新标准英语初三( 新标准英语初三(上)Module2 考试题 基础知识考题: 一. 用介词填空。
  1. My favourite book is the Adventures of Tom Sawyer Mark Twain.
  2. Tom lives his aunt Polly the quiet streets.
  3. He finds himself many exciting adventures.
  4. He runs away with his two friends an island the middle os the Mississippi River several days.
  5. Huck he goes looking treasure.
  6. Everyone is surprised see him but they’re also pleased se him alive.
  7. Everyone is afraid him.
  8. Becky is pretty fair hair.
  9. The themes the story are to do children growing up and becoming more and more serious.
  10. Finally, it talks freedom, social rules and how people are punished bad behaviour. 二. 翻译短语。
  3. 不再
  5.因为。。而著名 。
  6.作为。。而出名 。


  13.被制成。。 。

  14.受。。欢迎 。

三. 翻译句子。
  1. 如果我没记错的话,他叫新标准。 If I have got it right , New Standard.
  2.我正在考虑再创办它。 I ‘m starting it again.
  3.那对于校刊 来说有点难。 That’s difficult the school magazine.
  4.孔子的作品今天仍然被许多人阅读着。 Confucius’ work by many people today.
  5.我们仍然受他思想的影响。 We are still by his thoughts.
  6.为什么不为名著欣赏写第一篇文章呢? Why write the first article on “Great Books”? 四. 选择题。
语法考题(被动语态) (一)选择题
( ) 1 The People's Republic of China __ on October 1, 19
( ( ( ( ( ( . ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( (
( ( (
A. found B. was founded C. is founded D. was found ) 2 English in Canada. A. speaks B. are spoken C. is speaking D. is spoken ) 3 This English song by the girls after class. A. often sings B. often sang C. is often sang D. is often sung ) 4 This kind of car in Japan. A, makes B. made C. is making D. is made ) 5 New computers all over the world. A. is used B. are using C. are used D. have used )6 Japanese in every country. A.is not spoken B. are spoken C. is speaking D. is not speaking )7 The teapot water A. is filled with B. filled of C. fulling of D. filled )8 These walls stone. A. are made of B. made of. C. are made into D. made into )9 Please pass me another cup. This one. A.is broken B. is breaking C. broke D. broken )10What time the door every day? A. does; closed B. does; close C. is; closed D. /; close )11 Can he himself? A. get dress B. get dressed C. gets dressed D. instead of ) 12 He fell from his bike and . A. is hurt B. gets hurt C. got hurt D. hurt ) 13 Lookout, please keep away from the fire, or your trousers will__ A. burnt B. burn C. burning D. get burn ) 14 The applevery sweet. A. is tasted B. taste -C. tastes D. are tasting ) 15 You more beautiful in the light blue shirt. A. see B. watch C. look D. look at ) 16 What you said . like a good idea. A. heard B. listened C. sound D. sounded )17 -What do you think of the TV play? -Wonderful. It is worth a second time. A. watching B. watched C. seen D. seeing ) 18 How dirty the tables are! They need. A. to clean B. clean C. cleaning D. cleaned ) 19 The book is worth . A. seeing B. reading C. seen D. read )
  20. Hundreds of jobs if the factory closes.
A. lose B. will be lost C. are lost D. will lose (二)用动词的正确时态填空 Our desks and chairs (make) of wood. The paper of books and newspapers also (make) from wood. Even some kinds of cloth (make) from it. Many people (burn) wood to keep themselves warm in winter. Indeed, wood (be) important in our everyday life. 综合能力考题:(一)阅读理解 A ? The war finally ended in 19
  45. During the next years, two great things happened-my dad came home from the army, and I was born! I was the first child, but I wasn't alone for long. In the next four years, my mother had three more boys. ? It was great having a big family! The four of us were very close in age, so we played together all the time. We liked the game “policemen and thieves” best. It was exciting. Everybody always wanted to be a thief. Of course, someone had to be the policeman, and it was usually me. ? Well, I have grown up now, but I still love the game. There is only one thing different. I'm a real policeman, Policeman Joe, so it's not a game any more. 判断下列句子是否符合短文内容。符合的用“T”表示;不符合的用“F”表示. ( )
  1. Joe's father was once a soldier. ( )
  2. During the war his father came back home. ( )
  3. Joe was the youngest child in the family. ( )
  4. He got on well with his brothers. ( )
  5. He always had to be the thief in the game. ( )
  6. Now he doesn't like the game any more. B ? Since the beginning of time, man has invented many interesting things. Some of these inventions, like numbers and the radio, have certainly changed history. ? Since 1946, one of the most important inventions has been the computer. It will change all our lives. The first computer was built at Harvard University(哈佛大学) in 19
  44. it was as large as a room and quite difficult and slow to operate 运行) But since the invention ( . of the silicon chip (硅片) computer have become smaller, easier to use, and faster to , operate. Some computers are as small as television sets. Some computers can be made smaller than a book. And computers are getting smaller all the time. ? There are several reasons 原因) why computer is useful to us. First it can store 储 ( ( 藏) very, very large amount(数量) of information(信息). Second, the computer can operate very quickly. Third, modern computer can be built into other kinds of machines, like radios, cars, and planes. They can do a lot of work for us. ? Soon, almost everyone, either at home or at work, will use some kind of computer. The lives of all of us will be changed by this invention. ( )
  1.According to(根据)this passage, many inventions have changed history and people’s life. ( )
  2.The first computer was built in the middle of the 19th century(世纪).
( )
  3. A modern computer can be made smaller than silicon chip. ( )
  4. The computer has been made much better since the invention of the silicon chip. ( )
  5.The computer is useful because it can store lots of information, it can operate very quickly and can be built into other machines. (二)完型填空 One day a poor farmer was taking a bag of wheat to town. Suddenly the bag 1 from his horse onto the road. He did not know 2 to do about it because it was 3 heavy for him to lift by himself. He only hoped that someone would soon pass by and 4 him a hand. Just at this moment a man 5 a horse came up to him. But the farmer’s heart 6 when he saw who he was. It was the __7 man living nearby . The farmer had hoped to ask another farmer or a poor man like him to come along and help him. He couldn’t ask such a great man to help him. But to his 8 , the great man got off his horse as soon as he came nearer. He said to the farmer, “I see you 9 help, friend. How good it is that I’m here just at he right time.” Then he took one end of the bag, the farmer took the other, they together raised it and put it on the horse. “Sir,” asked the farmer, “how can I pay you?” “It’s quite easy.” The great man replied with 10 . “Wherever you see anyone else in trouble, do the same for him.” ( )
  1. A. fall B. fell C. falling D. fallen ( )
  2. A. what B. how C. that D. it ( )
  3. A. very B. so C. quite D. too ( )
  4. A. lend B. ask C. borrow D. gave ( )
  5. A. riding B. ride C. rode D. rides ( )
  6. A. falls B. sinks C. sank D. rose ( )
  7. A. poor B. great C. good D. bad ( )
  8. A. surprised B. surprising C. surprise D. surprises ( )
  9. A. needs B. need C. to need D. needed ( )
  10. A. smiles B. smile C. a smile D. an smile (三) 阅读对话, 并根据对话内容填词、 词组或句子, 使对话后的短文通顺正确。 A: Good morning, Dick. B: Good morning, Jim. Come in, please. A: Thank you. Your room is very nice. Oh! A bookshelf and many books. I know why you study so well then. B: Thank you. I like reading, you know. A: Did you do well in your exam? B: Yes. I just learned I passed the English exam and the result is good. I have got an “A”. A: Congratulations! B: Thank you. But you look worried today. Why? A: We will have a maths exam next Monday. I’m afraid I may fail the exam. So I’ve come for some help. B: Don’t worry. I am good at it and I can help you with it.
A: That’s great. Thank you very much. B: Not at all. It was a pleasure. A friend in need is a friend indeed. A: That’s true. When shall we start? B: Right now. Dick was a good pupil. He liked very much and there were a lot of books in his room. He was better at his lessons his friend, Jim. He studied quite well. He had just the English exam and the result was quite good. He had got an “A”. Jim his maths exam next Monday. He was afraid that he might . So he went to Dick for some help. He wanted Dick very much to help him his maths. Dick would like to help him at once and said that a friend in need a friend in deed.



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