2008 2008 年
  46) believe, assert, claim, argue, assume, maintain, contend, point out, be convinced that, accept, prove, demonstrate, validate, state, scribe, tell, show, consider, opine, difficulty, difficult, compensate, compensate for, advantage, advantageous, advance, force, strength, power, thus, therefore, hence, enable, detect, detector, error, mistake, false, flaw, shortcoming, reason, reasoned, reasoning, reasonable, observe, observation, observer;
  47) follow, pure, purely, abstract, concrete, limit, confine, certain;
  48) as well, as well as, found, charge, change, critics, criticize, critical, criticism, while;
  49) add, addition, in addition, additional, tradition, traditional, humble, humbly, perhaps, possible, possibly, probable, probably, superior, superior to, super, inferior, inferior to, common, ordinary, banal, notice, attention, escape, carefully, careful, care, take care of;
  50) loss, lose (lost), at a loss, take a loss, injurious, injure, injury, intellect, intellectual, intelligence, wisdom, moral, virtue, virtually, virtual, character, characterize, characteristic; 07 年
  46) legal, law, preserve, conserve, institution, constitution, view, view…as, regard…as, take…as, see…as, special, specialize, specific, especial, especially; peculiar, peculiar to, particular, particularly, rather than, necessary, essential, essence, critical, significant, significance, equipment, equip, facility;
  47) link, connect, connection, on the other, on the other hand, on the one hand, concept, notion, real, reality, in a way, in a manner, in a form, parallel, parallel to, journal, journalist, base, basic, basis, comment, comment on, cover;
  48) idea, profound, profoundly, far-reaching, citizen, rest on/upon, rely on, depend on/upon, responsible, responsibility, be held responsible for, response, media, news media, news agency, establish, established, establishment, convention;
  49) grasp, have a grasp of, command, have a good command of, feature, competent, competition, competitive, compete,
  50) reaction, react, action, in action, interaction, enhance, promotion, promote, preferable, prefer, infer, confer, favor, flavor, favorite, judge, judgment, make judgments of;
06 年
  46) define, definition, define…as…, select, elect, individual, active, activity, primary, duty, thinking, thought;
  47) analogous, analogous to, analyze, analysis, function, obligation, be obliged to do sth., be obliged to sb., obligate, be obligated to do sth., clear, course, cause, lead to, reveal, decision, decisive, decide;
  48) exclude, exclusive, include, conclude, conclusion, contribute, contribution, contribute to, make contribution to, distribute, distribution, accomplishment, accomplish, complete, solution, solve, resolve, be charged with, approach, aspect, inspect, expect, respect, expect, task;
  49) code, rule, dedicate, dedicate to, govern, government, energy, conduct, conduction, production, produce, explore, exploration; more than, less than, no more than, no less than, more than +数字, more than +名词/动词, more than +形容词/副 词, no more than=no any more than;
  50) independent, independence, interdependence, reflect, reflection, make reflection on, earn, involve, salary; 05 年
  46) television, means, feeling, convey, connect, nation, create, invent, event, recent;
  47) multi-media, increase, increasingly, bring, publish, in relation to, relation, relate, related to, concern, concerning;
  48) alone, only, survive, underline, undergo, undertake, undermine, state, statistics, loss, take a loss, at a loss,
  49) identify, identity, respect, expect, aspect, represent, present, presentation, fabricate, fabric, continent, task, demand, choose, choice, strategic, policy;
  50) deal with, deal, challenge, scale, on…scale, exaggeration, it is no exaggeration to say…, unite, unity, divide; 04 年
  61) structure, instruction, instrument, construction, process, procedure, schedule, real, reality, realize, diversity, diverse, philosophy, philosopher;

  62) grateful, gratitude, different from, vanish, abolish, assimilate, similar, native, local;
  63) describe, description, strike, striking, remark, remarkable, accuse, accuse…of…, data, date;
  64) interested in, relationship, relative, relatively, determine, habit, habitual, though;
  65) come to, believe in, a sort of, linguistics, physics, psychology, aesthetics, art, fine art, archaeology, anthropology, economy, psychiatry, law, media, cross-culture, mathematics, math, physician, chemistry, humanity, form, formula, formulate, grammar, pattern, produce, consequence, consequently; 03 年
  61) furthermore, further, ability, able, enable, inability, modify, change, charge, exchange, environment, deteriorate, subject, reject, refuse, fancy;
  62) branch, inquire, acquire, require, endeavor, order, disorder, system, passion, seek, scientific, science, phenomenon;
  63) combine, integrate, integration, perspective, unique, distinct, distinctly;
  64) complex, complicated, sophisticated, include, conclude, exclude, conclusion, custom, consume, consumer. Simple, simplicity, implicit, explicit;
  65) make…possible, research; 02 年
  61) almost, behavior, trait, trace;
  62) explain, explanation, explanatory, item, hard, remain, obscure;
  63) evolution, revolution, innovation, invention, invest, investigation, recognize;
  64) possess, possession, govern, government, theory, essential, credit, achieve, achievement, conduct, conduction;
  65) until, till, issue, 01 年

  71) chat, host, hold, pollution, containment;
  72) personality, personnel, personal, relax, relaxation, recreation, digital;
  73) breakthrough, break out, breakout, out-break, outset, take place, discover;
  74) ultimate, terminate, termination, century, millennium, decade, thousands of, hundreds of, for the better part of decade, half, quarter, triple, double;
  75) home, demotic, exotic, apply, apply to, application, appliance, control, operate, operation, cooperation, corporation, company; 2000 年
  71) condition, situation, circumstance, situate, vary, varying, various, variety, variety of, expert;
  72) obvious, ambiguous, be bound up with, bind, efficient, efficiency, industry, agriculture, horticulture, in turn, effort, all kinds;
  73) owing to, remarkable, mass, communication, community, expose, be exposed to, introduce, for the reason given above;
  74) pattern, spread, or so;
  75) stress, migrate, migration, arise from, arise, rise, give rise to, raise, 1999 年
  71) while, almost, historian, history, practice, conform, conform to, inform, uniform, attempt;
  72) valid, validate, validity, discipline, code, rule, intern, extern, quarrel, among;
  73) transfer, transparent, augment, argument, design, interpret, interpretation, evidence, evident;
  74) agreement, refer to, in general, generally, generally speaking, largely, appropriate, inappropriate;
  75) equal, equally, equate, equate…with, source, resource, activity, animate, animation; 1998 年

  71) look into, exist, exit, existence, resident, residence, citizen;
  72) giant, enormous, virtually, virtual, virtue, put forward, propose, dominant;
  73) report, finding;
  74) triumph;
  75) odd, sound, inflation, inflate, plausible, elementary, primary; 1997 年
  71) actually, in fact, account, accountant;
  72) contract, entitle, title, entitlement;
  73) discuss, discussion, consider, consideration, either…or, neither…nor, whether…or, extend, extend to, treat;
  74) relevant, extreme, choose, choice;
  75) encourage, instinct; 1996 年
  71) cause, complete, result, result from, result in, to some extent, accelerate;
  72) trend, detail, in detail;
  73) support, an amount of, goal, immediate;
  74) elegant, elegance, in principle, principal, fascinate, delight;
  75) standard, criterion; 1995 年
  71) target, attack, in doing sth., divert, diversion, competent, incompetent, competition, competitive;
  72) predict, prediction, reliable, skill;
  73) experiment, experience, avail, available, comparative, compare, contrast;
  74) quality, precise;
  75) favorable, favor; youngster, tell;
1994 年
  71) not so much…as, as…as, not so…as, through, insight, welfare, health, worth, genius, improve, tool;
  72) contend, as we call it, number, numerable, innumerable, expand, a series of, direction, direct;
  73) ignore, careless, fundamental;
  74) revolve;
  75) finance, financial, vice versa, etc, et al.



   鲤鱼网(www.iliyu.com) 2008 2008 年 46) believe, assert, claim, argue, assume, maintain, contend, point out, be convinced that, accept, prove, demonstrate, validate, state, scribe, tell, show, consider, opine, difficulty, difficult, compensate, compensa ...


   在第三章中我们将运用前边讲过的翻译思路、 解题步骤及技巧, 结合历年翻译真题进行具体分 析,介绍解题方法、评分细则,并对当年的真题进行总体评析。 一.2009 年英译汉 Section II Part C Directions: Read the following text carefully and then translate the underlines segments into Chinese. Your translation should be written clearly ...

新东方考研英语翻译 基础 2010 唐静

   新东方在线 [www.koolearn.com] 网络课堂电子教材系列 考研翻译基础班 新东方在线考研翻译基础班讲义 主讲:唐静 课程简介 以讲解翻译基础知识为主,基本不涉及考研翻译的真题。 但是,真题很重要,有必要在强化训练中完全掌握真题。 课程大纲 第一章 考研翻译基础知识 一 翻译的定义 二 翻译的标准和翻译的方法 三 翻译的基本过程 四 考研翻译的核心解题策略 第二章 翻译技巧:词法翻译法 一 词义选择和词义引申 二 词性转换 三 增词法 四 省略法 第三章 翻译技巧:句法翻译法 一 ...


   新东方在线 [www.koolearn.com] 网络课堂电子教材系列 翻译 考研英语基础班翻译网络课堂讲义 考研英语基础班翻译网络课堂讲义 翻译 主讲: 主讲:唐 静 欢迎使用新东方在线电子教材 课程简介 以讲解翻译基础知识为主,基本不涉及考研翻译的真题。 但是,真题很重要,有必要在强化训练中完全掌握真题。 课程大纲 第一章 考研翻译基础知识 一 翻译的定义 二 翻译的标准和翻译的方法 三 翻译的基本过程 四 考研翻译的核心解题策略 翻译技巧: 第二章 翻译技巧:词法翻译法 一 词义选择和 ...


   新东方在线 [www.koolearn.com] 网络课堂电子教材系列 考研翻译基础班 新东方在线考研翻译基础班讲义 主讲: 主讲:唐静 课程简介 以讲解翻译基础知识为主,基本不涉及考研翻译的真题。 但是,真题很重要,有必要在强化训练中完全掌握真题。 课程大纲 三 增词法 第一章 考研翻译基础知识 四 省略法 一 翻译的定义 二 翻译的标准和翻译的方法 三 翻译的基本过程 第三章 翻译技巧:句法翻译法 一 名词性从句的翻译 四 考研翻译的核心解题策略 二 定语从句的翻译 第二章 翻译技巧:词 ...


   新东方考研英语翻译强化班 新东方考研英语翻译强化班 英语学习的三个层次: interpretation 解释,理解 intereg. international 国际的 transcription 改写;听抄 tran改变 translation 翻译 注意:1、考研翻译主要是考理解 2、把题目忠实、通顺的写成中文 翻译的实质: 对语言进行编码和重新再编码; 涉及 到两种语言之间意群的编码和重新再编码。 考研翻译和考研阅读的区别: 1、阅读是被动技能;翻译是主动技能 2、翻译的词汇深度远大于 ...


   考研英语冲刺班翻译讲义 主讲: 主讲: 唐静 欢迎使用新东方在线电子教材 翻译满分是十分。讲解分两部分: 第一部分,讲解想要得到翻译的基本分该怎么办。 三个优先: 1.短句优先 2.介词优先 3.顺序优先 短句优先就是汉语短句优先 短句优先 就是把你有限的英语单词转变成为汉语之后来造句。造汉语短句。越精短越好。 参见 04 年真题 64) Being interested in the relationship of language and thought, Whorf developed ...


   2010 年全国硕士研究生入学统一考试英语一试题 Text1 Of all the changes that have taken place in English-language newspapers during the past quarter-century, perhaps the most far-reaching has been the inexorable decline in the scope and seriousness of their arts coverag ...


   本资料仅供学习交流使用, 本资料仅供学习交流使用,QQ:732755481 仅供学习交流使用 新东方在线考研翻译基础班讲义 主讲: 主讲:唐静 课程简介 以讲解翻译基础知识为主,基本不涉及考研翻译的真题。 但是,真题很重要,有必要在强化训练中完全掌握真题。 课程大纲 第一章 考研翻译基础知识 一翻译的定义 二翻译的标准和翻译的方法 三翻译的基本过程 四考研翻译的核心解题策略 第二章翻译技巧:词法翻译法 一词义选择和词义引申 二词性转换 三增词法 四省略法 第三章翻译技巧:句法翻译法 一名词性 ...


   Test Bible 考试手册 考研英语翻译八大技巧 ◎ 文 / 薛海滨 考研英语翻译部分的基本要求是理解准确,表达通顺,但该题型的最大特点是长句居多,句式复杂.因此,考生 面临两大挑战:①需要熟练分析句子结构,弄清句子内在逻辑,以求准确理解;②需要了解英汉句式差异,掌握英汉 句式转换技巧,以求表达通顺.为此,在2010年硕士研究生入学考试来临之际,笔者提出考研冲刺阶段翻译备考八大 技巧,希望能在这个关键时刻助考生一臂之力. 技巧一:随语境选词义 汉语词汇的意义相对稳定,而英语词汇往往一词多 ...



   英语专业八级改错的应对方法 校对与改错是英语专业学生高年级考试(TEM-8)的第二部分。该部分采用 主观测试题型。该项目包含两个部分:答题要求和一篇要求修改的短文。答题要 求部分说明修改短文的三种方法:加入、删去和改动某一单词,并举例说明。要 求修改的短文长度为 200 字左右。短文的体裁和题材不超出学生所熟悉的范围。 短文内含 10 个错误;错误都出现在标有题号的行内。错误一般涉及单个词;每 行只出现一个错误。要求修改的单词既有功能词(如介词、冠词等),也有实义 词(动词、名词等)。错误既 ...


   英语达人告诉你,如何用美剧真正提升你的英语水平 来源: 姜楠GMAT的日志 没想到这篇日志会这么火,看到很多童鞋讨论有关美剧学习英语到底有没有用,以及用哪部美剧练习,我在这里想说这只是一个参考,世界上没有绝对的事情,究竟有没有用看个人,想必在校内上至少是高中生,大部分是大学生吧,如果你到现在还无法衡量自己的英语水平或者依旧被英语牵着鼻子走,我只能说我很抱歉,我觉得这不仅是个人的悲哀更是中国教育的悲哀。如果你到现在连自己基本的评判标准的话,即使存在完美无缺的日志,你依旧照搬照抄,不适合自己的实际 ...


   2010年12月英语四级六级冲刺:考前20天听力复习技巧 一、考前20天,重点复习的历年真题。 在剩下的不到一个月的时间我们最需要准备的题目应该是我们的真题而不是模拟题。也就是说您应该重点准备的题目的时间应该是从2006年6月份的真题到最近的一次考试是2010年6月份,大概是九套题目。这九套题目至少要在一个月当中是全部听完的。而且在听力过程当中你不但需要听完这些题目,而且要把这些题目都搞得比较清楚透彻。 二、对于单词量较少、听力基础比较薄弱的考生,可重点掌握听力考点技巧。 因为在听、说、读、写 ...


   牛津小学英语4B 牛津小学英语 Unit 4 Buying fruit (Part EFG) Let’s review A: What are these/those? B: They’re … Touch and guess A: What are these? B: Are they …? A: Yes./ No. Let’s read Can I help you? 我能为你效劳吗? 我能为你效劳吗? These or those? 这些还是那些? 这些还是那些? 还是那些 Read ...


   口语中总用但是想不起来用英语怎么说的东西与对话(浓缩版) 口语中总用但是想不起来用英语怎么说的东西与对话(浓缩版) I've been back and forth.我犹豫不定。 what was tonight?今晚本来要做什么? this is so meant to be!这就是天意! she's gonna be crushed.她会崩溃的。 he can't come to the phone now.他现在不能接电话 ready for a refill?我再给你倒一杯吧? I ...