For your promising future
Unit Twelve

  1. learn how to combine narration with exposition.
  2. learn to use words such as concern, snap and straight
Teaching Tasks and Process
I. pre reading questions Now you have already been in university for a couple of year. Can you use a few words to modify your university life?
II Background Information
The main purpose which the writer has in mind is to share with the reader some experiences that he had as a student in University through narration intertwined with description. He wishes to make the reader see, feel and hear as vividly as possible what he saw, felt and heard in his university days and to share with the reader the events that had happened to him.
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III Language points

  1. … but he would always end up in a fury, … ?but he would always become very angry in the end end up ? be or become in the end More examples:
Having over-indulged in drinking and dissipation, Lenny Burton ended up a loser in life. A small weak animal ending up prey to a predator is a common occurrence in the jungle.
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  2. His head snapped up. ? He suddenly raised his head.

  3. I went to that class straight from the botany class. straight?without delay, immediately More examples: As we are pressed for time, I’ll come
straight to the point. The Boeing 767 will take you straight to New York without touching down in Japan.
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  4. None gave him more hints, in answering questions, or asked him simpler ones than the economics professor, a thin, timid man named Bassum. ?This is an examples of using a comparative adjective to express a superlative degree. More examples:
None left behind more questions for experts to answer than Master William Shakespeare. No one was more capable as a basketball coach than Butler at that time.
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Free discussion What are the reasons for attending university, to get a decent job or to enhance the integrated quality ?
《中华人民共和国学位条例》 “Regulations Concerning Academic Degrees in the People\'s Republic of China” 结业证书 Certificate of Completion 毕业证书 Certificate of Graduation 肄业证书 Certificate of Completion/Incompletion/ Attendance/Study 教育学院 College/Institute of Education 中学 Middle[Secondary] School 师范学校 Normal School[upper secondary level] 师范专科学校 Normal Specialised Postsecondary College
师范大学 专科学校 专科学校 广播电视大学 中等专科学校 自学考试 考试 技工学校 业余大学 职工大学 大学 granting) 职业大学
Normal [Teachers] University Postsecondary Specialized College Academy Radio and Television University Secondary Specialized School Self-Study Examination Skilled Workers [Training] School Spare-Time University Staff and Workers University University (regular, degreeVocational University
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   新编英语教程4 For your promising future 淘花/百度专用 1 Unit Twelve 淘花/百度专用 2 Objectives 1. learn how to combine narration with exposition. 2. learn to use words such as concern, snap and straight 淘花/百度专用 3 Teaching Tasks and Process I. pre reading questions N ...


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