新东方大愚英语学习丛书 六级词汇词根+联想记忆法 乱序版) 联想记忆法( 《六级词汇词根 联想记忆法(乱序版) 》 俞敏洪 编著 Word List 1 spite luxury accommodate primarily setback restrain gossip reward maintain define harmony arrogant afford Word List 2 insect proficiency sentiment gear literacy rectify overhead frequent destiny cellar gigantic classical reclaim Word List 3 previous criminal detach plague aid hierarchy radical essence ego argue paradise plea merely flat ponder ignite asset decent recipe premier casual severe propel authorize instruct lure genuine emergency proceedings consensus artery internal splash calorie accommodati on background spoil represent sponge hostile chord feeble spontaneous spouse sparkle receipt compliment poverty scandal overthrow repression abstract ensue cognitive notion lubricate sprinkle acute shipment comparable spy pedestrian interaction faculty clutch biography mourn limp squad
orientation huddle hasty cancer breed finance imaginative establish reconcile fracture enthusiastic priority nutrition
contest deviate pamphlet discriminate rivalry competence barricade glamour nourish stab accumulate armor slip
enlighten idiom progressive booth appendix corrode groove owe complaint stability stabilize propaganda flare
stable innumerable justify foam compose psychiatrist intellectual objection costume reaction presume hurricane entail
referee dodge foremost stack circus disguise stagger recognize staircase embody
conscientious complain reinforce pumpkin caption allowance stalk morality pastry
endow household idiot acceptance detail narrative rot border spice
institution furniture grim muddy stall standpoint expose prone staple
startle assign relieve inclusive statement conversion statesman initial eloquent
proof stationary predict appease resolve status abnormal stereo contribution
option stereotype crime stern Word List 4 dub community desire bamboo dazzle outfit heel romance dispatch flutter rash competitive stitch Word List 5 eligible engage intellect clan expedition polish locality applaud discreet grope legal counterpart ascertain Word List 6 poetry highlight slash ambition reassure abundance prosperous submit
census independence repay giggle
glitter lieutenant evil prospective
dismiss endurance conserve expense
preclude agreeable sticky marsh
character corpse fiction straightforward compete bargain external aspiration drawback cute toll correlate sip
conservation clasp efficient current invert segment religious extraordinary drain confidence strain entrepreneur assault
strand concise strategy financial denounce catholic streak preliminary property stream streamline maneuver alleviate
physiological facet stride distinguish apparatus rival complex psychological deduce critic bull levy avoid
disposition scheme periodical exhaust object deadline condemn encounter string
descend immigrant crew pose pedal invaluable audience input phase chronic soar elaborate retrospect
strive profound cathedral scan stroke authoritative likelihood commercial promote stroll originate discern practicable
challenge stubborn aggressive beam axis lane mercury incline analyze stumble project feasible definitive
stump drill solicitor outrage stun sturdy escort contend leather commentary gracious consequent intimate
subjective plead imperial elite intricate submarine liability bureaucracy
differentiate court security quiver bowel subordinate junk consecutive
subscribe extinct cork glare dictate credit dilemma prominent
insane magnitude hostage exchange flank convene affiliate inertia
appearance subsequent reflect slump skull implication diligent cradle
adapt skip erroneous subsidiary benefit subsidy fabric substance
adjust elegant edible collaboration abuse Word List 7 cautious successive marginal clerk rein ozone xsuccessor decay neglect heap application modest residential Word List 8 fascinate accustomed merit shark superintendent manuscript orthodox original misery precious regime negotiate superior Word List 9 survival survive definitely criticism susceptible sue peg
imply distinct economy dock rim
indifferent appraisal confidential administration collapse
instantaneous commodity affection environment complicated
comic evaluate subtract suburb devote
orchestra depict convention association contempt signal condense fund extreme latitude hawk illustrate mass
hum suffice moral discard plunge explicit slick approve random prolong fundamental quench lease
howl sufficient revenue behave banquet divine donate longevity margin immune destructive climate impact
precedent suite disorder sulfur refrain skeptical defeat endure outward summit activate summon aggravate
annoy designate gorgeous reform proclaim preferable handicap superficial paperback
inventory smuggle superiority supersonic pole cape additional latent curb supervise notorious concern shove
supplement supplementary brisk planet suppress bang bandage supreme surge confirm scrap radiant sacred
exhibit fort surgeon inspire fossil interim entitle compromise pitch eclipse dine perception identification
exclude surgery monster deteriorate burden fold gauge outline junction literal surpass racket haul
identify athlete peculiar pessimistic console species author deficiency radioactive surplus
suspension dart imperative breakdown oriental sanction notable
restraint alternative fatigue impetus suspicion manufacture opaque
safeguard juvenile erect subtle autonomous majesty budget
destruction emotion reserve passive grin suspicious elapse
innovation reap preference emphasis retain award bound
sequence medieval majority napkin proximity preside Word List 10 deliberate destination enthusiasm substitute symmetry adjacent scent sympathetic chapel intensify colleague productive conclude Word List 11 geology provocative tack amplify colonial tackle dizzy crisp grant hamper humidity intervene reign Word List 12 mission occur attain magnificent adverse stray
settlement aesthetic prospect sustain nickname evolution
patriot swamp infinite adequate probability brand
pursuit recognition resultant resident swap nil
issue leaflet coward cozy symbol periodic
articulate nonetheless
cord ambitious doubtless factor mortal momentum substantial gland agony clone interfere denote register
perpetual shaft sympathy contemplate feast irritate diagnose dominate installment response enhance poisonous implicit
hound pore alert sophisticated principal envisage emphasize handbook infant calcium symphony questionnaire protest
glide erosion bust hysterical alcohol symposium manual fury compute brutal excess olive syndrome
pirate betray conservative interpret cliff lunar signify synthesis reunion constituent
drainage hemisphere amend prototype electrician historian incredible acknowledge fuse blunt tame peak tan
numerical rigorous tangle linen foresee plaster intelligible culminate analogy disrupt cater revolutionary electrical
tanker target capacity privilege grieve crumble provided function intrigue pastime electron alien specialist
expenditure resort integral alloy climax tariff initiate discount rectangular linear module scorn hinder
tease pudding tedious abortion faith indicative overturn qualitative ideology telecommunic ations
remedy potential mob cane inferior temper
criticize stimulus grease temperament bypass arrest
consolidate assert henceforth remote similar allege
recede arena cordial groan decisive tempo
coincide disregard belly machinery shuttle counter
intelligent tempt paralyze companion tenant immerse hover Word List 13 grave ethnic fraud incur impart refuge scrape caution demand apartment inevitable recovery tentative Word List 14 gamble concept alarm forge testimony certainty detain fantastic texture acquaintance migrant mingle theft Word List 15 hazard band coarse justification frequency
lace shabby extinguish batch sociology purify dim
blur inflict pistol mansion religion boycott alter
heir certify sculpture score overhear tendency recall
flush sensation conscious circulation dolphin missionary slogan
reveal bump attack exaggerate
complement frantic divert spiral terminate render eagle encourage conspicuous prose pretext artillery dwell
parameter scramble imaginary Thanksgivin g relief champion allocate compulsory flask expertise terrace loyalty
depress sieve label recur capable mediate ammunition critical massive decree abandon cucumber terrain
robust saturate scatter defect convict ingredient retort brief pasture terrific purchase mobilize assassination
monitor economical detect mutual preach territory insight desirable instrumental testify
mutter impatient dissipate profession elementary fertilizer aggregate eliminate confident rank obscene criterion queer
liberal theme thereafter mistress promising therefore parasite consequence famine militant dilute slaughter limitation
arc recycle conference consequently graduate solo thermal inaugurate communicate diverse drought thesis optimism
flaw thigh smash thorn brood outbreak compensate excursion dedicate confront threaten terrify chunk
assistance prevail threshold galaxy shutter refresh invariably attitude
entertainment admit command thrill endeavor
thrive shield invisible interact marshal
throne guardian meadow provoke tick
tickle tile indefinite restore apology
predominant attract conduct tilt clue
aspect beforehand slum knit timely evidence curse devise Word List 16 toss blossom hospitality tow discrete soluble foil slippery stock cavity loyal toxic epidemic Word List 17 brilliant expend prosecute transition casualty permeate inhabitant pendulum doom fixture refund linger converge Word List 18 continuity cable attendant trifle
invest evoke maximum performance deny modify remnant generate
perish dismay atmosphere settle timid ritual revive persistent
locomotive arrange tissue cardinal gaze blush token novelty
profitable jerk hypothesis limb discipline magistrate burial oxygen
simultaneous attach tolerant
anonymous coverage tract hatch management cling panic trademark opponent indignation guarantee tragic controversial
trait demonstrate abolish possess deduct cast Easter intermittent specific oppose extract commonwealth transaction
cabinet ornament norm contribute reckon considerate ceramic digest transcend extravagant reproach transfer retention
snack transform notation flap transient specification attempt memorize inhibit carve empirical relay install
cereal ignore catastrophe float transistor metallic transit involve specialty
incentive associate royalty dentist pursue literary overwhelm transmit disgust force mock aviation classic
reliable fling figure anticipate genetic rupture reliance literature gleam salvation redundant portray intensive
transplant reconciliation transport enforce coalition accuse traverse sergeant rating treaty compartment blunder fuel
grain authority regiment liner tremendous resent afflict recession drag annual given indulge electronic
trench recruit trend trial defy tribe fragile quest tribute revolve
fringe transmission inherent contention
mute spectacle clearance autonomy
fraction gross conflict vary
metropolitan clarity instrument confusion
ambiguous speculate trigger exploit
donation cynical triple overlook grief clockwise scrutiny breakthrough disaster Word List 19 appliance disastrous consume intense contract discharge adolescent homogeneous dignity routine tumble arouse commend Word List 20 identical convenience undermine unemployment bonus degrade unfold bounce scar hoist constitute default execution Word List 21 generous crush combine
deceive arrangement rehearsal hatred hinge necessitate triumph cite incidence
debate trivial decrease kidney advocate disturbance formidable multitude atlas
objective mechanical describe exemplify minibus fulfill existence tub tuck
minority enclosure tug oak persist appeal derive brew intrinsic
significant obligation access tuition generalize
provision ascend tunnel resume respective prejudice dwarf primary segregate cope infectious legislation turbulent
contaminate ridiculous controversy turnover array expand perplex disposal naive fitting complexion forthcoming principle
confer intuition deprive tutor twist isle accordance crash ultimate constitution aerial ultraviolet renaissance
recover fantasy rational schedule luggage porch committee garbage deficit unanimous underestimate undergo discrepancy
crowd diplomat instance clash motive preview despise underlying confine barrier
recite consumer clip unify muscular optimistic rip obedient unique blank luminous quota esthetic
shatter evident unity universe update heighten profess grip upgrade rejoice obstacle partial degenerate
notify primitive composite inhabit fatal overpass equality multiply presentation canvas awkward precede communication
bibliography pattern uphold reject upright diversion probe formulate sovereign impose skeleton buck champagne
agent duplicate perfection appropriate consistent urban characteristic exert adjoin consent
snatch propagate urge
circumstance utilize equip
contradict deport quartz
consumption versus disable
orient estimate miniature
ferry distract owl irony venture contrive accelerate enroll constrain refreshment Word List 22 various regulation collision fake epoch semester basis entity drastic intent jeopardize liable inland Word List 23 exception diploma perspective permissible contact ingenious displac



   新东方大愚英语学习丛书 六级词汇词根+联想记忆法 乱序版) 联想记忆法( 《六级词汇词根 联想记忆法(乱序版) 》 俞敏洪 编著 Word List 1 spite luxury accommodate primarily setback restrain gossip reward maintain define harmony arrogant afford Word List 2 insect proficiency sentiment gear literacy rectify ov ...


       本文由sheshortbear贡献     doc文档可能在WAP端浏览体验不佳。建议您优先选择TXT,或下载源文件到本机 查看。     新东方大愚英语学习丛书 六级词汇词根+联想记忆法 乱序版) 联想记忆法(  《六级词汇词根 联想记忆法(乱序版) 》 俞敏洪 编著 Word List 1 spite luxur y accommodate primarily setback restrain gossip reward maintain define har mony arro ...


   弃我去者, 弃我去者,昨日之日不可留 乱我心者, 乱我心者,今日之日多烦忧 妙语速记 3000 英文单词 近形编句速记法速成 3000 常用英语单词 (缩略精华版) 刘伊翰编著 (购买办法:新华发行集团各大书店有售,定价 12 元/本;羊城晚报出版社或作者均可 邮购,加 15%邮费) 言 中国加入 wto 了!英语作为人们谋生发展的工具越发显得重要起来, 甚至有人把文盲的范 畴扩大到不懂外语的人,很多人都希望精通英语以为自己的生存和发展创造优势,然而,缺 乏充足的时间和精力,缺少真正高效实用 ...


   Words & Expressions from I. Words 1. counterpart 3. obscene 5. patent 7. sovereign 9. alleviate 11. magnitude 13. feasible 15. loyalty 17. bless 19. portray 21. shed 23. glow 25. certify 27. paradise 29. watt 33. detain 35. astronomer 37. orbit ...


   弃我去者, 弃我去者,昨日之日不可留 乱我心者, 乱我心者,今日之日多烦忧 The World Expo in 2010(2010 年世博会) Shanghai will host the 2010 World Expo. The World Expo has a long history but it has never been held in Asia. So the 2010 World Expo is an honor for all of the Asians. ()ur gov ...


   狂人中国 www.krenchina.cn 收集整理]] 弃我去者, 弃我去者,昨日之日不可留 乱我心者, 乱我心者,今日之日多烦忧 以下资料均来自互联网 ]] 获取更多英语听力资料请登录 www.krenchina.cn]] 下载】全新版大学英语【听说教程+综合 【下载】全新版大学英语【听说教程 综合 教程+单词朗读】 教程 单词朗读】听力 mp3 下载 单词朗读 费了这么长时间, 终于完成了全新版大学英语听说教程和综合教程的听力收集整 理工作。所有的听力文件都以 mp3 格式提供。由于文 ...


   知道怎样用地道的美式口语翻译这段话吗?“ 走这条单行道,在第一个红绿灯时左转, 那里 就是 Hemphill Ave。 是一条双线道。往下走, 你会在你的左边看到一个加油站, 继续走 50 码, 直到看到一个三叉路口, 右转, 经过二个 stop sign。你就会碰到 Wal Mart, 邮局就 在 Wal Mart 的对面。而杨先生的家呢? 邮局后面就是啦。” 以下可以作为参考: 1. Take the one-way street. 走这条单行道。 One-way street 就是单行 ...


   1、出口方面的词汇出口信贷 export credit 出口津贴 export subsidy 商品倾销 dumping 外汇倾 销 exchange dumping 优惠关税 special preferences 保税仓库 bonded warehouse 贸易顺差 favorable balance of trade 贸易逆差 unfavorable balance of trade 进口配额制 import quotas 自由贸易区 free trade zone 对外 贸易值 va ...


   Barack Obama’s Victory Speech: Speech: Change Has Come To America November 5, 2008, Obama made his Victory Speech in Chicago, now let us through a period of video to review the scene at that time? It is been a long time coming 我们已经等待很长时间了 We are an ...


   -ing 和-ed 类形容词的意义和用法分析 摘 要: -ing 和-ed 结尾的形容词在中学阶段英语教学中出现比较频繁,在近年来各地高考试题中也经 常有所涉及。 这类形容词一般情况下都是有同一个动词变化而来,分析归纳总结中学阶段应掌握的这类词的 意义和用法有助于教学中师生的整体记忆。掌握这类形容词的意义和用法定会对学生在阅读、写作等教学 活动中准确理解和表达句义起到积极作用。 关键词: -ing 和-ed 类形容词 意义 用法 -ing 和-ed 结尾的形容词在中学阶段英语教学中出现比较频 ...



   Listening of unit 2 King Edward IV King Edward V King Richard III King Henry VII 1457-1483 1486-1486 1483-1485 1485-1509 King Henry VIII Edward VI 1547-1553 Mary 1553-1558 Elizabeth I 1558-1603 P15 Listening Task 1. Listen and finish Ex 1 on page 1 ...


   考研复试英语自我介绍范文: 考研复试英语自我介绍范文: Good morning, teachers, I am honored to be informed to have this interview. Introduce yourself First let me introduce myself, my name is XX, 23 years old, and David is my English name. I am open-minded, easy to adapt, co ...


   高新电脑学校 ?? 计算机组装与维护 课件制作:孙波 IT CFAC gaoxindiannaoxuexiao 国家计算机教育认证 计算机英语 计算机英语词汇对译 蒙阴高新电脑学校 资料整理:孙波 2010 年 9 月 1 日 2011-4-12 1 高新学校欢迎 您 高新电脑学校 ?? 计算机组装与维护 课件制作:孙波 PC personal computer 个人计算机 IBM International Business Machine 美国国际商用机器公司的公司简称,是最早推出的个人 ...

八年级英语新目标下unit 3 过去进行时专题复习课件

   The Past Continuous Tense 过去进行时 1.意义: 意义 表示在过去某一时刻正在进行 的动作. 的动作. 2.构成: was/were +doing 构成 否定式: was/were not +doing 疑问式: 疑问式: Was/Were ……doing? 3.标志词: 标志词: 标志词 at this/that time yesterday at 9:00 last night ……was/were doing when….did….. cook a meal ...

同步训练七年级下英语人教版Unit 2-3

   单元测评 选择题, 个大题, 第Ⅰ卷(选择题,共 4 个大题,满分 50 分) 选择题 听力( 小题; Ⅰ.听力(共 15 小题;每小题 1 分,满分 15 分) A.听录音,选出你所听到的单词或词组。 听录音, 听录音 选出你所听到的单词或词组。 1.A.elephant B.dolphin C.giraffe 2.A.lion B.panda C.tiger 3.A.from Africa B.from Australia C.from China 4.A.eat grass B. ...