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英文写作 一 , 如 何 写 长 难 句 How to develop complex sentences. sentences.
  1. 写出 key words words,确认中心骨架 logical
  2. 逻辑排列,logical arrangements coloriz
  3. 加工润色,coloriz e 例句:大部分学生相信业余工作会使他们有更多机会 发展人际交往能力,这对他们未来找工作是非常有好处 的. Most of (A majority of) students believe (hold the view) that part-time jobs can provide them with opportunities 机会 to/and develop (improve/better) communication ability 能 力 (social abilities/interpersonal skills 人际关系技巧 ),which is good for (is beneficial to 有益 于 ) their looking for jobs (job-hunting 求 职 ) in the future (after their graduation). 二,拓展长句的三大方法 The most important factor 因素 we have to take into consideration is sth./that… sth./that… The most important thing I want to talk about is that…sth./ that… that… that… It is also of great importance to pay close attention to…that to… Besides what is mentioned above 上诉 的 ,it is necessary to think about… about… In addition to 除 … 之外 what is talked about above, I want to tell you sth. about… about…
  1.写引导词:包括起承转合例(让句子变得高端) : , 起: in the first place 首先, first and foremost 首要 , 的, to begin/start with : 承: second (ly),in the second place, furthermore , , , , what' 而且, 此外, moreover 而且, 此外, what's more, in , addition 另外, besides 转 :but, however, on the contrary 与此 相 反 , in contrast/comparison 相比之下, nonetheless 虽然 , contrast/comparison , ; , ; 如此,但是; nevertheless 尽管如此,然而; 合 : last but not least 最 后 同 样 重 要 的 , so, therefore, , , in conclusion 最后,综上所述, to conclude 最后, in a/one word, in general, : 例: for instance, for example, such as, When it comes to.... 说起… 经典引导句型 There is no doubt that/in saying that… that… There is no exaggeration 夸张 in saying that… that… It is known to us all that, It is well-known that… that… It is apparent/obvious 显然的 that…it is not hard that… hard to understand that… that… It is not too much to say that… that… It is commonly/widely/generally agreed that… that… (acknowledged 公认的 that…/ believed that) that… .
  2.写插入语(让句子变得客观) that is to say to a certain extent 在某种程度上, some degree to degree to 在一定程度上,to a larger degree 在很大程度上 , for one reason or another 因为某种原因, to put it in another way 换言之 directly or indirectly 直接或间接 in other words 换句话说 as a matter of fact 事实上 English 例:English is, to a large degree, important. be 后 Computer, directly or indirectly, influences our life. 行前 Computer can, as a matter of fact, influence our life. 助行间 It 例句:It is known to us all that, English is, to a large degree, very important due to that English is becoming a global/world language. /is becoming more and more (increasingly) popular There is no doubt in saying that computer, computer, directly or indirectly, to a large degree, influences our life primarily owing to that (computer can make our work and study faster) computer can improve the efficiency of our work and study. It is hard to understand that doing parttime job can, to a large extent, broaden our horiz on in that we can understand more about the society by knowing a lot of people.
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30 天学不会英语 无效退款 www.28k.cn
:that, 名词性定语从句:that, who :before, 时间状语从句:before, when, after, during :where) 地点状语从句:where) :because, 原因状语从句:because, because of that.. primarily/mainly owing to that, partly/partially due to that, in that 例: I like you in that you are very kind. 假 设状 语 从 句 :if, on condition that… in case that… that… that… 三,精选核心单词
  1. 好坏与权衡: … reap a lot of benefits from 从…中收获很多 advantage, disadvantage every coin has its two sides, every thing has two sides
  2.允许与禁止: allow (all+low) : allow sb. to do sth. permit ( per+mit, ) : permit sb. to do, sb. is permitted to do sth., ask for the permission from… from… : forbid 禁止: forbid sb. to do…, sth. is forbidden do… by… by…
  3.学校与课程 : in university, on campus, major in 主修, minor in , , 辅修, English course, optional course 选 修 课 , required/compulsory course 必修课
  4.考虑与因素: take sth. into consideration/account sth. is the decisive 决定 性的 / an essential/ the most important factor
  5. 提及与谈到: Talking about (the importance of English, three factors should be considered.) When it comes to (the importance of English, three factors should be considered.)
  6. 分歧与主张, There is no agreement on the issue 问题 that… that… some people hold the view that…, some others that… hold an opposite view that… that… so far as I am concerned, ... in my opinion, from my perspective,
  7. 反对与拥护: advocate 主张 : We advocate the change of the policy. support the idea that argue/hold/maintain/deem/that… argue/hold/maintain/deem/that…
  8. 当今与形势 decade: in recent decades, nowadays, currently, at the present day/time currently, with the development of science and technology/economy/culture/society information technology, more and more people are paying attention to… to… close/due attention should be paid to
  9. 喜好与厌恶 prefer: prefer to do, prefer to do …rather than do, do… do, it is my preference, sth. is preferred. people are reluctant to do…不情愿做某事 do…
  10. 现象与原因: phenomenon 现象 phenomena 复数 lead to, cause cause, So what are the reasons behind this phenomenon? the reasons behind the phenomenon are as follows
  11. 影响与趋势: tend to 趋向于 tendency : There is a growing tendency for people to work at home instead of in offices. effects: exert effects on / bring negative/positive influence on 带来负面/ 积 极影响 do good/harm to
  12. 感激与宽恕 be thankful/grateful to sb. for..
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30 天学不会英语 无效退款 www.28k.cn
to express one's gratitude to… one' to… I am writing to you to tell you /to express my you… thanks… thanks… forgive excuse pardon me for what I did
  13. 举例与说明 for instance, such as… as… as far as I am concerned 以我为例
  14. 效率与改善 affect effect effective efficient efficiency: To make it more efficient/effective. to enhance/improve sth.
  15. 联系与期待 Email: e-mail me at the address: contact me by the number of… of… should there be anything I can help you, never hesitate 犹豫 to call me. I am looking forward to hearing from you; an immediate reply will be fully appreciated.
  16. 沉溺与控制: sth. is prevalent 普遍的 become addicted to 沉 溺 于 abandon/addict oneself to sth. is under control prevent sb. from doing sth. cancel, fight against
  17. 付出与回报: No pains, no gains. take pains to do sth. sth.尽力做某事 reward n./vt. n./vt.报酬,奖赏 rewarding 值得的 Learning English is painstaking and challenging but rewarding. reap a lot of benefits from… from… be benefited to do sth.
  18. 活动娱乐 recreation activities 娱乐活动 Physical training 体育 take part in/participate in entertainment entertain
  19. 种类与改变 vary vt./vi 改变 very various: various kinds of, a variety of, a great number of
  20. 心里与身体 physically 身体上 spiritually 精神上 , psychologically 心理上, psychology 心理 , mentally 心理上, mental health 例:沉溺于网络对身心有害. Becoming addicted to internet is physically harmful and mentally unhealthy.
  21. 建议与要求 I suggest that you should … should… My suggestion is that people should … should… It is important that you should … should… essential significant necessary Due/close attention should be paid to that… that…
  22. 个性与美德 be optimistic/pessimistic/open-minded /easy-going/extrovert/introvert hardworking, diligent(diligence), lazy(laziness), cautious, kind-hearted, warm-hearted, ready to help others, cold -blooded cold-blooded
  23. 环境与污染 environment pollution, environment protection ecological balance 生态平衡 ecology 生态 strike the balance between human society and nature threaten vt./vi. vt./vi.威胁 pose a threat to human beings 对人类构成威胁 punishment, punished, rewarded English 例:English may be the most important factor in deciding which countries are leaders in the future. The language of the most advanced management and technology is undoubtedly English.
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Sth/to do sth/doing sth may be the most important factor to sth/in deciding sth. The sth of sth is undoubtedly sth. The way to do sth is undoubtedly to do sth. Being able to do sth is the key to sth/ doing sth.
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