第 60 课: 觉得这篇文章是背诵的好文章。
  1、Punctuality is a necessary habit in all public affairs of a civilized society. 开头就很平铺的说出了文章要说的内容,而且不觉得做作。。对比俺写文章。。绞尽脑汁想出 来的句子,和后面又连不上。。蛮突兀的,而且,punctuality 可以用在阐述 character 方面 的例子。
  2、Without it, nothing could ever be brought to a conclusion; everything would be in a state of chaos. 这几天研究 NEC, 发现其实他们蛮喜欢用这种双重否定的。。或者说 是用本身就带否定意 味的词来表达,什么 not donot。。出现得不多。而且,是我们 chinese 喜欢用的排比句 式。。。同时,这个句子 MS 是个虚拟。。。
  3、Only in a sparsely-populated rural community is it possible to disregard it. 这三句话是连一起的,所以说这篇文章推荐背诵。三个句子,都是看起来很小儿科的句子,单 词句式都会,但是觉得很自然地,第一句陈诉观点,第二句虚拟假设相 反情况,到第三句又很 自然地用倒装来说也有少量情况出现。。。反思俺写文章,都是心血来潮在前面一堆类似句式 中突然冒一个其他的句式,多变的目的是达到 了,但是一点都不灵活。。。? ?|
  4、He is therefore forgiven, if late for a dinner party. if 引导的条件状语后置,其实这更多的符合欧美人的表达习惯,后面看到的很多句子,都和我 们一般写出来的不一样。我们一般写 if...,he...,或者 When..., he....
  5、But people are often reproached for unpunctuality(又是一个直接表示否定意义的词) when their only fault is cutting things fine. 推荐背的是 cutting things fine 这个词组??卡得太紧 句子意思是:但人们则常常仅仅由于将时间安排得太紧而引起不准时受到指责。 如果让我们来写这个句子的话: But people are often blamed just because they have arranged their agandas too heavy to be punctuality.? ?|
  6、The over-punctual can be as much a trial to others as the unpunctual. 感觉很利索的过渡,直接把话题转移到另外一个方面,说提前太早到达其实和不按时是一样 让人恼火的。。 as much a trial to others as。。觉得这个句子蛮经典的。。很明白地说出了早到也是对人 的一种折磨。。。
  7、Although being early may mean wasting a little time, this will be less than if you miss the train and have to wait an hour or more for the next one; and avoid the frustration of arriving at the very moment when the train is drawing out of the station and being unable(又是。。) to get on it. 个人蛮喜欢用的一种让步的句子.但是又不是单纯的表示让步,其实是 2 个并列的句子,同 时做了另外一种情况的比较,觉得就说服力雄厚起来。 同时几个单词觉得蛮好:drawing out of the station 一般都会说 about to leave, take off,... very,这个词用在这里感觉就是正好掐在那一个让人觉得很闷郁的关键点 avoid the frustration 动词的名词形式,记得论坛上有篇蛮经典的帖子就是说 名词化趋 势,把表达句子中心意思的词尽量用名词表达 be unable to ..比 couldn't, failed to, not successful。。这些用滥的会不会要好一点,而 且 这个更多的就是强调事情有没有做成功
  8、An even harder situation is to be on the platform in good time for a train and still to see it go off without you. without..是使用频率很高的词,而且这个是介词短语做补语。这个句子是跟着上面的句子更进 一步推进,加强后果的严重性。。

  9、She entered the station twenty minutes before the train was due, since her patents had imressen upon her that it would be unforgivable to miss it and cause the friends with whom she was going to stay to maike two journeys to meet her. since 引导的从句再嵌套一个宾语从句,之下还有一个限定性的定语从句,结构蛮复杂,但是 句子意思表达却相当清晰。。
  10、She felt in her handbag fot the piece of paper... 表达,使用的单词 feel。。一般我们写做习惯:She searched in her bag for the piece of paper..
  11、The girl, tear streaming down her face, begged to be allowed to slip into the guard's van. 那个 tear streaming down her face 觉得这个状语用得蛮好的。。。 第 59 课 People tend to amass possessions, sometimes without being aware of doing so. 再一次的 without。。其实读过去 发现 NCE 里面很多这样的 with, without 带表示状态结构 tend to。另外表达喜欢做什么意思的词 Those who never have to change house become indiscriminate collectors of what can only be described a clutter. 蛮欣赏指代词 those 的用法的 of + what 引导名词从句 As they grow old, people also accumulate belongings for two other reasons, lack of physical and mental energy, both of which are essential in turning out and throwing away, and sentiment. 再一个比较普遍的用法,就是像波浪线这种小的词组的, 比如说爬山,气喘嘘嘘的。。quite out of breath …and so they gradually acquire a value beyond their true worth. gradually:逐渐的意味,有随时间流逝的沧桑感。。。? ?| beyond their true worth:超越了本身的价值 如果自己翻译怎么写?they become more precious than they used to be? Some things are collected deliberately in the home in an attempt to avoid waste. in an attempt to: 表示目的 Collecting, by occupying spare time so constructively, makes a person contented, with no time for boredom. 还是 by 状语的插入位置,也许这样更加符合他们的表达习惯吧。。 第 58 课 Her shopping had tired her and her basket had grown heavier with every step of the way home. 通过这样一种比较级来强调 tired。。。 In the lift her thoughts were on lunch and a good rest… 一般我们写,只想着做什么什么,just thinking, concentrate on.. She walked slowly into the hall and at once noticed that all the room doors were open, yet following her regular practice she had shut then before going out. Yet 的用法,印象中老师一直强调 yet 的用法,也是属于英语中活用比较多的词 It was as clear as daylight then that burglars had forced an entry during her absence. Her first impulse was to go round all the rooms looking for the thieves, but then she decided that at her age it might be more prudent to have someone with her, so she went to fetch the porter from his basement. 第一反应:这个 impulse 更加形象的说出了是当时立刻的反应,带有冲动不理智的色彩。。 选词的准确也许更多的是理解相近词各自不同的感情变化吧。。 第 57 课
He did not marry again and I was brought up without a woman’s care; but I lacked for nothing, for he was both father and mother to me. 看到这里的时候会发现,几乎在这里的每篇文章里面都会出现 without , 以及本身带有否定意 味的词而使句子变成双重否定。 lack for。。记得高中做改错题这个是出现得最多的。。一般错写成 lack of。。注意注意 His roots and mine had become too firmly embedded in the new land. 这个句子的引申:比如说 某些观念已经深入地建立在人们心中。。 Several ideas have become too firmly embedded in people’s mind. I hired a car the day after landing and bought a comprehensive book of maps, which I found most helpful on the cross country journey, but which I did not think I should need on the last stage. 这个句子的转折蛮有意思的:在登陆的同日我租了一辆汽车并购了一本详尽的地图册,我觉得 它对越野旅行很有帮助,不过在旅行最后阶段我认为它未必有用。 Comprehensive:感觉上也是外国人用得比较多的词 eg: comprehensive education 综合 教育 On the last stage: 另外一种表达“最后” 还有划线的。。这个看起来蛮小儿科的,就是 I don’t think。。否定前提。 但是在母语环境 的影响下,在不知不觉的情况下,还是会说出 I think it does not… It was not that I actually remembered anything at all. 接着上句的宾语从句。文章里面作为穿插出现的短句子,以调整长短句的搭配和结构。 Fortunately for me, as I was wondering what to do next, there appeared on the horizon a man on horse back, riding in my diction. As 的用法,老师曾经强调过,属于比较灵活的词语,像引导定语从句,也可以引导原因状语 从句,语气的强弱问题。。只是没太弄明白,所以多背一点有关的来提高对这个词的感觉 吧。。。 There appeared 这个是一个很简单的倒装句,因为前面的文字说作者感觉自己像掉进了一个 梦魇,周围冷清没有一个人出现,所以这个倒装句更好地突出了 appeared 表达看见活物的 心情,和强调了 Fortunate for me 第 56 课 Without it we could not make a living. 还是 without,以及双重否定的一个虚拟结构。同时 make 这个词是很经典的。 这句话很适用 TWE 作文的写作里面,作为自己支持观点的引语。 Eg: creativity v.s knowledge Without creativity we could not make a living in such a fast-developing society. We know instinctively, just as beekeepers with their bees, that misfortune might overtake us if the important events of our lives were not related to it. 利用类比来说。 Eg: We know instinctively, just as beekeeper with their bees, that a good eating habit is necessary for one to keep fit. This is a rare occurrence as our climate seldom goes to extremes. 带 as 的句子。。这里是引导原因的连词 同时 this is a rare occurrence 这个表达,比普遍的 this seldom happens。。要好 Next came a horse, swimming bravely, but we were afraid that the strength of the current would prevent its landing anywhere before it became exhausted. 这段话的层次很清晰。又是一个倒装开始,用一个进行时的状语。 第 55 课 From the Earth: Greetings Radio telescopes have one big advantage over conventional telescopes in that they can operate in all weather conditions and can pick up signals coming from very distant stars.
这个 over 这个词。。以及 in that 表示原因的用法。 The radio telescope at Iodrell Bank in England was for many years the largest in the world. 状语的位置,习惯了把 for+时间段的放在句子前后,偶尔看一下这样的表达会觉得不适应 A new telescope, over twice the size, was recently built at Sugar Grove in West Virginia. 划线的用法。 Astronomers no longer regard as fanciful the idea that they may one day pick up signal which have been sent by intelligent beings on other worlds. regard as fanciful the idea that….这个句子,刚开始看没太懂结构。 其实正常的应该是 regard the idea that they… as fanciful. 为了平衡句子结构所以把 as fanciful 这个给提前了。蛮地道的表达。。至少是蛮不中式英语的表达 在旧托福里,这样的语法结构也考过。 Highly advanced civilizations may have existed on other planets long before intelligent forms of life evolved on the earth. Highly 这个词。。。觉得很多赞美的感情都包括在里面了。。 最震撼的是看俺爸爸帮我改邮件, 最后一句 我本来写的是 I’m waiting for your replay.。。。。。 蛮土的 Your reply will be highly appreciated.。。。以后俺发邮件最后一句都是这个了。。。 还有 advanced,一个用法比较多的词,属于要掌握好的词吧。 Aware of the fact that it would be impossible to wait thousands or millions of years to receive an answer from a distant planet, scientists engaged in Project Ozma ate concentrating their attention on stars which are relatively close. 过渡句,连接 2 段间逻辑关系的句子。可以用做进一步详细的阐述,也可以做转折。 engage in 参与 A single picture would tell us more than thousands of words. 这个简单句可以用于很多写作的论述中间。 比如说电脑的作用: A simple operation on the computer would save us more than thousands of minutes. In an age when anything seems to be possible, it would be narrow-minded in the extreme to ridicule these attempts to find out if there is life in other parts of the universe. 很好的结尾总结句子。还是那个 creativity v.s knowledge In an age when anything seems to be full of innovation, it would be narrow-minded in the extreme to regard knowledge gained as superior than creativity. 今日总结:
  1、其实好多词光背了发现自己写作用的词汇还是没有提高,而从课文中抽出句子来,一方面 是对语感的提高,而且也了解了这个词的适用场合,或者说,在你想到一个表达的时候,反应 出来的不是单词,而是一个句子
  2、插入语,以及一些小的结构是在老外们表达的时候很喜欢用的。也避免了满篇的 which, who 什么的定语从句,而且使句子结构比较灵活。而这些小成分放的位置,有时候是很形象地



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