Lesson 3
An unknown goddess
Aegean Sea

  1.archaeologist:考古学家 考古学家
? ~ist: expert in some field chemist pianist scientist artist ? olog(y): subject or study biology zoology ecology theology ? archae: beginning, ancient archaeology

  2.prosperous: adj.(经济上)繁荣昌盛的 (经济上)
eg. Wish our great country a prosperous one. ? prosper: v.繁荣 eg. Many on-border cities have prospered through international trade. ? prosperity:n.繁荣 eg. Central government will make every effort to maintain the stability and the prosperity of HK.

  3.civilization:n.文明 文明
? civil: adj. civil right civil war 公民的 civil law civil case 民事的 civil manners 有礼貌的 ? civilize: v.教化 v. ~ize: to make sth… realize, modernize, actualize, ? human civilization 兴于诗,立于礼,成于乐 诗 礼 乐 3M:muscle-machine-mind

  4. worship: n.崇拜 崇拜
? ship relation, state friendship leadership ? wor worth:价值
? nature worship ? animal worship totem ? god worship religion idol ? The more I study religion, the more I am convinced that man never worship anything but themselves.

  5. sacred: adj.神圣的 神圣的
词缀:sacr:牺牲 同义词辨析: sacred cannot be offended holy worth of worshipping divine related to God eg. sacrifice
eg. sacred oath, sacred law eg. holy city, holy water eg. Devine Comedy

  6. reconstruct: vt.修复,重建 修复, 修复
? re~: again ? con~: together ? ~struct: framework eg. instruct 指导 destruct 破坏 infrastructure 基础设施 superstructure 上层建筑
辨析: 辨析:
? reconstruct: to build sth after it is damaged ? rebuild: to build sth after it is destroyed ? restore: to build sth and make it in the original condition
eg. ? After the earthquake, people in Wenchuan their home. ? The USA the Pentagon after 9
  11. ? The artist the painting so that it can be put on display at the gallery tomorrow.

  7.fragment: n.碎片 碎片
fra~: 碎 eg. fraction fracture fragile frailty n.小部分 vt.骨折 adj.脆弱的 n.软弱,脆弱 n.

  1. Some time ago, an interesting discovery was made by archaeologists on the Aegean island of Kea. make a discovery=discover 意义: 意义 被动结构 短语替换单词,添加修饰语 名词优先选择 类似用法: 类似用法 study make a careful study sum make a short summary investigate make a thorough investigation of analyze make a detailed analysis of

  2. An American team explored a temple which stands in an ancient city on the promontory of Ayia Irini. 同义用法:
stand in… be in… lie in… be located in be situated in

  3. The city at one time must have been prosperous, for it enjoyed a high level of civilization. 辨析: 辨析 at one time: ever at a time: once 措辞: enjoy替换have have:主语是物,enjoy:主语是人 增强语气感情,表示格外肯定 类似用法:boast
  1.Hongkong enjoys the high level of prosperity.
  2.Our university boasts a team of well-trained teachers.

  4. The city was even equipped with a drainage system, for a great many clay pipes were found beneath the narrow streets. 词汇: 词汇 equip: v.装备 equip…with… 用…装备… The army equipped their soldiers with guns. well-equipped adj. 装备精良的 equipment n.装备
句型: 句型 for a great many pipes were found… for there were a great many pipes… 原因: ? 避免过于频繁的使用there be句型 ? 系动词没有力量,缺少画面感 办法 ? 替换为实义动词的主动或被动结构 eg. 由于打折, 商场里人满为患。 For the sake of discounts, numerous people flock to the shopping mall. eg.所谓伊人, 在水一方。 A beautiful and mild lady is wandering beside the river.
5 . Each of these represented a goddess and had, at one time been painted. 词汇: 词汇 represent : 代表,象征 be a representative of be a symbol of stand for eg. The statue of liberty represents liberty.

  6. The body of one statue was found among remains dating from the fifteenth century B.C. date: v.鉴定日期 date from date back to… eg. The use of the compass can date back to Song Dynasty.

  7.This head must have been found in the Classical Times and carefully preserved. preserve: to save sth from being destroyed eg. preserved fruits reserve: to arrange for a place or a seat in advance, so you can use it in the future eg. reserve a table in the restaurant conserve: to use sth carefully so you will have enough to use in the future. eg.Close your eye and conserve your energy.

  8. …that the goddess turned out to be modernlooking.
turn out:结果是… 常用句型: turn out to be eg. He appeared to be a gentleman, but turned out to be a liar. turn out that eg. It turned out that Beijing Olympic was one of the most marvelous Olympics in the history. as it turns out,… eg. As it turns out, I failed the TOFEL test again.
对于长相的描述: modern-looking good-looking plain-looking interesting-looking



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