新编英语语法教程 新编英语语法教程 第 11 讲 练习参考答案 英语语法 Ex. 11A
  1. Patience wears out stones.
  2. Pride goes before a fall.
  3. Facts speak louder than words.
  4. One swallow doesn’t make a summer.
  5. The Changjiang flows into the East China Sea.
  6. Water doesn’t exist on the moon.
  7. It isn’t ever cold in Hawaii.
  8. May in Paris isn’t always nice; it sometimes rains a lot.
  9. He occasionally is wrong, but not often.
  10. He never does any homework, but he does well in class.
  11. Our company doesn’t always make very high profits.
  12. My mother doesn’t usually have coffee in the mornings.
  13. She hardly ever goes to bed before midnight.
  14. Phoenix, the capital of Arizona, is very dry; it hardly ever rains.
  15. My parents seldom go to church on Sundays.
  16. The earth revolves round the sun.
  17. India lies to the sound of China.
  18. The Thames flows through London.
  19. I usually vote for a Democrat, but my roommate almost always votes for a Republican.
  20. It is an ill wind that vloes nobody good. Ex. 11B
  1. is
  2.see/will see
  7.set to, did
  13.sleep/will sleep
  21.does not dislike
  24. came
  29.stepped, sat, began
  30.is; is; is; sits; rubs; coughs Ex. 11C
  1. He came to see me every day last week.
  2. It is winter time. We usually have breakfast at seven-thirty.
  3. How long ago did you buy the shoes you are wearing?
  4. The old professor stepped into the classroom, opened the book and began to teach.
  5. How I wish you were here with us!
  6. Jane tells me you’re entering college next year.
  7. Rome was not build in a day.
  8. A rolling stone gathers no moss.
  9. Practice makes perfect.
  10. He who laughs last laughs best.
  11. One good turn deserves another.
  12. Whenever ammonia is added to this liquid, its colour changes to orange.
  13. I wondered if you could lend me your car.
  14. I hear that old Henry died last night.
  15. This tape recorder is easy to operate. Watch what I do. I switch it on, press this button and it starts.
Ex. 11D
  1.is living
  3.is… standing
  6.is getting
  7.are … spending
  9.is boiling
  10.is getting
  11.is always writing
  12.are … talking about
  13.write, know, is doing, Does your son write; hear, seems
  14.are always hammering; keeps, begins, hear, shakes
  15.smell; do, think, is coming, is probably ironing, irons, watches, gets, forgets, is pressing, is thinking
  16.is running; passes, kicks; heads, misses; hits, bounces; is happening; is lying; is holding; is running; is running; is blowing Ex. 11E
  1.arrived, was telephoning
  2.arrived, telephoned
  3.did … do; wasa (just) doing
  4.was (always) ringing
  5.was burning, was sleeping; was playing, (was) singing; was; stopped; woke
  6.was drowning, dived, saved
  7.was listening, rang, did not hear
  8.exploded, was landing, climbed; were waiting, witnessed
  9.ate; was going
  1)was (still) moving hanging out (
  2)started (
  3)was wiping (
  4)lost (
  5)fell off (
  6)was washing (
  7)rushed (
  8)knocked over (
  9)let (
  10)was talking (
  11)managed (
  12)was doing (
  13)cut (
  14)was peeling (
  15)was reversing (
  16)forgot (
  17)bumped Ex. 11F
  2.belongs to
  3.are landing
  5.are, have
  6.am getting
  8.is waiting
  9.is (just) coming in
  11.is raining
  13.is falling in
  15.is … stopping
  16.realize, forgive
  17.is dictating
  18.am trying
  20. is dying, is just leaving
  21.concerns, think
  23.smell, smells
  24.goes/is always going
  25.are … sitting
  26.suppose, know, means
  28.is always doing/ always does
  30.grow, have Ex. 11G
  1.is arriving, have
  2.are being, am (still) having
  3.think, am thinking
  4.am expecting
  6.Do … mind
  7.Is … minding
  8.doesn’t hear
  9.is hearing
  10.am smelling
  12.am forgetting
  15.is considering
  16.are being
  17.am measuring
  19.Does … apply, applies
  20.am applying
  21.am tasting, taste, tastes
  22.is hurting/hurts
  23.are hurting
  24.Feel, Does … feel
  25.extends, are extending
  26.do … think, don’t think
  27.are … smelling
  28.is seeing to
  29.do … feel / are … feeling, feel/am feeling
  30.is tasting, think


新编英语语法教程 第11讲练习参考答

   新编英语语法教程 新编英语语法教程 第 11 讲 练习参考答案 英语语法 Ex. 11A 1. Patience wears out stones. 2. Pride goes before a fall. 3. Facts speak louder than words. 4. One swallow doesn’t make a summer. 5. The Changjiang flows into the East China Sea. 6. Water doesn’t exist ...

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