1.1 A writer who pay great attention to expressing the exact English will never be satisfied with a word which can not express an idea accurately. U
  1.2 For the reader can easily understand what kind of feelings and thoughts we want to convey, we need to be careful to choose the words we used in article. U
  1.3Finding the most suitable word is in no sense easy. But there is nothing like the delight and excitement we shall experience when we pick up such a word. U
  1.4 If we can use language accurately we are in a position to totally understand the subject matter. U
  2.1 The result is, the sea, the cradle of many civilizations, is seriously polluted. It is the first of the seas that has been made to suffer from a situation resulting from development mixed with an irresponsible mentality. U
  2.2 Further, while the places such as Cannes and Tel Aviv dispose of their wastes through a pipe stretching out half a mile from the shore, most cities do not bother to do that but simply dump their sewage directly into the sea along the coastline. U
  2.3 There is an even bigger hazard hidden in the seafood dishes that are forever so appealing to those holiday makers.
  2.4 Factories are set up around the coastline, few of which, including the most sophisticated, have been equipped with a satisfactory system for dealing with their effluents. U
  3.1 Einstein's natural ability of intuitively getting to the essence of a subject and unusual awareness of beauty were the key to his great discoveries. U
  3.2 His engrossment was incredibly intense and deep. When meeting a difficult problem, he attempted to deal it with great effort, just like an animal chases its prey until it gets the prey. U
  3.3 He would look lost in thought, thinking about something distant, and yet meditating within himself. He did not seem to be in deep thought, nor did he knit his browshe was just in selfcontained peaceful contemplation. U
  3.4 Einstein's assumptions, considered separately, seemed to be reasonable, credible and clear in the original sense. But when considered together, they were so strongly contradictory to each other that a less learned scholar would have given up one or the other completely and would no longer take up the issue again. U
  3.5Einstein’s work was done quietly with pencil on paper and seemed to be far away from the confusion of everyday life, but his ideas were so radical that they led to strong arguments and made people unreasonably angry.
  4.1The beautiful clothes worn by the poor and the myth story about the affluent society always cover the severe fact of the poor. U
  4.2 The middle class was misled by the beauty and myths mask of the poverty, and their unawareness made more complex this separation between the rich and the poor. U
  5.1Children have become television addicts, devoting much of the time when they are together to watching TV. U
  5.2 Television is not merely one among many important factors that may influence a child today. U
  5.3 Television has brought about great changes in family life, playing the dominant role in shaping the lives of chi ldren today. U
  5.4 .....the television has its magic power over people. As soon as the television is on, people stop talking and doin g anything else, becoming lifeless statues before the TV sc reen. U
  5.5 The moment a child sits down to watch television is the moment his growth towards maturity is suspended.
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  1.1 After citing many facts and listing some statistics, he finally drove home his points. U
  1.2 It took us half a year more or less to finish the research project. U
  3.What he said was so subtle that we could hardly make out his true intention. U
  1.4 His new book looks squarely at the contemporary social problems. U
  1.5 Today, the young generation is very much alive to the newest information which on the Internet. U
  1.6 Is a matter of opinion whether a foreign language is more easily learned in one’s childhood or otherwise. U
  1.7 Never lose heart in the face of a setback; just take courage and deal with it squarely. U
  1.8 Rice, meat, vegetables, and fruit constitute balanced diets. U
  2.1 One person's effort is not enough to cope with such a complicated situation. U
  2.2 When do you think the new rules about information will take effect? U
  2.3 There is little chance to win the lottery, maybe only a one -in -hundred chance. U
  2.4 It is deplorable that many teenagers fall victim to poison.
  2.5 There is virtually no one who support his proposal. U
  2.6 Beware of the swindler with a slick tongue and a smiling face. U
  2.7 Don’t touch the bag, The explosive in it may blow up at any minute. Your life will be at risk. U
  2.8 He looked confident about his job,but he lurked some doubts in the depth of his mind. U
  3.1He honked his car horn to alert the pedestrians. U
  3.2 The fast development of information technology is an outstanding example of human endeavor. U
  3.3 Mary gropes for the proper words to express her thanks to the teachers. U
  3.4 The headmaster's plain words conveyed a message of challenge to the young people. U
  3.5 Don't tamper with the wires, or you may cause a short circuit. U
  3.6 He thought he could defeat any opponent in the competition , but his over-confidence led to his failure. U
  3.7 What he said seems simple, but we can't fathom the implicit meaning in it. U
  3.8 He tried to steer the groups random conversation to some constructive topics.
  4.1Can I be exempt from the regular physical examination this year? I just had one three month ago before I went to the summer camp. U
  4.2 Could you tell me again what I should do next? It has slipped out of my mind what you said to me yesterday. U
  4.3We all assumed that Dave was a trustworthy person, but it turned out that we were wrong. U
  4.4His misfortune was compounded by his wife's ill and his loss of job. U
  4.5 Whether or not there are living beings in other space is of perennial interest to man. U
  4.6 When you are under great strain, you will not be abl e to think clearly. U
  4.7 Jim tends to lose his temper when his advice is not heeded. U
  4.8 Despite the teacher has erudite knowledge, feels that it's he difficult to speak articulately the need of students. U
  5.1 Jane is a smart girl, she can always give any question appropriate answers on the spur of the moment. U
  5.2 Our teacher attained full professorship before he was forty. U
  5.3 Environmental pollution is afflicts many cities and towns around the world. U
  5.4 Acupuncture therapy produces marked effects on patients
suffering from arthritis. U
  5.5 Instead of being profit-oriented, hospitals should make their efforts to take good care of the patients. U
  5.6 What sort of people are involved in the lawsuit? U
  5.7 The factory is taking drastic measures to ameliorate the working conditions in the workshop. U
  5.8 Outstanding emerging young men of and life . women are
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   Paraphrase Unit1.1 A writer who pay great attention to expressing the exact English will never be satisfied with a word which can not express an idea accurately. U1.2 For the reader can easily understand what kind of feelings and thoughts we want t ...


   Paraphrase Unit1.1 A writer who pay great attention to expressing the exact English will never be satisfied with a word which can not express an idea accurately. U1.2 For the reader can easily understand what kind of feelings and thoughts we want t ...


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