1.rush sb off the feet事忙得不可开交;

  2.make a change进行改变;

  3.take action采取行动;

  4.fix up修理,安排;

  5.sign an agreement with sb和某人签署协定;

  6.make a/be home to成为的家园;

  7.take a degree攻读/获得学位;

  8.share the memories of共同怀念;


  10.make up编造,化妆,占;

  11.insist on doing sth坚决做某事;

  12.turn to转向,查阅,求助于;

  13.work on从事于;

  14.be honoured as被誉为;

  15.demand an end to要求结束;

  16.make political points发表政治言论;

  17.experiment with体验,试用;

  18.make personal gain from从中赚得个人利益;

  19.reach out for设法获得;

  20.take up arms to do 拿起武器;

  21.mean by是何意;

  22.leavein peace别打扰;

  23.build up增强;

  24.divide up分,分配;

  25.check out检查;

  26.look into the case调查这个案子;

  27.leave over遗留;

  28.communicate with与交际/通信;

  29.make a circle转圈;

  30.be close to靠近;

  31.perform/do a dance跳舞;

  32.troop behind成群跟在后边;

  33.make a beeline径直去;

  34.head straight upwards头径直朝上;

  35.do research into对进行研究;

  36.care for喜欢;

  37.be attacked by受攻击;

  38.seton fire放火烧;

  39.be lost迷路;

  40.follow the shape of依的形状;

  41.have no hope of不抱的希望;

  42.be beginning to do将开始做;

  43.clear up放晴,整理;

  44.point to指着;

  45.stay the night过夜;

  46.find ones way到达;

  47.turn to sb for support求某人予以支持;

  48.end up结束;

  49.suitto 使适合;

  50.have skills with有的技能;

  51.rely on依赖;

  52.congratulate sb on sth祝贺某人某事;

  53.open up打开;

  54.apply for申请;

  55.be conceited骄傲自满;

  56.share in分享/担;

  57.work out解决;

  1.make sure确定;

  2.find out弄清楚;

  3.turn off关掉(灯、水龙头、煤气等);

  4.turn on打开;

  5.follow one’s instruction听某人的指点;

  6.come about产生(近义词come into being; give birth to);


  8.change into变成;

  9.explain sth to sb想某人解释;

  10.have a good trip旅途愉快;


  12.take off起飞;脱掉;(反义词land .v着陆);

  13.be made from用制成(看不出原材料);be made of(看得出原材料);be made into被制成;

  14.get to 到达=reach=arrive in/at;

  15.break the rule违反规定;

  16.knock down撞倒,拆除;

  17.carry away使入迷,冲走;

  18.cover with用覆盖;

  19.begin/start with以开始;

  20.make fun of取笑某人;

  21.write to给写信;

  22.pick up拾起,接收,接送;

  23.give advice提出建议;

  24.go with与相配;

  25.set free释放;

  26.break a way from摆脱;

  27.join up联合;

  28.be against反对;

  29.be for支持;
  30.be tired of sth/doing sth对厌烦;

  31.get along/on with进展得;

  32.take lies说谎;

  33.take exercise锻炼;

  34.look out/be careful/take care当心;

  35.break out爆发;

  36.get burnt被烧伤;

  37.escape from逃跑;

  38.worry about为而担忧;

  39.lose one’s life牺牲;

  40.collect money for为捐钱;

  41.belong to 属于;

  42.look well看起来气色不错;

  43.call on sb拜访某人;

  44.try on试穿;

  45.pay back偿还;

  46.lose one’s job失业;

  47.sound like听起来像;

  48.keep record保持纪录;

  49.come across偶然碰见;

  50.cut down减少;

  51.make progress取得进步;

  52.be forced/obliged/made to被迫;

  53.go on to do sth接着做另一件不同的事情;

  54.go on doing接着做同一件事情;

  55.keep on doing sth继续作某事;

  56.be sure of/about sth确信,肯定;


  58.colse with以结束;

  59.be puzzled感到迷惑不解;

  60.be separated by被所分离;


  62.die of死于(病、情感、饥寒、年老等身体内部原因);die from死于(受伤、事故、严寒等身体外部原因);

  63.keep in touch with保持联系;lose touch with失去联系;

  64.lead/live a life过着的生活;

  65.play a part/role in起的作用,扮演的角色;

  66.be fond of喜欢;

  67.get together聚会、聚欢;

  68.feel like doing想要做;

  69.date from始于、起源于、追溯到;

  70.be marked with被标上、标明有;

  71.make every effort尽力;

  72.be busy doing sth忙于;

  73.research into研究、分析;

  74.hang up挂断电话、悬挂;

  75.knockout of把从中敲出来、淘汰;

  76.point out指出、说明;

  77.turn over打翻;

  78.go against违背、违反;

  79.give a talk做报告;

  80.send out分发;

  81.ring up给打电话;

  82.get through拨电话、完成、通过;

  83.hold on别挂断;

  1.be surprised at对感到惊讶;

  2.be lucky to 碰巧;

  3.make up编造、弥补;

  4.be an expert on/in在方面是专家;

  5.burn down把调小,拒绝

  6.have/take a look at看一看;

  7.get sth with sb随身携带;

  8.have difficulty/trouble (in)doing sth做某事有困难;

  9.have the idea of有的念头;

  10.provide sb with sth/ provide sth for sb给提供;

  11.supply sb with sth/supply sth to sb把供给;

  12.come to大道,共计;

  13.have no luck/bad luck运气不好;

  14.be well-known as以身份而闻名;

  15.be pleased with对感到满意;

  16.join the line/queue排队;

  17.go on a visit to去参观;

  18.be angry with sb对某人生气;

  19.get a wonderful view获得很好的视角;

  20.work by=controlled by由控制;

  21.burn sth down烧毁、烧塌;


  23.give up放弃;

  24.carry out实施;

  25.take the drug服药;

  26.be/get used to习惯于;

  27.call for需要;

  28.stop/keep/prevent sb from doing sth阻止某人做某事;

  29.put up张贴,住宿;
  30.takefor example以为例;

  31.shake hands with与握手;

  32.get ready for为做好准备;

  33.put up one’s hand举手;

  34.look up查看;

  35.take pictures/photos of照相;

  36.hand sth to sb将某物地给某人;

  37.develop the films/photos冲洗胶卷/相片;

  38.be popular with sb受某人欢迎;

  39.fill in填;

  40.keep up with保持与同样的速度;

  41.put on船上、表演;

  42.be uncertain about对没有把握;

  43.be honoured for因为而获得赞誉;

  44.pick up采集、拾起;

  45.run after追赶、追求;

  46.bring up培养,教育;

  47.be on show在展出;

  48.make contributions to为做出贡献;

  49.think of象棋、考虑;


  51.make use of利用;

  52.offer sb a lift home捎带某人回家;

  53.clear up=tidy up整理、收拾;

  54.ought to应该;

  55.take it easy别紧张;

  56.give first aid实施急救;

  57.hold up阻挡;

  58.come to恢复知觉;

  59.have a day off休假一天;

  60.be present出席;

  61.die out灭绝;

  62.cause damage to对造成损坏;

  63.give back归还;

  64.put sb to the trouble of doing sth麻烦某人做某事;

  65.apologize to sb for (doing) sth因某事向某人道歉;

  66.be after寻求;

  67.get off脱下;

  68.depend on依靠、相信;

  69.put down记下;

  70.do up系紧;

  71.come off从脱落;

  72.be suitable for适合;

  73.be anxious about为而忧虑;

  74.wash away冲走;

  75.press against one’s foot挤脚;

  76.be likely to do很有可能;

  77.get everything back to normal是一切恢复正常;

  78.push over推倒;
  79.wake up醒来;

  80.bring down使倒下;

  81.cut off切断;

  82.call in召集;

  83.cut through剪断、穿过;

  84.take the place of代替;

  85.see to照料、注意;

  86.make noise吵闹、发出嘈杂声;

  87.stare at凝视;

  88.bend over俯身于的前方;

  89.fall over跌倒;

  90.speed up加速;

  91.fight for为而战斗;

  92.lead to导致;

  93.praise sb for sth因某事表扬某人;


  95.be bent on doing sth专心致志地做某事;

  96.compare notes商量,交换意见;

  97.put an end to结束、停止;

  98.get sth ready准备某东西;

  99.fold up折叠起来;

  00.connect to接在上,连在上

  1.look into调查研究;

  2.keep out of防治,避免;

  3.be filed with充满,装满;

  4.send up使上升,发射;

  5.put away收拾起来;

  6.remember sb to sb代向问好;

  7.pay/make a visit to拜访,参观;

  8.be well-known to为所熟知;

  9.be supposed to应该,理应;

  10.break into破门而入,闯入;

  11.send for派人去请;

  12.leave school毕业;

  13.hold one’s breach屏住呼吸;

  14.be made up of有组成;

  15.take in吸收,吸入;

  16.go off熄灭,消失;

  17.search for搜,找寻;

  18.put in插嘴



   新东方在线 [www.koolearn.com ] 网络课堂电子教材系列 MBA 英语翻译 目 录 第一章 翻译概论…………………………..…..…………….…(154) 第二章 英汉翻译技巧(上)……………..…..…………….…(163) 第一节 第二节 第三节 第四节 第五节 第六节 词义的选择和引申 词类转译法 增词法 重复法 省略法 正反译法 第三章 英汉翻译技巧(中)……………..…..…………….…(176) 第一节 第二节 第三节 第四节 第五节 定语译法 状语译法 同位语译 ...


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   acquisition/ 5Akwi5ziFEn/n. 获得,添加的物品 adolescent/ AdE5lesEnt/a. 青春期的,青年的 n. 青少年 adverse/ 5AdvE:s/a. 不利的,敌对的,相反的,逆的 aesthetic/ i:s5Wetik/a. 美学的,审美的,有美感 affiliate/ E5filieit/vt. 附属,接纳 vi. 有关 afflict/ E5flikt/vt. 使痛苦,折磨 aggravate/ 5AgrEveit/vt. 使恶化,使更加 ...


   英语四级考试高频词汇 1. alter v.改变,改动,变更 2. burst vi. n.突然发生,爆裂 3. dispose vi.除掉;处置;解决;处理(of) 4. blast n.爆炸;气流 vi.炸,炸掉 5. consume v.消耗,耗尽 6. split v.劈开;割裂;分裂 a. 裂开的 7. spit v.吐(唾液等) ;唾弃 8. spill v.溢出,溅出,倒出 9. slip v.滑动,滑落;忽略 10. slide v.滑动,滑落 n.滑动;滑面;幻灯片 11. ...


   专升本英语语法命题的若干规律 规律 1 考查英语语法基础知识 尽管专升本英语的单项填空题的考点分布很广,但可以肯定的是,它主要涉 及的还是英语语法的基础知识,只有具备一定的语法基础,同时兼顾一定的解题 方法和技巧,大部分考题都是可以做出来的。如: 1. Judy is going to marry the sailor she in Rome last year. (2008 重庆卷) A. meets B. met C. has met D. would meet 【分析】B。根据句末的 ...


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   Lesson 40 School and Education 学校与教育 基础教育 fundmental education 高等教育 higher education 终生教育 life-long education 活到老学到老 Never too old to learn 大学 university 芝加哥大学 Chicago university 学院 college Children enter school at ...


   隐藏帖具体内容 Lesson One Greetings 打招呼 Good morning, Mrs. Brown. Brown 太太,早上好。 Hi. 自然的表达方式 Hello. 自然的表达方式 Morning. Good morning 的缩略形式 Good morning.早上好(中午 12 点以前) Good afternoon. 下午好(1 点到 5 点) Good evening.晚上好(晚间 6 点至 8 点) Good night.晚上相互道别的时候 What's up, ...


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   《月份类》:January(一月)February(二月)March(三月)April(四月)May(五月)June(六月)July(七 月)August(八月)September(九月)October(十月)November(十一月)December(十二月) 《星期类》:Monday(星期一)Tuesday(星期二)Wednesday(星期三)Tursday(星期四)Friday(星期 五)Saturday(星期六)Sunday(星期日)《颜色类》:green(绿色)red(红色)bul ...


   abbreviation abide abolish absorption absurd abundance accumulation acquaint activate adjacent adjoin adjustable admiration adoption adore advantageous advocate aerial aerospace affirm agitation agreeable alas album alert algebra alien alignment al ...


   英语复习 单词: 一.单词: 单词 1.介词:in, on, under, behind, near, at, of: 1).in 表示"在……中", "在……内".例如:in our class 在我们班上 2).on 表示"在……上" .例如:on the wall 在墙上 3). under 表示"在……下".例如:under the tree 在树下 4). behind 表示"在……后面&qu ...


   中小学英语 18 问答 英语是公认的世界语,世界上有很多地方都讲英语或者会讲英语。学好英语最主 要就是要掌握发音标准,深刻记忆单词,熟练掌握基本语法结构,为小升初做充足准 备。 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 新概念书的作者和出版社? 亚历山大和何其莘(外语教学与研究出版社) 四册书对应的级别? 英语初阶 实践与进步 培养技能 流利英语 新一总共几课?一般怎么划分? 总共 144 课,一般是前 72 课为一部分,后 72 课为一部分。 单数课是新知识的教授,复数课是对单数课所教知识的练习与巩固 ...


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