表示“对--进行检查”。E.g. She checked/examined the door locks carefully before she left. 她离开之前先检查了门锁。 They often help us check and repair our farm tools.他们经常帮助我们检修农具。(
  6)test 作为动词使用的频 率并不高,意思是“检测,测试”。多用作名词,表示检测某人的知识 或技能,有时也可表示对某物的检查或实验。E.g. You’d better have your eyes tested without delay. 你最好马上去检查眼睛。They are
testing the newly-made sports car. 他们正在检测新出的赛车。Our teacher has a test every Friday. 我们老师每周五进行一次测验。We often have a test on the old lessons before the new ones.上新课之前,我 们通常要测验旧课。Those who want to drive an automobile must pass a driving test.想驾驶汽车,必须先通过驾驶技能测试。Don’t have meals before you take the blood test.验血之前别吃饭。【考题链接】
  7. Julia said she sent you a birthday card yesterday. Have you got it? Oh, really? I haven’t my mailbox yet. A. examined B. reviewed C. tested D. checked

  6. so that(
  1) so that 可引导目的状语从句,意思是“以便,为了”。相 当于 in order that. E.g.He turned up the radio so that everyone could hear the news.他把收音机音量开大一点, 以便大家都能听见新闻。 Bob turned off the alarm so that he could sleep late in the morning.鲍勃关掉 闹钟以便早上能睡懒觉。(
  2)so that 还可引导结果状语从句,主从句 之间常用逗号隔开。E.g.The teacher raised his voice, so that all the students heard him clearly.老师提高了声音,结果所有的学生都听得很 清楚。so that 引导的目的状语从句中常有情态动词 can, could, may, might 等。E.g.The teacher raised his voice so that all the students could hear him clearly.老师提高声音以便所有学生能够听得清楚。 as to/in so order to 表示目的,后接动词原形。E.g. He studied even harder to/in order to/so as to make up for the missing lesson.他学习更加努力以便补 上落下的课。(
  3) so that 与 such that 之间的转换:so + adj./adv. + that;
so + adj. + a/an + 单数名词+ that;such + a/an + adj. + 单数名词+ that; such + adj. + 复数名词或不可数名词+ that。E.g. He ran so fast that I couldn’t catch up with him. 他跑得如此快以至于我赶不上他。This is so interesting that I have read it twice. 这本书如此有趣以至于我读了 两遍。It wa



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