第一单元练习 一, 翻译
  1, 在举出许多事实并列出一些统计数字后,他终于把他的论点说清楚了。 (drive sth. home)
  2, 差不多花了半年功夫,我们才完成了那项研究项目。(more or less)
  3, 他说的话是如此微妙我们很难理解他的真实意图。 (subtle)
  4, 他的新书明确无误地审视当代的社会问题。(squarely)
  5, 今日的年轻一代对互联网上的最新信息很敏感。(be alive to)
  6, 外语是不是在童年更容易学好?这是一个观点问题。(a matter of)
  7, 在挫折面前千万不要丧失信心;鼓起勇气坚定不移地去克服它。(take courage)
  8, 米饭、肉类、蔬菜、水果构成均衡的饮食。(constitue) 二, 选择 1, A clumsy (heavy, stupid, unskill) workman is likely to find fault with his tools. 2, As John was a deft (skillful, clever, ready) mechanic, he was hired by the joint-venture in no time. 3, The writer made a mopint of avoiding using loose(vague, unbound, disengaged) terminology in his science fiction. 4, We didn’t appreciate the subtle (delicate, tricky, profound) scheme to make money at the expense of the customers. 5, Annie Oakley became famous as one of the world’s most precise(accurate, scrupulous, rigid) sharpshooters. 6, The government in that newly-independent country has decided to make a shift (alteration, turn, transference) in its foreign policies. 7, Misunderstanding arose on account of the vague(undetermined, confused, ambiguous) instruction on the part of the manager. 8, If solider do not pay scrupulous(exact, vigilant, conscientious) attention to orders they will not defeat the enemy. 9, In some areas, the birgin forest has been cut through ignorance(blindness, want of knowledge, darkness) of the value of trees. 10, Since many pure metals have such disadvanges(harm, unfavorableness, drawbacks) as being to soft and being liable to rust too easily, they have little use. 11, My colleague, Mr. Hill, has a small but well-chosen library, where it is said he spends most of his spare time cultivating (nourishing, tilling, developing) his mind. 12, If you think photography is my hobby, your belief is quite mistaken(fraudulent, erroeous, deceitful). 13, What appears to the laymen as unimportant (minute, trivial, diminitive) and unrelated facts is often precious to the archaeologist. 14, The founge has a seating capacity of 30 people but it is too dark(dim, dingy, gloomy) to read there. 15, These career-oriented women are used to flexible(adaptable, willowy, docile) working hours in the office. 16, Only experts with a professional eye can tell the fine(fair, pleasant, subtle) distinction between the two gems. 17, The goose quill pen has a great sentimental (tender, emotional, soft) appeal to Emily as it was a gift from her best friend. 18, Being thoughtful of and enthusisatic towards others is the essence(gist, kernel, quintessence) of politeness. 19, When they destroyed some of their nuclear and chemical weapons, they acted under coercion(repression, concession, compulsion). 20, My uncle’s oft-repeated anecdotes of his adventures in Africa were fascinating (catching, pleasing, absorbing) to listen to. 第二单元练习 一,翻译
  1, 一个人的努力不足以应付如此复杂的情况。 (cope with)
  2, 你认为有关信息的新规章将在什么时候生效?(take effect)
  3, 彩票中奖的机会极少,可能只有百分之一的机会。 one in … chance) (a
  4, 不少青年成了毒品的受害者的这一事实是很可悲。 (fall victim to)
  5, 几乎没有任何人赞同他的建议。 (virtually)
  6, 谨防油嘴滑舌满面笑容的骗子。 (beware)
  7, 不要碰那个包。里面的炸药随时会爆炸。你会有生命危险。 (be at risk)
  8, 他看上去对工作很有信息;但是在他的思想深处却潜藏着几分疑虑。 (lurk)
  1, When the wind died down, the sailboat drifted toward the beach. A, headed B, floated C, hurried D, returned
  2, The roof of the house was practically falling in and the front steps were rotting away. A, virtually B, essentially C, always D,basically 3, After an unhappy love affair, Emily Dickinson was said to have lived like a hermit, shut away in her family home in Smherst, Masschusetts. A, heroine B, recluse C, invalid D, lunatic 4, Owing to the efforts of conservationists and environmentalists, few people are unaware of the problems of endangered species. A, indifferent to B, ignorant of C, opposed to D, contrary to 5, Do you know that the principal areas inhabited by marrine algae are rocky shores, sailt marshes, and shallow water.? A, coasts B, rivers C, banks D,pools 6, Some cells, such as epithelia proliferate more rapidly when the body is asleep than when it is awake. A, nurture B, infect C, nourish D, multiply 7, These small firms amalgamated not long ago in order to meet the increasing demands for more electrical appliances. A, clustered B, combined C, assembled D, linked 8, It is reported that these medals are awarded annually for achievements in the fields of arts, sciences, goivenment and entertainment. A, yearly B, specifically C, partly D, periodically 9, Some white ants surround their nests with huge mounds of earth up to forty feet high. A, sticks B, sffluents C, slime D, dirt 10, Most tachometers measure the speed of rotation of a spinning shaft or wheel in terms of revolutions per minute. A, running B, floating C, whirling D, pumping 11, The plans for the new office and apartment building were a few weeks ago. A, drawn to B, drawn out C, drawn up D, drawn in 12, I don’t really know David all that well. He’s just a(n) acquaintance of mine. A, accidental B, random C, hazardous D, casual 13, Fortunately when I collided with that big car, the damage to both cars was only __. A, small B, minimal C, little D, few 14, It’s surprising how few students can __ between oranges and tangerines. A, choose B, see C, distinguish D, separate 15, Your appointment kwill take __ from 1st July. A, action B, hold C, effect D, place 16, From the __ of he negotioations, it was clear that it would be hard for the two sides to reach an agreement. A, outbreak B,outlook C,outset D, onset 17, They had not cleaned the house for weeks and the health inspector found them libing in the utmost. A, contamination B, decay C, pollution D,squalor 18, After the outbreak of an unknown disease, investigation revealed of the city’s water supply. A, contagion B, infiltration C, contamination D,eruption 19, His irresponsible behavior put the lives of all the workers in __. A, risk B, alarm C, hazard D, jeopardy 20, The __ of the lake is covered with reeds and rushs. A, strand B, coast C, shore D, bank
第三单元练习 一,翻译
  1, 他按了按汽车喇叭以引起路上行人的警觉。 (alert)
  2, 信息工程的迅速发展是人类尝试的一个突出事例。 (endeavour)
  3, 玛丽试图找到恰当的语言来表达她对老师的感激。 (grope)
  4, 学校校长以平易话语向年轻人传递了富有挑战性的信息。 (convey)
  5, 不要胡乱摆弄电线,要不然会引起电线短路。 (tamper with)
  6, 他自以为在竞争中可以战败任何对手。但是他过分的自信使他失败了。 (fail vt.)
  7, 他说的话似乎简单明了,但是其中的含蓄意义我们不能理解。 (fathom)
  8, 他试图把小组漫无目的的谈话引导到一些有建设性的话题上去。 (steer) 二,选择
  1. Beth could her coat because it had largered buttons. A. recognize B. prove C. define D. claim
  2. Postal are determined by the class and weight of the parcel mailed. A. taxes B. payment C. fees D. premium
  3. My father is so deaf that he has to use a hearing A. help B. aid C. support D. tool
  4. On New Year’s Eve, there will be a firework at People’s Square. A. display B. performance C. show D. exhibition
  5. The of beer and alcohol in New Zealand is very high. A. consumption B. use C. drink D. absorption
  6.According to the law which he later produced, everything in the universe attracts everything else towards . A.It B.Everything C.Itself D.Each
  7.Each of the area managers enjoys considerable in the running of his own area. A.Autonomy B.Dignity C.Monopoly D.Stability
  8.There is an unquestionable link between job losses and services. A.Descending B.Declining C.Deteriorating D.Depressing
  9.Thomas Edison, , seemed to be awkward in his childhood. A.A great inventor B.Was a great inventor C.A great inventor who D.Who, as a great inventor
  10.In these circumstances, it is the managers who comebest. A.Off B.On C.Round D.Down
  11.Neptune is about thirty times as far from the Sun . A.Is the Earth B.The Earth is C.Is as the Earth D.As is the Earth
  12.He’s alreadyseveral of the proposals in his economic plan to accommodate demands of special interests. A.Altered B.Alternated C.Substituted D.Exchanged
  13.He has been by magistrates that he is under investigation for corruption. A.Certified B.Classified C.Clarified D.Notified
  14.Talking about that is useless,is familiar to me. A.Which fact B.The fact of which C.Is fact D.That fact
  15.It would seem more to apply standards flexibly rather than rigidly. A.Insensitive B.Allergic C.Sensible D.Infected
  16.If the supply of vitamins and minerals in the diet is, this will result in changes in body chemistry. A.Inadequate B.Incapable C.Incompatible D.Invalid

  17.Our country had made great efforts to promote the family-planning policy, but the birth rate is getting higher and higher. A.As it were B.As it is C.As it was D.As is it
  18.The average dailyof fruit and vegetables is around 200 grams. A.Dissipation B.Consumption C.Disposal D.Expenditure
  19.Two officers on patrol became of two men in a car. A.Generous B.Suspicious C.Appreciative D.Tolerant
  20.He caused a false account of the event in the newspaper. A.Had published B.To be published C.Being published D.To have published .
  21.He lent money, madeand encouraged others to do likewise.
A.Pensions my career. A.Having impressed A.Perspective A.Abolished A.Will appoint B.Impressed C.Impressing D.Scene D.Constrained D.Appointed D.To be impressed
  23.The has remained predominantly rural in appearance. B.View B.Expired B.Appoints C.Landscape C.Amended C.Appoint
  24.He had lived illegally in the United States for five years after his visitor’s visa.
  25.I intend to move that our committee Jim as chairman, and I hope that you will second my motion. B.Earnings C.Salaries D.Donations
  22.The qualities of my hometown, on me as a boy, had a profound effect on the philosophy that directed

  1.Real tennis, an ancient precursor of the modern game,in the eleventh century. A.Initiated A.Bread B.Originated C.Loaves C.Embarked D.Foods D.Commenced
  2.Some men seek office, not to be useful to the state and the grassroots, but for the and fishes. B.Meat
  3.“She is to her personal allowance which is three thousand pounds of income.” “Yes, but she doesn’t earn any money.” A.Resorted A.Massive A.While B.Granted C.Afforded C.Surplus D.Even if D.Entitled D.Formidable
  4.She has a reputation in both jazz and classical music. B.Quantitative B.Given C.Unless
  5. the new fund-raising plan is approved, we will soon have more money to build the gymnasium.



   第一单元练习 一, 翻译 1, 在举出许多事实并列出一些统计数字后,他终于把他的论点说清楚了。 (drive sth. home) 2, 差不多花了半年功夫,我们才完成了那项研究项目。(more or less) 3, 他说的话是如此微妙我们很难理解他的真实意图。 (subtle) 4, 他的新书明确无误地审视当代的社会问题。(squarely) 5, 今日的年轻一代对互联网上的最新信息很敏感。(be alive to) 6, 外语是不是在童年更容易学好?这是一个观点问题。(a matter ...


   第一单元 1 After citing many facts and giving a number of statistical figures, he finally drove home his point. 2 It took us half a year more or less to carry through the research project. 3 What he said was so subtle that we could hardly make out his ...


   Paraphrase Unit1.1 A writer who pay great attention to expressing the exact English will never be satisfied with a word which can not express an idea accurately. U1.2 For the reader can easily understand what kind of feelings and thoughts we want t ...

新编英语教程 5 unit 1

   Unit One TEXT I Hit the Nail on the Head (恰到好处;一语中的) 恰到好处; 恰到好处 一语中的) " I. Pre-reading Questions " 1. Suggested Answer (SA): It means exactly right in words or action. " 2. SA: The author advises that the English students should try to get the wor ...


   非常抱歉,该文档存在转换错误,不能在本机显示。建议您重新选择其它文档 ...


   非常抱歉,该文档存在转换错误,不能在本机显示。建议您重新选择其它文档 ...


   Unit Eight: 为何样样失灵?(为何什么都没用?) 根据著名学者摩非所发明的法则, “任何东西如果有坏的可能,它就一定会坏掉。 ”摩非 法则的推论为劣质商品问题提供了依据:任何东西如果可能会失效,它就一定会失效;任何 东西如果可能解体,它就一定会解体;任何东西如果可能停止运转,它就会停止运转。虽然 摩非定律永远不会被推翻, 但是它的效应通常却是可以被延缓的。 人类生存多半想能确保物 品出厂后相当一段时间内不会坏掉、解体、失效或停止运转。要想预防摩非法则对产品产生 效应需要智慧、技术和 ...

新编英语教程5 Unit Two

   Unit Two Beware the Dirty Seas V. Key Points of the Text Sluice:a channel that carries a rapid current of water, esp one that has a sluicegate to control the flow水闸, 泄水道 We opened the sluice and the water poured in. 我们打开闸门,水就涌了进来。 They regulate the ...

新编英语教程5 Unit Ten

   Unit Ten Things: The Throw-Away Society I. 1. Pre-reading Questions After you have eaten a paper bag of apples, do you keep the bag or throw it away? If the fruit comes in a good plastic bag, how do you dispose of the plastic bag? Suppose you have ...

新编英语教程5 Unit Nine

   Unit Nine Where is the News Leading Us? IV. Language Points Voc. 1 to the (very) core: right to the center; thoroughly, completely 直至核心;十足的,地道的 " E.g.: He is honest to the core. " 他这人真是诚实到家了。 " The gentleman is English to the core. " 那绅士是个地道的英国人。 P ...



   j Jabari 勇敢无畏 男性 非洲? Jabir 安慰的人 男性 阿拉伯? Jacinda 美丽的 女性 希腊?? Jacinta 可爱的 女性 希腊?? Jacinthe 风信子 女性 希腊?? Jack 杰克[男、昵]- 希伯来[希伯来语]上帝的恩赐,也指普通人,小伙子,上帝仁慈的赠礼 水手John的绰号 Jackson 杰克逊 男性 未知 Jack的儿子 Jacob雅各布/雅各 男性 希伯来 取而代者;跟随者 被抓住脚腕。 Jacqueline 杰奎琳/贾桂琳 女性 希伯来。法国 愿 ...

高中英语Unit 3 定语从句 关系代词 精品课件人教新课标必修1

   Unit 4 Grammar The Attributive clause 1 定语从句 修饰, 修饰 限定 What are attributes(定语 定语)? 定语 1.He boy.(形容词) .(形容词 1.He is an honest boy.(形容词) 2.The 2.The falling/fallen leaves are flying sky. 现在/过去分词) in the sky.(现在/过去分词) 3. What’s your telephone number?( ...


   Grammar 一 动词不定式 动词不定式由" +动词原形"构成, 动词不定式由"to+动词原形"构成, 可以在句中作主语,宾语,表语, 可以在句中作主语,宾语,表语,定 语,状语,补足语等,但不能作谓语. 状语,补足语等, 不能作谓语. 动 词 不 定 式 To do that sort of thing is foolish. 主语 . I want to see you this evening. 宾语 All you have to do is ...


   2011 年全国大学生英语竞赛报名通知 年全国大学生英语竞赛报名通知 全国大学生英语竞赛(National English Contest for College Students,简称 NECCS)是高等学校大学外语教学指导委 员会和高等学校大学外语教学研究会组织的全国唯一一个考察大 学生英语综合能力的竞赛活动,本届(2011 年)已是第 13 届。 全国大学生英语竞赛也是我校开展实践教学,丰富大学英语 第二课堂活动的一个重要内容,有利于学生学以致用,全面提高 英语的综合运用能力。哈尔滨工 ...


   届高三英语单元检测( 江苏省启东中学 2010 届高三英语单元检测(2) 单项填空 1. He is old, so his son will the farm. A. take charge of B. in charge of C. charge D. be in the charge of 2. Hay, I to meet you here. How long have you been here? A. don’t expect B didn’t expect C. haven’t ...