2008 2008 年
  46) believe, assert, claim, argue, assume, maintain, contend, point out, be convinced that, accept, prove, demonstrate, validate, state, scribe, tell, show, consider, opine, difficulty, difficult, compensate, compensate for, advantage, advantageous, advance, force, strength, power, thus, therefore, hence, enable, detect, detector, error, mistake, false, flaw, shortcoming, reason, reasoned, reasoning, reasonable, observe, observation, observer;
  47) follow, pure, purely, abstract, concrete, limit, confine, certain;
  48) as well, as well as, found, charge, change, critics, criticize, critical, criticism, while;
  49) add, addition, in addition, additional, tradition, traditional, humble, humbly, perhaps, possible, possibly, probable, probably, superior, superior to, super, inferior, inferior to, common, ordinary, banal, notice, attention, escape, carefully, careful, care, take care of;
  50) loss, lose (lost), at a loss, take a loss, injurious, injure, injury, intellect, intellectual, intelligence, wisdom, moral, virtue, virtually, virtual, character, characterize, characteristic; 07 年
  46) legal, law, preserve, conserve, institution, constitution, view, view…as, regard…as, take…as, see…as, special, specialize, specific, especial, especially; peculiar, peculiar to, particular, particularly, rather than, necessary, essential, essence, critical, significant, significance, equipment, equip, facility;
  47) link, connect, connection, on the other, on the other hand, on the one hand, concept, notion, real, reality, in a way, in a manner, in a form, parallel, parallel to, journal, journalist, base, basic, basis, comment, comment on, cover;
  48) idea, profound, profoundly, far-reaching, citizen, rest on/upon, rely on, depend on/upon, responsible, responsibility, be held responsible for, response, media, news media, news agency, establish, established, establishment, convention;
  49) grasp, have a grasp of, command, have a good command of, feature, competent, competition, competitive, compete,
  50) reaction, react, action, in action, interaction, enhance, promotion, promote, preferable, prefer, infer, confer, favor, flavor, favorite, judge, judgment, make judgments of;
06 年
  46) define, definition, define…as…, select, elect, individual, active, activity, primary, duty, thinking, thought;
  47) analogous, analogous to, analyze, analysis, function, obligation, be obliged to do sth., be obliged to sb., obligate, be obligated to do sth., clear, course, cause, lead to, reveal, decision, decisive, decide;
  48) exclude, exclusive, include, conclude, conclusion, contribute, contribution, contribute to, make contribution to, distribute, distribution, accomplishment, accomplish, complete, solution, solve, resolve, be charged with, approach, aspect, inspect, expect, respect, expect, task;
  49) code, rule, dedicate, dedicate to, govern, government, energy, conduct, conduction, production, produce, explore, exploration; more than, less than, no more than, no less than, more than +数字, more than +名词/动词, more than +形容词/副 词, no more than=no any more than;
  50) independent, independence, interdependence, reflect, reflection, make reflection on, earn, involve, salary; 05 年
  46) television, means, feeling, convey, connect, nation, create, invent, event, recent;
  47) multi-media, increase, increasingly, bring, publish, in relation to, relation, relate, related to, concern, concerning;
  48) alone, only, survive, underline, undergo, undertake, undermine, state, statistics, loss, take a loss, at a loss,
  49) identify, identity, respect, expect, aspect, represent, present, presentation, fabricate, fabric, continent, task, demand, choose, choice, strategic, policy;
  50) deal with, deal, challenge, scale, on…scale, exaggeration, it is no exaggeration to say…, unite, unity, divide; 04 年
  61) structure, instruction, instrument, construction, process, procedure, schedule, real, reality, realize, diversity, diverse, philosophy, philosopher;

  62) grateful, gratitude, different from, vanish, abolish, assimilate, similar, native, local;
  63) describe, description, strike, striking, remark, remarkable, accuse, accuse…of…, data, date;
  64) interested in, relationship, relative, relatively, determine, habit, habitual, though;
  65) come to, believe in, a sort of, linguistics, physics, psychology, aesthetics, art, fine art, archaeology, anthropology, economy, psychiatry, law, media, cross-culture, mathematics, math, physician, chemistry, humanity, form, formula, formulate, grammar, pattern, produce, consequence, consequently; 03 年
  61) furthermore, further, ability, able, enable, inability, modify, change, charge, exchange, environment, deteriorate, subject, reject, refuse, fancy;
  62) branch, inquire, acquire, require, endeavor, order, disorder, system, passion, seek, scientific, science, phenomenon;
  63) combine, integrate, integration, perspective, unique, distinct, distinctly;
  64) complex, complicated, sophisticated, include, conclude, exclude, conclusion, custom, consume, consumer. Simple, simplicity, implicit, explicit;
  65) make…possible, research; 02 年
  61) almost, behavior, trait, trace;
  62) explain, explanation, explanatory, item, hard, remain, obscure;
  63) evolution, revolution, innovation, invention, invest, investigation, recognize;
  64) possess, possession, govern, government, theory, essential, credit, achieve, achievement, conduct, conduction;
  65) until, till, issue, 01 年

  71) chat, host, hold, pollution, containment;
  72) personality, personnel, personal, relax, relaxation, recreation, digital;
  73) breakthrough, break out, breakout, out-break, outset, take place, discover;
  74) ultimate, terminate, termination, century, millennium, decade, thousands of, hundreds of, for the better part of decade, half, quarter, triple, double;
  75) home, demotic, exotic, apply, apply to, application, appliance, control, operate, operation, cooperation, corporation, company; 2000 年
  71) condition, situation, circumstance, situate, vary, varying, various, variety, variety of, expert;
  72) obvious, ambiguous, be bound up with, bind, efficient, efficiency, industry, agriculture, horticulture, in turn, effort, all kinds;
  73) owing to, remarkable, mass, communication, community, expose, be exposed to, introduce, for the reason given above;
  74) pattern, spread, or so;
  75) stress, migrate, migration, arise from, arise, rise, give rise to, raise, 1999 年
  71) while, almost, historian, history, practice, conform, conform to, inform, uniform, attempt;
  72) valid, validate, validity, discipline, code, rule, intern, extern, quarrel, among;
  73) transfer, transparent, augment, argument, design, interpret, interpretation, evidence, evident;
  74) agreement, refer to, in general, generally, generally speaking, largely, appropriate, inappropriate;
  75) equal, equally, equate, equate…with, source, resource, activity, animate, animation; 1998 年

  71) look into, exist, exit, existence, resident, residence, citizen;
  72) giant, enormous, virtually, virtual, virtue, put forward, propose, dominant;
  73) report, finding;
  74) triumph;
  75) odd, sound, inflation, inflate, plausible, elementary, primary; 1997 年
  71) actually, in fact, account, accountant;
  72) contract, entitle, title, entitlement;
  73) discuss, discussion, consider, consideration, either…or, neither…nor, whether…or, extend, extend to, treat;
  74) relevant, extreme, choose, choice;
  75) encourage, instinct; 1996 年
  71) cause, complete, result, result from, result in, to some extent, accelerate;
  72) trend, detail, in detail;
  73) support, an amount of, goal, immediate;
  74) elegant, elegance, in principle, principal, fascinate, delight;
  75) standard, criterion; 1995 年
  71) target, attack, in doing sth., divert, diversion, competent, incompetent, competition, competitive;
  72) predict, prediction, reliable, skill;
  73) experiment, experience, avail, available, comparative, compare, contrast;
  74) quality, precise;
  75) favorable, favor; youngster, tell;
1994 年
  71) not so much…as, as…as, not so…as, through, insight, welfare, health, worth, genius, improve, tool;
  72) contend, as we call it, number, numerable, innumerable, expand, a series of, direction, direct;
  73) ignore, careless, fundamental;
  74) revolve;
  75) finance, financial, vice versa, etc, et al.



   鲤鱼网(www.iliyu.com) 2008 2008 年 46) believe, assert, claim, argue, assume, maintain, contend, point out, be convinced that, accept, prove, demonstrate, validate, state, scribe, tell, show, consider, opine, difficulty, difficult, compensate, compensa ...

新东方考研英语翻译 基础 2010 唐静

   新东方在线 [www.koolearn.com] 网络课堂电子教材系列 考研翻译基础班 新东方在线考研翻译基础班讲义 主讲:唐静 课程简介 以讲解翻译基础知识为主,基本不涉及考研翻译的真题。 但是,真题很重要,有必要在强化训练中完全掌握真题。 课程大纲 第一章 考研翻译基础知识 一 翻译的定义 二 翻译的标准和翻译的方法 三 翻译的基本过程 四 考研翻译的核心解题策略 第二章 翻译技巧:词法翻译法 一 词义选择和词义引申 二 词性转换 三 增词法 四 省略法 第三章 翻译技巧:句法翻译法 一 ...


   新东方在线考研翻译基础班讲义 \ 课程简介 以讲解翻译基础知识为主,基本不涉及考研翻译的真题。 但是,真题很重要,有必要在强化训练中完全掌握真题。 课程大纲 第一章 考研翻译基础知识 一 翻译的定义 二 翻译的标准和翻译的方法 三 翻译的基本过程 四 考研翻译的核心解题策略 第二章 翻译技巧:词法翻译法 一 词义选择和词义引申 二 词性转换 三 增词法 四 省略法 第三章 翻译技巧:句法翻译法 一 名词性从句的翻译 二 定语从句的翻译 三 状语从句的翻译 四 被动结构的翻译 第一讲 翻译的定 ...


   新东方在线 [www.koolearn.com] 网络课堂电子教材系列 考研翻译基础班 2012 年考研视频(新东方、文登、海天等)现已更新……. QQ:137689420 更新地址: http://item.taobao.com/auction/item_detail.htm?item_num_id=9118501801 新东方在线考研翻译基础班讲义 主讲: 主讲:唐静 课程简介 以讲解翻译基础知识为主,基本不涉及考研翻译的真题。 但是,真题很重要,有必要在强化训练中完全掌握真题。 课程大 ...


   新东方在线 [www.koolearn.com] 网络课堂电子教材系列 考研翻译基础班 新东方在线考研翻译基础班讲义 主讲: 主讲:唐静 课程简介 以讲解翻译基础知识为主,基本不涉及考研翻译的真题。 但是,真题很重要,有必要在强化训练中完全掌握真题。 课程大纲 三 增词法 第一章 考研翻译基础知识 四 省略法 一 翻译的定义 二 翻译的标准和翻译的方法 三 翻译的基本过程 第三章 翻译技巧:句法翻译法 一 名词性从句的翻译 四 考研翻译的核心解题策略 二 定语从句的翻译 第二章 翻译技巧:词 ...


   考完了,奋斗过了,经历过了。该歇会,收拾心情,准备下一次奋斗。??唐静上      One basic weakness in a conservation system based wholly on economic motives is that most members of the land community have no economic value. Yet these creatures are members of the biotic community and, if ...


   弃我去者, 弃我去者,昨日之日不可留 乱我心者, 乱我心者,今日之日多烦忧 第二章 涉外商务信函的翻译 第一节 商务信函简介 一 商务信函的 12 种要素 " " " " " " " " " " " 信头( 信头(letterhead) ) 案号 (reference) 日期 (date) 封内地址 (inside address 注意项 (attention line) 称呼 (salutation) " 事由栏 (subject) 信的正文 (body of letter) 信尾敬 ...


   2010 年全国硕士研究生入学统一考试英语一试题 Text1 Of all the changes that have taken place in English-language newspapers during the past quarter-century, perhaps the most far-reaching has been the inexorable decline in the scope and seriousness of their arts coverag ...


   本资料仅供学习交流使用, 本资料仅供学习交流使用,QQ:732755481 仅供学习交流使用 新东方在线考研翻译基础班讲义 主讲: 主讲:唐静 课程简介 以讲解翻译基础知识为主,基本不涉及考研翻译的真题。 但是,真题很重要,有必要在强化训练中完全掌握真题。 课程大纲 第一章 考研翻译基础知识 一翻译的定义 二翻译的标准和翻译的方法 三翻译的基本过程 四考研翻译的核心解题策略 第二章翻译技巧:词法翻译法 一词义选择和词义引申 二词性转换 三增词法 四省略法 第三章翻译技巧:句法翻译法 一名词性 ...


   考研英语翻译备考指导    考研英语翻译是一种要求较高的综合性题型。此题主要考查考生的词汇量、语法知识、阅读能力和汉语表达能力,尤其注重考查考生通过上下文理解词和短语含义的能力。   可见,考研翻译题不仅要求考生要有良好的英语基础,还要有扎实的汉语功底和英译汉的基本技能。因此,要做好这一部分,必须要从以下三方面进行一个整体把握:如何解读长句,如何把握词语的含义,以及如何运用翻译技巧恰当表述原文。   下面,就从这三方面详细讲述:   一、如何解读长句   长句解读向来是许多考生感到最头疼的问题 ...



   2011 年 小 学 六 年 级 英 语 复 习 资 料 ( 冲 刺 阶 段 必 备 ) 1 2 3 4 5 三年级到六年级重点句型 四年级下册 1. This is my computer. 这是我的电脑. That is your computer. 那是你的电脑. 2. Is this a teacher’s desk? 这是讲台吗? Yes, it is. 是的,它是. 3. What time is it? 现在几点钟? It’s two o’clock. 现在两点. 4. I ...


   修改胶带 correction tap 书立 book stand 日记簿 diary book 文件袋 expanding file 地球仪 globe 名片夹 name card holder 办公用大头针 office pin 工字针 paper fastener 切纸刀 paper cuter 美工刀 cutter 总公司 Head Office 分公司 Branch Office 营业部 Business Office 人事部 Personnel Department 人力资源部 ...


   怎样做一名优秀的英语教师 1、职业技能和忠诚度哪个对企业更重要? 职业技能和忠诚度哪个对企业更重要? 职业技能属于工作实力,忠诚度则体现为人品质,对于企业而言,两者都是很重要的。如果 一定区分侧重点,感觉忠诚度更为重要。原因在于工作能力可以由后期培训加强而提高,忠诚 度则是很难去培养,具有更多的不确定性。一个优秀的企业,是不仅能够提高员工技能,更要 建立一种氛围,使员工保持忠诚度,也就是所谓的培养人才和留住人才。 当老师首先要有责任心,教书育人他/她承担着历史的使命,责任重大!其次当老师要有 ...


   1.1 名词复数的规则变化 情况 构成方法 读音 例词 一般情况 加 -s 1.清辅音后读/s/; map-maps 2.浊辅音和元音后 bag-bags 读 /z/; car-cars 以 s,sh,ch, x 等结尾的词 加 -es 读 /iz/ bus-buses watch-watches 以 ce,se,ze, (d)ge 等结尾 的词 加 -s 读 /iz/ license-licenses 以辅音字母+y 变 y 为 i 结尾的词 再加 es 读 /z/ babybabies ...


   英语句型 默认分类 2009-06-23 11:39:58 阅读 26 评论 0 字号:大中小 【句型 1】Modern alpinists try to climb mountains by a route which will give them good sport, and the more difficult it is, the more highly it is regarded.(Lesson 3) 【译文】现代登山运动员力图沿着一条能从中得到锻炼乐趣的路线登山.他们认为路线 ...