新编英语语法教程答案第 01 讲 练习参考答案
Ex. 1A

  1. A. his home work B. quickly, to play
  2. A. The huge black horse B. the race
  3. A. have thought about B. going into space
  4. A. warms up and crawls B. out of the bag
  5. A. one of the most beautiful planets to look at through a telescope B. because of the many rings that surround it
  6. A. 165 years B. to complete its path, or orbit,around the sun
  7. A. you and your brother B. How many pairs of shorts
  8. A. the most expensive meal listed on the menu B. What
  9. A. an “Outdoor Code” B. their members
  10. A. can blow B. as fast as 180 miles (290 kilometers) an hour
  11. A. The spiral of heated air and moist air B. to twist and grow and spin

  12. A. The direction a hurricane’s spiral moves B. counterclockwise
  13. A. does not shine B. At the north pole: for half of the year
  14. A. The cold winds that blow off of the Arctic Ocean B. a very cold place
  15. A. might have been B. guilty of murder Ex. 1B
  1. SVC Within the stricken area, not a single soul remained alive, and the city centre looked as if it had been razed by monster steam-roller.
  2. SV The bomb exploded 1,000 ft. above the groun.
  3. SVO On August 6, 1945, an American aircraft dropped a bomb on the Janpanese town of Hiroshima.
  4. SvoO Three days later, yet another bomb of the same kind gave the town of Nagasaki the same fatal blow.
  5. SVOC The explosion made one and a half square miles of the city an expense of reddish rubble.
  6. SVA Within the fraction of a second, the bomb changed from a metal cylinder into an immense mass of enpanding gas, millions of degrees hot.
  7. SVOA A tremendous blast of hot air whirled the debris of stone, cencrete, metal, and wood over the ground. Ex. 1C
  1. Walden Pond, once praised by Thoreau for its natural beauty, is now the site of many tourist stands.
  2. Almost every summer night the cooling northeast wind swept through our bedroom windows, marking air conditioning unnecessary and a light blanket welcome. / Swepping through our bedroom windows almost every summer night, the cooling northeast wind made…
  3. The steep surrounding slopes were capped with snow, which fed two streams plunging down to join in the valley below.
  4. With the river on one side and a large tree providing shade, this is a good spot for a picnic, and we can spread our blanket on the grassy knoll.
  5. Panting for breath after running up the stairs, Mr wood stood at his neighbour’s door and knocked again and again till someone opened it.
  6. The town folk envied horace, who had come into a small fortune with which he bought a big house and obtained a partnership in the biggest grocery in town.
  7. Standing in front of the mirror, Jim looked at his image, wondering at the big change that
had come over him in recent years.
  8. The idea that his only daughter whom he had greatly wronged might never forgive him almost drove hime mad.
  9. The story, written in plain language, consists of three parts with an interesting plot centering round an aristocratic family living in 17th century France.
  10. Mud-covered and shivering, John sat hunched over a bowl of hot broth prepared by his father to drive off the chill.
  11. Far above the waters of a beautiful lake and over the tops of the tall pime trees growing on the steep of a hill stand five Chinese-style pavilions.
  12. Farther down the street, the old man stopped and leaned against a lamp-post, listening to a cheerful song coming out of a restaurant on the oppsite side of the street.
  13. Sarah sank in the nearest chair, completely exhausted, her limbs stiff with cold, her mind a piece of blank.
  14. Throughout the day Mrs Rymer behaved very properly, her pleasant, refined face wearing a grave look, her elegant figure wrapped in deep mourning while occasionally she uttered a sigh or a sob.
  15. Tony thought it necessary to break the news to his family, that Mr Jacob, his former employer, had promised him a half-day job at 20 pounds a week.
  16. The thought that he might have wronged his friend who had rendered him good services on many occasions troubled his mind, already overburdened with worries and cares.
  17. The men of the disbanded royal bodyguard, suddenly turned loose onto the street of a capital seething with unrest, unemployed and perhaps disgruntled at their abrupt dismissal, were a potentially dangerous element.
  18. For many years London has been a business centre with hotel accommadation for visiting businessmen toghter with well-to-do travellers but completely inadequate for the swarms of shour-stay tourists landing at Heathrow or disembarking at Dover.
  19. Nearing the top, he climbed recklessly faser and faster, his eyes already glowing with triumph, but suddenly he slipped and fell, tumbling to the ground and lying motionless there, a crumpled pile of arms and legs.
  20. Bertrand Russell was one of the very few persons who have received both the Order of Merit, which was conferred on him by the British government in 1949, and the Nobel Prize for literature, conferred in Norway in 19
  50. 新编英语语法教程 第 02 讲 练习参考答案
Ex. 2A

  1. come
  2. are
  3. has / have
  4. are
  5. are
  6. are
  7. was / were
  8. is
  9. costs
  10. were
  11. are
  12. are
  13. was
  14. are
  15. lie
  16. were
  17. are
  18. is
  19. is
  20. was
  21. Has
  22. were
  23. is
  24. is
  25. are
  26. is
  27. are
  28. cover, are
  29. is / are
  30. was/were
Ex. 2B

  1. were

  2. have

  3. is, is

  4. was

  5. were

  6. is

  7. is

  8. are

  9. is

  10. are, are

  11. have
  12. are, their, their
  13. was, It, was disapprove
  16. were, they
  17. was
  18. are
14, It / They, is / are
  19. were
  20. were

  15. are, their, they,
新编英语语法教程 第 03 讲 练习参考答案
Ex. 3A

  1. is
  2. was
  3. is
  4. has
  5. were
  6. means
  7. is
  8. is
  9. is
  10. is
  11. were
  12. sells
  13. is
  14. are
  15. are
  16. are
  17. is
  18. is
  19. was
  21. are
  22. was
  23. stops
  24. is
  25. is
  26. does
  27. produces
  28. is
  29. is
  30. was
Ex. 3B

  1. ’s
  2. are
  3. is
  4. are
  5. is
  6. was
  7. is
  8. were
  9. is
  10. ’s
  11. is
  12. is, is, is
  13. are
  14. is
  15. have
  16. is
  17. are
  18. looks
  19. are
  20. are
  21. understand
  22. has
  23. was
  24. have
  25. was
  26. was
  27. are
  28. is
  29. is
  30. was
  31. is
  32. is / are
  33. leaves
  34. is / are
  35. are
  36. are
  37. is
  38. comes
  39. is
  40. live
  41. are
  42. points / point
  43. are
  44. is
  45. are
  46. was
  47. is / are
  48. is
  49. has
  50. was
Ex. 3C

  1. is / are
  2. is / are
  3. is
  4. is / are
  5. is / are
  6. remain
  7. is
  8. are
  9. has / have
  10.care / cares
  11. is
  12. plays
  13. is
  14. am
  15. are / is
  16. was
  17. is, has
  18. was
  19. come
  20. is 新编英语语法教程 第 04 讲 练习参考答案
Ex. 4A

  1. description argument
  7. dependence
  12. persistence loneliness
  18. forgetfulness

  2. arrangement

  3. attendance

  4. peculiarity

  5. expectation


  8. originality
  13. extension

  9. exaggeration
  10. measurement
  11. purity
  14. statement
  15. generosity
  16. entrance

  19. happiness

  20. seriousness
Ex. 4B

strange sounds foods are chief, tribes, their, salmon (s) The runners-up were given pound notes / The runners-up were each given a pound note. bodies, their heroes mice, tooth-marks Crises, occur, families / /

  10. these businesses
  11. /
  12. fruits are
  13. /
  14. these articles are well written
  15. /

  16. several personal kindnesses
  17. /
  18. sufferings
  19. professors
  20. children are playing, sands
Ex. 4C

  1. experience fun

  2. waters

  3. for advice

  4. an important piece of information

  5. for it is

  6. were not numerous
  7. Poultry
  8. directors are
  9. militia
  10. geniuses
  11. merchandise has
  12. sympathies
  13. experiences
  14. were times, rivalry
  15. clippings, were
  16. lookers-on
  17. foliage is
  18. photos
  19. 12-pages
  20. Luggage is
Ex. 4D

  1. blade
  2. piece
  3. choir
  4. flash
  5. lump
  6. gang
  7. grain
  8. head
  9. staff
  10. collection
  11. fleet
  12. cluster
  13. bundle
  14. bunch
  15. team
  16. piece
  17. ear
  18. bar
  19. herd
  20. pack
  21. flock
  22. crowd / swarm
  23. troupe
  24. bench
  25. grove
  26. collection
  27. suite
  28. squadron
  29. band
  30. library Ex. 4E 1-5 BCADC 6-10 CBDAB 11-15 ADBBC 新编英语语法教程 第 05 讲 练习参考答案 Ex. 5A
16-20 BDCAB

my father has a car the bull has horns the prisoner escaped

her parents consented somebody released the prisoner somebody assassinated the President a letter from the general / the general sent a letter the crowd felt sympathy a college for women

  10. a summer day, a day in the summer
  11. the earth has a (rough) surface
  12. the absence lasted ten days
  13. a doctoral degree, a doctorate
  14. the bird made the nest
  15. the committee made a report
  16. a story told by the girl / the girl told a story
  17. the volcano erupted
  18. the victim had courage / the victim was courageous
  19. somebody punished the boy
  20. the critics recevied the play in a hostile manner
Ex. 5B

The comedian performed, and he was well received by a huge audience.
  2. She was thankful, for her little girl had quickly recovered.
  3. How to educate children presents a big problem.
  4. He was happy that his wife loved hime.
  5. He did that because he loved his wife.
  6. The enemy was defeated, and the war was brought to an end.
  7. John was pleased because his teacher praised him.
  8. She was punished for stealing, and the punishment was a year in prison.
  9. As he had served unfailingly, the servant was remembered in his master’s will as a reward. 由于仆人忠实可靠地服务,主人在遗嘱中提出遗赠作为报酬。
  10. William’s homework is the only example that is never bably done. 只有威廉的家庭作业一贯做得好。 Ex. 5C

…Dick’s decision to emigrate to Australia. the expansion of the Physics Department / The Physics Department’s expansion… …a novel of Jane Austen’s.

That long report of Mr Allen’s… Those new shoes of yours… …the article of the student… …Shakespeare’s tragedies / the tragedies of Shakespeare …a ship’s carpenter. The punishment of the offenders…

  10. …the past decade’s events / the events of the past decade
  11. …the enemy’s unconditional surrender / the unconditional surrender of the enemy.
  12. …other people’s criticism of him.
  13. …the younger generation’s education / the education of the younger generation.
  14. …at John Wiley’s, the bookseller’s.
  15. …an article of T. Johns’…
  16. …this policy of the government’s…?
  17. …an idiot’s tale.
  18. That dog of Frank’s…
  19. This book of Joe Hill’s…
  20. Jane’s letter…
Ex. 5D

The leg of the table is broken. Mary and John’s house is on the corner. …on birs’s nests.

…the students’ problems. …at the Joneses’. / …Charles’ car but someone else’s. …in ten years’ time. The products’ effectiveness…

  10. This week’s news… than the last two weeks’.
  11. …others’ problems.
  12. …each other’s worries.
  13. My brother and sister-in-law’s house…
  14. A friend of my father’s…
  15. A wheel of the car…
  16. /
  17. The baseball player’ wives…
  18. …women’s clothing only.
  19. …Milton’s long poems.
  20. Those new shoes of yours… 新编英语语法教程 第 06 讲 练习参考答案
Ex. 6A
6-10 CCCDB
11-15 ACABC
16-20 DBDCD
Ex. 6B

  1. books
  2. end
  3. words
  4. news
  5. weeks
  6. sign
  7. money
  8. intelligence
  9. books
  10. line
  11. sentences
  12. strength
  13. apple, money, etc
  14. case
  15. nurses
  16. bales
  17. novel, ones
  18. years, cause
  19. rooms
  20. cases
Ex. 6C
6-10 BDBDC
11-15 BBCAB
16-20 CDDCC
Ex. 6D

…little opportunity to travel. …many such novels. … / Neither sentence is correct English. He has many more problems… …this kind of apple / these kind (s) of apples. I enjoy either kind, … …every book in the fiction section. …than in any other country in the world. …a greater amount of rainfall this year than there was last year.

  10. …all this luggage / all the luggage at the airport.
  11. …such beautiful poetry / such a beautiful poem that it is hard to believe she has never had a formal education.
  12. …a great many friends in New York.
  13. Whatever nonsense…
  14. That third sister of his…

  15. I can’t for the life of me remember.
  16. Presumably there are fewer / less diseases…
  17. …than all other methods.
  18. …once every three months.
  19. …study of language.
  20. …some more soup?
Ex. 6E

How much work have you done this morning? To dig a tunnel will need a great amount of labour. He’s done the least work. There are several methods of approaching this problem. I know little French. There must be less empty talk but more practical work. Were there many people at the reception? May I have a few words with you? There were fewer people today at the exhibition than yesterday.

  10. Harry made the fewest mistakes.
  11. You’ve learnt more poetry and done more exercises than I have.
  12. Jack’s done the most work and made the most mistakes.
  13. He’s done a lot of work and made a lot of mistakes.
  14. A millionaire has



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