1998 Passage 1
重点词汇: imagination???????????????????? ?(想象;想象力)←imagin(e)想象+tion 名词后缀。Imagination is more important than knowledge.想象力比知识更重要。 imagination ? ①the highest kite one can fly ②a poor substitute for experience 想象 ??①一个人能放得最高的风筝 ②经验的劣质替代品。 symbol ??????????????(符号;象征)即 sym+bol,sym-共同,bol 看作 ball, “共同 喜欢球类运动”→这是现代人的“象征” 。Light is the symbol of truth.光是真理的象征。 cement????????????? (v.胶合;巩固 n.水泥;胶接剂) 。A sweet and innocent
compliance is the cement of love.温柔天真的依从是爱情的粘合剂。 deprive?????????????? (v.剥夺)即 de+priv+e,de-(=away),priv 词根“个人的” (如 private→priv+ate→私人的)“使某物离开个人”→剥夺。Poverty often deprives a , man of all spirit and virtue; it is hard for an empty bag to stand upright.贫穷常使人丧 失全部精神与美德,空袋子是难以直立的。 persist?????????????????? (v.坚持, 持续) per+sist, 即 per-“完全” sist 词根 , “站 立” ,于是“自始至终都站着”→坚持。参 consistently(始终如一地) ,1999 年 Passage
  5。 To persist in efforts without losing the aim will finally result in success.不失目标地坚持 努力终将导致成功。 complex?????????????????(复杂的;综合的;联合体)即 com+plex,com-“一 起” ,plex 词根“重叠”“重叠在一起的”→复杂的。参 perplex(使困惑,使复杂化)←per , 完全+plex,2003 年 Text
  2。Everything is simpler than you think and at the same time
more complex than you imagine.凡事都比你思考的简单,同时比你想象的复杂。 go-ahead n.批准,允许。 wrong-headed 执迷不悟的。 environmental???????????????????????? ( 周 围 的 , 环 境 的 ) ← environment 环境+al 形容词后缀。What is the thing called health? Simply a state in which the individual happens transiently to be perfectly adapted to his environment. Obviously, such states cannot be common, for the environment is in constant flux.称为 健康的东西是什么?不过是一种状态, 处于这种状态的人刚好一时对环境完全适应。 这种状态显 然不可能常见,因为环境是在不断改变的。environment ? everything that isn't me 环境? ?除我以外的一切。 proper??????????????(适当的;合乎体统的;固有的) 。Proper words in proper places make the true definition of style.风度的准确定义就是在适当的场合说适当的话。A fool, indeed, has great need of a title; it teaches men to call him count or duke, and thus forget his proper name of fool.傻瓜的确非常需要头衔,那使人们称他为伯爵或公爵, 从而忘掉他固有的名字??傻瓜。 resolve??????????????? (v.n.决心; 解决; 决议) ←re+solve 解决。 同根词: dissolve (v.溶解;解散)←dis+solve。The reason why a great man is great is that he resolves to be a great man.伟人之所以伟大,是因为他立志要成为伟人。 conflict ????????????????(v.n.冲突)即 con+flict,con-一起,flict 词根“打” , “打在一起”→冲突。A marriage without conflicts is almost as inconceivable as a nation without crisis.没有冲突的婚姻几乎与没有危机的国家一样难以想象。 hydroelectric?????????????????????? (水电的) hydro+electric, 即 hydro 词根“水的” ,electric 单词“电的” 。另记:hydrogen(氢)←hydro+gen,这是化学家创造
的英文单词,因为氢气燃烧的唯一产物是水,-gen 后缀意为“致… … 的物质” 。 irrigation???????????????????(灌溉;水利)与 irritation(激怒;刺激物)一 字母之差,联想记忆: “溉”的声母为 g,故灌溉为 irriGation,而 irriTAtion 为激怒“他” 。 at the mercy of 受… … 支配;stop just short of 几乎要… … ;far from guaranteed 根本没有保障。
assume ??????????(v.假定;承担;呈现) 。Optimism assumes, or attempts to prove, that the universe exists to please us, and pessimism that it exists to displease us.乐观主 义假定或企图证明宇宙存在是为了使我们快乐; 悲观主义则假定或企图证明那是为了使我们不快 乐。When a man assumes a public trust, he should consider himself as public property. 当一个人承担了公众的信任,就应该视自己为公众财产。They who assume a character that does not belong to them generally betray themselves by overacting.装模作样的人常常 由于表现过火而露出原形。 lump????????(团块;使成团块) 。An overdose of praise is like ten lumps of sugar in coffee; only a very few people can swallow it.过量的赞扬有如在咖啡里放了十块糖,只有极 少数的人能咽得下去。 acceleration??????????????????(加速;加速度)即 ac+celer+ation,ac-加强 前缀,celer 词根“速度” ,-ation 名词后缀;反义词为 deceleration(减速)←de 向下 +celer+ation。 rebound ???????????(v.n.反弹)←re 反+bound 跳。 evidence????????????(证据,迹象)即 e+vid+ence,e-(=ex-),vid 词根“看”=vis (如 visible→vis+ible→可见的) -ence 名词后缀, , “能看出来的东西” →证据。 Growth is the
only evidence of life.成长是生命的唯一证明。 treasury????????????(宝库,国库)即 treasur(e)+y,treasure(n.财宝 v.珍爱) ,-y 表“地方” ,于是“放财宝的地方”→宝库。Collection of famous quotes and collection of mottoes are the most important treasure of the society.名言集和格言集是社会最可贵的财 富。 Let us learn to treasure only good and reject the evil in everything.让我们学会只珍视 善,而排斥一切事物中的恶。 disjunction????????????????(n.分离,分裂)即 dis+junction,dis-否定前缀, junction(n.连接,连接处) 。 anecdote?????????????(趣闻,轶事)谐音:安妮(Annie)可逗她←用“趣闻”来逗女 孩子开心。anecdote ? a joke in evening dress 趣闻??穿着晚礼服的笑料。 profitability???????????????????(收益率)即 profit+ability,profit(v.n.收 益) ,-ability 名词后缀;参 profitable,1999 年 Passage
  5。profitability ? the sovereign criterion of the enterprise 有利可图??企业的至高无上的准则。 ineptly????????????(不相宜地;无能地)即 in+ept+ly,in-否定前缀,ept(=apt)适宜 的,-ly 副词后缀。 revenue???????????? (财政收入;税收)←re+venue,另可记 avenue(林荫道;途 径)←a+venue。Economy is of itself a great revenue.节约本身就是一大笔收入。 blunt?????????率直的;钝的;使钝。 consultant ????????????? (顾问)即 consult+ant,consult(v.商量;查询) ,-ant 表 “人” 参 consultancy, ; 2002 年 Text
  3。 consultant ? someone who will take your watch off your wrist and tell you what time it is 顾问??把你的手表从你手腕上摘下来,然后告诉 你时间的人。 1998 Passage 3
重点词汇: relationship????????????????(关系)←relation 关系+ship 抽象名词后缀(如: friendship 友谊) 。There is no more lovely, friendly, and charming relationship, communion, or company than a good marriage.世上没有一种关系、交流或陪伴比美满 的婚姻更愉快、友好和迷人。The relation of genius to talent is the same as that of instinct to reason.天赋与才能的关系一如本能与理智的关系。 aspect???????????(外表;方面) ;参 spectacle(场面;奇观) ,2000 年 Passage
  5。A real genius possesses talents in many aspects, but they are brought into play only by chance and in a single field.真正的天才具有多方面的才能, 只是处于偶然而仅在单一的领 域中得到施展。 rebelling????????????(n.反叛)看作 re+bell+ing,re-反复,bell 铃,-ing 表“现在进 行时” ,联想:监狱里警铃大作→犯人们“造反”了!rebel(v.反叛 n.反叛者) 。As long as the world shall last there will be wrong, and if no man rebelled, those wrongs would last forever.只要世界继续存在就会有不公正,如果没有人反抗,这些不公正将永远 存在下去。 one can go on being a rebel too long without turning into an autocrat. No 没有人能一直做叛逆者而不变成独裁者。rebel ? a man who says no 反叛者??说“不” 的人。 Catholic????????????(天主教的;天主教徒)看作 Cat+hol(e)+ic 后缀, “天主教的” “天 主教徒”像“猫”一样住在“洞”里刻苦修行。As a Roman Catholic I thank God for the heretics. Heresy is only another word for freedom of thought.身为天主教徒, 我为异端 者的存在而感谢上帝,异端不过是思想自由的别名。 harsh ?????? (粗糙的;刺耳的;严厉的)意同 hard,因发音为“哈嘘” ,故又表示“刺耳的” 。
Harsh counsels have no effect: they are like hammers which are always repulsed by the anvil.刺耳的劝告不会收效:它们就像总是被铁砧弹回的锤。 schism ???????? (组织的分裂;派系)←sch+ism,sch 看作 scholar(学者) ,-ism 抽象名词 后缀,学者之间是分“派系”的。 superstition ???????????????? (迷信)即 super+sti+tion,super-前缀=over,sti 词根=stand,-tion 名词后缀, “超出站的地方”→在理性观念之外→迷信。Superstition comes from fear, while fear in turn comes from ignorance.迷信来自恐惧,恐惧又来自 无知。superstition ? someone else's religion 迷信??别人的宗教。 creationism ?????????????????(神创论)←creation+ism。 elimination ??????????????? (消除) e+limin+ation, 即 e-(=ex-)出, limin 词根 “门” , -ation 名词后缀, “拒之门外”→排除;动词形式为 eliminate←e+limin+ate。同根词: preliminary (预备的, 初步的) ←pre 在前+limin+ary 形容词后缀。 Envy is more difficult to eliminate than hate between two people.在两个人之间,忌妒比仇恨更难消除。 smallpox ???????????? (天花)即 small+pox,small 小,pox 看作 box(据说古人老外 书写字母无方向性, 故对称字母常可替换而词义不变) 感染天花者所发的皮疹像一个个凸出 , 皮肤表面的“小盒子” 。BTW:天花是首个在全球范围内被人类所消灭的传染病,现天花病 毒仅存在于少数科学实验室中,对于是否彻底销毁这些病毒植株曾引起极大争论,故真题原 文中提到“提倡消灭所有现存的天花病毒的官方人士” 。 dispute ??????????? (v.争论)即 dis+put+e,dis-否定前缀,put 看作单词“放” 小词, ,e 有人说 “放” 有人说 “不放” →争论。 long dispute means that both parties are wrong. A 持久的争论意味着双方都是错的。 Unabomber ?????????????? ( 邮 寄 炸 弹 的 恐 怖 分 子 ) 是 FBI(Federal Bureau of Investigation)造的新词,由 university and airline bomber 缩略而成,原指某位专向高级
行政或科研人员邮寄炸弹的遁世大学教授,后泛指类似行为者。关于 Unabomber 尚需补充 两点:一、今年出版的某品牌考研辅导书竟将 Unabomber 译作“反原子弹组织” ,想必是 把 un 理解为否定前缀,在对译者丰富想象力表示由衷倾佩的同时,考研资料之良莠不齐亦 可见一斑。二、那位被称作 Unabomber 的早年毕业于哈佛的教授于 1995 年出版了著名的 Unabomber's Manifesto(网上到处有原文下载) ,书中作者将 environmentalists 视为同 盟, 并表达了 scorns science and longs for return to a pretechnological utopia 的观点, 于是可理解真题文章中为何人们将“环境主义者”与“反科学”联系起来。 manifesto?????????????



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