Unit Three
My Friend, Albert Einstein
Pre-reading Question What do you think Hoffmann would describe Einstein as a friend?
Paragraph 1
none the worse for: not harmed by; not adversely affected by 并不更差;依然如故 E.g.: He’s none the worse for his fall from the window.
他从窗口掉下,结果并没有怎么样。 Now I’ve cleaned it; the carpet is none the worse for having milk spilled on it. 现在我把地毯弄干净了,虽说牛奶曾溅上过,但没有什么损坏。 think none the worse of somebody 依然看重某人
would be none the worse for its wetting: would not be harmed by its being wet
Voc. 1
knack: a special skill or ability, usually the result of practice诀窍;,技巧, 本事 E.g.: She has a knack of doing sums in her head,
however complicated they may be.
He had a happy knack of combining adventure with science. 有一种把冒险和科学结合起来的巧妙本领。 a knack of the trade 做买卖的诀窍
Para. 1
This knack for…extraordinary feeling for beauty. (para.
  1) This natural ability of intuitively getting to the essence of a subject was the key to his great scientific discoveries--this natural gift and his unusual awareness of beauty.
Paragraph 2
carte blanche: (French) (pl.: cartes blanches) full freedom, especially in politics and in spending money 签好字的空白纸;全权,自由处理权 签好字的空白纸;全权, E.g.: He was given carte blanche to build, landscape,
and furnish the house.
fc1 refused carte blanche for the bombers.
The king gave his minister carte blanche in foreign affairs.
Paragraph 2
plead with: ask (someone) very strongly in a begging way 恳求;请求 恳求; E.g.: The girl pleaded with her parents to let her
go to school by herself.
She pleaded with me to give up the plan. plead (with sb) for forgiveness (one’s life) 请求(某人)原谅(饶命) 请求(某人)原谅(饶命)
Voc. 2
be in awe of: (stand in awe of) have respect as well as fear for 敬畏(某人) 敬畏(某人) E.g.: He visited the exhibition and stood in
awe of the fossils of prehistoric animals. The audience listened to the learned philosopher in awe.
Voc. 3
awry: twisted; bent 曲的;歪的;斜的 曲的;歪的; in a wrong manner 离开了预期方向(的);错(的) 离开了预期方向( );错 E.g.: Her clothes were all awry.
Our plans went awry.
glance awry 斜视 go (run) awry (人)背离正道,走向邪路 背离正道,
Voc. 4
stagger v.: cause shocked disbelief使惊奇 E.g.: His excessive conceit staggered all his colleagues.
It’s a fantastic task that staggers the imagination. 那是件令人难以想象的艰巨伟大的工作。
the staggering and altogether endearing request: the shocking, and yet very pleasant request
Paragraph 4
endearing adj.: causing feelings of love and affection 使人喜爱的;引人爱慕的 使人喜爱的; E.g.: Mark’s teacher answered his questions
with an endearing smile.
self-confidence is an endearing property. 自信是一种讨人喜欢的品质。
Voc. 5
vestige: a trace of something that is disappearing or no longer exists痕迹 遗迹 痕迹, E.g.: With the overthrow of the monarchy, all
vestiges of feudalism are gone. There is not a vestige of truth in the report
Paragraph 5
run abreast of (with ):to run side by side with keep / be abreast of: to know all the time the most recent facts about something non-material 使不落后于 E.g.: Read the papers if you want to keep abreast of
the times.
Even this arrangement did not keep wages abreast of the rising living cost.
Voc. 6
offshoot: a new branch of a plant; a thing that is developed from sth else旁枝 ,支流 衍生物 支流,衍生物 支流 E.g.: One of the offshoot of the trunk fall from high under the weight of the snow
South African offshoots of British companies
An offshoot of the family settled down on the island in the eighteenth century.
Voc. 7
recalcitrant: hard to deal with;unmanagable ;
难处理的, ;(疾病等 疾病等) 难处理的,不顺从的 ;(疾病等)难治的
E.g.: Try not to punish a recalcitrant child
severely, it is better to reason with him.
The University suspended the most recalcitrant demonstrators.
The intensity and depth of …as an animal worries its prey.(para.
His concentration on work was incredibly intense and deep. When attacking a problem difficult to solve, he kept attempting to deal with it with great effort, just as an animal chases and bites a weaker one it preys upon until the latter gives in.
Paragraph 9
quaint: attractively unusual or oldfashioned 老式而别致的,奇特而有趣的 老式而别致的, E.g.: a quaint little house
一座古雅小巧的房子 a quaint pronunciation of English words 对于英语单词古怪而有趣的发音
Paragraph 9
捻弄; twirl: to cause to curl 捻弄;扭转
E.g.: twirl one’s moustache
拈胡子 She twirled her hair round her fingers. 她把头发缠绕在手指上。 她把头发缠绕在手指上。
Para. 3
A dreamy, faraway and …placid inner communion.(para.
  10) He would look lost in thought, thinking about sth distant, and yet meditating within himself. He did not seem to be in deep thought, nor did he knit his brows?he was just in self-contained peaceful contemplation.
Voc. 8
fathom: come to understand; get the true meaning of E.g.: He explained the astronomical phenomenon in
such a complicated way that we could hardly fathom his meaning.
I can’t fathom what you mean. 我不能完全猜透你的意思。 我不能完全猜透你的意思。 fathom somebody’s motives (mystery) 弄清某人的动机(秘密 弄清某人的动机 秘密) 秘密
Paragraph 11
haggard: having lines on the face and hollow places around the eyes and in the cheeks, as through tiredness or lack of sleep 憔悴的,形容枯槁的 His sorrow made him look haggard Her face was haggard from sleeplessness
Voc. 10
grope: try to find sth by feeling with the hands in a place where one cannot see properly 触摸,暗中摸(for); E.g.: He groped in his pocket for the note
from his roommate. There was a short circuit and the lights were all out. She had to grope her way to the bedroom.
Voc. 11
wiggle: (infml) to (cause to) move in small side to side, up and down, or turning movements 扭动;摆动 E.g.: to wiggle one’s toes
They wiggled their hips to the sound of pop music. 他们随着流行音乐扭摆着屁股。
Para. 4
Each of these assumptions…the other and fled in panic. (para.
  14) The theories, considered one by one, was really credible, so much so that they seem to be simple and clear. But when considered together, they were strongly contradictory to each other that a less learned scholar would have given up one or the other and would no longer take up the issue again.
Paragraph 15
tamper with: interfere with; try to change sth without permission 胡乱摆弄; 篡改; 用不正当手段干预 E.g.: Don’t tamper with the students’ records.
Put them back into the filing cabinet. a will that has been tampered with 经篡改的遗嘱 tamper with a witness (用收买等手段) 左右证人
Para. 5
Einstein’s work, …controversy and irrational anger. (para.
  16) Einstein’s work was done quietly with pencil on paper and seemed to be far removed from the confusion of everyday life, but his ideas were so radical that they led to strong arguments and made people unreasonably angry.
Voc. 13
Ineffable: indescribable,unutterable 言
语难以表达的, 语难以表达的,不可言喻 E.g.: ineffable joy / happiness / beauty
/ delight 难以形容的喜悦 / 美貌
ineffable sadness: sadness that is too intense to be described


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