第一章 考研英语短文写作十年真题分析 第十节 2009 年
Section III Writing
2009 年考研英语考试结束了.今年走出考场的考生普遍感觉今年的试题较往年难度有所降低,尤其是写 作部分两道题目难度适中,大家基本发挥出了正常水平.下面针对小作文和大作文分别给予点评,并提供阅 卷的范文供大家参考. Part A
  51. Directions: Restrictions on the use of plastic bags have not been so successful in some regions. "White pollution" is still going on. Write a letter to the editor(s) of your local newspaper to
  1) give your opinions briefly and
  2) make two or three suggestions You should write about 100 word. Do not sign your own name at the end of the letter. Use "Li Ming" instead. You do not need to write the address. (10 points) 一.审题构思 小作文去年考的道歉信,09 年小作文要求写一封建议信.今年的建议信相比 07 年的建议信要求更加具 体,且话题更为熟悉.考生对这个话题可写的东西比较多.且在平时大作文的训练中考生都接触过不少表达 观点看法和提出建议的方法,尤其在环境保护方面的建议措施接触的更多,因此这篇小作文题材大家非常熟 悉,难度适中.如果同学在考前临阵抱佛脚,只要把建议信的套话背下来,比如建议信的第一句话怎么写, 中间怎么写,最后一句怎么结尾,直接把有关内容换成白色污染即可. 二.框架思路 确切地讲,今年的小作文仍然是没有脱离开过去的老套,又是一封信,而这封信对同学们来讲,是我们 很熟悉的白色塑料袋的使用问题.有很多商家为了争取自己定期的常客,他们可能会想到促销的手段或者销 售的途径,那就是说送给你塑料袋,方便你使用.但是这些顾客们可能有些人是懂得或者说环保意识很强的, 有些塑料袋,他们总是重复地去用;可是有一些不尽然,像年轻人这样,用过后就扔掉.谈到了白色污染这 个话题,就想给编辑写封信,信中反映的是你对这个现象的一个看法,之后,你应该提出一些解决的措施, 所以这封信里面要讲的话一点都不难写,最重要的是我们要做一个对社会有责任的人,因为只有如此我们才 能够用我们的心去感知这个社会的问题,才能真正从我们内心想出一些方法,使我们的社会更加洁净,这样 才能更加和谐. 本文可以按三段处理,首段直接谈白色污染的情况,中段讲出解决问题的建议和措施,最后再次提醒编 辑关注此事刻不容缓,并加强礼貌语气. 三.参考范文 Dear Editor(s), I am writing this letter to draw your attention to"White Pollution". No one can avoid using plastic bags in our daily lives and too many plastic bags bring about many problems. How to solve this problem has become a hot issue among many people in recent years. To address this problem, I would like to lodge several suggestions. On the one hand, the authorities should set up rules and regulations to control the production and circulation of the plastic bags. On the other hand, people should
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realize the significant of protecting our environment and not use too many plastic bags. I sincerely hope that you can take my letter seriously. Thank you very much for your time and consideration. Yours faithfully, Li Ming (126words) 亲爱的编辑: 我写此信是为了让您关注"白色污染"这一问题.在日常生活中人们总是会用到塑料袋,而塑料袋过多 会产生很多问题.如何解决这一问题成为近年来很多人关心的话题. 为了解决这一问题,我想提如下的建议.一方面,政府当局应该制定一些规章制度来控制塑料袋的生产 和流通使用.另一方面,人们应该意识到保护环境的重要性并不使用太多的塑料袋. 我真诚地希望您能认真对待我的信.感谢您拨冗关注. 您诚挚的 李明 四.文章点评: 文章点评: 范文为缩进格式.由于本信函属于公务信件,题目提供的名字就是编辑,所以要按较正式的口吻来写作, 文章开始的称呼为 Dear Editor,语气就比较正式. 第一段开门见山,使用 draw your attention to 结构直接表示请求关注.首段使用了 and 连接两个并列句的 信息.语法上,最后一句使用了 How to 引出的名词短语作为主语,点明了文章的中心. 第二段承上启下,按议论文模式设定了段首句,提出的两种方案用 On the one hand 和 On the other hand 灵活列出.本段中,动词 address 和 lodge 较有特色. 第三段中,作者再次请求关注.按照信函写作"感谢客气不能少"的原则,应连续两次使用传达礼貌的 句型. 五.阅卷样文 五档:9 分 Dear editor, I'm a sincere reader of your newspaper and I like your discussion of the social problems. Now I want to give some opinions of myself about the "White Pollution". As we know, regulation was made to solve the problem in June 1st of 20
  08. The use of plastic bags was restricted in the supermarket and many other shops freely. At the beginning, it was carried on well, but now I found plastic bags were used in some small shops for free or with no pay. I am writing to tell you that we should solve this problem soon with the help of your newspaper. You could make some investigators about it and write some reports of it, so as to appeal to all the people's attentions of our society. Sincerely, Li Ming 评语:本文很好地完成了试题规定的任务,与目标读者完全产生了预期的效果:
四档:7-8 分 Dear Editor Wang, I am a senior student living in Beijing. Being a citizen in our capital, I care a lot about our environment. But, although the law of not using plastic bags had been enforced since June, the effect is not very good. I am afraid "White Pollution" will still exist for a long time. I believe there are ways to improve the situation. Our communities could offer bags free, which will substitute plastic bags. Meanwhile, some education on environment and White pollution should be held to local people. Besides the above two, much more can be done. I hope you would consider it carefully. Yours truly Li Ming 评语:较好地完成了试题规定的任务,基本能够对目标读者产生预期的效果:
  1. 包含了所有的内容要点,既简要介绍了自己的观点,又提出了具体的建议.
  2. 所使用的句子结构和词汇相对比较丰富,例如:Being a citizen in……, I care……等.
  3. 语言基本正确,当然也存在着一些语法错误和用词的错误,但是并不会严重影响意义的表达.
  4. 采用了适当的衔接手段,例如, but, meanwhile, besides 等,层次也比较清晰.
  5. 格式和语域比较恰当. 三档:5-6 分 To whom it may concern: As a student of a university, I want to take this opportunity to express some points about "White Pollution". There is no denying that plastic is destroy our environment is we use it excessively. So the government take some means to deal with it. Restrict to use the plastic bags in whole country. But it didn't get successful as we predict. The "White Pollution" is still around our environment in some regions. Takes measures is needed. I want to take some recommends. First and formost, more strength restriction is needed by pollution education. Second, media should spread more information concern. Only in this way can we curb the statement. I'm looking forward your reply. Sincerely yours Liming 评语:基本完成了试题规定的任务,对目标读者基本产生了预期的效果:
  1. 内容包含试题所要求的两个要点,没有跑题.
  2. 具有较多的用词与语法错误,但是读者仍然能够大致领会作者想要表达的意思.
  3. 采用了一些简单的衔接手段,内容还算连贯,层次也算清楚.
  4. 格式和语域基本合理.
二档:3-4 分 I am very sorry to trouble with you. But this is a problem annoying with me. It is White Pollution. With the economic growth widely, white pollution become more and more serious. It is harmonious between the men and nature. White pollution destroy some special. More and more similar issue can be read today in newspaper as well as in magazine. The problem can be solved in some ways. First, attitude is everything. We must make people aware of this issue. Second, we must change with ourself. It's essential that we address our problem before looking to others change. Finally, the acts of pollution must be punishment. I'm looking forward to your reply! Yours sincerely Li Ming 评语:未能按照要求完成试题规定的任务,不能清楚地将信息传达给读者.
  4.格式和语域不恰当.例如,此信没有抬头. 第一档:1-2 分 Dear the editor I'm pleasure to write the letter to you. With the development of the socity, white pollution is more and more bad. Our sky is not blue, our earth is not clean and our river is not fish. To solve this question, I have some suggestions. First, every one drive their car less a day in a week than before. Second, when we are shopping, we use environment plastic bags. Third, our government do some rules. Do you thing my opinion? Look forward your reply. Yours faithfully, Li Ming 评语:未完成试题规定的任务,不能把信息传递给读者:
  3.用词错误太多,词不达意. 零档:0 分 dear editor: I am a student of Tianjing University. Recently years our country 评语:所传达的信息或者所用的语言太少,内容与要求也无关系,无法评价
Part B
  52. Directions: Write an essay of 160-200 words based on the following drawing.In your essay, you should
  1) describe the drawing briefly,
  2) explain its intended meaning, and then
  3) give your comments. You should write neatly on ANSHWER SHEET
  2. (20 points) 互联网的"近"与"远"
一.审题构思 09 年大作文仍然是图画式作文,题目要求与往年基本相同.图画是一张蜘蛛网上有很多人上网.图画中 的中文提示词为:互联网的"远与近" .写好这篇作文主要在于两点:第一,描述图画.图片描写可能会给一 部分考生造成困难,这一点要看学生平时的积累.第二,寓意理解.题目图片看似简单,实则抽象.揭示主 题需结合中文提示"网络的近与远",即网络为人们的生活带来的便利以及不便.这一主题比较贴近现代生活, 也是当今大学生熟悉的话题:网络虽然非常便利,让人与人足不出户就可以相互联系,但是人与人之间的直 接联系却变得稀少了. 二.框架思路 大作文今年考的是一个网络的问题,它很像 07 年的作文风格,也就是说,在处理过程当中,需要同学们 对图形本身有纯朴的感受. 在创作中,首段需要描述图画.第一眼看到的是什么?我们看到一个大圆圈,里面分成若干个小部分, 每个部分里面有一个人在电脑前忙活.通过这个分析我们感知到的是什么呢?要发自内心地先要把大的方位 描述出来.由于图画配了文字,只需把文字翻译过来,描述段就很完整了. 第二步,需要点出图画寓意,其实就是让我们分析互联网"远"和"近" .任何事物都有两方面.互联网 的优势不容置疑,网络的确使我们变得更近了,这种近是多方面的,其中最重要的方面是信息的快捷.但是 在图画当中我们看到了另外的景象:互联网的消极影响.互联网使人们都变成了宅男宅女的蜗居人,只有办 公室是工作场所,除此以外,无处可去.这样我们的身体就会垮下,而人是需要运动的,所以它对人们身体 也会造成伤害和束缚.另一方面,人与人之间逐渐疏远,这也是事实,因为现在大家工作学习压力都很大, 缺乏人与人的沟通,只是在互联网上的虚拟世界里寻找慰藉. 最后一段要求议论,可以按照惯例采取建议法,提出我们对如何科学地使用互联网的的建议,再次强调 沟通和谐的重要性.
三.参考范文 As is unfolded in the picture above, we can see that many people,old and young, men and women, in front of a computer and using the internet. The caption in the drawing reads: "the Internet: near or far". 如上图所示,我们能看到很多人,老的少的,男人女人,都坐在电脑前用上互联网.图中的文字说明是: "互联网的近与远" The purpose of the drawing is to show us that the internet has it advantages and disadvantages as a communication tool. On the one hand, many people hold a view that internet makes us close than ever before. With the development of science and t



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   比 较 教 育 研 究 国内外英语教材评价研究述评 梁志喜 [摘 康叶钦 * 要] 我国基础教育新课程改革推行以来,中小学教材摆脱了 “一纲一本 ”制,出现了繁荣 局面 , 因 此 , 如 何 评 价 教 材 的 质 量 成 为 摆 在 教 育 教 学 研 究 人 员 面 前 的 重 要 课 题 。 本 文 梳 理 了 国 内 外 有关英语教材评价内容、方法等的研究,为国内的英语教材评价提供参考 。 [关键词] 英语教材;评价;综述 新中国成立后一直都非常重视教材的质量,但由 于中小学教材长 ...


   交流: 交流:考研英语 80 分复习经验 所属:沪江考研 来源:万学海文 阅读:3194 评论:20 分享到人人 编辑点评: 编辑点评:2010 年的研究生考试中,我的英语考了 80 分。如今我即将进入心仪的大学开始研究生生涯, 但是那段复习英语时曲折又充满乐趣的生活至今仍记忆尤新,我想把自己的一些经验拿出来与准备 2011 年考研的学弟学妹们分享。 " 2010 年的研究生考试中,我的英语考了 80 分。如今,虽然复试已经结束,我也即将进入 心仪的大学开始研究生生涯之,但是那段复习英语时 ...


   序号 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 41 42 43 44 45 46 47 48 49 50 51 52 53 单词 appetite suppress impact contrast…with… sound random alternative scale upon/on (doing) sth i ...


   新视野大学英语课文翻译第二册 Unit 1 时间观念强的美国人 美国人认为没有人会停止不前.如果你不求进取,就会落伍. 这种态度造就了一个决心投身于研究,实验和探索的民族. 时间是美国人注 意节约的两个要素之一,另一个则是工作. 人们一直在说: "只有时间才能支配我们." 人们似乎是把时间当作一个差不多是实实在在的东西来对待的. 我们安排时间,节约时间,浪费 时间,挤抢时间,消磨时间,缩减时间,对时间的使用作出解释; 我们还要因时间而收取费用.时间是一种宝贵的资源. 许多 ...