新概念英语 3 参考答案 6
1 写作练习
摘要写作 A large car entered an arcade near Piccadilly and stopped outside a jeweler’s. Two thieves got out and smashed the shop window. The owner of the shop was upstairs at the time, so he threw furniture at the thieves hitting one of them with heavy statues. The raid lasted only three minutes and the thieves drove away. Running after them, the owner threw ashtrays and vases, but the thieves got away, stealing thousands of pounds worth of diamonds. 作文参考答案
They got away
Seeing the thieves’ car join the traffic on Piccadilly, Mr. Taylor took a taxi and followed them. The taxi driver drove at full speed when Mr. Taylor told him what had happened. There wasn’t too much traffic at this time of the morning so there was a mad chase through the streets of London. For a short time, the thieves’ car was on the wrong side of the road and hit another car, but it didn’t stop. Two policemen in a police car watched in amazement as the two vehicles went past, both breaking the speed limit. Lights on and horn blaring, the police car chased both the speeding cars. Mr. Taylor’s taxi stopped when the traffic lights and turned red. The thieves ignored the traffic lights and got away. Meanwhile, the police caught up with the taxi at the traffic lights and the taxi driver was charged with speeding. They refused to let the driver off, even though Mr. Taylor carefully explained the situation. However ,the police informed another police car of the chase and ten minutes later the thieves ‘ car was found abandoned in a side street . The thieves had escaped on foot and disappeared among the crowd. 书信写作 You won’t believe what happened to me on Tuesday morning! I was walking down a busy street near Piccadilly when I saw a man smash the window of an antique shop and run off with an expensive vase. Other passers-by saw him, too, and we all chased the man down the street, shouting ‘stop! Thief ! Stop! Thief!’ We managed to catch the man, but unfortunately the vase got broken. I’ll tell you the full story when we meet next week.
2 语法、词汇练习
词汇 Expensive (
  1): dear Almost (
  2): nearly Assistants (
  4): helper (in a shop) Gazing (
  7): looking Several (
  7): a few, a number of Stayed (
  10): remained Smashed (
  11): broke to pieces
关键句型 A. See text. B.
  1. Just as Mr. Taylor was opening the door of his shop, two men appeared and asked for money.
  2. Mr. Taylor used to owned a shop in Hatton Gardens before he moved to Piccadilly.
  3. While I was waiting for a bus yesterday, a friend saw me and offered me a lift in his car. 难点练习
  1. Impolite
  2. Disagree
  3. Illegible
  4. Inaccurate
  5. Unlocked
  6. Irregular
3 多项选择

  12. B A C C B A A D A A B C
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