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高级口译翻译数字理论 高级口译现行评分标准 英译汉翻译技能 汉译英翻译重点 高级口译翻译十大原则和十大经典句型
第一章 高级口译翻译数字理论
注: (?表示错误示范,?表示正确示范) 舒舍予,字老舍,现年四十岁,面黄无须。 I have a yellow face. ? I have a pale face. ? I have a withered complexion. ?
economic equality 经济平等? 经济均衡化? efficiency Vs effectiveness 效率 Vs 效能 performance 绩效 我宣布……开幕了 I declare …open? I declare the commencement of …? … is herewith inaugurated.? meeting 非正式会议 conference 正式大型会议
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session 特定主题专业会议
White elephant 白象 请愿书 round robin
think tank 智囊团
Expressiveness Faithfulness Gracefulness
第二章 高级口译评分标准

  1) Wording Accuracy
  2) Phrase Accuracy
  3) Paraphrasing Nativeness Swallowing small companies, the big media corporations will be able to control what Americans read and watch.
  4) Sequence Coherency My father is a good teacher who is kind to his students. 由于我父亲对学生好,他是一个好老师
  5) Spelling, Punctuation and Tense
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拼写:拼错一个单词扣一分,同样的错误不扣分 时态举例: 中国人民一直希望世界太平。 The Chinese people are always loving world peace. 时态重点词 would
  1、would 表示意愿 I would be only too glad to help you.
  2、表示一种特人的行为 That’s just what he would say. It would rain on the day we chose for a picnic.
  3、so that… would 表示目的、结果 so that + can will may (现在/过去时态)表示目的 She burned the letters so that her husband would never read them. 总结: 第
  2、5 点考察考生硬功,约占比例 80% 第
  3、4 点考察考生软功,需在平日不断积累
第三章 英译汉翻译技能
直译是指在译入语条件许可的前提下,在译文中既表达原文的思想内容,又保留原文的语言表达形式 在译入语条件许可的前提下, 直译 在译入语条件许可的前提下 在译文中既表达原文的思想内容, 直译:一针及时省九针 意译:事半功倍 意译是指译文能正确表达原文的思想内容,但不必拘泥于原文的语言表达形式。 译文能正确表达原文的思想内容,但不必拘泥于原文的语言表达形式 意译 译文能正确表达原文的思想内容 原则:能够直译的不要意译

  3.1 加注 加注(Annotation)通常是外来语 通常是外来语
  1、音译加注 、

  1) pizza
  2) Toyota
  3) Sahara
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Sauna AIDS Jazz In my Walter Mitty dreams I am a prima ballerina. He did it a Jordan. It was Friday and soon they‘d go out and get drink. He pretended to be a Thursday VIP and fit in with the local community quite well.

  2、直译加注 、
Zero Ground Sesame Street Oval Office specified risk material 高风险物质 tabloid tree hugger 极端环保主义者 rock 石毒 But I am short-tempered, frazzled from all responsibilities. I am the “sandwich generation”, caught between kids and parents. 但我的脾气不好,都是这些事给烦的。我是个夹在孩子和父母之间的“三明治人” 。 He suggested that a truly-inclusive politically-correct pronoun would be “s/h/it”. 。 他建议,真正既全面又符合政治正确性的代词应是“她或他或它” You told me the other day that you were going to write anything about him yourself. It would be rather like a dog in the manger to keep to yourself a whole lot of material that you have no intention of using. 前些日子,你告诉我你自己不打算写有关他的任何东西,可你却又占着大批资料自己不用,这岂不是狗占马槽(太 太 自私了)了吗? 自私了 The favors of Government are like the box of Pandora, with this important difference that rarely leave hope at bottom. 政府的恩惠如同潘多拉的盒子, 后患无穷 ,主要不同之处是:盒底很少留有希望。 (后患无穷 后患无穷) People considered that what he had played on that occasion was no more than a Judas kiss. 人们认为他在那种场合所表演的不过是犹大之吻, 居心险恶 。 (居心险恶 居心险恶) A measure of privatization of adoption is called for, with a diminution in the powers of ideological apartheiders of the Nanny State. 随着“保姆国家” (福利国家的贬称)中那些思想上支持种族隔离的人的势力的减弱,人们要求在收养方面有一定 程度的民间化。 We might look upon the glory of our Rust Belt states, where there are hundreds of vast steel mills that are at least 40 years out of date and also spew smoke that causes acid rain. ,那里有几百家落伍至少四十年的大型钢铁厂,至今还喷吐着能 我们可以看一下我们的铁锈带()昔日的“荣耀” 够引起酸雨的浓烟。
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  3.2 释义 (Paraphrase)
释义是指舍弃原文的具体表达形式和比喻形象,采取解释性的方法译出原文的意思。 舍弃原文的具体表达形式和比喻形象,采取解释性的方法译出原文的意思 释义 舍弃原文的具体表达形式和比喻形象
  3) Bill’s new girlfriend is certainly a knockout. 尤物
I wonder whether he is a Trojan Horse. 内奸 The weather forecast seems to be accurate. No sooner had I fortunately come back home than rain poured cats and dogs. ??touchwood. 老天保佑 Don’t you think it’s weird for a husband to appreciate his pinups with his wife? He was smooth and agreeable. 八面玲珑 过度的肥胖或消瘦 美女照

What is known is that weight extremes in either direction are definitely unhealthy. He acts a lot older than his years. 少年老成 The kid went through fire and flood to save his mother. 赴汤蹈火
Mary is now between the devil and the deep sea on dealing with her job. 进退维谷

  10) That fellow is always an easy-going guy. He always throws her cares to the winds. 无忧无虑;把烦恼抛至九霄云 外
  11) The young girl thumbed her way to the passing cars. 搭车

  3.3 增词 (Amplification)
增词指翻译时常常有必要在译文的词量上作适当的增加, 使译文既能忠实地传达原文的内容和风格, 又能符合译入 增词 指翻译时常常有必要在译文的词量上作适当的增加, 使译文既能忠实地传达原文的内容和风格, 语的表达习惯。 语的表达习惯 1、根据背景知识增补
  1) 世纪伟人邓小平 Mr. Deng Xiaoping, one of the great figures in the twentieth century
  2) 班门弄斧
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show off one’s proficiency with axe before Lu Ban, the master carpenter
  3) 三个臭皮匠,胜过诸葛亮。 The wit of three cobblers combined surpasses Zhuge Liang, the master mind. 2、根据逻辑关系需要增补 汉语重义合、英语重形合。增加连词成分 3、根据语法需要增补 1)增加量词 an elephant a martial music Soon the whole sky is azure and flaming. 不一会儿,万里晴空已是一片火红。 2)增加时、体和语气(重点) 增加时、体和语气(重点) Yesterday evening I had seen her on her knees in front of the house. 昨天夜晚我曾看见她跪在房子前面。 The research work is being done by a small group of dedicated and imaginative scientists who specialize in extracting from various sea animals substances that may improve the health of the human race. 正在进行 The surgeons weren’t sure how long my new joints would last. But they’re holding up fine. 那些外科医生(当时)不能肯定我的新关节可以维持多久,但是它们(至今还是)运转良好。 It would have been only courteous to kneel at the proper time, as all did, since I had voluntarily come to church. 既然我来教堂出于自愿,仅仅为了礼貌起见,我(本应当)和大家一起下跪。 She would spend hours dressing herself in fine clothes, and brushing her black hair. Then she would stand by the mirror and admire herself. 她(总是)要花好几个小时为自己盛装打扮,梳理她乌黑的头发。之后她还(常常)照着镜子自我欣赏一番。 I have had the joy of two beautiful and wonderful wives, the happiness of parenthood and the love of eight children. 我有幸(先后)获得两位美丽贤惠的妻子带来的幸福,体验过为人之父的乐趣和八个子女的爱。 3)增加适当词语区别单复数 The lion is the king of animals. 狮子是百兽之王。 The slogan “Press on” has solved and always will solve the problems of the human race. “坚持下去”的口号已经解决并将继续解决人类的各种问题。 Now, years later, that evening’s loveliness??I so nearly missed??is one of my most cherished memories. 如今多少年过去了,那个我差点失之交臂的迷人傍晚,如今却成了我最珍贵的记忆。
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She warmly welcomed her guests in and brought them a cup of tea. 她热情地将客人们迎了进来,然后给他们各端上一杯茶。 4)增补表达词 Fortune knocks at every man’s door once in a life, but in a good many cases, the man is in a neighboring saloon and does not hear her. 每一个人的一生中,幸运女神都只来敲一次门,可是许多情况下,那个受到眷顾的人竟在隔壁的酒馆里,听不见她 敲门。 French managers are Napoleonic and their management style is imperial. 法国经理人是拿破仑式(内松外紧)的人物,有着帝王般的管理风格。 Long-stemmed models ankled through the lobby. 身材修长的模特袅袅婷婷地从厅中走过。
具体译法 所谓具体译法 具体译法,就是在翻译过程中把原文中抽象或比较抽象的单词、词组、成语或句子用具体或比较具体的单词、 在翻译过程中把原文中抽象或比较抽象的单词、 具体译法 在翻译过程中把原文中抽象或比较抽象的单词 词组、成语或句子用具体或比较具体的单词、 词组、成语或句子来进行翻译,从而消除或降低语言差别给翻译带来的损失,使译文产生与原文同样的效果。 词组、成语或句子来进行翻译,从而消除或降低语言差别给翻译带来的损失,使译文产生与原文同样的效果 A 词缀法 -tion 作用;过程 作用; We should by no means neglect the evaporation of water. 我们决不能忽视水的蒸发作用。 erosion of steel 钢的腐蚀(作用) Many changes take place during the transformation. 在转化过程中出现了许多变化。 During transportation, the driver should be careful. 在驾驶过程中,司机要小心。 -ing 做法;行为 做法; All the people were exasperated by his fault-finding. 大家都被他那种吹毛求疵的做法激怒了。 -ness 状态;气质;心情 We were all greatly moved by his loftiness. 我们都被他那种崇高气质所深深打动。 humbleness 谦虚作风 We all look down upon his humbleness. 。 我们都看不起他这种贱相(卑微的态度)
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We have to do our utmost to ameliorate the backwardness of our nation. 我们必须全力以赴改变国家的落后面貌。 John’s lightheartedness, however, did not last long. 然而,约翰这种轻松愉悦的心情没有持续很久。 -ity 性;与-able 和-tive 相关 reasonability 合理性 sensibility 合理性 sensitivity 敏感性 creativity 创造性 创造性 originality ingenuity 创造性 readability 可读性 flexibility 柔韧性、可塑性、灵活性、延展性 B 集合名词法 family 家庭 家庭成员
team, group, family, class, committee, community, city, country, world Our team is playing well. 今天我们对整体发挥的不错(隐含之意;对部分队员不满) Our team are playing well. 我们球队每个人都打疯了(隐含之意;对每个队员都非常满意) C 比喻法 very timid very strong D 成语法 a great and through-going change very anxious to return home 巨大而彻底的变化 回家心切 翻天覆地的变化 非常胆小 非常强壮 胆小如鼠 壮得像头牛
5)增补重复词(连词、承上启下的词、概括词) 增补重复词(连词、承上启下的词、概括词) We have discussed our safety and sanitary regulations. 我们已经讨论了安全规则和卫生规则。 We left so much in Vietnam??so much innocence, so many dreams, so many good men and women. 我们在越南失去的东西太多了??失去许许多多无辜的生命,失去许许多多美梦,失去



   新东方在线 [www.koolearn.com] 网络课堂电子教材系列 中级口译系列 雷远e锌诜?氪? 中口翻译 翻译串讲 。 第一章 第一章 翻译基本理论 一、翻译的特点 学习英语的四项基本技能可以分为输入(听、读)和输出(说、写)两组 (一)输入方面的三类错误:语言类错误、文化类错误、政治类错误 三类错误的重要性递增、出现频率递减 1、政治类错误: Imperial army, 翻译为“日本帝国主义军队”切勿翻译“皇军” 中国大陆 可翻译为“Chinese Mainland 或 Main ...


   新东方在线 [www.koolearn.com] 网络课堂电子教材系列 高一英语语法突破 高一英语语法突破讲义 高一英语语法突破讲义 英语语法突破 主讲: 主讲:徐昊 欢迎使用新东方在线电子教材 Unit 1 冠词 不定冠词(a/an 之间的区别 之间的区别) 第一部分 不定冠词 口诀:听其音,忘其形! 语法上定义的标准答案: 如果一个单词以元音发音开头,则使用“an”; 如果一个单词以辅音发音开头,则使用“a” ; 注意:在判断过程中,不能根据单词之前是元音或辅音开头,关键是看单词本身是元 ...


   Lesson 40 School and Education 学校与教育 基础教育 fundmental education 高等教育 higher education 终生教育 life-long education 活到老学到老 Never too old to learn 大学 university 芝加哥大学 Chicago university 学院 college Children enter school at ...


   隐藏帖具体内容 Lesson One Greetings 打招呼 Good morning, Mrs. Brown. Brown 太太,早上好。 Hi. 自然的表达方式 Hello. 自然的表达方式 Morning. Good morning 的缩略形式 Good morning.早上好(中午 12 点以前) Good afternoon. 下午好(1 点到 5 点) Good evening.晚上好(晚间 6 点至 8 点) Good night.晚上相互道别的时候 What's up, ...


   英语四级综合笔记 听力(35%)、阅读(35%)、完型填空或改错(10%)、作文和翻译(20%)。各单项报道分的满分分别为:听力249分,阅读249分,完型填空或改错70分,作文142分。各单项分相加之和等于总分(710分)。 由于是从WORD复制过来,导致一些特殊符号不能显示。如果需要原版,请留言 目录 一、听力概述和故事型及文章型题目 二、小对话六大类行分析 三、小对话高频场景分析 四、多义词汇讲解及科技型文章讲解 五、语音讲解(英、美),语音现象(吞音、连读等) 六、重要短语集合、听力 ...


   1 accelerate vt. (使)加速,增速 【例】accelerate the rate of economic growth 加速 经济增长 【派】acceleration n. 加速 accelerating a.加速的 2 account n. 账户、考虑 【考】take sth. into account 把…考虑在内 3 accustom vt.使习惯 【考】be accustom ed to 4 adapt vi. 适应 【考】 adapt to…适应 5 adjust ...


   摸底: 摸底:Unit 8 41. For many patients, institutional care is the most and beneficial form of care. A) pertinent B) appropriate C) acute D) persistent 42. Among all the changes resulting from the entry of women into the work force, the transformation ...


   新东方英语 【笑傲考场】 >>词词不落 check in 与 check out check 作动词时意为"检查,核对;寄存;托运"等,check in 和 check out 是 check 的两个 常见短语,一起来学习它们吧! check in 指"登记手续;报到" .比如你考上大学了,报到的时候就需要 check in 哦! 例:You'd better go to the hotel now to check in to get a ...


   日志) 新东方李老师的734条高频词组笔记(怕以后丢了,就转来了,实在是太有用了!没看过的,赶紧点吧~) 1.abide by(=be faithful to ; obey)忠于;遵守。 2. be absent from…. 缺席,不在 3. absence or mind(=being absent-minded) 心不在焉 4. absorb(=take up the attention of)吸引…的注意力(被动语态)be absorbed in 全神贯注于… 近义:be en ...


   来自:新东方在线 1.每年,高校许多大学生受到鼓舞去贫困地区支教。 2. 支教活动的意义。 3. 我的看法。 参考范文: Every year, college students are inspired to help students with their study in underdeveloped areas in china. They have been trying their best to impart knowledge and offering help to tho ...



   1.数词变化规律及读法口诀 数词变化规律及读法口诀 两大数词基和序,前表数量后第几.构成先谈基数词,1至12请认真记. 13至19teen 结尾齐,ty 结尾表示几十.若要表达几十几,几十短横1到9. One hundred 一百记,若表几百几十几. 几百 and 几十几,基数规律上述里. 再把序数谈仔细,第一至三独立记.第四至十九结尾 th,第廿到九十有规律. 基数基础 y 变 ieth.第几十几有特例,第几十由基数起,几用序数有道理. 第一百 one hundred.若说第一百几十几. ...


   选词填空 More and more young adults are remaining single and (1). This is bringing about a violent change in the education of young people. More and more young girls are signing up for the classes (2) reserved only for boys. And, (3), a good number of ...


   《小学生英语朗读习惯的培养研究》中期研究成果报告 小学生英语朗读习惯的培养研究》 咸阳市秦都区中华路小学英语课题组 张婉丽 《小学生英语朗读习惯的培养研究》是全国基础教育外语教学研 究资助金项目 2006?2007 年度立项课题,课题研究经过一年的实践 和研究,已基本完成了前期研究任务,已进入研究中期。现将我们前 期的研究成果报告如下: 一、问题的提出 朗读对于学生学好英语的重要性是不言而喻的, 作为一线小学英 语教师,在日常教学中我们更是深切地体会到这点,可以说朗读是学 好英语的必要手段, ...


   很短,但是会给你打很高分的英语口语 God works. 上帝的安排。 Not so bad. 不错。 No way! 不可能! Don't flatter me. 过奖了。 Hope so. 希望如此。 Go down to business. 言归正传。 I'm not going. 我不去了。 Does it serve your purpose? 对你有用吗? I don't care. 我不在乎。 None of my business. 不关我事。 It doesn't work. ...