新标准英语(一起)六年级句型转换练习 新标准英语(一起)

  1.Tom does his homework in the evening.(改为否定句) Tom his homework in the evening.
  2.He’s already finished his homework.(改为一般疑问句) he finished his homework ?
  3.Kate has little bread for breakfast.(改为反意疑问句) Kate has little bread for breakfast, ?
  4.Bruce does everything very carefully.(改为感叹句) Bruce does everything!
  5.The Smiths have been in Beijing since 20
  00.(对划线部分提问) have the Smiths in Beijing?
  6.You can’t write on the desk.(改为祈使句) on the desk.
  7.She never goes to school at six.(改为反意疑问句) She never goes to school at six, ?
  8.The teacher is telling us a story now.(用 at noon yesterday 替换 now) The teacher us a story at noon yesterday.
  9.Today is February
  18.(对划线部分提问) the today?
  10.It will be rainy the day after tomorrow.(对划线部分提问) the weather the day after tomorrow?
  11.He goes to work by bike.(用 on foot 改为选择疑问句) he to work by bike ?
  12.My sister has been to Canada,too.(改为否定句)
My sister been to Canada,.
  13.How often does Tom write to his parents?I want to know.(合并为含有宾语从句的复合句) I want to know Tom to his parents.
  14.“Can you drive me to the office building?”she asked me.(改写为含有宾语从句的复合句) She asked me I drive to the office building.
  15.What are you interested in?Could you tell me?(合并为含有宾语从句的复合句) Could you tell me interested in?
  16.The headmaster has been to New Zealand only once.(对划线部分提 问) has the headmaster been to New Zealand?
  17.She usually comes to see her grandma once a week.(对划线部分提 问) she usually come to see her grandma?
  18.We call maths the language of science.(改为被动语态) Maths the language of science.
  19.My teacher told me to try it again.(对划线部分提问) your teacher tell you to ?
  20.She gave me some French stamps this morning.(改为被动语态) Some French stamps me this morning.
  21.They were all saved by the clever cat.(改为主动语态) The clever cat all .
  22.Both he and I are going to the concert tonight.(改为否定句) he I going to the concert tonight.
  23.I don’t believe she can work out the problem.(改为反意疑问句)
I don’t believe she can work out the problem, ?
  24.The students had a wonderful time in the park.(改为反意疑问句) The students had a wonderful time in the park, ?
  25.The small country has a population of more than
  00.(对划线部分提问) the the small country?
  26.She said to me,“I will buy a used car because it is much cheaper.”(改写为含有宾语从句的复合句) She me that she buy a used car because it much cheaper.
  27.I think to work as a doctor is interesting.(用 it 改写) I think interesting as a doctor.
  28.My mother always goes shopping on Sundays.(改为否定句) My mother goes shopping on Sundays.
  29.He will come back in a week.(对划线部分提问) he come back?
  30.The trees are growing well.The teachers planted them two years ago.(合并为含有定语从句的复合句) The trees the teachers two years ago well.
  31.My uncle gave me a bike and I like it.(改写为含有定语从句的复 合句) I like the my uncle .
  32.I think his daughter must be a student.(改为反意疑问句) I think his daughter must be a student, ?
  33.She became ill because it was too cold.(改为简单句) She became ill the cold weather.
  34.She is a woman doctor.(改为复数句)
  35.It’s about two kilometres from our school to the railway station.(对划线部分提问) is it from your school to the railway station?



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