Lesson One
Hour of Horror Forever Alters American Lives
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President Bush 9/11 Statue
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About the Author
June Kronholz Education correspondant for The Wall Street Journal June Kronholz covers education for The Wall Street Journal from Washington. She previously was a Journal correspondent in London, Africa, Hong Kong and the Philippines, and was the Journal's bureau chief in Boston and deputy bureau chief in Washington. Her story on the U.S. response to the World Trade Center bombings won the Pulitzer Prize for spot news reporting on 9/
About the Author
Christina Binkley is a senior special writer with The Wall Street Journal in Los Angeles. Binkley joined The Wall Street Journal in 1994 and has been writing about travel, hotels, and casinos since 19
  97. She is currently on leave from her job, writing a book about Las Vegas. Prior to working for The Wall Street Journal, she was a reporter at the Tallahassee Democrat and the Wilkes-Barre Times Leader. Binkley is a graduate of the Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism.
About the Author
Clare Ansberry of The Wall Street Journal is the latest winner of the Darrell Sifford Memorial Prize in Journalism. She serves as the Journal's Pittsburgh bureau chief and is a seasoned feature writer. Ansbury's winning articles, including "Uneven Care," "Frayed Lifeline" and "The Tender Trap," highlight the challenges of aging parents caring for a disabled child.
Part one ? Discourse Analysis
Part I (para.1-
  5): Terrorist attacks alter American lives.
Part II. (para.6-
  23): Americans will live with fear and violence and they will have less open society. Part III. (para.24-
  25): Life, with a few things unchanged, will go on in the U.S.
Part Two ? Language Points

  1. as we know it (line 3, para.
  4) in the form that we are familiar with 那将意味着我们所熟悉的托利党(Tory Party)的结束 的结束。 ① 那将意味着我们所熟悉的托利党(Tory Party)的结束。 That will mean an end to the Tory Party as we know it.
我们所熟悉的文明的继续存在正受到威胁。 ② 我们所熟悉的文明的继续存在正受到威胁。 The survival of civilization as we know it is under threat.
Part Two ? Language Points

  2. profile ( line 3, para.
  1) the state of being noticed by other people around one 引人注目的状态; 引人注目的状态; 姿态 大部分的批评指向了他, ① 大部分的批评指向了他,部分原因是因为目前他在政治 上非常引人注目。 He is attracting most of the criticism, partly because of his high political profile at the moment. ② 政府力图在这个问题上保持低姿态。 The government is trying to keep a low profile on this issue. 采取/保持/ ③ 采取/保持/维持低姿态 Adopt/keep/maintain a low profile
Part Two ? Language Points

  2. profile
  2) a side view, esp. of someone’s head 尤指人的头部的)侧面( (尤指人的头部的)侧面(像) 他画她的侧面像。 He drew her profile.
  3) edge or outline of sth. seen against a background 轮廓, 轮廓, 外形 天空衬托下的塔的轮廓。 the profile of the tower against the sky
Part Two ? Language Points

  3. retaliation ( line 1, para.
  10) n. the action of paying back evil with evil 报复, 报仇 报复, ① 恐怖分子为报复最近的逮捕行动而进行的炸弹袭击 a terrorist bomb attack in retaliation for recent arrests
② 对罢工的矿工立刻采取的报复行动 immediate retaliation against the striking miners
Part Two ? Language Points
retaliation v. (against sb./sth. for sth.) repay an injury , insult ,etc. with similar one 报复 我们若征收进口税, ① 我们若征收进口税,别的国家就可能报复我们。 If we impose import duties, other countries may retaliate against us. 他打了妹妹一巴掌, ② 他打了妹妹一巴掌,他妹妹回敬了他一脚。 He slapped his sister, who retaliated by kicking him. retaliatory
这次袭击完全是报复性的。 The raid was purely retaliatory.
Part Two ? Language Points

  4. as much ( line 1, para.
  10) 同样的事;这一点(指上文提到的情况) 同样的事;这一点(指上文提到的情况) 不要谢我,即使为别人我也会这么做的。 ① 不要谢我,即使为别人我也会这么做的。 Don’t thank me; I would do as much for anyone. ② 你迷路了吧?当你姗姗来迟时我就料到这点了。 你迷路了吧?当你姗姗来迟时我就料到这点了。 Did you lose your way? I thought as much when you were late in coming. 我发现他很懒,并对他这么实说了。 ③ 我发现他很懒,并对他这么实说了。 I found him very lazy and told him as much.
Part Two ? Language Points

  5. set off ( line 1, para.
  1) to cause an event or a series of events to start happening 激起,引起 激起, 他的话在人群中引起了骚动。 ① 他的话在人群中引起了骚动。 His speech set off violence in the crowd. ② 一封家书引起了一阵乡思。 一封家书引起了一阵乡思。 A letter from home set off an attack of homesick.
  2) to begin a journey 出发,动身 出发, 错过了末班车, 他们只得徒步启程。 错过了末班车, 他们只得徒步启程。 Having missed the last bus, they had to set off walking.
Part Two ? Language Points

  5. set off
  3) cause to become ignited or explode, discharge 点燃;使爆炸; 点燃;使爆炸;发射 ① 一丁点火花都能引爆储存在这儿的炸药。 The slightest spark can set off the explosive stored here. ② 他们燃放鞭炮庆祝水库的胜利建成。 They set off firecrackers to celebrate the successful completion of the reservoir.
Part Two ? Language Points

  6. spiral (line 1, para.
  1) n. a process of continuous upward or downward movement 螺旋式(交替)上升/下降 螺旋式(交替)上升/ 我们正陷于通货膨胀恶性循环的危险之中。 ① 我们正陷于通货膨胀恶性循环的危险之中。 We are in danger of getting into an inflationary spiral.
② 工资和物价的交替上升 the spiral of rising wages and prices
Part Two ? Language Points

  2) v. 螺旋形移动; 盘旋移动; 连续上升/下降 螺旋形移动; 盘旋移动; 连续上升/ 那股烟袅袅上升。 ① 那股烟袅袅上升。 The smoke spiralled upwards. 物价仍在急剧上涨。 ② 物价仍在急剧上涨。 Prices are still spiralling.
  3) adj. 螺旋(形)的 螺旋( 螺旋形楼梯 a spiral staircase
  6. spiral
Part Two ? Language Points

  7. backlash (line 1, para.
  14) a strong opposing reaction to an earlier action 强烈反应; 强烈反应; 强烈反对 暴力犯罪不断增加, ① 暴力犯罪不断增加,终于引起了对不严的枪支管制法的 强烈不满。 强烈不满。 The continual rise in violence crime eventually provoked a backlash against the liberal gun-control laws. 他若操之过急, 可能会引起死硬派的强烈反对。 ② 他若操之过急, 可能会引起死硬派的强烈反对。 If he moved too quickly, he might provoke a backlash from the diehards. ③ 向某人表示同情的强烈反应 the backlash of sympathy for sb.
Part Two ? Language Points

  8. surveillance (line 1, para.
  15) a close watch kept on someone, esp. a prisoner 监视; 监视; 监督 警察一直把她置于监视之下。 ① 警察一直把她置于监视之下。 The police have been keeping her under surveillance. ② 对所有飞进来的航班的严格监督 strict surveillance of all incoming flights surveillant surveil n. 监视者, 监督者 监视者, v. 监视/监督…… (surveillance的逆构 监视/监督 的逆构) 的逆构
Part Two ? Language Points

  9. in the wake of (line 3, para.
  15) as a result of 随着 随着……而来; ……的后果 而来; 而来 的后果 商人随着征服的军队而来。 ① 商人随着征服的军队而来。 Traders came in the wake of the conquering army.
② 因丑闻而作的调查 an investigation in the wake of scandal
Part Two ? Language Points
in the train of following 跟在 跟在……之后 之后 随干旱而来的是一个歉收年。 随干旱而来的是一个歉收年。 A poor harvest came in the train of a drought.
in the matter of in what concerns 就……而言 而言 就纪律而言, 他是很严格的。 就纪律而言, 他是很严格的。 He is strict in the matter of discipline.
Part Two ? Language Points

  10. step up (line 4, para.
  1) to increase something or increase its intensity 增加; 增加;提高 他们的社会地位得到了很大的提高。 ① 他们的社会地位得到了很大的提高。 Their social position had been much stepped up. ② 我们为满足增长的需求正想方设法增加生产。 We’re trying to step up production to meet the increased demand.
  2) to be promoted 晋升 你将被提升为经理。 你将被提升为经理。 You are going to be stepped up to manager.
Part Two ? Language Points

  10. step up
  3) to move faster 加快,加速 加快, 她加快了脚步以免迟到。 ①她加快了脚步以免迟到。 She stepped up her pace to avoid being late.
请再快点, 他对司机说。 ②“请再快点,”他对司机说。 请再快点 “Step it up a little more,” he said to the driver.
Part Two ? Language Points
step aside move to one side 让路 请让一下好吗?这几个孩子要下车。 请让一下好吗?这几个孩子要下车。 Would you mind stepping aside to let the children off the bus? step down yield one’s position or chance of election 退位,辞职 退位, 在年会上领导拒绝辞职。 在年会上领导拒绝辞职。 The leader refused to step down in the annual conference.
Part Two ? Language Points

  11. pick a quarrel/fight (with somebody) (line 3, para.
  19) deliberately start a quarrel or fight with someone 寻衅( 寻衅(与…)吵架/打架 )吵架/ 我能看出来他想要找茬和我打架。 ① 我能看出来他想要找茬和我打架。 I could see he was trying to pick a fight with me.
他故意找他哥哥打/吵架。 ② 他故意找他哥哥打/吵架。 He picked a fight / quarrel with his older brother.
Part Two ? Language Points

  12. inexplicable (line 7, para.
  20) which is too strange to be explained or understood 不能说明的, 不能说明的, 费解的 神秘莫测的现象 an inexplicable phenomenon 不解之迷 an inexplicable mystery explicable 可解释的, 可解释的, 可说明的 科学家认为作物歉收原因不明。 科学家认为作物歉收原因不明。 Scientists had maintained that the crop failure was not explicable. v. 详细解说并分析 详细阐述自己的道德标准 explicate one’s moral values explicate
Part Two ? Language Points

  13. keep sth under wraps (line 8, para.
  20) (infml) to keep (a plan, idea) secret or concealed 保密,隐瞒 保密, 该计划处于保密状态。 ① 该计划处于保密状态。 The plan was kept under wraps.
这些文件要再保密十年。 ② 这些文件要再保密十年。 The documents will stay kept under wraps for ten more years.
Part Two ? Language Points
keep under one’s feet get in sb’s way, inconvenience sb by one’s presence 挡某人的道; 挡某人的道;碍某人的事 爸爸在修洗涤槽,不要妨碍他。 爸爸在修洗涤槽,不要妨碍他。 Don’t keep under your father’s feet while he is trying to mend the sink. keep under control not allow to spread 控制 一个经验不足的老师,能把那个班控制多久? 一个经验不足的老师,能把那个班控制多久? How long can an inexperienced teacher keep a class like that under control?
Part Two ? Language Points

  14. turn away (line 5, para.
  1) to refuse to let someone enter a place or join an organization, for example because it is full 每年有成千上万的申请者被拒之门外。 每年有成千上万的申请者被拒之门外。 Thousands of applicants are turned away each year.

  2) to refuse to give someone sympathy, help, or support 你怎么能对一个受虐待的孩子不闻不问呢? 你怎么能对一个受虐待的孩子不闻不问呢? How can you turn away from a child that is being cruelly treated?
Part Two ? Language Points

  15. press ahead/ forward /on (with) (line 3, para.
  24) continue steadily and with determination (to carry sth out); 奋进,猛进;(不顾困难地)继续进行 奋进,猛进;(不顾困难地) ;(不顾困难地 我要你加紧努力完成那项工作。 ① 我要你加紧努力完成那项工作。 I want you to press forward with that work.
为了达成协议,我们必须继续努力。 ② 为了达成协议,我们必须继续努力。 We must press ahead with our efforts to reach an agreement.
Part Three ? Difficult Sentences

  1. Our world as we know it isn’t going to return to normal for a long time. (para.4, line
  3) 我们所熟悉的世界将很久不能恢复正常状态 我们所熟悉的世界将很久不能恢复正常状态。 所熟悉



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