96.Vitamins are organic compounds necessary in small amounts in the diet for the normal growth and maintenance of life of animals, including man. They do not provide energy, __41__ do they construct or build any part of the body. They are needed for __42__ foods into energy and body maintenance. There are thirteen or more of them, and if __43__ is missing a deficiency disease becomes __44__. Vitamins are similar because they are made of the same elements -- usually carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, and __45__ nitrogen. They are different __46__ their elements are arranged differently, and each vitamin __47__ one or more specific functions in the body. __48__ enough vitamins is essential to life, although the body has no nutritional use for __49__ vitamins. Many people, __50__, believe in being on the “safe side” and thus take extra vitamins. However, a well-balanced diet will usually meet all the body’s vitamin needs.
  41.[A] either[B] so [C] nor[D] never
  42.[A] shifting[B] transferring[C] altering[D] transforming
  43.[A] any[B] some[C] anything[D] something
  44.[A] serious[B] apparent[C] severe[D] fatal
  45.[A] mostly[B] partially[C] sometimes[D] rarely
  46.[A] in that[B] so that[C] such that[D] except that
  47.[A] undertakes[B] holds[C] plays[D] performs
  48.[A] Supplying[B] Getting[C] Providing[D] Furnishing
  49.[A] exceptional[B] exceeding[C] excess[D] external
  50.[A] nevertheless[B] therefore[C] moreover[D] meanwhile
  97.Manpower Inc., with 560,000 workers, is the world’s largest temporary employment agency. Every morning, its people __41__ into the offices and factories of America, seeking a day’s work for a day’s pay. One day at a time. __42__ industrial giants like General Motors and IBM struggle to survive __43__ reducing the number of employees, Manpower, based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, is booming.
__44__ its economy continues to recover, the US is increasingly becoming a nation of part timers and temporary workers. This __45__ work force is the most important __46__ in American business today, and it is __47__ changing the relationship between people and their jobs. The phenomenon provides a way for companies to remain globally competitive __48__ avoiding market cycles and the growing burdens __49__ by employment rules, healthcare costs and pension plans. For workers it can mean an end to the security, benefits and sense of __50__ that came from being a loyal employee.
  41.[A] swarm[B] stride[C] separate[D] slip
  42.[A] For[B] Because[C] As[D] Since
  43.[A] from[B] in[C] on[D] by
  44.[A] Even though[B] Now that[C] If only[D] Provided that
  45.[A] durable[B] disposable[C] available[D] transferable
  46.[A] approach[B] flow[C] fashion[D] trend
  47.[A] instantly[B] reversely[C] fundamentally[D] sufficiently
  48.[A] but[B] while[C] and[D] whereas
  49.[A] imposed[B] restricted[C] illustrated[D] confined
  50.[A] excitement[B] conviction[C] enthusiasm[D] importance
  98.Until recently most historians spoke very critically of the Industrial Revolution. They __41__ that in the long run industrialization greatly raised the standard of living for the __42__ man. But they insisted that its __43__ results during the period from 1750 to 1850 were widespread poverty and misery for the __44__ of the English population. __45__ contrast, they saw in the preceding hundred years from 1650 to 1750, when England was still a __46__ agricultural country, a period of great abundance and prosperity. This view, __47__, is generally thought to be wrong. Specialists __48__ history and economics, have __49__ two things: that the period from 1650 to 1750 was __50__ by great poverty, and that industrialization certainly did not worsen and may have actually improved the conditions for the majority of the populace.
  41.[A] admitted[B] believed[C] claimed[D] predicted

  42.[A] plain[B] average[C] mean[D] normal
  43.[A] momentary[B] prompt[C] instant[D] immediate
  44.[A] bulk[B] host[C] gross[D] magnitude
  45.[A] On[B] With[C] For[D] By
  46.[A] broadly[B] thoroughly[C] generally[D] completely
  47.[A] however[B] meanwhile[C] therefore[D] moreover
  48.[A] at[B] in[C] about[D] for
  49.[A] manifested[B] approved[C] shown[D] speculated
  50.[A] noted[B] impressed[C] labeled[D] marked
  99.Industrial safety does not just happen. Companies __41__ low accident rates plan their safety programs, work hard to organize them, and continue working to keep them __42__ and active. When the work is well done, a __43__ of accident-free operations is established __44__ time lost due to injuries is kept at a minimum. Successful safety programs may __45__ greatly in the emphasis placed on certain aspects of the program. Some place great emphasis on mechanical guarding. Others stress safe work practices by __46__ rules or regulations. __47__ others depend on an emotional appeal to the worker. But, there are certain basic ideas that must be used in every program if maximum results are to be obtained. There can be no question about the value of a safety program. From a financial stand-point alone, safety __48__. The fewer the injury __49__, the better the workman’s insurance rate. This may mean the difference between operating at __50__ or at a loss.
  41.[A] at[B] in[C] on[D] with
  42.[A] alive[B] vivid[C] mobile[D] diverse
  43.[A] regulation[B] climate[C] circumstance[D] requirement
  44.[A] where[B] how[C] what[D] unless
  45.[A] alter[B] differ[C] shift[D] distinguish

  46.[A] constituting[B] aggravating[C] observing[D] justifying
  47.[A] Some[B] Many[C] Even[D] Still
  48.[A] comes off[B] turns up[C] pays off[D] holds up
  49.[A] claims[B] reports[C] declarations[D] proclamations
  50.[A] an advantage[B] a benefit[C] an interest[D] a profit 20
  00.If a farmer wishes to succeed, he must try to keep a wide gap between his consumption and his production. He must store a large quantity of grain __41__ consuming all his grain immediately. He can continue to support himself and his family __42__ he produces a surplus. He must use this surplus in three ways: as seed for sowing, as an insurance __43__ the unpredictable effects of bad weather and as a commodity which he must sell in order to __44__ old agricultural implements and obtain chemical fertilizers to __45__ the soil. He may also need money to construct irrigation __46__ and improve his farm in other ways. If no surplus is available, a farmer cannot be __47__. He must either sell some of his property or __48__ extra funds in the form of loans. Naturally he will try to borrow money at a low __49__ of interest, but loans of this kind are not __50__ obtainable.
  41.[A] other than[B] as well as[C] instead of[D] more than
  42.[A] only if[B] much as[C] long before[D] ever since
  43.[A] for[B] against[C] supplement[D] dispose
  44.[A] replace[B] purchase[C] supplement[D] dispose
  45.[A] enhance[B] mix[C] feed[D] raise
  46.[A] vessels[B] routes[C] paths[D] channels
  47.[A] self-confident[B] self-sufficient[C] self-satisfied[D]self-restrained
  48.[A] search[B] save[C] offer[D] seek
  49.[A] proportion[B] percentage[C] rate[D] ratio
  50.[A] genuinely[B] obviously[C] presumably[D] frequently The government is to ban payments to witnesses by newspapers seeking to buy up people involved in prominent cases __31__ the trial of Rosemary West.
In a significant __32__ of legal controls over the press, Lord Irvine, the Lord Chancellor, will introduce a __33__ bill that will propose making payments to witnesses __34__ and will strictly control the amount of __35__ that can be given to a case __36__ a trial begins. In a letter to Gerald Kaufman, chairman of the House of Commons Media Select Committee, Lord Irvine said he __37__ with a committee report this year which said that self regulation did not __38__ sufficient control. __39__ of the letter came two days after Lord Irvine caused a __40__ of media protest when he said the __41__ of privacy controls contained in European legislation would be left to judges __42__ to Parliament. The Lord Chancellor said introduction of the Human Rights Bill, which __43__ the European Convention on Human Rights legally __44__ in Britain, laid down that everybody was __45__ to privacy and that public figures could go to court to protect themselves and their families. “Press freedoms will be in safe hands __46__ our British judges,” he said. Witness payments became an __47__ after West was sentenced to 10 life sentences in 19
  95. Up to 19 witnesses were __48__ to have received payments for telling their stories to newspapers. Concerns were raised __49__ witnesses might be encouraged to exaggerate their stories in court to __50__ guilty verdicts.
  31.[A] as to[B] for instance[C] in particular[D] such as
  32.[A] tightening[B] intensifying[C] focusing[D] fastening
  33.[A] sketch[B] rough[C] preliminary[D] draft
  34.[A] illogical[B] illegal[C] improbable[D] improper
  35.[A] publicity[B] penalty[C] popularity[D] peculiarity
  36.[A] since[B] if[C] before[D] as
  37.[A] sided[B] shared[C] complied[D] agreed
  38.[A] present[B] offer[C] manifest[D] indicate
  39.[A] Release[B] Publication[C] Printing[D] Exposure
  40.[A] storm[B] rage[C] flare[D] flash

  41.[A] translation[B] interpretation[C] exhibition[D] demonstration
  42.[A] better than[B] other than[C] rather than[D] sooner than
  43.[A] changes[B] makes[C] sets[D] turns
  44.[A] binding[B] convincing[C] restraining[D] sustaining
  45.[A] authorized[B] credited[C] entitled[D] qualified
  46.[A] with[B] to[C] from[D] by
  47.[A] impact[B] incident[C] inference[D] issue
  48.[A] stated[B] remarked[C] said[D] told
  49.[A] what[B] when[C] which[D] that
  50.[A] assure[B] confide[C] ensure[D] guarantee
English-Chinese Translation 20
  00. Governments throughout the world act on the assumption that the welfare of their people depends largely on the economic strength and wealth of the community.
  71) Under modern conditions, this requires varying measures of centralized control and hence the help of specialized scientists such as economists and operational research experts.

  72) Furthermore, it is obvious that the strength of a country’s economy is directly bound up with the efficiency of its agriculture and industry, and that this in turn rests upon the efforts of scientists and technologists of all kinds.
It also means that governments are increasingly compelled to interfere in these sectors in order to step up production and ensure that it is utilized to the best advantage. For example, the may encourage research in various ways, including the setting up of their own research centers; they may alter the structure of education, or interfere in order to reduce the wastage of natural resources or tap resources hitherto unexploited; or they may cooperate directly in the growing number of international projects related to science, economics and industry. In any case, all such interventions are heavily dependent on scientific advice and also scientific and technological manpower of all kinds.
  73) Owing to the remarkable development in mass-communications, people everywhere are feeling new wants and are being exposed to new customs and ideas, while governments are often forced to introduce still further innovations for the reasons given above.
At the same time, the normal rate of social change throughout the world is taking place at a vastly accelerated speed compared with the past. For example,
  74) in the early industrialized countries of Europe the process of industrialization -- with all the far-reaching changes in social patterns that followed -- was spread over nearly a century, whereas nowadays a developing nation may undergo the same process in a decade or so.
All this has the effect of building up unusual pressures and tensions within the community and consequently presents serious problems for the governments concerned.
  75) Additional social stresses may also occur because of the population explosion or problems arising from mass migration movements -- themselves made relatively easy nowadays by modern means of transport.
As a result of all these factors, governments are becoming increasingly dependent on biologists and social scientists for planning the appropriate programs and putting them into effect. In less than 30 years’ time the Star Trek holodeck will be a reality. Direct links between the brain’s nervous system and a computer will also create full sensory virtual environments, allowing virtual vacations like those in the film Total Recall.
  71) There will be television chat shows hosted by robots, and cars with pollution monitors that will disable them when they offend.

  72) Children will play with dolls equipped with personality chips, computers with in-built personalities will be regarded as workmates rather than tools, relaxation will be in front of smell-television, and digital age will have arrived.
According to BT’s futurologist, Ian Pearson, these are among the developments scheduled for the first few decades of the new millennium (a period of 1,000 years), when supercomputers will dramatically accelerate progress in all areas of life.
  73) Pearson has pieced together the work of hundreds of researchers around the world to produce a unique millennium technology calendar that gives the latest dates when we can expect hundreds of key breakthroughs and discoveries to take place.
Some of the biggest developments will be in medicine, including an extended life expectancy and dozens of a



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