①Scholastic aptitude(学习方面的才能) a. Native intellectual ability(天赋) b. Imagination(想像力) c. Creativity(创造力) ②Academic performance(学业上的表现) a. Breadth of general knowledge (知识是否丰富) b. Knowledge of literature in his field(本专业领域知识) c. Grade or achievement (成绩或成就) d. Industry; diligence(勤勉) ③Languages(语言能力) a. Ability to speak, understand, read and write the English language(说、听、读、写英文的能力) b. Ability to read significant literature in other languages than English(英语以外的语言能力) ④Character(品行) a. Honesty; integrity(诚实) b. Sincerity (诚恳) c. Sense of responsibility(责任感) d. Cooperation (合作) e. Enthusiasm (热诚) f. Conscientiousness(自觉性) g. Ethical and moral standards(伦理与道德标准) h. Reliability; dependability(可靠性) i. Concern for others(关怀他人) j. Patience (耐心) k. Perseverance (恒心) l. Seriousness of purpose(求学认真) m. Work habits (工作习惯) n. Initiative(主动性) o. Record of disciplinary action or misconduct(曾受弄罚或品行不良纪录) ⑤ Personality(个性) a. Amiability; amicability (和蔼) b. Cheerfulness (愉快) c. Ability to work with others (能否与他人相处) ⑥ Motivation (动力) a. Internal drive for excellence (好胜心) b. Objective defined (有无确定的目标) c. Capability of sustained independent work (长期独立工作的能力) d. Motivation to pursue graduate study(进入研究所的决心) ⑦ Leadership Ability (领导才能) ⑧ Emotion (情绪) a. Emotional maturity (心理成熟) b. Emotional balance (情绪稳定) c. Emotional adjustment (情绪调节能力) d. Temper (脾气)
⑨ Health(健康)
  1.毅力:perseverance.n. =will power
  2.坚强意志:strong will
  3.拼搏精神:the determined spirit
  4.生命是一个奋斗的过程, 没有人可以不劳而获。 is a continuous process of fighting life and one cannot achieve success without efforts.
  5.奋斗:strive.v.; strive for; struggle.v&n.; fight;
  6.努力:endeavor.n&vi; ~to do sth
  7.我们必须大胆地经受考验, 克服困难, 磨练意志: must boldly go through trials and we hardships to train our will so as to get rid of the weak points of our moral character.
  8.决心:determination; will; a. Physical health(身体健康) b. Mental health (精神健康) ⑩ Professional experience(工作经验)
  16. 大都市:metropolis .n.
  17. 市中心 downtown area ; 居民区,住宅区 residential area; urban .a.市区的; suburb .n.近郊区; outskirts .n.郊区
  18.相关形容词: ambitious 有雄心壮志的 amiable 和蔼可亲的 aspiring 有志气的,有抱负的 careful 办事仔细的; competent 能胜任的 ; confident 有信心的 ; cooperative 有合作精神的 ; creative 富创造力的; well-educated 受过良好教育的 efficient 有效率的 ; energetic 精力充沛的; enthusiastic 充满热情的 faithful 守信的,忠诚的; frank 直率的,真诚的; friendly 友好的 hard-working 勤劳的
honest 诚实的 impartial 公正的 independent 有主见的 industrious 勤奋的 ingenious 有独创性的 initiative 首创精神 kind-hearted 好心的 knowledgeable 有见识的 loyal 忠心耿耿的 modest 谦虚的 motivated 目的明确的 open-minded 虚心的 purposeful 意志坚强的 rational 有理性的 reliable 可信赖的 responsible 负责的 self-conscious 自觉的 selfless 无私的 sincere 真诚的 smart 精明的; strong-willed 意志坚强的 二、句法:插入语的用法;定语修饰 句法:插入语的用法;
  1. 越来越多的专家相信移民对城市的建设起到积极作用。然而,越来越 越来越多的专家相信移民对城市的建设起到积极作用 然而, 起到积极作用。 (一)插入语 多的城市居民却怀疑这种说法,他们抱怨民工给城市带来了许多严重的问题, 多的城市居民却怀疑这种说法,他们抱怨民工给城市带来了许多严重的问题,像犯罪和卖 淫。An increasing number of experts believe that migrants will exert positive effects on construction of city. This opinion, However, is now being questioned by increasing city residents, who complain that the migrants have brought countless serious problems like crime and prostitution. 练习:越来越多的专家相信网络对人们生活丰富多彩起到积极作用。然而, 练习:越来越多的专家相信网络对人们生活丰富多彩起到积极作用。然而,越来越多的城 市居民却怀疑这种说法,他们抱怨网络特别是网络游戏带来了许多严重的问题, 市居民却怀疑这种说法,他们抱怨网络特别是网络游戏带来了许多严重的问题,像暴力和 犯罪。 犯罪。 An increasing number of experts believe that network will exert positive effects on people’s rich and colorful life. This opinion, however, is now being questioned by increasing city residents, who complain that the network has brought countless problems like violence as well as crime.
  2. 旅游业给中国带来许多好处。首先,它使中国人了解外界,并有助于促进友谊和理解。 旅游业给中国带来许多好处。首先,它使中国人了解外界,并有助于促进友谊和理解。 其次,在经济上也有利于我国,因为中国现代化建设需要大量的外汇。 其次,在经济上也有利于我国,因为中国现代化建设需要大量的外汇。 Tourism brings China a lot of benefits. First, it enables the Chinese people to know more about the outside world and promotes friendship and
understanding. Second, it is financially beneficial to China, which needs more foreign currencies for its modernization program.
  3. 旅游业也引起许多问题。例如,它增加了我国本来效率不高的运输系统的负担。 旅游业也引起许多问题。例如,它增加了我国本来效率不高的运输系统的负担。 引起许多问题 Tourism, however, gives rise to a number of problems. For instance, it becomes a burden to inefficient transportation system.
  4. 而且,许多人,包括司机和骑自行车的人,不能很好地遵守交通规则,特别是在繁忙的 而且,许多人,包括司机和骑自行车的人,不能很好地遵守交通规则, 十字路口,这无疑使本已严重的状况雪上加霜 雪上加霜。 十字路口,这无疑使本已严重的状况雪上加霜。 Moreover, many people, including drivers and cyclists, do not obey the traffic rules properly, especially at busy intersections. And this undoubtedly worsens the already grave situation.
  5. 我认为,首先应看看学生们在校园可能遇到哪些问题。 我认为,首先应看看学生们在校园可能遇到哪些问题。 As for me, it is essential to know, at first, what kind of problems young students possible would encounter on campus.
  6. 除了孤独这一明显的问题之外,我认为另一个困难是对校园环境的不熟悉。 除了孤独这一明显的问题之外,我认为另一个困难是对校园环境的不熟悉。 孤独这一明显的问题之外 In addition to the obvious problem--loneliness, another major obstacle, in my opinion, is the alien environment of campus.
  7.人们对失败持有不同的态度。面对失败,有人能够经得起考验,从失败中汲取教训,并 人们对失败持有不同的态度。面对失败,有人能够经得起考验,从失败中汲取教训, 人们对失败持有不同的态度 努力去完成他们下定决心要做的事情。然而,另一些人却丧失信心并退却了。 努力去完成他们下定决心要做的事情。然而,另一些人却丧失信心并退却了。 People differ in their attitudes towards failure. Faced with it, some of them can stand up to it, draw useful lessons from it and try hard to fulfill what they are determined to do. Others, however, lose heart and give in.

  1.定语从句 限制性定语从句; 定语从句: (二)定语修饰
  1.定语从句:限制性定语从句;非限制性定语从句 关系代词 who, whom, which, that, as 引导的定语从句

  1)大部分 大部分学生相信业余工作会使他们有更多机会发展人际交往能力,而这对 大部分 他们未来找工作是非常有好处的。 The majority of students believe that part-time job will provide them with more opportunities to develop their interpersonal skills, which may put them in a favorable position in the future job markets.(定语从句) (
  2)从这几年我搜集的信息来看,这些知识并没有人们想象的那么有用。The information I've collected over last few years leads me to believe that this
knowledge may be less useful than most people think.定语从句 定语从句(
  3)人们普 定语从句 遍认为计算机和其他机器已经成为我们社会必不可少的一部分。 它们使我们的 生活更舒适,减少了大量劳动。 It is widely acknowledged that computer and other machines have become an indispensable part of our society, which make our life and work more comfortable and less laborious. 非限制性定语从句 (
  4)而且,沉湎于时尚服装的人们不得不花费更多时间逛商店,更加注意自己 给别人的印象。因此,他们不可能有足够的时间用于学习或工作。 Furthermore, people who addict to fashion clothes have to spend more time going shopping and pay more attention to the impression they make on others. As a result, it is impossible to devote enough time and energy in their study and job.定语从句 定语从句 (
  5)由于人口的猛增或大量人口流动(现代交通工具使这种流动相对容易)引 发的种种问题也会对社会造成新的压力 社会造成新的压力。 社会造成新的压力 Due to the sharp population growth as well as flow which has become comparatively easy because of modern traffic vehicle, plenty of kinds of negative effects have brought novel press. (
  6)家庭人口多好还是家庭人口少好 家庭人口多好还是家庭人口少好是一个非常通俗的主题,不仅是城里人, 家庭人口多好还是家庭人口少好 而且农民都经常讨论这个问题。 Weather a large family is a good thing or not is a very popular topic, which is often talked about not only by city residents but by farmers as well.定语从句 定语从句 (
  7)当技术的发展意味着我们会吸入更多有害气体时,我们比任何时候更需要 森林。 At the time when technology means ever more harmful carbon in the air we breathe, we need these forests now more than ever. 定语从句 定语从句(
  8)同时,拥 有私人轿车的人数这几年却在快速增加。 Meanwhile, the numbers of people, who have access to their own cars, have risen sharply in the recent years.定语从句充当插入语 定语从句充当插入语

  9)那些赞成建设文化艺术项目的人认为文化环境会吸引更多的游客,这将给 当地居民带来巨大的利益。 一些人甚至把建设文化艺术项目与发展经济建设等同 起来。 Those who are in favor of artistic and cultural projects advocate that cultural environment will attract more tourists, which will bring huge profits to local residents. Some people even equate the build of such projects with the improving of economic construction. 定语从句 (
  10)那些城市的规划者们如果忽视这一点,将会付出他们无法承受的代价。 Those urban planners who are blind to this point will pay a heavy price, which they cannot afford it. 定语从句
  2.短语:介词短语;不定式短语;分词短语:过去分词;现在分词 短语 (
  1)当前,一提到即将开始的学校生活,许多学生都会兴高采烈。然而,对多 )当前, 数年轻人来说,校园刚开始的日子并不是什么愉快的经历。 Nowadays, many students always go into raptures at the mere mention of the coming life of high school or college they will begin. Unfortunately, for most young people, it is not pleasant experience on their first day on campus. (
  2)使用自行车有助于人们的身体健康,并极大地缓解了交通阻塞。 Using bicycle contributes greatly to people's physical fitness as well as easing traffic jams. 分词作主语

  3)父母的教导如果坚定,理性,始终如一,孩子就有可能充满自信。 Children with parents whose guidance is firm, consistent, and rational are inclined to 有倾向 possess high levels of self-confidence.定语成分连环套 定语成分连环套 (
  4)就拿汽车为例。汽车不仅 就拿汽车为例。 不仅污染城市空气,而且 而且使城市拥挤不堪。此外,汽 就拿汽车为例 不仅 而且 车造成许多交通事故。汽车所产生的噪音使居住在街道两旁的居民日夜不得安 宁。 Let's take cars for example. They not only pollute the air in cities, but make them crowded. Furthermore, they are responsible for a lot of traffic accidents. The noise made by cars disturbs the residents living on both sides of streets all day and night.分词作定语 分词作定语
  1. To average people, they often tend to live under the illusion that English often means a good op



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   新概念英语第三册精选短文背诵 1. Lesson 4:The double life of Alfred Bloggs 阿尔弗雷德.布洛格斯的双重生活 阿尔弗雷德 布洛格斯的双重生活 These days, people who do manual work often receive far more money than people who work in offices. People who work in offices are frequently referred to as ...


   最新中考英语知识 中考英语知识总结 2011 最新中考英语知识总结 (本资料为特级教师原创) 本资料为特级教师原创) (一) 形容词和副词 I. 要点 A. 形容词 1、 形容词的用法 形容词是用来修饰、描绘名词的,通常在句中作定语、 形容词是用来修饰、描绘名词的,通常在句中作定语、表语或宾 有时还可作状语。 补,有时还可作状语。如: He is honest and hardworking. I found the book interesting. 某些形容词与定冠词连用表示一类人作主语 ...


   导读: 考研真题历来被辅导专家推崇,被考研学子所重视,那么它为什么有如此重要的作用 呢?它究竟有何神秘之处?今天,我们就此问题为大家揭开谜底。 考研英语真题和其他公共课程的真题一样,在考研复习中有很重要的作用。 1.权威性 相信没有任何的辅导书或者模拟试题,在权威性上能超越真题。真题是全国硕士研究 生统一考试英语命题组的各位老师, 根据学生知识水平、 国际化要求以及科研能力要求进行 综合研究出的,在复习中权威性最大。 2.接近性 真题和真题的接近性,绝对要比模拟题和真题之间的距离要近。考研学 ...


   小学六年级英语上册期中试题 小学六年级英语上册期中试题 姓名: 班级: 成绩: 判断划线部分的发音,相同的打对号,不同的打错号。 10分 一、判断划线部分的发音,相同的打对号,不同的打错号。 10分) ( ( )1. meat bread ( )2. but bus ( )3. idea peach ( )4. rice bike ( )5. post nose ( )6. at face ( )7. elephant egg ( )8. pig big ( )9. cat father ( ...