Unit Two
The Fine Art of Putting Things Off
Michael Demarest
Dictionary work

  1. cool one’s heelbe forced to wait; be kept waiting
  2. attest totestify to; serve as an evidence to affirm/to be proof of
  3. apocalypticforeboding imminent disaster or final doom
  4.proconsulan administrator in a colony usually with wide power
  5. ruminatego over in the mind repeatedly and often slowly
  6. natteringchattering; hence, noisy
  7. echelonrank, level
  8. fortifyencourage; support
  9. reappraisalre-evaluation
  10. academethe academic community; academics
  11. shrink psychoanalyst or psychiatrist
  12. subliminalexisting or functioning outside the area of conscious awareness
  13.truisman undoubted or self-evident truth
  14. mellow and marinateto mellow is to become ripe or fully developed, and to marinate is to steep in a savory sauce to enrich its flavor; here, ripen and mature.
  1. tangiblesubstantially real; material
  2. custombusiness patron; regular support given to a tradesman by those who buy his goods
  3. impregnableunassailable, unattackable; sturdy
  4. credittrust in a person’s ability and intention to pay at a later time for goods, etc. supplied
  5. dashvigor in style and action
  6. flairingenuity and vitality
  7. invulnerabilityfreedom from harm or attack
  8. compositionarrangement into proper proportion or relation and especially into artistic form
  9. illusorydeceptive
  10. precludemake impossible
II. Dictionary work

  1. exuberantwild and excessive
  2.withal together with this; besides
  3. bland and genialcomposed and gracious
II. Dictionary work

  1. imperiousdomineering, overbearing, arrogant
  2. the apple of one’s eyeone that is dear; one’s favorite person
  3. premisesa tract of land with the building thereon
  4. throngfill by crowding into
  5. moietyhalf
  6. parapeta low wall or railing to protect the edge of a platform
  7.devious tricky, not straightforward
  8. reveriedaydream
Dictionary work

  1.assumptionsomething taken for granted; supposition
  2. crave forlong for; desire eagerly

  3. humdrumlacking variety; dull
  4. immerseinvolve deeply; absorb
  5. transmutechange; transform
  6. physiological pressuresirritation; annoyance; affliction
  7. vexationillnesses; discomforts
  8. seminalhaving possibilities of future development; highly original and influencing development of future event
  9. inordinateexcessive
  10. compatible withable to exist together
  11. thrive onenjoy and do well as a result of
  12. stave offkeep off; prevent in time II. Dictionary work
  1. lamelyweak, unsatisfactory
  2. paradoxicalseemingly self-contradictory; incongruous; puzzling
  3. seductiveattractive; charming
  4. pedagogicalteaching
  5. waryheedful; careful
  6. on the defensiveprepared for disapproval or attack
  7. demeaning overtones?implications of humiliation
  8. vestigestraces that have once existed but exist no more
  9. to the detriment ofto the harm of
  10. throesa condition of agonizing struggle or effort; upheaval 阵痛/烈痛
  11. narcissismexcessive admiration of oneself 自我陶醉/自恋
  12. obligationduty; social requirement that compel one to follow a certain course of action
  13. fretfulirritable; complaining 发牢骚的/烦躁的
  14. pass musterbe accepted satisfactorily
  15. depreciationa disparaging 轻视的/蔑视的 or a belittling act or instance
  16. censurean expression of blame or disapproval 责难/责备
  17. preenadorn or trim carefully 打扮/整饰
  18. interminableendless
  1. multitudinousvery numerous; existing I great number
  2. lust overwhelming desire or craving
  3. orgyexcessive indulgence in any activity; wild festivity
  4. pitch point, level, degree
  5. texturequality; structure of a substance
  6. deliberate fastingeating little or no food on purpose
  7. bludgeonforce into somebody; beat
  8. blow-outa large, usu. Lavish meal
  9. indulgencegreat satisfaction; having too much what one wants
  10. homagehonor or respect; reverence paid
  11. gorgestuff or fill oneself completely with food
  12. impotencepowerlessness; ineffectualness II. Dictionary work
  1. take liberties withmisinterpret; distort; violate

  2.blithelyheedlessly; without thought or regard
  3. derelictiondeliberate neglect; negligence
  4. exempt fromnot subject to an obligation
  5. flurryprofusion; abundance; great quantity
  6. ordinanceauthoritative law; command
  7. flagrantshameless; notorious
  8. festering scandaltormenting disgrace
  9. statueslaws
  10. public nuisancesomething offensive or annoying to the community, esp. in violation of other’s legal rights
  11. floutingtreating with contemptuous disregard
  12. denta depression in a surface, as from a blow; damage
  13. brazenshameless; impudent
  14. slughit hard, esp. with a fist
  15. skirtavoid; keep distant from; go around the edge of
  16. mandatecommand from a superior official to an inferior one; authoritative command
  17. constituentvoters
  18. subvert?undermine the principle of
  19. enactinstitute; levy
  20. punyinsignificant
  21. nullifydeclare legally void
  22. desegregation rulingsofficial decision on desegregation
  23. disquietingupsetting
  24. terminallyfatally The speaker’s disquieting words made the audience shudder.
  1. terminallyfatally. E.g. According to the doctor’s diagnosis, he was terminally ill and had to be sent to a hospital.
  1. plightcondition, state, or situation; esp. an unfavorable one
  2. as often as notat least half the time; frequently
  3. articulateusing language easily and fluently; having facility with words
  4. a coveted fellowshipa fellowship that everyone longs jealously to possess
  5. allegoricallyfiguratively
  6. gibberishtalk or writing containing many obscure, pretentious, or technical words; meaningless talk or writing
  7. providentiallyfortunately; luckily
  8. inexorablyinescapably
  9. profundityprofound or deep matters
  10. grapple withtry to deal with
  1. speciesa category of organism; a kind, variety or type
  2. adventarrival; coming into being
  3. deploreregret deeply or strongly
  4. wobbly?shaky
  5. wan?pale
  3. memory bankthe storage unit of a computer
typoabbreviated form of “typographical error”, i.e., error in printed matter flabbyfeeble; weak mustyhaving an odour suggestive of mould doodlesscribblings deeda written or signed paper that is an official record of an agreement, esp. an agreement concerning ownership of property
  9. exhortationdiscourse conveying urgent advice or recommendations
  10. spewflow out in large quantities like a stream
  11. dot-matrix printera printing device using a rectangular pattern of small dots to print characters
  12. holographbooks or document written in the author’s own handwriting
  13. immaculatefree from fault or flaw; free from error
  1. virtualin essence or effect though not formally recognized or admitted
  2. poignantdeeply moving
  3. chivalry?the qualities that knights in the Western countries in the Middle Ages were expected to have, such as courage, honor, courtesy, loyalty, devotion to the weak and helpless, to the service of women.
  4. obeisancesubmission, obedience
  1. to a faultto the extreme degree; excessively
  2. groove a fixed routine, a set way of doing things
  3. tenacityperseverance
  4. burgeoningthriving
  5. fidelityloyalty, faithfulness
  6. in one’s debtunder obligation to one




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