新编英语语法教程 第 06 讲 练习参考答案
Ex. 6A
6-10 CCCDB
11-15 ACABC
16-20 DBDCD
Ex. 6B

  1. books books
  10. line

  2. end

  3. words

  4. news

  5. weeks

  6. sign

  7. money
  14. case

  8. intelligence
  15. nurses


  11. sentences bales

  12. strength

  13. apple, money, etc
  19. rooms

  17. novel, ones

  18. years, cause

  20. cases
Ex. 6C
6-10 BDBDC
11-15 BBCAB
16-20 CDDCC
Ex. 6D

…little opportunity to travel. …many such novels.
… / Neither sentence is correct English. He has many more problems…
…this kind of apple / these kind (s) of apples.
  8. I enjoy either kind, …
…every book in the fiction section. …than in any other country in the world.

…a greater amount of rainfall this year than there was last year.
  10. …all this luggage / all the luggage at the airport.

  11. …such beautiful poetry / such a beautiful poem that it is hard to believe she has never had a formal education.
  12. …a great many friends in New York.

  13. Whatever nonsense…
  14. That third sister of his…
  15. I can’t for the life of me remember.
  16. Presumably there are fewer / less diseases…
  17. …than all other methods.
  18. …once every three months.
  19. …study of language.
  20. …some more soup?
Ex. 6E

How much work have you done this morning? To dig a tunnel will need a great amount of labour.
  3. He’s done the least work.

There are several methods of approaching this problem.
  5. I know little French.

There must be less empty talk but more practical work.
  8. Were there many people at the reception? May I have a few words with you?

There were fewer people today at the exhibition than yesterday.
  10. Harry made the fewest mistakes.

  11. You’ve learnt more poetry and done more exercises than I have.
  12. Jack’s done the most work and made the most mistakes.
  13. He’s done a lot of work and made a lot of mistakes.
  14. A millionaire has lots of money?and lots of worries.
  15. Anna has enough worries because she hasn’t got enough money.
  16. The telephone rang every few minutes.
  17. We have been persisting in making the experiment all these last few cold days.
  18. Both his next books on English linguistics will come out in 20
  19. Soon we learned that we had to wait another three more weeks.

  20. My brother spent $ 500 for a second-hand car, but I spent almost twice the amount for the same stuff.
Ex. 6F

  1. much few
  10. little

  2. many
  11. fewer

  3. any


  5. some, any
  13. either

  6. any

  7. Some, any
  15. Both

  8. many
  16. All


  12. little / less none

  14. either, neither
  20. any, all

  18. every

  19. each


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