新东方英语词汇笔记 第1课
如果想达到 85 分以上,词汇应该错 6 个以内。 Jump for the sun, at least you land on the moon. 目标定的高一点有好 处。 4200 单词要求对于 4 级考试,高三毕业是 1800 个单词。 我喜欢这里: I like here. I can succeed. Right: I like it here. I can make it.
Right: I can do it.
注意生活中的英语: Nike 胜利女神。 Just do it. 生活中的英语: Did you have a pleasant journey? (这时要用降调) I am very much frightened because a girl named Monika stands beside me. Oh, thank god! He’s not the president now. (我很害怕) I was just screwed up. (我一团糟) 四级考试中常见的考察词汇的题型: 四级考试中常见的考察词汇的题型: 押韵题型(押头韵、押尾韵); I 押韵题型(押头韵、押尾韵); 答案总在相似中,如果有三个一样,基本上就在其中了。
  54. The rain was heavy and _A_ the land was flooded. A consequently B continuously C constantly D consistently
continue v. 继续,连续; continually adv. 时断时续地; continuously adv. 连续不断地。 说不停的咳嗽时,continually 是间歇的时断时续的咳嗽,continuously 是 一直不停的咳嗽。 consequently adv. 因此,所以;(heavy rain 大雨, light rain 小雨) constantly adv. 始终如一地,连续发生地;constant temperature 恒温 consistently adv. 一贯地,一致地; consistent adj. consistent policy 一贯的政策。
  36. I hate people who _C_ the end of a film that you haven't seen before. A revise B rewrite C reveal D reverse
rewrite v. 重写,改写; revise vt. 修改,修正; reveal vt. 揭示,揭露; reverse vt. 颠倒,使反转,使反向。(vers 是词根,表示转动;re 是前缀, 表示向相反方向)
  42. There were no tickets _D_ for Friday’s performance. A preferable B considerable C possible D available
performance n. 表演,演出,演奏; perform vt. possible adj. 可能 的 动词后加 able 构成形容词通常表示“可…的” read -> readable -> acceptable consider vt. 考虑; considerable adj. (数量或尺寸)相当大(或多)的。 preferable adj. 更好的,更可取的; 可获得的,可利用的,可支配的。 重点词) available* adj. 可获得的,可利用的,可支配的。(重点词)
  33. In general, the amount that a student spends for housing should be held to one-fifth of the total _D_ for living expenses. A acceptable B applicable C advisable D available accept
living expenses 生活费; acceptable adj. 可接受的; apply vt. 申请,应用; applicable adj. 可应用的,适当的,合适的; advise vt. 建议; advice n. 建议; advisable adj. 明智的,可取的。
  54. It is our _A_ policy that we will achieve unity through peaceful means. A consistent B continuous C considerate D continual
achieve unity through peaceful means 通过和平手段取得统一; consistent policy 一贯政策 构词法题型(词的转化 合成,派生) 转化, II 构词法题型(词的转化,合成,派生); 构成符合形容词的名词和数量词一律用单数。(见下面 2 个例题)
  31. Despite the wonderful acting and well-developed plot the _B_ movie could not hold our attention. A three-hours B three-hour C three-hours’ D three-hour’s
  67. Professor White wrote a _C_ report yesterday. A two-thousand-words B two-thousands-word
C two-thousand-word
D two-thousands-words
以 ly 结尾的不全是副词; friendly, lonely, lovely, likely, lively adj. 考试中常见的否定前缀: un-、dis-、in-、im
  56. _B_ his sister, Jack is quiet and does not easily make friends with others. A Dislike B Unlike C Alike D Liking
like vt. 喜欢; dislike vt. 不喜欢,厌恶; unlike prep. 不象…; alike adj. & adv. 同样的(地),相象的(地); liking n. 爱好,嗜好; take a liking for 喜欢…,对…产生好感。 近义词含义比较; III 近义词含义比较;
  44. There were some _A_ flowers on the table. A artificial B unnatural C false D unreal
unreal adj. 不真实的(不是真实世界所拥有的,虚幻的); Ends justify means 不择手段; false adj. 具有欺骗性的, 假的, 伪造的; false coin/passport/hair, false a tooth/false teeth unnatural adj. 不自然的,经常用来修饰人的行为举止,表示做作的,矫揉 造作的。 artificial adj. 人造人为的 artificial leg 假肢 artificial leather 人造皮 genuine leather 真皮
  54. When people become unemployed, it is _C_ which is often worse than lack of wages. A laziness B poverty C idleness D inability
laziness n. 懒惰; poverty n. 贫穷; poor adj. 贫穷的; idleness n. 无事可做(中性,有时也有贬义含义); inability n. 没有能力, 没有办法。
  69. A lot of ants are always invading my kitchen. They are a thorough _A_. A nuisance B trouble C worry D anxiety
invade 进攻,侵略; nuisance n. (具体的)令人讨厌的东西; trouble n. 烦恼,麻烦,问题; worry n. 担心,发愁; anxiety n. 焦虑。 What a nuisance. 真是烦。 搭配关系问题; IV 搭配关系问题; extent n. 程度; to... extent 到达…程度,在…程度之上; extent 只能和 to 搭配。 object vi. 反对; object + to + 动名词(动词的 ing 形式)。 objection n. 反对; objection + to + 动名词(动词的 ing 形式)。 形相近,意相远; V 形相近,意相远;
  65. In Britain, the best season of the year is probably _A_ spring. A late B last C latter D later
late adj. 晚的,晚于通常时间的; late spring 晚春、暮春; last adj. 最 后的,最终的; later adj. 更晚的(late 的比较级)、时间概念后一半的;只适用于表示某 个世纪的后半期; The later twentieth century. 二十世纪的后一半。 latter adj. (两者中)后者的; former adj. (两者中)前者的;
  59. Some people would like to do shopping on Sundays since they expect to pick up wonderful _B_ in the market. A batteries B bargains C baskets D barrels
battery n. 电池; bargain n. 特价商品; It’s really a bargain. 你真会 买东西,不是说真便宜。 basket n. 篮子; barrel n. 桶; wonderful bargain 物美价廉的商品; bargain v. 讨价还价;
  53. Remember that customers don’t _D_ about prices in that city. A debate B consult C dispute D bargain
  41. The bridge was named _A_ the hero who gave his life for the cause of the people. A after B with C by D from
cause 事业; be named after 以…的名字命名;
  42. There were no tickets _D_ for Friday’s performance. A preferable B considerable C possible D available
preferable adj. 更好的,更可取的; 3
  58. _C_ the Revolutionary War, the United States was an English colony. A Inferior to B Superior to C Prior to D Preferable to
具有比较意味的形容词只要与介词 to 搭配即可表示其比较级。 super- 表示 在…上方,超过… inferior adj. 低于…的,劣于…的; superior adj. 高于…的,优于…的; prior adj. 在…之前的 Revolutionary War 特指美国独立战争;second adj. 第二的(含有比较意 味,也与 to 搭配) He is second to none. 首屈一指,无与伦比;
  30. Cancer is second only _B_ heart disease as a cause of death. A of B to C with D from

  43. It wasn't such a good dinner _C_ she had promised us. A that B which C as D what
such … that … 如此… 以至于… ; sb + be + + sth 空格处应为能 加双宾语的动词; 加双宾语的动词的用法:动词 + sb + sth(主动形式); sb + be + pp + sth(被动形式);
  59. American women were _D_ the right to vote until 1920 after many years of hard A ignored struggle. [the right to vote 选举权] C refused D denied
B neglected
deny v. 否认,拒绝;deny sb sth 拒绝给予某人某物;
  44. They decided to chase the cow away _C_ it did more damage. A unless B until C before D although

  45. _B_ student with a little common sense should be able to answer the question.
A Each
B Any
C Either
D One
common sense 常识; each 这个词在英语中强调的是个体与众不同的特 点; any 这个词强调的是很多东西在一起的共性; either 两者之间任何一个;
  31. The medicine is on sale everywhere. You can get it at _C_ chemist’s. A each B some C any D certain

  46. All _D_ is a continuous supply of the basic necessities of life. A what is needed needed 当 all 作定语从句的先行词时,从句只能用 that 来引导; all that = what
  47. _A_ with the size of the whole earth, the highest mountain does not seem high at all. A When compared Comparing 本题的关键是弄清 compare 与 mountain 的关系; when 可以直接加过去 分词; before(after) + being + 过去分词;
  44. After _A_ for the job, you will be required to take a language test. A being interviewed interviewed They lose their health to make money, and they lose their money to restore health.
  48. _C_ she first heard of the man referred to as a specialist. [专家] A That was from Stephen C It was from Stephen that B It was Stephen whom D It was Stephen that B interviewed C interviewing D having B Compare C While comparing D B for our needs C the thing needed D that is
本题重点是强调句式; 当被强调部分指人且在句子中作宾语时,其余部分可 用 whom 引导;
  49. If these shoes are too big, ask the clerk to bring you a smaller _D_.
A suit
B set
C one
D pair

  50. Many new _A_ will be opened up in the future for those with a university education. A opportunities B necessities C realities D probabilities

  51. He must have had an accident, or he _A_ then. A would have been here would be here must have + 过去分词 表示对过去行为的肯定推测; 与过去事态相反用:情态动词 + have + 过去分词 来体现虚拟语气; must 一定,必须; needn't, don't have to 不必;
  53. You _A_ all those calculations! We have a computer to do that sort of thing. A needn’t have done C shouldn’t have done B must not have done D can not have done B had to be here C should be here D
should have + 过去分词 本应该,本应当; shouldn't have done 本不 应该,本不应当;
  44. It was very kind of you to do the washing-up, but you _D_ it. A mustn’t have done C mightn’t have done B wouldn’t have done D didn’t have to do

  52. It was essential that the applications forms _C_ back before the deadline. A must be sent B would be sent C be sent D were sent
It be essential that 后面一定用虚拟语气, 且句子谓语动词固定为(should) + 动词原型; It was essential that the applications forms send back before the deadline.
  53. We _D_ our breakfast when an old man came to the door. A just have had B have just had C just had D had just had
when 还可以表示①刚..就… (有动作先后关系)、②恰在此时;

  44. I had just started back for the house to change my clothes _D_ I heard voices. A as B while C after D when

  45. I felt somewhat disappointed and was about to leave, _C_ something occurred which attracted my attention. A unless B until C when D while

  64. It was essential that these application forms _D_ back as early as possible. A must be sent B will be sent C are sent D be sent



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