天学习笔记( ) 新东方英语四级作文 30 天学习笔记(
  1) 课程安排(Schedule) Lecture (
  1. Introduction to CET-4 Writing (四级写作总论)
  2. Understanding the Scoring Guide (理解评分原则)
  3. Sample Study (评卷实例)
  4. Cracking Essay I (掌握第一种题型) Lecture (
  1. Case Study (Essay I)
  2. Cracking(EssayII) (第一种题型完全解析) (掌握第二种题型)
Lecture (
  1. Case StudyTranslation (翻译例文)
  2. Prep Tips for Sentence Varity (句式变化的要点)
  3. Case Study-Polishing (如何润色文章)
  4. Cracking Essay III and Essay V (掌握第三和第五种题型) Lecture (
  1. Cracking Letter Writing (Essay IV)(掌握第四种题型)
  2. Cracking Cloze Test (攻克完型填空) 写作的重要性 6 分最低限,只要结构不出错,得分应该为 9 分. 评判作文 四级考试作文主要看内容,结构,语言 内容, 内容 结构,语言三个方面. 内容不跑题即可,注意:
  2.不要妄图在构思上出奇制胜. 内容 再写分论点, 最后写总结句(Conclusion). 结构上牢记总分总 先写主题句(Topic Sentence), 总分总: 结构 总分总 语言最重要,往往使评分产生重大差异,语言要模仿和包装 模仿和包装. 语言 模仿和包装 基本表达 人们认为:it is generally/ widely believed/ held/ agreed that 越来越:be increasingly + adj., be on the rise, the growing number of 万能理由( 万能理由(Omnipotence) )
  1. 方便:convenient/ convenience
  2. 效率:efficient/ efficiently/ efficiency
  3. 节省和浪费:save time/ money/ space; economical, thrift/waste time/ money/ space; costly, lavish
  4. 人的心理健康:independent, cooperative, competitive, considerate, confident, creative, sociable, perseverance; selfish, isolated, conservative
  5. 人的身体健康:health, disease, strong, strength, energetic
  6.娱乐:colorful, pleasure, joy, recreation, entertainment, relax, tired, boring, lonely
  7. 环境:environment, pollute, poisonous, dirty
  8. 安全和危险:safe, danger, risk
  9. 经验:experience, social experience, enter the society
  10. 人际:humane, fair, unfair, help, assist, freedom, freely 写完之后修改注意: 内容方面尽量不要修改) (内容方面尽量不要修改 写完之后修改注意: 内容方面尽量不要修改) ( 1 字母大小写 2 怪符号 3 单词拼写 4 主谓一致 5 动词时态 6 名词单复数 实例一 题目:Bicycles――An Important Means of Transport in China
提纲: (
  1)为什么自行车在中国这样普及 (
  2)和汽车的比较 (
  3)自行车在中国的前途 Score: 8 Bicycle is an important means of transport in China. The important reason of it is the economy of Chinese. The use of bicycle in China is widely because people in China have not high wage. They can only afford a bicycle, and they have no money to buy a car which is too expensive. So Chinese usually buy a bicycle, and use it to go to work, or go to travel and so on. The other reason is the large population of China. All these made the bicycle become the important means of transport. The bicycle, compared to the car, is not too expensive and it is easy to learn and to use and it can save the surface of putting it. It doesn't ask to build the garage like car. This point is very important to China, because of the lack of land. It isn't too expensive, so Chinese can afford it. It doesn't need any oil, and it can't cause the polusion. All of these are the good needs compared to the car. In the future, bicycle will be widely used. And it will be in good demand. People will produce much more modern bicycles. Score: 14 Bicycles are very popular in China. Almost every family in the city has two or three bicycles. During the rush hour, you can see that thousands of people -- man and woman, old and young -- ride their bicycles to work and study. That is why China is called "the kingdom of bicycles". 注:
  1. 第一句总写,第二句和第三句分写,最后总写.
  2. During the rush hour 分词结构开头.
  3. 破折号内容为同位语,句式多变化. Compared with cars, bicycles are superior in many ways. First, they are cheap, convenient and easy to ride. Second, riding bicycle is good for health. Third, they bring no noise nor air pollution. Though cars are faster and more comfortable, they are too expensive. They consume plenty of oil and they pollute the air. Sometimes, it is difficult for a driver to park his car. Moreover they often cause traffic jams and accidents. 注:
  1. Compared with cars 分词结构开头.
  2. be superior to/ be inferior to 优于/ 低于
  3. first, second, third 英语语言有层次感,信号词
  4. cheap 便宜,最好用 inexpensive
  5. be good for health 对健康有好处(万能理由)
  6. Moreover 表示递进 In my opinion, the future of bicycle is very promising. Since China is a developing country and has a large population, I think, riding bicycle is appropriate to Chinese present conditions. It will be an important means of transportation for quite a long time. 注:promising 有前途的 a promising young man Score: 11 There millions of bicycles in today's China. Bicycles are very important means of transport in people's daily lives. Because to ride a bicycle is very simple, to buy a bicycle will not cost so much money, to park a bicycle needs just a small room and to ride a bicycle
does not need oil but the rider's strength, bicycles are popular all over the world, especially in China. 注:第一句应该用 there be 结构 Compared with a car, a bicycle is much cheaper. It is more suitable for China as a developing country. And a bicycle has almost caused no pollution but a car has. On the contrary, a bicycle is too slow, it costs more times than a car. I think the population of China's bicycle will be kept for the long run. Because it will be replaced by a car, a bus and so on in some developed areas in China, and it will be made a wide use in the developing areas in China, the number of bicycles in China will be the same as today but I believe that it's quality will be improved. I,对比观点选择题: ,对比观点选择题:
  1.有人认为 有人认为……;
  2.另外一些人认为 另外一些人认为……; 有人认为 ; 另外一些人认为 ;
  3.谈谈你的观点和看法. 最好写成 4 段) 谈谈你的观点和看法. (最好写成 谈谈你的观点和看法 ( 实例二 99 年 6 月真题 Reading Selectively Or Extensively? Outline:
  1. 有人认为读书要有选择
  2. 有人认为应当博览群书
  3. 我的想法 Score: 8 分 Some people think reading shall be chosen. Because some books are good to human beings and some books are harmful to people. Some people think that men should read books widely. Because wide reading can help man get much knowledge. And man can use it to change the world. It is my point that reading must be selectively. Because reading is important to man. Some books can help man but some books can lead some people to crime. It can be seen in the newspapers and watched on TV. We can make full use of some good books and gain more useful knowledge. It can make our life more beautiful. We must give up those unhelpful books. They are not good to us. Reading them is wasting time and money. So reading selectively is an important part in reading. 失分原因:结构失调, 失分原因:结构失调,表述方式单一 典型的对比观点选择题的文章逻辑结构: 典型的对比观点选择题的文章逻辑结构: (启)Paragraph I: (
  1)引出将要评论的事物或者是观点; (
  2)简明扼要的提出人们在这个问题上的两种不同 看法. Score: 14 分 How should we read? Should we read selectively or extensively? Everyone has his own view.(启) ( 注:第一句提出问题,第二句提出两种见解 典型的对比观点选择题的文章逻辑结构: 典型的对比观点选择题的文章逻辑结构: (承)Paragraph II: (
  1)提出一种观点或优点; (
  2)本段的支持性分论点; (
  3)本段 总结(可以省略) . Some people think we should read selectively. They argue that with the development of modern science and technology, more and more books are published. It is impossible for us to read all the books. What's more, there are many bad books that are poisonous to our mind, and we shouldn't read them. Since we can't read all
the books and we shouldn't read bad books, we must read selectively.(承) ( 注:
  1. 本段总分总结构
  5. they argue that = they think that with the development of... 随着……的发展 what's more 递进关系,moreover bad = pornographic 色情的 & violent 暴力的
典型的对比观点选择题的文章逻辑结构: 典型的对比观点选择题的文章逻辑结构: (转)Paragraph III: (
  1)承上启下的过渡句; (
  2) 提出另一种观点或缺点; (
  4)本段总(可以省略) . But others may not agree, they emphasize that today's society is not what it was. If one man has many kinds of knowledge, he will have more chances to succeed. If a man knows much in one field but knows nothing in other fields, he may be useless. Since we must have many kinds of knowledge, we must read extensively.(转) ( 注:
  1. But 转折词(信号词)
  2. they emphasize that = they think that
  3. today's society is not what it was 现代社会今昔非比
  4. 许多知识 a wide range of knowledge/ a large scope of knowledge/ much knowledge; 获取知识 acquire/ get knowledge
  5. knows nothing→little;he may be useless→he may not be of great use to the society 后者比前者更委婉 典型的对比观点选择题的文章逻辑结构: 典型的对比观点选择题的文章逻辑结构: (合)Paragraph IV: (
  1)平衡两种看法; (
  2)给出自己的观点. Who's right? I think both of them have something right. But I think we should read extensively first. We should read books in many fields, and read selectively in one field. (合) Score: 11 分 When it comes to reading, some people think that reading selectively is a good way, but some other people do not agree with them, they think that reading extensively is better. 注:结构非常好,可以套用. Those people, who think that reading selectively is better, believe that good books are as many as bad books. Those good books can give us pleasure and knowledge, while those bad books can only lead us to the wrong way. So, they suggest that we should only choose the good books to read and never touch the bad books. 注:
  1."people, who...,"应去掉逗号,改为限制性定语从句.
  2. as many as bad books 改为 as many as bad ones
  3. lead us to the wrong way 改为 lead sb. astray
  4. they suggest that = they think that
  5. touch 碰 (闪光点词汇: 如教材 P7: shouldering the responsibility of doing sth. 肩负 肩负起责任) But, the other people, who hold that reading extensively is better, think that one kind of books can only give us one aspect of knowledge. Even the best book only contains one
field of information. So, they can easily come to the conclusion that "to know more, to read more". So they believe that reading extensively is better. 注:
  1. hold 认为 同样表示"think"的词还有 argue, emphasize, believe, suggest, claim, insist, maintain, agree, hold
  2. the best book 在西方国家是"圣经"的意思
  3. to know more, to read more 错误,中式英语 To my point, we should choose good books to read and read good books as many as possible. By this way, we can increase the quality and quantity of reading. ●2003 年 1 月 ●2002 年 6 月 ●2001 年 6 月 ●2000 年 6 月 ●1999 年 6 月 ●1997 年 6 月 四级作文真题 ②社会热点话题(三段:启,承,合) 社会热点话题( 社会热点话题 三段: ③图表题 ●2002 年 1 月 ④书信题 图表题 书信题 ④书信题 ●2001 年 1 月 ②社会热点话题(缺少第三段:合) 社会热点话题( 书信题 社会热点话题 缺少第三段: ①对比观点选择题 对比观点选择题●2000 年 1 月 ②社会热点话题(缺少第一段) 社会热点话题( 对比观点选择题 社会热点话题 缺少第一段) ①对比观点选择题●1998 年 1 月 ②社会热点话题 对比观点选择题 社会热点话题 对比观点选择 ②社会热点话题 ●1997 年 1 月 ⑤格言题 考的几率非常小 格言题(考的几率非常小 社会热点话题 格言题 考的几率非常小) 范文
  22. Is Television a Blessing or a Curse?
Now, it is generally accepted that television plays an important part in people's lives. But, there is an ongoing heated discussion as to whether television is a blessing or a curse. 注:it is generally accepted that 人们通常认为 As is often pointed out by some people, television keeps one better informed about current events, allows one to follow the latest developments in politics and science, and offers an endless series of programs which are both instructive and stimulating. The most distant countries, the strangest customs and the most attractive scenes of nature are brought right into one's room. 注:
  1. As is often pointed out by some people = Some people think that
  2. "使……"不用 make,而用 keep, allow, offer However, other people insist that television is a curse rather than a blessing. They argue that it has brought about many serious problems. The major one is its effects on young people. They are now so used to getting their information, education and entertainment from television that their literacy as well as physical ability has been g



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