Unit 1
  1. Their introduction of Amateur Dramatics impressed Sophie so much that she signed up for it.
  2. Online education provides those who work full time with opportunities to receive further education in their spare time.
  3. When he first arrived at university, he was not sure whether he was supposed to scribble down every word out of the professor’s mouth.
  4. No one detects his despair well hidden behind his smile.

  5. Some students are easy about talking with strangers, while some others find it hard to do so.
Unit 2
  1. They don’t serve chips/French fries here. If you want them, you have to go to a KFC or McDonalds.
  2. He picked up a walnut and tried to crack it with a hammer, but instead he crushed it.
  3. When the gold was heated and melted, they poured it into a mould to form a gold bar.
  4. He admitted to breaking the window of the classroom.

  5. To our delight, the new economic policy is beginning to have a positive effect on the economy.
Unit 3
  1. It is most likely that teachers won’t think much of students who cannot think for themselves
  2. When he was in high school, hardly anyone did scientific experiments, much less had training in this respect.
  3. Envy is the result of laziness and ignorance.

  4. Rather than picking any volunteer job, some college students choose activities based on their majors.
  5. The best approach is to break the students up into several groups so that they can focus their discussion on specific problems.
Unit 4
  1. It is estimated that today, to privacy of half of the
  0.4 billion mobile phones subscribers is in danger.
  2. The less people spend on daily necessities, the more arrangements they will make for leisure activities such as travelling.
  3. What I especially like about travelling is that I can go to different places and learn about particular lifestyles, conventions and customs in different cultures.
  4. In most cases, cultural bumps arouse people’s curiosity about different cultures. Only on rare occasions can they cause embarrassment.
  5. You can reserve the right to make your own choices, but as an adult, you should not act on impulse.
Unit 5
  1. Suddenly the man in the red shirt turned off his false smile and showed his true colours.
  2. The husband flatly contradicted his wife’s claim that he was too lazy to do the housework.
  3. The man pledged his word that he would not leave the office until the last day of his term.
  4. He didn’t realize that his fascination for her beauty had blinded him to her faults.
  5. On hearing that the police had finally found her child in the woods, the young lady shed tears.
Unit 6
  1. Make sure the stamp is firmly attached to the letter before you drop it into the mailbox.
  2. Many youngsters are addicted to net games, which can damage their physical and mental health.
  3. She sat at the table reading the newspaper, looking for all the world as if nothing had happened.
  4. I had intended to reduce stress by shopping in the mall, but I changed my mind. I decided to have a good sleep instead.
  5. The Congress has rejected the latest economic proposal put forward by the President because of provoked widespread criticism



   Unit 1 误 会 佚名 他头发蓬乱,衣着肮脏,口袋里只有35美分。在马里兰州的巴尔的摩,他登上一辆公共汽车并径直走向了洗手间。他想如果他躲在洗手间里,便可以不付钱就乘车去纽约。但是坐在公共汽车后面的一位乘客看见了他。她拍了拍她前面那位乘客的肩膀说:“洗手间里有个流浪汉。告诉公共汽车司机。”那位乘客轻轻地拍了一下坐在他前面的人,说道:“告诉公共汽车司机,洗手间里有个流浪汉。 这口信通过一个又一个的乘客传到了公共汽车的前边。但在这一过程的某个环节,口信变了。当它传到公共汽车司机那儿时,已 ...


   Unit 1 Activity 1 Translation 星期日 从家里出发后, 从家里出发后, 我们开车开了很 长一段时间才到达我住的宿舍楼。 我进去登记。 长一段时间才到达我住的宿舍楼。 我进去登记。 宿舍管理员给了我一串钥匙, 宿舍管理员给了我一串钥匙,并告诉了我房间 可电梯坏了。 号。我的房间在 6 楼,可电梯坏了。等我们终 号房间的时候,妈妈已经涨红了脸, 于找到 8 号房间的时候,妈妈已经涨红了脸, 累得上气不接下气。我打开门锁, 累得上气不接下气。我打开门锁,我们都走了 进去 ...


   第一册 UNIT 1 苏珊因车祸失去了双腿。有一段时间,她真不知如何面对自己再也不能行走的事实。 一天,苏珊在浏览书籍时,被一个真实故事吸引住了。那个故事生动地描写了一个残疾 (disabled)姑娘是如何成为一位作家的。苏珊读后深受鼓舞,决心尽可能多读书,而且,她 还想写关于自己童年的故事。苏珊开始相信,她最终也会成为一个有用的人生活下去。 UNIT 2 和远方的朋友保持联系不是一件容易的事。对我来说,情形就是这样。 离开旧街区和那里的朋友们已有几年了。 我一直打算给他们写信, 可是总有这 ...


   3. Elected Minimum Distinct Pursue Exploit Restrict Equip Granted Awarded 4 at large on the basis of in support of apply for is aiming at 7 Anyone over the age of 18 is eligible to vote. A form to apply for the scholarships is sent by the universit ...


   Answer Keys Book Three Unit 2 Content Questions 1. Because she thought her great-great-grandfather was a heroic civil rights fighter and never gave up struggle for freedom. 2. Because this is a place where many escaped slaves taking the Underground ...


   Answer Keys Book Three Unit 8 After Listening 1. He holds that we must distinguish between different types of human cloning. Some are justified while others are not. 2. Safety 3. Yes 4. Human Cloning Content Questions 1. At his mother’s funeral, th ...


   Unit One Learning a Language I.Words and Expressions (Text A) 1. claim (L.2) v. 断言(为真实的);声称;主张 Tom claimed to have told the truth. 汤姆声称他说的是实话。 He claimed that he had been to the city. 他声称他去过那座城市。 n. [C] 断言;声称;主张 His claim to know the an ...

大学英语综合教程1 UNIT3的重点讲习与课后习题答案

   Unit Three Knowing Yourself I. Words and Expressions (Text A) 1. combination(L.2, L.44) n. [C] the act of combining or state of being combined 联合;合作;结合 A combination of factors led to her decision to resign. 综合各种因素之后她决定辞职。 Pink is a combination ...

大学英语综合教程3课后习题答案 Unit7(同标题还有Unit1,2至8单元)

   Vocabulary 1) pledge 3) transit 5) off balance 7) retail 9) limitations 11) tilted 13) delivery 15) linger 2) betray 4) went off 6) laundry 8) disorder 10) section 12) transferred 14) lean 2. 3. 4. 1) messing around 2) hang on 3) was laid up with 4 ...


   " 编辑 PASSAGE A How did the war ,which brought terrible disasters to mankind,impact on such a poet. 1 这场给人类带来巨大灾难的战争对这样一个诗人产生了什么影响呢? 2Mothers are sometimes blind to the faults of their beloved children which will cause the children to make the same ...



   短文听力的提问方式最常见的有 4 种类型. 1,中心思想题.这类问题主要是测试文章的主题思想. 提问方式有:What is the main idea of the passage? What can we learn from this passage? What is the best title for this passage? What is the passage mainly about? What is the speaker talking about?等等. 做这一类题时 ...

商务英语 Chapter4

   本文由吃饼干d兔子贡献 ppt文档可能在WAP端浏览体验不佳。建议您优先选择TXT,或下载源文件到本机查看。 Chapter Four 商务信函的翻译 实用商务英语翻译 (Practical Business English Translation) 第一节 商务信函的构成要素 P 61 实用商务英语翻译 (Practical Business English Translation) 二、信函样本 1 . Universal Trading Com ...


   初中英语语法梳理和提高??动词一般将来时讲解试题 初中英语语法梳理和提高??动词一般将来时讲解试题 ?? 一般将来时 1)一般将来时的构成: 1. 助动词 will(shall)+动词原形 2. am / is / are 2)一般将来时的用法: 1.将要发生的动作。例如: I will leave for Beijing tomorrow. 2.将要存在的状态。例如: This time next year I will be in Japan. Where will you be? 3. ...


   大学英语四级考试作文预测(2010.12) 大学英语四级考试作文预测(2010.12) 预测作文( 预测作文(一) College Students’Living Condition 1. 反应大学生生存状况的词语从“蜗居”、“蚁族”到“鼠族”,不断涌现。 2. 对于这种现象,你有什么看法? 【范文】 范文】 Recently, the living condition of some college students is frequently referred to as “dwelli ...


   图表作文, 英语四级作文精讲精练 (图表作文,应用文 图表作文 应用文) 图表作文: 图表作文: 图表作文提示部分包括图表和文字要点提示两部分。图表的类型主要有:圆形(饼型) 图(piechart) 、柱形图(直型图)(graph) 、曲线图(chart)和数据统计表(表格)(table) 。 图表作文的写作内容包括综合理解、客观详述和主观表达。 模板一 ① 总的趋势 ② 图表具体描述 ③剖析图表所揭示的含义 ④理由一 ⑤ 理由二 ⑥理由三 ⑦ 理由四 ⑧总结 ⑨ 前景预测 As can b ...