Unit One 新视野大学英语读写教程 2 册的课后习题答案 Section A II Comprehension of The Text

  1.The attitude is that if one is not moving ahead, he is falling behind.
  2.Time is treated as if it were something almost real. People budget it, waste it, steal it, kill it, c ut it, account for it; they also charge for it. They do this because time is a precious resource.
  3.Everyone is in a rush?often under pressure. In the writer’s eyes, city people always appear to be hurrying to get where they are going, restlessly seeking attention in a store, or elbowing other s as they try to complete their shopping.
  4. Don’t take it personally. This is because people value time highly, and they resent someone else “wasting” it beyond a certain appropriate point.
  5.This is because Americans generally assess and enquire about their visitors professionally rather than socially. They start talking business very quickly. Time is always ticking in their inner ear.
  6.Americans produce a steady flow of labor-saving devices: they communicate rapidly through faxe s, phone calls or emails rather than through personal contacts.
  7. The impersonality of electronic communication has little or no relation to the significance of the m atter at hand.
  8.It is taken as a sign of skillfulness or being competent to solve a problem or fulfill a job with s peed in the U.S. III Vocabulary

  4. surroundings
  6. assessing
IV.Filling the Blank
  1.behind 2 for
  4. out
V Word Building
  2. attraction
  4. impression
  6. composition
VI 1advisable 2desirable 3favorable 4considerable 5remarkable 6 preferable7 drinkable
  8. acceptable
VII Structure
  1. much less do they take them out for dinner

  2.much less a big company
  3.much less carry it upstairs
  4. much less spoken to him
  5.much less ( to ) read a lot outside of it VIII.
  1.Having meals at home can cost as little as two or three dollars, whereas eating out at a restau rant is always more expensive
  2.We thought she was rather proud, whereas in fact she was just very shy
  3.We have never done anything for them, whereas they have done everything for us.
  4.Natalie prefers to stay for another week, whereas her husband prefers to leave immediately.
  5.Some highly praise him, whereas others put him down severely IX Translation Chinese to English
  1. In the eyes of some people, Picasso’s paintings would seem rather foolish

  2. The increase in their profits is due partly to their new market strategy.

  3. The man told his wife to keep the medicine on the top shelf so that it would be beyond the c hildren’s reach.

  4. Happiness doesn't always go with money

  5. That car has given me nothing but trouble ever since I bought it.
X Translation English to Chinese
  1. 这种态度的结果是,全国人民都投身到研究、实验和探索中去了。

  2. 他们会怀念那种喝着茶或咖啡招待客人的礼节性交往,而这种交往也许是他们自己国家的一种习俗。

  3. 既然我们通常是以工作的方式而不是以社交的方式来评估和了解他人的,那我们就开门见山地谈生意 了。

  4. 对我们来说,电信交流缺乏人性化,这与手头处理的事情是否重要关系不大,或毫无关系。

  5. 除非给予一定时间来处理,不然的话,在他们的眼里,手头的工作好像是无足轻重,不值得给予适当的 重视似的。
  1.B 2B

  10.C 11A 12B 13B 14C 15A 16C 17B 18B 19A 20B
Section B. XV.

  1. desirable
  2. marvelous

  3. favorable

  4. distressed

  5. hostility
  6. recognition

  7. alleviate

  8.appreciate XVII
  1. interact with

  2. gone through

  3. deal with

  4. recovered from

  5. adjusting themselves to

  6. familiar to the public

  7. clashed with

  8. In spite of
Unit Two Section A II Comprehension of The Text

  1. Most countries concern themselves with economic development, regardless of its effect on the global ecology

  2. Because of the increasing environmental damage, people become more aware of environmental problems and many countries undertake new environmental initiatives.

  3. Canada closed the area to cod fishing and set strict limits on catches of other species. As a re sult, herring eventually recovered, but some species may never recover, and about 40,000 fisherm en are unemployed because of the fishing bans and loss of their fish supply.

  4. Costa Rica has issued a series of new environmental laws and created parks and nature preser ves that cover one quarter of the country.

  5. It was under pressure from environmentalists around the world that Brazil took certain measur es to protect its Amazon rain forest; and the writer questions its true level of commitment to pro tect Amazon Indians who are endangered in the conflict with those people who continue to destr oy the forests.

  6. Heavy metals from coal mining have contaminated much of the area’s waters. Many rivers, lan d, and forests are biologically dead because the pollution is very serious.
  7. The program has succeeded in strengthening the country’s agricultural base and bringing a new source of wealth to villagers. But it remains to be seen whether these measures will have e nough impact to slow the rate of removing the forests.

  8. Indonesia is facing the problem of providing enough food, shelter and employment for its large population, and encouraging birth control. III Vocabulary
  1. awarenes

  2. undertake

  8.waged IV.Filling the Blank
  1.Correct form: regardless of Synonymous: without taking into account, paying no attention to

  2. Correct form: springing up
Synonymous: appearing quickly or suddenly

  3. Correct form: concerns herself with Synonymous: is busy with, involves herself in

  4. Correct form: aim at/for/toward(s)
Synonymous: direct its efforts towards

  5. Correct form: converted…into/to
Synonymous: change…into

  6. Correct form: up to
Synonymous: as many as

  7. Correct form: as a result of
Synonymous: because of, resulting from

  8. Correct form: frown on/upon
Synonymous: not approve of
V Word Building
  1. settler: one who settles (in a place)
  2.miner: a worker in a mine
  3. gardener: one who works in a garden, either for pay or as a hobby
  4.director: a person who directs (a department, a film, etc.)
  5.observer: a person who observes or watches carefully
  6. planner: a person who plans ( a city, etc)
  7.container: anything which contains sth., e.g. a box, a bottle, etc.
  8. conductor: a person who conducts (atour group, on a bus, etc.) VI
  1. musical

  2. occasional
  3. environmental

  4. central

  5. global

  6. dangerous

  7. natural

  8. agricultural VII Structure
  1. it remains for him to do it
  2. the result remains to be seen
  3. remains to be seen in a few weeks

  4. much remains to be settled

  5. Worse things remain to be told
  1. Every month we’ll deliver the very best articles, together with the latest fashion and beauty ne ws

  2. The famine, together with the war, killed millions of lives

  3. Together with his brother, John has gone to the party held by the Fine Arts Association once a year.

  4. The Smiths are planning to sell the house, together with the furniture

  5. Together with his wife, he helped to design the highest building in the town.
IX Translation Chinese to English

  1. Since the beginning of this summer, Haier has waged a massive ad campaign to promote its a ir-conditioner sales

  2. Mary’s parents frown on the idea of her going to America, so it remains to be seen whether s he will realize her dream.
  3. Rose knows that continuous letters from John, together with countless roses, are aimed at win ning her heart.
  4. Through sponsoring the growing of fruit trees to regenerate waste land, the government succe eded in improving the ecological environment.
  5. The government has undertaken a series of new environmental initiatives. As a result, many pa rks and green belts have sprung up all over the country. X Translation English to Chinese
  1. 但近年来,随着环境破坏的日益严重,世界各地已经出现了许多变化的迹象。

  2. 但是人们制订了一系列新的环境保护法,还新建了占四分之一国土面积的公园和自然保护区,目的是要 保护哥斯达黎加现存的森林。

  3. 政府承诺将保护该地区的土著居民,但人们对这个承诺的可信度仍心存疑虑。

  4. 这种人口激增已导致了该国许多地方森林的消失及对现存农田的过度耕作。

  5. 政府近几年来已发动了一场大规模的广告宣传运动来鼓励节制生育,并提出了鼓励措施,如提供免费去 沙特阿拉伯的麦加?伊斯兰教的诞生地?的机会。 XI
  1.C 2B
  6. A

  7. B
  10.B 11B 12A 13C 14A 15B 16A 17B 18C 19B 20C
Section B. XVI
  1. summit

  2. comparable

  3. characterized

  4. paved

  5. conservation


  7. erect

  8. recreation
  1. The small boat had been washed away during the storm.

  2. Up to 10 men can sleep in this tent, which looks rather small and maybe is not more than 14 square meters.

  3. In order to protect the environment, people should clean up after a picnic.

  4. In this small town, a thousand miles of bike trails along the sides of rivers lead into a big par k.

  5. He lost his job and on top of that his wife left him.

  6. If we coordinate our efforts, we should be able to complete the project ahead of time.

  7. Professor Bonnet has been working on cells of this type for many years

  8. The education system in our country is currently characterized by an emphasis on success in e xams.



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