新标准大学英语 1 课后翻译 UNIT1
  1. Finally, with my mother red in the face and short of breath, we find Room 8, I unlock the door, and we all walk in.Suggested answer: 等我们终于找到 8 号房间的时候,妈妈已经涨红了脸,累得上气不接下气。我打开门锁,我 们都走了进去。
  2. She impresses me, and I feel so ignorant that I shouldn't even breathe the same air as her. Suggested answer: 她给我留下了深刻的印象,我觉得自己太无知了,甚至不配跟她呼吸同样的空气。
  3. I don't know why I have to be introduced to literature but the woman in the admissions office says it's a requirement even though I've read Dostoyevsky and Melville and that's admirable for someone without a high school education.Suggested answer: 我不知道为什么我非得了解文学。 可是招生办公室的那位女士说, 虽然我读过陀思妥也夫斯 基和梅尔维尔的小说,虽然一个没上过高 中的人能读这些书的确令人敬佩,但这门课是必修课。
  4. I'm in heaven and the first thing to do is buy the required textbooks, cover them with the purple and white NYU book jackets so that people in the subway will look at me admiringly.Suggested answer: 我乐得飘飘然了, 第一件事就是去买所需要的课本, 然后用纽约大学紫白相间的护封把它们 套起来,这样地铁里的乘客就会向我投来 艳羡的目光了。
  5. Then the professor tells us ideas don't drop fully formed from the skies, that the Pilgrims were, in the long run, children of the Reformation with an accompanying world view and their attitudes to children were so informed. Suggested answer: 接着,教授告诉我们,观念并不是从天而降的现成品。从长远来看,清教徒是宗教改革运动 的产物,他们继承了宗教改革运动的世界 观,并且他们对孩子的态度也由此体现了宗教改革运动的思想。
  1. 他们对业余剧社的介绍给索菲留下了深刻的印象,于是她就报了名。(Amateur Dramatics; sign up for) Suggested answer: Their introduction of Amateur Dramatics impressed Sophie so much that she signed up for it.
  2. 网络教育为全职人员提供了利用业余时间接受继续教育的机会。(work full time) Suggested answer: Online education provides those who work full time with opportunities to receive further education in their spare time.
  3. 刚上大学时,他不知道是否需要把老师讲的内容一字不落地都记下来。(be supposed to; scribble down) Suggested answer: When he first arrived at university, he was not sure whether he was supposed to scribble down every word out of the professor's mouth.

  4. 没有人觉察出他隐藏在笑容背后的绝望。(detect) Suggested answer: Nobody detects his despair well hidden behind his smile.
  5. 有些学生能轻松自如地与陌生人交谈,可有些学生却很难做到这一点。(be easy about) Suggested answer: Some students are easy about talking with strangers, while some others find it hard to do so. UNIT2
  1. Outside the skies were grey and a strong wind was blowing off the sea. It looked as gloomy as I felt.Suggested answer: 外面,天空灰蒙蒙的,海面上刮来一阵强风。天气看起来和我的心情一样阴郁。
  2. "Now, stop complaining, try one oyster for me, then you can have something nice and easy to eat, maybe some prawns with bread and butter," he suggested, striking a note of compromise for the first time during the whole meal. Suggested answer: “好啦,别抱怨了,就给我尝一只牡蛎,然后你就可以吃些好吃的、顺口的东西,比如对虾 加黄油面包。 ”他提议说。吃了这么长时 间的饭,他的话里头一次有了妥协的意思。
  3. But with the clear conception which only a ten-year-old boy can have, I still understood that the compromise included eating that oyster, sitting on the side of my father's plate. Suggested answer: 但是, 尽管清晰地感觉到了他的妥协??只有一个十岁的男孩才有这样的感觉, 我仍然明白 这妥协包含着吃掉那只牡蛎,那只放在我 父亲的盘子边上的牡蛎。
  4. The chocolate sets into bars which will easily snap into pieces and then melt in the mouth. Suggested answer: (添加了可可油后)巧克力凝固成易折断的条块,入口即化。
  5. But what accounts for its amazing popularity or even the properties that have made millions of people confess to being chocaholics?Suggested answer: 但是, 是什么原因使得巧克力出奇地畅销?又是什么原因导致了巧克力的上瘾特性, 使无数 人承认自己是巧克力迷呢?
  1. 他们这儿不卖薯条,如果你想吃,得去肯德基或麦当劳。(serve)Suggested answer: They don't serve chips / French fries here. If you want it, you have to go to a KFC or McDonald's.
  2. 他拣起一个核桃,想用锤子把它砸开,可没想到却把它砸碎了。(crack; crush) Suggested answer: He picked up a walnut and tried to crack it with a hammer, but instead he crushed it.
  3. 当金子加热融化后,他们把金水倒进模子,铸成金条。(melt; mould) Suggested answer: When the gold was heated and melted, they poured it into a mould to form a gold bar.
  4. 他承认是他打破了教室的窗玻璃。(admit to) Suggested answer: He admitted to breaking the window of the classroom.
  5. 令我们欣喜的是,新的经济计划开始对经济发展产生积极影响。 (have ... effect on)
Suggested answer: To our delight, the new economic policy is beginning to have a positive effect on the economy. UNIT3
  1. When was the last organizational vision statement you saw that included the words "... to develop ourselves into a model environment in which everyone at every level can think for themselves"? Suggested answer: “……在我们周围逐渐创建出一个模拟环境,使各个层次的人都有独立思考的空间。 ”你上 一次看到包含上述字眼的机构远景陈述是 在什么时候?
  2. Had she affirmed our intelligence first and spoken about the joy of thinking for ourselves, had she not fanned our fear of her, we would all have learned even more powerfully what it meant to do our own thinking. And we might have been able to think well around her too. Suggested answer: 要是她一开始就肯定我们的聪明才智, 给我们讲讲独立思考的乐趣, 要是她没有激起我们对 她的畏惧,我们大家就能更深切地体会到 独立思考的意义。而且我们在她面前也会更好地开动脑筋,思考问题。
  3. Like everyone else, students have their fair share of problems. Getting to know a new environment, forming relationships with other students, and surviving on limited financial resources are all typical problems. Suggested answer: 和其他人一样,学生们也有他们自己必须面对的问题。典型的问题包括熟悉新环境、与其他 同学相处,以及靠有限的经济来源维持生 活。
  4. Talk to some of your friends after a lecture or a tutorial and you will probably find they remember different things about itwhich may be more or less relevant to the teacher's aims. Suggested answer: 下课后或个别指导后,如果你和朋友们聊一聊,你可能会发现他们所记住的东西不尽相同, 但或多或少都与老师的教学目的相关。
  5. Effective reading requires you to vary your rate and style of reading according both to the type of reading
material and your purpose in reading it. Suggested answer: 有效的阅读需要你根据不同的阅读材料和阅读目的来变换阅读的速度和方式。
  1. 老师很有可能不欣赏不会独立思考的学生。(not think much of ...; think for oneself) Suggested answer: It is most likely that teachers won't think much of students who cannot think for themselves.
  2. 他上中学的时候, 几乎没有什么人去做科学实验, 更谈不上接受这方面的训练了。 (hardly; much less) Suggested answer: When he was in high school, hardly anyone did scientific experiments, much less had training in this respect.
  3. 嫉妒是由懒惰和无知造成的。(the result of ...) Suggested answer: Envy is the result of laziness and ignorance.
  4. 有些大学生是根据自己的专业来选择志愿服务的,而不是碰到什么就做什么。(volunteer job; rather than) Suggested answer: Rather than picking any volunteer job, some college students choose activities based on their majors.
  5. 最好的办法就是把学生分成若干小组,让他们针对具体的问题进行讨论。(break up ... into ...; focus on) Suggested answer: The best approach is to break the students up into several groups so that they can focus their discussion on specific problems. UNIT4
  1. Mobile phones have been the biggest factor of change in everyday behaviour in Britain over the past 15 years. Today it is thought that there are more than 55 million mobile phone subscribers, a rise from less than 10 million in 19
  97. Suggested answer: 在过去的 15 年里,手机已成为改变英国人日常行为方式的最主要的因素。据估计,目前英 国手机用户已超过 5,500 万,而在 1997 年还 不足 1,000 万。
  2. Now it has been announced that the signal range throughout London will be extended, nowhere in London will be beyond the reach of a mobile phone, not even the Underground. Suggested answer:
现在有消息说,伦敦的手机信号覆盖范围将拓展延伸。以后,在伦敦的每一个角落都有手机 信号,就连地铁也不例外。
  3. This subject of research aroused my interest and took me the length and breadth of France. Suggested answer: 这个研究话题激起了我的兴趣,为此,我走遍了法国各地。
  4. These episodes and incidents all involve a cultural bump, something which you notice usually with curiosity, usually with pleasure, occasionally with shock or embarrassment. Suggested answer: 这些插曲、 事件都包含着文化碰撞, 使你感到好奇、 愉悦, 但偶尔也会让你感到震惊或尴尬。
  5. But it's not a matter of knowing all the conventions and rituals in different cultures. It's impossible to collect all the information you might need to be relaxed in the many different cultures around the world. Suggested answer: 但是这不等于说我们需要悉数掌握不同文化的风俗习惯和礼仪。 丰富的知识能使你自如地应 对世界各国不同的文化,但是你不可能掌 握全部必备的知识。
  1. 据估计,目前中国 4 亿手机用户中,有大约一半人的隐私受到了威胁。(it is estimated that ...; privacy) Suggested answer: It is estimated that today, the privacy of half of the
  0.4 billion mobile phone subscribers is in danger.
  2. 人们在购买生活必需品上的花费越少,他们安排诸如旅游等娱乐活动就越多。(the less ... the more ...) Suggested answer: The less people spend on daily necessities, the more arrangements they will make for leisure activities such as travelling.
  3. 对我来说,旅游最大的好处就是可以去不同的地方,了解不同文化背景下人们的生活方 式以及传统习俗。(What I especially like about ... is ...) Suggested answer: What I especially like about travelling is that I can go to different places and learn about particular lifestyles, conventions and customs in different cultures.
  4. 在大多数情况下,文化碰撞激起的是人们对不同文化的好奇心,只有在极少数情况下, 文化碰撞会造成尴尬。(culture bump; on
rare occasions) Suggested answer: In most cases, cultural bumps arouse people's curiosity about different cultures. Only on rare occasions can they cause embarrassment.
  5. 你可以保留自主选择的权利, 但作为一个成年人, 你做事不要冲动。 (reserve the right to; act on impulse) Suggested answer: You can reserve the right to make independent choices, but as an adult, you should not act on impulse.



   UNIT1 1. Finally, with my mother red in the face and short of breath, we find Room 8, I unlock the door, and we all walk in. Suggested answer: 等我们终于找到 8 号房间的时候,妈妈已经涨红了脸,累得上气不接下气。我打开门锁,我 们都走了进去。 2. She impresses me, and I feel so ignorant that I sho ...


   Unit One: 5. 1) Finally, with my mother red in the face and short of breath, we find Room 8, I unlock the door, and we all walk in. 号房间的时候,妈妈已经涨红了脸,累得上气不接下气。我打开门锁, 等我们终于找到 8 号房间的时候,妈妈已经涨红了脸,累得上气不接下气。我打开门锁, 我们都走了进去。 我们都走了进去。 2) She impresses me, and ...


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   Unit 1 无名英雄:职业父亲意味着什么? 在我们的孪生女儿出生后的第一次“约会”时,我和丈夫一起去看了一部名为《玩具故事》 的电影。我们很喜欢这部片子,但随后我丈夫问道: “父亲在哪儿呢?”起初我还认为因为 一个小小的失误而批评一部很吸引人的家庭影片似乎是太偏狭了。 可后来越想越觉得这一疏 忽太严重了。父亲不仅没有出现,他甚至没有被提到?? 尽管家中有婴儿,说明他不可能 离开太长时间。影片给人的感觉是,父亲出现与否似乎是个极次要的细节,甚至不需要做任 何解释。 新闻媒体倾向于把父亲的边缘 ...



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   英语人名(English Names) 象中国人的名字一样, 英语中的人名都有一定的意义, 下面是几篇有关英 语中的名 字和它们的意义的文章。 英语姓名小常识 英语姓名的一般结构为:教名+自取名+姓。如 William Jafferson Clinton。但在很多场合中间名往往略去不写,如 George Bush,而且许 多人更喜欢用昵称取代正式教名,如 Bill Clinton。上述教名和中间名 又称个人名。现将英语民族的个人名、昵称和姓氏介绍如下: I. 个人名 按照英语民族的习俗,一般 ...


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