Lesson 93 Our new neighbour
[词汇] pilot n. 飞行员 return v. 返回 New York n. 纽约 Tokyo n. 东京 Madrid n. 马德里 fly (flew, flown) v. 飞行 [P192] Athens n. 雅典 [ ] ] Berlin n. 柏林 [ Bombay n. 孟买 [ ] Geneva n. 日内瓦 [ ] Moscow n. 莫斯科 [ ] ] Rome n. 罗马 [ Seoul n. 汉城 [ ] Stockholm n. 斯德哥尔摩 [ Sydney n. 悉尼 [ ] [词汇略] return ticket 往返车票 return to return from I will return to Beijing next week. They have already returned to Shanghai. My mother returned to Beijing last week. My father will return from Hongkong next week. Nigel has already returned from Bombay. He returned from Bombay last week. next-door neighbour 隔壁邻居 the Royal Air Force 英国皇家空军 What is Nigel's job? How old is Nigel? Has he ever been to a lot of places in the world? What about his wife? Does his wife travel a lot? What does she usually do? Where is Nigel now? When will he return to London? When will he go to New York? Where is Madrid? When did Nigel go to Spain? How did he go there? Where will he go next week? What about next month? How will he go there? What about the month after next? [课文] Nigel is our new next-door neighbour. He's a pilot. He was in the R.A.F. He will fly to New York next month. The month after next he'll fly to Tokyo. At the moment, he's in Madrid. He flew to Spain a week ago. He'll return to London the week after next. He's only forty-one years old, and he was already been to nearly every country in the world. Nigel is a very lucky man. But his wife isn't very lucky. She usually stays at home. He have already flown to Spain. We have already been to nearly every city in China. My father has already been to nearly every town in China.
Lesson 94 When did you/will you go to …?
Written exercises 书面练习 A page 192 last week, last month, last year this week, this month, this year next week, next month, next year
the week after next, the month after next, the year after next 1 He will go to New York next week. 2 She will go to Sidney next month. 3 I will go to Paris the year after next. 4 We will go to Stockholm next year. 5 They will go to Geneva the week after next. Written exercises 书面练习 B page 192 1 No, she won't return to Geneva next year. She'll return to Bombay. 2 No, I won't fly to London tomorrow. I'll fly to Geneva. 3 No, we won't go to Madrid next year. We'll go to London. 4 No, he won't arrive from Moscow next month. He'll arrive from Madrid. 5 No, they won't stay in New York next month. They'll stay in Moscow. 补充材料 page 26 shall, will, shan't, won't I shall go to Paris tomorrow morning. He will fly to Rome in two days' time. Will you visit the palace the day after tomorrow? No, I shan't visit it. I shall visit a museum. had better/ 'd better I had better finish my homework first. You'd better zip your mouth. 1 has bought, bought, will arrive, have 2 will, arrive (in five hours 五个小时后) 3 have, been 4 will, arrive 5 stays 6 go, don't want 7 is flying 8 have 9 Has, moved 10 will have/had 1 afraid, sure 2 like 3 in 4 lazy, lazily 5 for 6 had a 7 on 8 been 9 on 10 at [词汇略]
Lesson 95 Tickets, please
[词汇] return n. 往返 train n. 火车 platform n. 站台 plenty n. 大量 bar n. 酒吧 station n. 车站,火车站 porter n. 收票员 catch(caught, caught) v. 赶上 miss v. 错过 return to return from return tickets the way to King Street return tickets to London single I'm still single. Small profits and quick return. 薄利多销. I want two return tickets to London. next train The next train will leave at eight o'clock. When will the next train leave? platform 2 leave from The next train will leave from platform
  2. train [为了某种特定的技能进行培训,集中训练]
exercise [对已经获得的技能进行练习] drill 操练 [反复操练以获得某种技能] practice [在基础上进一步熟练] training center 培训中心 Practice makes perfect. 熟能生巧. practise v. I want to practise my oral English. plenty of [只能用于肯定句] enough [疑问句] many [否定句中,修饰可数名词] much [否定句中,修饰不可数名词] I have plenty of friends. I have plenty of time. We have plenty of time. have got We have got plenty of time. There is a bar next door to the station. Let's go and have a drink. It's only three minutes to eight. The next train will leave at a quarter past eight. We have got plenty of time. There is a bar next door to the station. Let's go and have a drink. You had better go home now. We had better go back. police police station 警察局 fire station 消防队 filling station 加油站 gas station power station 电站 TV station 电视台 broadcasting station 广播电台 VOA 美国之音 Voice of America BBC 英国广播电台 British Broadcasting Corporation I didn't catch you. [我没听见,没听清.] catch up with sb. 赶上某人 My English is not as good as yours, but I am trying to study hard to catch up with you. I want to catch the train. I want to catch the 8:
  19. You have just missed the train. Who wants to go to London? When will the next train leave? How many tickets do they want to buy? Return tickets or single tickets? Where will the next train leave from? Which platform will the next train leave? Where is the platform 2? What time is it now? What will George and Ken do? What do they want to do? Is there a bar? Where is the bar? When will they come back? What happened? Why? When is the next train? George and Ken want to go to London. They want to buy two return tickets to London. The next train will leave at 8:
  19. The next train will leave from platform
  2. The Platform Two is over the bridge. It's only three minutes to eight. They have got plenty of time. There is a bar next door to the station. They want to have a drink there. They think it's only a quarter past eight. But the clock in the station is ten minutes slow. The next train is in 5 hours' time. [课文] Two return tickets to London, please. What time will the next train leave?
At nineteen minutes past eight. Which platform? Platform Two. Over the bridge. What time will the next train leave? At eight nineteen. We've got plenty of time. It's only three minutes to eight. Let's go and have a drink. There's a bar next door to the station. We had better go back to the station now, Ken. Tickets, please. We want to catch the eight nineteen to London. You've just miss it! What! It's only eight fifteen. I'm sorry, sir. That clock's ten minutes slow. When's the next train? In five hours' time! Let's go and have a drink. -> Let's go to have a drink. ten minutes slow 慢十分钟 ?> ten minutes quick 快十分钟 [词汇略]
Lesson 96 What's the exact time?
Written exercises 书面练习 A page 196 1 I had better stay here. 2 We had better wait for him. 3 You had better call a doctor. 4 They had better go home. 5 She had better hurry. 6 You had better be careful. Written exercises 书面练习 B page 196 a minute ago, two minutes ago an hour ago, two hours ago a day ago, two days ago a year ago, two years ago in five minutes, in a minute's time in an hour's time, in two hours' time in a day's time, in two days' time in a week's time, in two weeks' time in a month's time, in two months' time in a year's time, in two years' time 1 I'll go to Sydney in a month's time. 2 The next train will leave for Geneva in an hour's time. 3 I'll fly to Beijing in two days' time. 4 We will go to London in an hour's time.
Lesson 97 A small blue case
[词汇] leave (left, left) v. 遗留 describe v. 描述 zip n. 拉链 label n. 标签 handle n. 提手,把手 address n. 地址 pence n. penny 的复数形式 belong v. 属于 belong to 补充材料:P19 I. 语音强化训练(pronunciation) I have read the book. Let's have a good chat. keep on/ stand up/ take off/ above all look at it/ after all/ here and there/ more or less Where is it? II. 经典口语习语,词组,谚语(phrases/idioms/proverbs) shake in one's shoes 吓得发抖 birthday suit 生日礼服;一丝不挂 lady-killer (超级)帅哥 wall flower (舞会上)被冷落的女子 bet one's bottom dollar(that/on) 孤注一掷;对……有绝对把握
in the pink 健康 Like father, like son. 有其父必有其子. Every bean has its black. 人无完人. In the dictionary of youth there is no such words as failure. 初生牛犊不怕虎. in one's:在某人的…… in one's birthday suit:一丝不挂 补充材料:P18 II. Fill in the blanks: 1 What do you want, beef or lamb? Lamb, please. 2 Whose coat is this? It's Jim's. 3 When/What time does she have lunch? Twelve o'clock. 4 Who can help Kate? I can. 5 What colour do you like best? 6 What nationality are they? I Fill the blanks with suitable words: 1 Do you clean your bedroom by yourself? Yes, I do. But now I am not cleaning. 2 She often swims in the river. Look, she is swimming there. 3 Is he watching TV? No, he isn't. But he watches TV every day. 4 Does Li Lei do his homework every night? Of course. What about you? 5 Can you read this book for me? Yes, I can. Let's. 6 In the morning, Mr.Jones goes to work at seven o'clock. At noon, he has his lunch in the dining hall. In the afternoon, he types some files for the boss. At about five o'clock in the afternoon, he can leave his office. Mr.Jones and his wife have supper together every night. 7 It's time to go to school. Some of them go there on foot, some of them by bus, and the others go by bike. 8 In the evening, my mother usually writes her research paper. But tonight she is not writing her paper. I.语音强化训练(pronunciation) si(t) down/ nex(t) door/ a ba(d) cold/ ta(k)e to ba(d) boy/ han(d) bag/ sui(t)case/ blac(k)board a goo(d) deal/ wi(th) this/ so(m)e more/ Ye(s), sir. street/ scar/ spend/ school/ stay/ spare/ skate [弱说与浊化] 补充材料:P17 II.经典口语习语,词组,谚语(phrases/idioms/proverbs) sit pretty 处于有利的地位 best man 伴郎 cry baby 爱报怨的人 double Dutch 比较难解的问题(go Dutch:AA 制) show one's true color 露出某人的真面目 Take home in doggy bags. 打包回家 (lucky dog:幸运儿) There is no smoke without fire. 无风不起浪 Better late than never. 亡羊补牢,为时未晚. Pride goes before a fall. 骄兵必败 [词汇略] leave/left/left 知道落在什么地方了 lose/lost/lost 不明确丢的地点 the train to London the other day (一般过去时) I left a suitcase on the train to London the other day. Mrs.Mills left her handbag on the train to Moscow yesterday. I have lost my suitcase. He lost his pen last week. Can you describe it? have/have got It has got a zip. It's a small blue case. There's a label on the handle. a girl with long hair a boy with blue eyes a label with my name and address There's a label on the handle with my name and address on it. I went to London last week. I left a suitcase on the train to London the other day. Can you describe it? It's a small blue case. It's got a zip. There's a label on the handle with my name and address on it. address n. 地址;演讲(精心准备过的,正式的)
speech: (最常见的)各种各样的演讲 (学术性的)演讲 lecture: belong to (不能用于进行时态) This book belongs to me. = This book is mine. This book doesn't belong to me. These books belong to me. These books don't belong to me. Is this book yours? A Complete these sentences.(P2
  00) Example: This dress belongs to my sister. It is hers. 1 These things belong to my husband. They are his. 2 This coat belongs to me. It is mine. 3 These books belong to my wife. They are hers. 4 These books belong to my brother and me. They are ours. 5 These pens belong to Tom and Jill. They are theirs. 6 This suitcase belongs to you. It is yours. B Answer these questions. Example: Are these your keys? Yes, they're mine. They belong to me. Is this John's letter? Yes, it's his. It belongs to him. Are these my clothes? Yes, they're yours. They belong to you. 1 Is this Jane's passport? Yes, it's hers. It belongs to her. 2 Are these their tickets? Yes, they're theirs. They belong to them. 3 Is this your watch? Yes, it's mine. It belong to me. 4 Are these her flowers? Yes, they're hers. They belong to her. 5 Is this my boat? Yes, it's yours. It belongs to you. 6 Is this Jim's phrasebook? Yes, it's his. It belongs to him. 7 Are these hammers Frank's and Gary's? Yes, they are theirs. They belong to them. 8 Is this our car? Yes, it's ours. It belongs to us. 9 Are these the children's pens? Yes, they're theirs. They belong to them. Does this belong to me?/ Is this mine? Does this belong to you?/ Is this yours? Does this belong to him?/ Is this his? Does this belong to her?/ Is this hers? Do these belong to us?/ Are these ours? Do these belong to you?/ Are these yours? Do these belong to them?/ Are these theirs? [词汇略] Who is talking to the attendant? Who left his suitcase on the train to London? Can you describe Mr. X's suitcase? It's a small blue case and it's got a zip. There's a label on the handle with his name and address on it. What is his address? 83, Bridge Street. How much does Mr. X pay? Three pounds fifty pence, please. Does this suitcase belong to Mr. X? No. What happened? The attendant has given Mr. X the wrong case. Who left the suitcase? Mr. Hall. What is Mr. Hall's full name? David Hall. What is his address. 83, Bridge Street. Where did Mr.Hall go the other day? London. How did he go there? By train.
Where is he now? At the train station. What is he doing? He is tal



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